The First 5 Things to Do with Your New Test Results

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.
May 16, 2018
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Privacy Settings
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About this webinar

You've just received your test results, now what should you do? Together we'll examine some of the first things you should do with your new test results.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is an intellectual property attorney by day and a genetic genealogist by night. In 2007 he started The Genetic Genealogist (
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    This was my first webinar. Blaine spoke at the right pace. I was able to follow easily.

    timely – easy to follow – BB does a great job

    Top notch. Blaine breaks it down and makes it very doable.

    Valuable webinar for after you’ve taken ‘the test’ and don’t know where/how to go from there!

    Very clear and informative! Thank you!

    Very clear and understandable.

    very good …and would like a webinar on “The Next Five Steps” 🙂

    Very good comparison of how to use the different testing sites

    very good information – presented in easy to understand steps!

    Very good information. Most of it I already knew (especially about the SECRET weapon) as I have been contacting oodles of cousins. However, I had almost forgotten that I am a member of Legacy Family Tree Webinars, so this “free webinar” was a reminder to me to use my membership.

    Very good presentation.

    Very good thanks

    very good webinar

    thanks for the class
    Very good webinar. Thank you.

    Very helpful presentation. Inspiring me to create a skeleton family tree on Ancestry. Thank you Blaine.

    Very helpful!

    Very information, easy to understand explanations.

    Thank you!
    very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and easy to follow

    Very informative and helpful information. Thank you!

    Very informative! My cousin Sherri Steele alerted me to this webinar and while I knew a fair amount of what Blaine covered, there was enough new material to make it worth my time. Thankyou.

    Very informative!

    Very informative, clear, concise and and presented at a good pace! Thank you!

    Very informative, engaging, and it is wonderful having the Q/A at the end.

    very informative. thank you

    Very informative. Makes me anxious to get back to my DNA matches. Webinar very well organized and speaker very knowledgeable. Thank you!

    Very organized and articulate. Found it to be insightful and reaffirming. Excellent

    Very precise and interesting! Have Blaine’s book!

    Very understandable and easy to follow.

    Very useful information.

    Very well done! Lots of great information and well presented. Thank you!

    Well organized. Great info. Nice pace.

    well paced content rich good audio + question. Well done.

    well presented.

    Will be watchung this again!

    Will see again. Loved his comments about locating common matches with your DNA relatives

    Wonderful and information in it will help our Society with a class we are doing especially since he reminded me some of tips I had forgotten about. Thank you!

    Wonderful ideas and will put them to use right away. Thank you.

    Wonderful Webinar. Learned some very good points. Many Thanks

    Would give this a “”6″” if that were a choice. Particularly for one who is just starting out, this is a great series of tips for how to get the most from one’s DNA Test Results at the various testing vendors.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    I really learned a lot. Going back to my results with a new perspective! Thank you.

    I think I’m beginning to understand DNA testing/results/sharing !!! 😉 An incredibly, easily understood webinar ~ thank you, Blaine. You’re a natural at teaching and explaining. (+ Geoff~ congrats on your first, of many, graduation/celebration)

    I will need to listen again to do what he suggests!

    I’m a relative beginner, so this was great. I’ve done a few tests but haven’t done much with the results.

    I’m just getting started and this was a basic intro which didn’t speak over my head so appreciated it. I’ll eventually get a tree started and need to find some of my own software.

    In the few minutes since the webinar ended, I’ve already found Blaine’s suggestion to use the Shared Matches tool to be a GREAT piece of advice!

    Informative and helpful.

    Informative, easy to understand, can’t wait to get started

    Informative. Lots to learn about DNA.

    It clarified a lot of things.

    It told me what I should start to do.

    It was especially helpful to learn about how to access shared matches on Ancestry and how to utilize them.

    I learned a lot of little tips that will help me move forward. Thanks!

    It was helpful to see the steps applied on the web site of the company whose test I took. Also, he gave easy to understand information related to some of my privacy concerns.

    I’ve been doing genetic genealogy for a few years and this webinar was a nice refresher to what to do! Thanks for making it simplified.

    I’ve been wanting to start looking closer at my matches but have been unsure of how to go about it. Thanks for the information! I’m certainly going to check out Blaine’s other webinars to become more familiar with DNA testing.

    keep them coming!! regarding DNA

    Learned a lot!

    Learning how to change the settings on all of my sites is helpful, and I will make my tree public now, I think. Even if I don’t have all of the sources documented. I think my privacy setting is too narrow. I am going to listen to his other webinars now. Thank you

    Looking at the syllabus, I thought I knew most of the material, but Blaine’s exposition was clear and very informative. Very worthwhile webinar.

    Lots of actionable information. A great webinar.

    More basic than I needed but Blaine is always worth the time!

    More Please!!!

    Most learned/most helpful: Shared matches and how to look at those in Ancestry.

    The pace of the webinar was just right. Able to keep up and not bogged down with irrelevant details.

    This was my first seminar regarding genealogy and dna. I will definitely look into participating in more seminars.

