The DNA Journey: Perspectives from Irish Adoptees

Dolores Quinlan
Oct 19, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 24s
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12m 08s
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Irish Law
17m 16s
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What's in a Name
6m 50s
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Illegal Adoptions
2m 25s
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Twists and Turns
3m 27s
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Stages of DNA Journey
9m 20s
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Resarch Conclusions
4m 33s

About this webinar

This presentation was originally given as part of Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2019.


I’ll be talking about my experience as a psychotherapist working with adoptees on their voyage of discovery: what it's like to search when you have nothing; what the journey is like emotionally going from nothing to “finding your people”, the emotional rollercoaster, the stops and starts, the dead ends.  I’ll also discuss the results of a research project I did on this topic.



About the speaker

About the speaker

Dolores is a psychotherapist. She obtained her degree and Masters in Clinical Psychotherapy from the Tivoli Institute (Dublin). She also holds a diploma in Cross-Professional Supervision. For her Masters, she studied the psychological effect that
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  1. HS
    Helen Schenkelaars
    1 year ago

    This is quite a story and contains food for thought for all of us involved with DNA, whether for general research, adoption or NPEs. Well worth a watch.


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