The Second Middle Passage: Following the DNA Trails

Melvin J. Collier
Jun 26, 2020
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Genetic Genealogy Tips
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Case 1 - Frances Morris Bass
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Case 2 - DNA confirms broken ties
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About this webinar

With slave ancestral research, one is often faced with direct evidence vs. indirect evidence. Many forms of direct evidence that emphatically prove family relationships, birthplaces, and other happenings are often non-existent because enslaved people were merely considered “property.” Some researchers have been very fortunate to find rare pieces of direct evidence, in the form of old family letters, diaries, ledgers, Bibles, etc., to positively identify enslaved ancestors and family structures. Many researchers often rely on a preponderance of indirect evidence to confirm enslaved ancestors. Collier presents two cases where DNA was a valuable piece of evidence that identified and confirmed enslaved ancestors and how DNA research provided clues to determine the areas where two enslaved ancestors had likely been sold away from during the domestic slave trade (Second Middle Passage).

About the speaker

About the speaker

A native of Canton, Mississippi, Melvin J. Collier is the author of: Mississippi to Africa, A Journey of Discovery (see
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  1. KS
    Karen Skelton
    2 years ago

    This presentation was incredible on so many levels: thorough records research, understanding of DNA, family oral history, and yes, patience and determination to work this hard and this long to finally piece it all together. And not only to piece it together, but to present it in such a clear and engaging style. 100% A+ Kudos and Thank You!


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