    Mr. Bettinger knows his stuff! This is the 2nd webinar of his I have viewed. Plan on watching his Foundations series.

    Needed this info three years ago!

    Nice outline for starting DNA research. Thank you!

    No one is better at this!

    Offered some searching techniques when matches have no tree.

    organized, good visuals, informative presentation. More…….

    Outstanding. Although geared toward the beginner, something for everyone at all levels of expertise.

    Really great one !

    really informative

    So appreciated your seminar today, thank you.

    So easy to understand.

    So glad that I took the time to log in!

    So much to learn about DNA. Thank you for guiding me in another direction.

    Sometimes it’s the simplest things! I very much appreciate this easy to grasp strategy for working with DNA results. The visual representation of triangulation turned a lightbulb on for me. Thank you! I feel less intimidated!

    Teacher par excellence!!

    Thank. You Blaine. As usual an excellent talk.


    Thanks Blaine and FamilyTreeWebinars!

    Thanks for helping me to better understand DNA testing!

    Thanks for the First 5 steps

    Thanks for the good suggestions and hints.

    Thanks to Blaine I’m learning so much more regarding DNA Matches! Since I’m a member I’m going to take advantage of those 5 webinar courses Blaine has on DNA. I need all the help I can get!

    This is first Webinar I’ve actually been able to listen to. It was GREAT. Will take more time in the future to join in.

    This was an incredibly helpful webinar! 10+ 😀 Thank you!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago


    Great advise even if you are not a beginner!

    Great basic introduction. Thank you

    Great basics on how to start analyzing your DNA results!!

    Great explanation for beginners

    Great for beginners. Thank you.

    Great info for the “newbie”. Thanks!

    Great info!

    Great info.

    Great Info~

    Great information

    great information and presentation

    Great information!

    Great information! Thanks

    great information.great help for my DNA testing.

    Great introduction for someone who is new to genealogy

    great job

    Great opportunity to learn DNA from the best!

    Great presentation, I’m a fan. It was a bit basic for my needs, as I’ve been doing this a while.

    Great presentation, very Informative.

    Great presentation. I’m looking forward to going to my 3 sites and following along with the presentation.

    Great presenter.

    Great speaker and subject.

    Great speaker, learned a lot.

    Great step-by-step info. I’ve done some of these tests, but your explanation clarified some things.

    great stuff wish I could stay longer

    Great way to start my research on DNA

    Great webinar and lots of new ideas to pursue – gotta go work on them!

    Great webinar on the first 5 things you should with your DNA test results.

    Great webinar! A lot of things were explained that had puzzled me. Thank you for your time!

    Great webinar! Always learn a lot from Blaine. Thanks 🙂

    Great webinar, especially about how to use those shared matches. Thanks so much for your time and info!

    Great webinar. Thanks!

    Great Webinar. Learned a lot but realize I need to attack more webinars on the subject to get a better understanding on this DNA stuff.. Thank you

    Have tested with three of the companies including the full sequence mtdna. Very informative. Gives me a good starting point to trying to figure out the results.

    He is always wonderful.

    He is very knowledgeable & can make the subject easy to understand.

    He’s knowledgeable & a great speaker

    I always enjoy listening and learning from him.

    I always learn something new from Blaine’s presentations.

    I enjoy all of Blaine’s webinars I have participated in. He is extremely knowledgeable.

    I found the information on the skeleton tree most useful. I’m just starting with my DNA.

    I got to it late, so only heard the Q&A which was very informative. I look forward to to being able to visit the webinar later.
    Thank you

    I just appreciate all the valuable information so much! Blaine and Geoff are so knowledgeable and generous to share so much with all of us!

    I learned a lot about DNA testing I was unaware of. Thank you for such a great webinar.

    I learned a lot from this webinar!

    I look forward to the recording to watch it again!

    I now have a high level plan on what to do with my results

    I now understand how to use the Shared Match feature at FTDNA – thanks.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Clear and concise information. Just a marvelous speaker

    clear and consise

    DNA has confused me . This webinar helped me a lot. His explainations were clear and I liked his examples.

    Easy to understand and very clear instructions

    Enjoy Blaine and his webinars as he covers the subject promised and in detail. I’ve been doing genealogy forever and DNA research for several years yet with Blaine I always learn.

    Enjoyed the presentation. Always helpful information.


    Excellant always with Blaine,




    Excellent and easy to understand

    Excellent basic information. Thanks for providing.

    Excellent content and teaching.

    Excellent information. Very well organized and understandable to those of us as beginners. Please keep up the great webinars.

    excellent information. Gives me good direction to pursue.

    Excellent practical advice!

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation. Definitely going to try the shared matches option. Always learn something new from Blaine.

    Excellent presentation. Lots of information clearly explained and a very helpful syllabus.

    Excellent presenter; I was really interested after point 3; the shared matches segment will be helpful to me.

    Excellent recommendations for beginners.

    Excellent speaker, I learned a lot.

    Excellent speaker. Understood everything he had to say about DNA

    Excellent Webinar and confirmed that I am using the DNA results correctly.

