How Three Types of DNA and Genealogy Uncovered the Long-Lost Enslaved Father

Melvin J. Collier
Jan 6, 2023
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Speaker's Introduction
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Autosomal DNA
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Critical Thinking
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DNA Triangulation
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

For over 25 years, oral history led Melvin Collier down the wrong road in the search for the father of his great-grandfather, Albert Kennedy (1857-1928) of Leake County, Mississippi. DNA was indeed providing great clues, but he initially attached them to the wrong ancestor. However, more autosomal DNA analysis, Y-DNA evidence, X-chromosome matching, and genealogy research revealed that the oral history had not been entirely true. This put Collier on the right road to discovery. Travel down this exciting genealogical road as Collier shows how DNA and genealogy led him to the identity and the story of his 2X-great grandfather. Ironically, he was born in northern Virginia, where Collier resides now, and was eventually taken to Sugartown, Louisiana during the Civil War. Lots of genealogy and genetic genealogy tips to be gained from this case.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A native of Canton, Mississippi, Melvin J. Collier is the author of: Mississippi to Africa, A Journey of Discovery (see
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  1. MN
    Magda Nash
    10 months ago

    This was incredible! So glad you broke a 28 years brick wall, Melvin!

  2. LJ
    Linda J Vixie
    11 months ago

    Wonderful discoveries and presentation, Melvin. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. EM
    Emmaline MacBeath
    11 months ago

    Amazing, enthralling, inspiring! When you got to that death certificate, I cheered! I hope many others with enslaved ancestors will copy your methodologies to expand their families. You show that it’s not quick and easy, but it’s possible. I agree with others that the charts and visuals were so helpful. I can’t wait to see more of your presentations!

  4. OA
    Oyatunde Amakisi
    11 months ago

    Inspirational presentation! Thank you for mapping out your journey. Knowing that it took years and a shift in your theories to find the real answers is very helpful!

  5. KL
    Karen Lowe
    11 months ago

    Very well documented with good notes about important tools. An excellent case study and an engaging speaker!

  6. MK
    Mary K. Clark
    11 months ago

    Melvin’s presentation was absolutely superb! He provides so many rich and insightful details that inspires me to dig a little deeper and think a bit more critically about my own research. Thank you.

  7. LF
    Larry Farmer
    11 months ago

    Very well structured and comprehensive webinar. Melvin kept a good pace through the presentation and explained things well on what was a pretty complex and detailed topic.

  8. AR
    Alane Roundtree
    11 months ago

    Melvin Collier’s insights into his research methodologies never disappoints. Always a worthwhile learning experience whether listening to his webinars or reading his books or blog. Thanks Melvin for sharing the wealth of your genealogical and DNA expertise!


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