DNA Downer: Strategies for Dealing with DNA Fatigue

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.
May 12, 2021
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About this webinar

Many genealogists have been working with their DNA results for several years, and it is natural to feel some fatigue. This is especially true since new matches are coming in at a slower rate. In this presentation we will explore some strategies to fight the fatigue and attack DNA results with renewed vigor!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is an intellectual property attorney by day and a genetic genealogist by night. In 2007 he started The Genetic Genealogist (www.thegeneticgenealogist.com
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Excellent. Always learn something knew when Blaine Bettiger is in the house.

    A different take on DNA work – very helpful although I do most of it already. Just not enough hours in the day. Love all of Blaine’s talks – clear and pertinent.

    A lot of good ideas to keep me moving forward!

    A lot of information…

    A smart man who is very easy to listen to and can get the information across to me.

    Always a fresh way to look at problems.

    always a good Bettinger webinar

    Always a great time when Blaine is helping us learn

    Always great information from Blaine Bettinger. So helpful. It was also nice to hear that it is ok to take a break.

    Always great to hear Blaine Bettinger speak. He has new thoughts, great perspective and very solid information. Thank you!

    always has great ideas

    Always highly informative!!!

    Always interesting things to learn from Blaine’s webinars.

    Always learn something from Blaine

    Another useful webinar. Must get at my genealogy!!!

    Appreciate the Q and A. Thank you for an inspiring session on strategies to jump start the energy and motivation.

    As always, Blaine Bettinger’s information is clear and useful. I discovered I have been doing some of his strategies to keep myself motivated but the webinar also added new things to consider. Thank you!

    As always, great presenter

    As always, wonderful! Great tips.

    Awesome as always!! Lots of great information.

    Awesome webinar. Explained DNA fatigue in very simple terms.

    Blaaine’s presentations are always outstanding.

    Blaine always delivers timely presentations

    Blaine always delivers!

    Blaine always gives great webinars

    Blaine always has something useful to help with research projects!

    Blaine as always present needed information in an easy to understand way.

    Blaine does a great job every time.

    Blaine explains everything in a simple and understanding way.

    Blaine has a way of making the topic interesting but also something I can do.

    Blaine has some useful tips and strategies about how to get past DNA Burnout!

    Blaine is a great resource. Thank you.

    Blaine is a wonderful presenter. He offered us practical advice about dealing with DNA fatigue, which many people probably have but may not admit. In effect, he gave people permission to step back from their DNA research and not feel guilty about it.

    Blaine is always excellent! Thank you!

    Blaine is always great.

    Blaine is always great. Lots to think about.

    Blaine is always informative!

    Blaine is always the best with DNA.

    Blaine is brilliant as always. I did not realise how DNA fatigued I really was. I do need to step back.

    Blaine is just a fountain of knowledge, when it comes to genetic genealogy, and he has a brilliant delivery style, making things easy to comprehend.

    Blaine is pretty brilliant but this webinar was not the most helpful. The Q&A section picked it up a bit though because it had more specifics.

    Blaine is such an excellent presenter. He doesn’t talk over your head, and gives practical advice.

    Blaine is such an outstanding speaker.

    Blaine is wonderful, but still quite a bit above my skill set. I’d like to have someone explain the double helix model and relate it to the terminology genealogists use – what is are the rungs of the ladder called, etc.

    Blaine talks informatively without making one feel uniformed or silly. Good talk!

    Blaine was great, as always.

    Blaine was very clear, as usual

    Blaine’s advice is good common sense, not only when applied to DNA but reviewing our documents as well.

    Blaine’s webinars are always great!

    Dr. Blaine Bettinger is an excellent and interesting presenter.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    encouraging information!


    Excellent as always and so not science focused for us non tech people

    Excellent presentation by Blaine as always!

    Excellent presentation by Blaine. I always learn something new from his presentations.

    Excellent presentation including the handout and the many examples.

    Excellent presentation with much review and acceptance of frustration. Thank you! I realize there are many questions asked because there are so many participants.

    Excellent presentation! Blaine always has interesting and helpful information! Thanks!

    Excellent presentation: very clear. I think of him as the gold standard.

    Excellent tips and strategies

    Excellent webinar. Love the concrete strategies to accept and move forward from DNA fatigue!

    Excellent, as always.

    excellent, as always. Thank you.

    Fantastic, as always!! I love the ideas (and validation on what I’ve already been doing). Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next one. Blaine is always so informative!

    Good advice, as always, from Blaine.

    good ideas

    Good info from Blaine. Thank you.

    Good presentation and information.

    Good strategies to follow.

    Good suggestions presented in a well prepared and spoken presentation. Syllabus also very helpful. Thank you

    Great as usual.

    Great content with practical information for strategies during DNA downtime.

    Great ideas for different ways to look at DNA matches.

    Great ideas on how to keep interest up when DNA has got you down.

    Great ideas to achieve a renewed interest in your matches.

    Great ideas, not only for overcoming DNA fatigue but just general genealogy research fatigue! Thanks Blaine!

    Great information on expanding your genealogy while taking a break

    Great information thank you!!

    great information. Thx

    Great job done by Blaine as usual. I always learn something from him even after ready his book.

    Great presentation! Very helpful information.

    Great presentation, as I have no first cousins this helps me quite a bit in finding relatives.

    Great strategies.

    Great thanks! As always!

    Great tips from DNA Fatigue by Blaine Bettinger!!


    Great! Blaine is always excellent!

