Polled! Finding your Ancestors in New South Wales Colonial Muster and Census Returns

Carol Baxter
Mar 5, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 49s
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1800-1802 Musters
4m 04s
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Governor King's Lists 1801
3m 46s
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Case Study
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This seminar explains how to best use colonial muster and census returns, including later returns such as the 1841 and 1891 Australian Census returns, taking into consideration their many faults and foibles. Carol Baxter has an unparalleled knowledge of the NSW Colonial Muster and Census returns, having edited all the surviving General Musters from 1800 to 1825, examined smaller returns for the same period, and processed the raw data of the 1828 NSW Census/Household Returns and 1837 Convict Return.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Carol Baxter is an experienced and informed historian and genealogist, an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning author, and a dynamic, inspirational presenter. Carol has been a genealogist for four decades having first become interested
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A most instructive, easy-to-follow, webinar told in an inspiring manner. Lots of excellent hints and examples of pitfalls;what to look for that may take you down the wrong research route. Convicts rung true to me with mine arriving in NSW from England and Ireland in the early 1830s. On the other hand my Overseers from Wales and Ireland went to Norfolk Island then Van Diemen’s Land in the early 1840s, all in NZ by 1860 . So I was very much attuned to this session. Thank you.

    A really helpful explanation about original and transcribed documents and their purpose.

    An interesting talk by the expert in these records. A bit rushed at times.

    Carol Baxter is a great presenter. Professional and entertaining presentation. So valuable to get the information on musters and census records “from the horse’s mouth”.

    Carol was so helpful. Her extensive work on the early musters and census returns provides an very valuable insight for me personally and the links she has provide will be extremely helpful. Thank you so much Carol.

    Census books are also available in Family History Groups and Societies

    Excellent articulate presentation of a complex and confusing area of research, even for a genealogist with convict heritage. Thank you Legacy and Carol Baxter.

    Excellent information, clear and well presented. Thank you.

    Excellent work Carol, thank you


    Excellent. Thank you.

    Excellent. Now for later 1900.s Census equivalents. Also would like How to research Australian town histories and famous people when I am not in Australia.

    Excellent. Ordering a book!

    Extremely good useful information, very well presented. Enjoyed every minute.

    Fabulous information, excellent speaker, great host, many, many thanks 🙂

    First time user of this app. I was a bit lost with the icons and worried I’d disrupt the webinar. Thankfully I didn’t. Carol Baxter was terrific. So much useful information, well put together and easy to understand. Need more!

    Gotowebinar seems reliable

    Great info for research those years.

    Great speaker, all good information and tips

    Great speaker, who is clear to understand, making the seminar a very good experience.

    Great to hear all the background info to these early records

    Great understanding of the roll of musters and census down under!

    Great webinar – love learning about other areas of research

    Great webinar by very knowledgeable and entertaining presenter.

    Huge amount of information. Will be watching again. Professional and coherent presentation.

    Kindest Regards

    In the limited time available, Carol explained a great deal clearly and concisely. Well done!

    information galore, many thanks

    Interesting tips and knowledge

    Very grateful to Legacy for making these available.

    Learnt so much that I didn’t know. She has a great wealth of knowledge.

    Love the Aussie content. Well informed presenter.

    Really clear comprehensive information. Excellent speaker.

    This was a fabulous webinar. Carol was extremely knowledgeable and she presented her information in an entertaining and interesting way. I will be looking forward to her next webinar.

    Though none of my ancestors were in Australia that early, it was really interesting to hear about the colony and the organisation.

    Very detailed. Carol obviously is an expert in this subject matter.

    Very good presenter!

    Very good

    Very informative & interesting

    Very informative plus wonderful bonus to have it about Australia.

    Very informative. Thank you

    Very insightful

    Very interesting and informative, even for someone who has been doing family history for many years.

    very interesting, well presented

    Very interesting. I would love her to do a talk about Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.

    Well done and succinct. Gave me a lot to think about,especially the interpretation of data.

    well presented and very interesting


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