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The next Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL series webinar is on Friday (a members-only event). Learn more here. Become a member here.

Should You Take the Hint? Automatic Record Hinting on the Giant Genealogy Websites

Sunny Morton
Jul 24, 2019
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1m 39s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 20s
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9m 16s
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Getting the Most
8m 35s
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Anatomy of a Hint
6m 15s
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Hinting in Action
15m 15s
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Evaluating Hints
4m 02s
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Announcements / prizes
8m 54s
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Questions / answers
12m 59s

About this webinar

Become a more savvy user of automated record hinting technologies on,, and when you learn from an industry insider how these technologies work—and their limitations. See crucial differences between record hints and your own search results. Learn how accurate hints are and how to determine whether a particular hint is a match. Finally, what do you do when you run out of hints for your relative on your favorite genealogy website?

About the speaker

About the speaker

Sunny Morton is a popular lecturer for the global genealogy community. She’s a Contributing Editor at Family Tree Magazine and the author of hundreds of articles and blog posts, as well as the brand new book
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A++++. Sunny is so knowledgeable… even her comments on the side as part of answering another question are helpful. The only thing I can suggest is to talk just a little bit slower. I’ll be re-watching this webinar. Thanks for much for this one – excellent~ 🙂

    Although I knew some of the tips she gave, there were some I didn’t know that really helped.

    Always learn from Sunny’s webinars.

    As always Sunny does a great job making it very understandable for us into beginner to intermediate people

    Been researching for many years but I learned several things today that are great to know. Thank, you.

    Beginner level overall, do like this presenter – she is always clear and concise.



    Excellent ideas on how to tame the hints 🙂

    Excellent presentation with very good information.

    Excellent topic and presentation

    Excellent webinar!

    Excellent. I’m in the middle of doing research in New Zealand (looking forward to the upcoming webinar). Later today I want to order her new book. Need to find some info on churches in New York City

    Explained clearly – as usual with Sunny

    Fantastic program and presenter. Will definitely watch her other webinars. After all this time, I still learned something new.

    Full of useful content and sound practices

    Good information, but basic.

    good presentation but not for advanced levels

    Great as usual

    Great info!

    Great information and tips!

    great information and will watch again

    Great Information!!

    Great job covering a very important topic!

    Great personality

    Great presentation! Thank you! : )

    great stuff will have to watch again

    Great webinar! Wasn’t sure I would learn much but I did. I really liked the comparisons of the different sites. Mention of good books and guides are very helpful. Thanks 🙂

    Here is a hint. This was a great webinar. Thanks.

    Hints have always given me a lot of trouble, figuring out the correct way to approach them, so I learned a great deal from Sunny today. Thanks so much.

    I did learn one new thing; how to change the focus person in the hints on Family Search. So it was worth my time. However, this was really for beginning beginners.

    I didn’t want her to stop talking and teaching. What an interesting and information filled webinar. She explained so well. Hope Sunny will be back.

    I have never done much with hints — so many times they are totally incorrect for me and I thought all were a waste of time. This has made me revise my opinion and I shall try to use them. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    I have to say that the only thing that I didn’t already know was about writing why you accepted hints and how it might be worth your time to help other people.

    I was not aware of this function of the web sites. Thanks

    Informative and helped me realize importance of putting tree online in order to get hints


    It is always good to be armed with a ton of genealogy tips and tricks.

    Learned new ways of using hints. Thank you.

    Like someone else said: I thought I knew all about hints. Thank you Sunny for making me rethink my knowledge.

    Liked the step by step examples on the different sites. I plan on reviewing them again too by replaying this again. Enjoyed Sunny’s presentation.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Lots of good information.

    Lots of great information

    presenter obviously is exceptionally knowledgeable; appreciate that viewing this webinar is always available. Saw this at RootsTech but it was a good refresher.

    She’s very articulate and grounded in her information. She’s a very relatable and informative speaker.

    Sunni always does an amazing job! Thanks so much for the new book I won! I’m very excited for it!

    Sunny always does a great job and provides so much information

    Sunny always has great info!

    Sunny had great information but she talked really fast and was hard to follow.

    Sunny is always an excellent presenter. Her info on what is coming to Ancestry was my new “nugget” learned today!

    Sunny is always very clear and helpful.

    Sunny makes better genealogy easy!

    Sunny Morton is a great teacher! Thanks also for the great syllabus.

    Sunny: great content and presentation! Thank You:)

    Thank you for answering my question. Great webinar!

    Thanks for a very interesting and helpful webinar! The presenter shared a wealth of information, ane the examples were excellent.

    This is fabulous! I needed this so much. I Love Sunny!!!

    This was very good and the handout is excellent. Sunny covered a lot of material and I will have to watch it several more times before I am comfortable making changes to my tree from hints. Messing with my tree makes me VERY nervous! Thanks.

    Very good information for the beginner to the four subscription websites. I liked how she used samples from each of the programs to show how to use the information in the “hints”.

    Very good information! Thank you!

    Very helpful. Thanks for the handout.

    Very informative !!

    Very interesting.

    Well done!

    well done. lots of good information.

    Wonderful information, thanks!!


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