LucidChart and Other Tools for Genetic Genealogy

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.
Mar 11, 2020
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Genetic Affairs
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About this webinar

In addition to company tools and traditional third-party tools, genetic genealogists find themselves adapting tools to help achieve their research goals. For example, LucidChart is a charting tool that allows genealogists to create dynamic family tree diagrams. We will examine this and other tools genetic genealogists can use in their daily research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is an intellectual property attorney by day and a genetic genealogist by night. In 2007 he started The Genetic Genealogist (
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Learning with Blaine is always educational!

    Lots of great take aways here. I will give MedBetter DNA another try, it didn’t work so well on Chrome on my Mac a few years ago. And I will probably be up half the night playing with Lucid Chart.

    Love Blaine. This was a bit slow, though.

    love Blane’s lectures and learning new DNA tools


    Mr. Bettinger is the best presenter across all the webinars I have ever seen at Legacy. He gives excellent easy to understand explanations and has such a pleasant manner of sharing what he knows. I know little about DNA and look forward to learning what he offers in his 5 part foundation program. Thank your very much for this wonderful presentation.

    My only disappointment was the fact that everything was google based. I use apple safari, but it was interesting and I did learn alot

    Not interested in MedBetter. Tried Lucid Charts -way more learning curve than I wanted to deal with. Love Genetic Affairs for clusters, but not interested in having it look for new DNA Matches. Maybe this one was just too specialized

    Outstanding instructor who isn’t just trying to sell a product.

    Please have Evert-Jan Blom do a couple of GeneticAffairs webinars. He is brilliant.

    Really enjoyed it. Now to clear the desk and start playing…..

    So clear and concise. Great teacher! Thanks Blaine!

    Some interesting tools I didn’t know about.

    Super presentation on apps I knew nothing about, over my head a bit but very useful.

    Thank you

    The speaker was great but he is smarter than I. My brain couldn’t wrap around the subject. Was overwhelmed.

    There’s always something new to learn, & Legacy’s Webinars offer so much.

    This was all new to me and a very enjoyable informative experience. Will watch again.

    Thought it was going to be exclusively about Lucid Chart. Much of this material was way too genealogy nerdy.

    Thx I like the idea of a lecture on the McGuire chart too!

    Very clear presentation. Loved it. Thank you!

    Very clear, succinct explanation of 3 tools to use to help keep track of DNA matches. Very helpful.

    Very easy to follow instructions for using the tools that were presented

    Very Good. It was very interesting!

    Very helpful, great details

    Very informative, want to try Lucid Chart and play with it.

    very interesting, well laid out with good diagrams, excellent presenter

    Very practical, useful presentation – taught with concise clarity.

    Very well given.

    way more advanced then I am but still very interesting. I did like LucidChart but would lose my mind trying to figure it out right now.

    Well organized and address my problems with doing LuciChart my main goal for watching

    Well presented !! 🙂

    When it said DNA tools I guess I was expecting more analysis tools than what was presented

    Wonderful information and so well presented. Dr Bettinger (Blaine) is an outstanding educator, on so many levels.


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