    He always has important things to teach

    He is always great! Tonight was no exception.

    Helped me a lot Thanks for the Great information

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I always enjoy listening to Blaine speak.

    I always learn something from listening to Blaine.

    I always learn something new about DNA & Genetic Research from Blaine’s presentations. Thank you!

    I always learn something new from Blaine!

    I can’t believe how intently I listened, thank you for this. It’s like it’s OK to say Hey, I need a break so everyone stop asking me for projects!!

    I enjoy the way Blaine explains things so clearly. 🙂

    I enjoyed learning some new strategies when working on my DNA matches.

    I found the strategies and tips to be useful, even without DNA fatigue.

    I guess I knew many of these ideas, already.

    I liked the focus. Yes, DNA is great when it works but sometimes, you need to have strategies for the times it is not working to help fill out your tree. I have done most of ideas presented and it is nice to hear it is OKAY to WALK AWAY for a time. Thanks.

    I love Blaine and got some great ideas.

    I love hearing Blaine talk on DNA. I learn something new to try with every talk he gives. Thank you!

    I plan to access more of Blaine’s webinars!

    I really enjoyed it and have taken a number of bullet points, which I will act on. My only comment is that I am in Australia, and presenters often think and talk in American terms which are foreign to some of us. DNA is international. As an aside I have just got my granddaughter’s DNA results, the only continent not mentioned is Antarctica.

    I really enjoyed the 5 suggestions and took a lot of notes with try this. Also I had never heard of LucidChart so I’m going to look into that. Thanks!!

    I think Blaine addressed the topic in a way that was helpful for me.

    I think I need a break!

    I took this course because it was Blaine but what I came to realize was that I had grown fatigued. Thanks for all the excellent tips and strategies on what I can do. It also helped to give those cM # markers (i.e. 50 or 20 and 40) on where to draw the line for my research and focus

    I will listen to anything from Blaine!

    Incredibly helpful! I hope to hear more from him Thanks Blaine

    It was good to be reminded that taking a break is a valid choice.

    I’ve done 2 DNA test but am just starting into using it – BUT Blaine explained things so simply and clearly that I followed everything and he’s given me some ideas about how to approach my genealogy research integrating DNA and records early on rather than continuing first with records and then addressing DNA information. Blaine’s a wonderful presenter because he obviously helped more experienced DNA users and me at the same time!

    Listening to Blaine always perks me up and makes me look at things in a new way.

    Listening to one of Blaine’s webinars is always time well spent. I feel better about my own DNA fatigue (based on very few good matches because many of my ancestors had few children who survived to adulthood) and empowered to keep on working.

    Lots of great ideas.

    Lots of GREAT info

    Lots of new ideas, well presented.

    Lots to do to make better use of the DNA matches.

    Love anything Blaine Bettinger presents.

    Love Blaine and his presentation

    Love Blaine! And good suggestions

    Loved the topic on DNA fatigue. Very informative nd Blaine is always great!

    Many hints for my research.

    Nice to get permission to step back & take a break if things get too frustrating & I find I need that reminder from time to time.

    Nice to listen to a DNA webinar without it using how we get DNA. That gets repetitive.

    None, at this time: However, this was awesome presentation. I really enjoyed Blaine and the moderator for putting together this amazing Educational program on Genetics (DNA).

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    One of my favorites

    One of the best webinars i’ve been to. Spoke clearly and not too quickly and didn’t mumble. Content was excellent. Left me with much food for thought. Thank you.

    Presenter was knowledgeable and interesting

    Questions and answers were very informative and helpful.

    Reinforced good strategies. I always liked that Blaine speaks with you, not to you! Very personable

    Right on time with great strategies to follow up on.

    Some good ideas for working through DNA burnout. Thanks!

    Some interesting ideas on re-looking at your research, thanks Blaine!

    Strategies were just what I needed. Well thought out and with suggestions of how to accomplish each strategy.

    Super, as usual, thank you

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

    Thank you for this. It was very timely and I liked hearing Blaine say that it’s okay to take a break. I feel like I should be doing more, but perhaps a break or doing something different (genealogically) is what I need.

    Thank you so much for an informative webinar. I always enjoy hearing Blaine talk about anything related to DNA.

    Thanks! First session I’d attended.

    This was awesome as always. It feels good to hear that it’s ok to take a break – I always feel guilty.

    This was great! I have been bogged down and overwhelmed by my DNA matches. Blaine Bettinger is such a good speaker, and this webinar will help me get my act together to try all the ways of figuring out who all these long-lost relatives are. Thank you!

    thx! just in time for me!

    Useful suggestions; thanks so much!

    very easy to follow!

    Very good. Thank you.

    very helpful webinar. I found that taking a break really does work with clearing your mind and clarifying things. Thanks!

    Very helpful. Introduced new avenues.

    Very informative and motivating.

    Very informative thank you

    Very logical approach to fatigue bye leaving DNA for a time and working with your records!

    Very skilled presenter; Obviously very knowledgeable. The entire presentation was well-worth the listening. But especially I liked his recommendation to build a bushy tree. The last few months I have been working with Common Ancestor/thru-lines. Adding new entries that are verified improves those processes. I find several genealogy acquaintances are not familiar with those.

    very very Helpful !

    Very well explained

    Well done, easy to follow

    Well-done; it is good to step back from intense research. Thank you!

    WOW. I hope I live long enough to use all this information. Great job. I can hear the bricks cracking already.


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