    Excellent webinar especially for those getting started in DNA genealogy or for those who have been away from it while all these changes have been happening. I’ll recommend it to my genealogy facebook group.

    Excellent webinar! Kept my attention throughout and gave me a lot to work on!

    EXCELLENT WEBINAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Blaine Bettinger is a DNA Rock Star!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!




    Excellent! As usual!!!

    Excellent! I’ve been doing genealogy for over 40 years and DNA for 10 years or so. I just didn’t understand my FTDNA results as well as I should. Got my Ancestry results understood pretty well. This webinar helped me with both. What a nice surprise! Thank you!

    Excellent! Thanks!



    Excellent, knowledgeable presenter who can explain a topic in layman’s language.

    Excellent. I’ve been reluctant to pursue matches after My Heritage testing. BB set out a doable path.

    Excellent. Delivered what I needed to know days after I got my DNA results. The information about pros & cons of privacy settings and the speaker’s anecdote about learning of a half-brother were most helpful. The “shared matches” secret weapon is something I will explore more.

    Excellent. Now to find time to actually look at those results.

    Fantastic presentation. Very informative.

    Finally heard a description of a skeleton tree. Thanks

    Gave me a couple tips, even though I’ve been working with my DNA matches for a few years now.

    Given me to confidence to have a go

    Good advice

    Good basics information. Enjoyed clarity of how and why you use each site and feature.

    Good information

    Good overview of all of the different companies.

    Good overview. Intro.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A good plan for starting review of my two tests.

    A good review for me and I picked up a few things I was missing. Thank you!

    A good source of information.

    Advice from an expert! Much appreciated.

    always gives great lectures

    Always good to get a refresher on the basics!

    Always good.

    Always learn so much from Blaine!!

    Always learn something new from Blaine. Thank you. Will watch others of his webinars on Legacy.

    Always very informative

    Another excellent webinar by Blaine Bettinger

    Another fantastic webinar by Blaine!

    Another top notch presentation! Legacy always does an outstanding job of presenting the best-qualified speakers. Thank you!

    Any program by Blaine Bettinger is very helpful.

    As always, Blaine gave an interesting and informative webinar. So glad I was able to attend the webinar live as two minutes after I got in the webinar was at maximum capacity.

    Blaine always does a nice job. Thank you.

    Blaine always presents immediately applicable information and demystifies subject matter. Thanks for a great webinar!

    Blaine Bettinger is always a good speaker. Enjoyed and learned from it it as usual.

    Blaine Bettinger is always excellent to listen to. Great information to get me re-started.

    Blaine Bettinger is an excellent speaker!

    Blaine did a wonderful job making DNA understandable and useful.

    Blaine does a wonderful job of explaining a difficult topic to people of all skill levels.

    Blaine explained many parts to DNA testing that I was unclear about and some I didn’t know. Now I’ll have to go look at my test results with a totally different perspective. which should make them more valuable. Thanks!

    Blaine is a recognized DNA genealogist, and his presentation is never “over our heads.” He is thoughtful, easy to understand, and presents his topic not only in a useful manner but also in a “user-friendly” way. 😉 Thank you so very much for having him!

    Blaine is always a great speaker. Thank you for adding him to the line up!

    Blaine is always a pleasure to listen to and learn from…

    Blaine is always excellent!

    Blaine is always excellent–clear and concise!

    Blaine is always full of good information that is easy to understand and makes good sense. I always come away with helpful information after listening to one of his webinars. Thank you!

    Blaine is always great.

    Blaine is always so clear and understandable. He is also a skilled lecturer and pleasant to listen to.

    Blaine is always very informative.

    Blaine is excellent and really knows his subject. I’ll listen to him again anytime I can.

    Blaine is great! Always good webinars!

    Blaine is my favorite presenter – always does a great job

    Blaine is so knowledgeable – great webinar!

    Blaine is the Best at helping us understand DNA.

    Blaine is the best!

    Blaine is the BEST!!

    Blaine knows so much and covers lots of helpful ground in a limited amount of time!

    Blaine made it sound so simple. Will have to watch some of his other Webinars I missed.

    Blaine makes DNA more understandable.

    Blaine never fails to raise the bar. As I expected, it was informative, clearly presented and useful.

    Blaine T. BETTINGER’s very clear and concise oral presentation, accompanied by great easy to follow slides, provided me an awesome learning experience! Thank You!!!

    Blaine, as always, is a great speaker. Very good for basic understanding.

    Blaine’s webinar are always GREAT. Now, I have an ‘inkling’ about those Shared Hints!

    Blaine’s webinars always excellent.

    Blaine’s webinars are always great. Lots of stuff I knew already, but as always, picked up a few new things. Thank you!!!!

    Blaine’s webinars are always well done on a can-be complicated subject.

    Can’t beat Blaine Bettinger for teaching DNA genealogy for all levels of understanding. Today’s was very helpful to get me re-started on analysis of my DNA results to date. Superb webinar.


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