Comparing the Genealogy Giants:, FamilySearch, Findmypast and MyHeritage 2019 edition

Sunny Morton
Apr 24, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Historical Records
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Highlights - Ancestry
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Highlights - FamilySearch
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Highlights - FindMyPast
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Highlights - MyHeritage
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Access Options
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Should you use,, or Or should you be using more than one site to accomplish your family history goals? Learn how these genealogy giants compare in 2019 for historical records, online trees, DNA tools and access options. This overview of each site's strengths and weaknesses will help you know which to use now and which to keep in mind when your research interests or budget change.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Sunny Morton is a popular lecturer for the global genealogy community. She’s a Contributing Editor at Family Tree Magazine and the author of hundreds of articles and blog posts, as well as the brand new book
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A great webinar I always enjoy and learn from Sunny Morgan.

    A nice update. Thanks

    A really useful outline that will speed up the searching, once I get back down to it. (And I’ll get an annual subscription then.)

    A very informative webinar and a very good speaker!

    Always enjoy hearing her!

    Another great webinar from Sunny! Many new things since last year’s overview!

    As always, very helpful!

    BEST Webinar so fare in 2019. Thanks

    Clearly spoken, logically organized, top notch

    Concise and easily understood. Great comparisons of apples to apples, so to speak.

    especially liked hearing about the new features and strong points of each site.


    Excellent and Informative

    excellent as ususal

    Excellent comparison. Now I know where I stand! Thanks!

    Excellent content and presentation!

    Excellent content. Very helpful to me since I am evaluating my options for furthering my tree research.

    Excellent information. Well organized. Slides helpful.

    Excellent overview.

    Excellent speaker! So much info!

    Excellent speaking skills. Great webinar.

    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent! It was great to see and hear what each company has to offer the genealogy community. Thank you! : )

    Exemplary!!! very pleased to have a better understanding of availabilities from the various genealogical services organizations. thank you

    Extrememly helpful, understandable and interesting with fabulous slides. Love the spotlight thing! Thanks a lot.



    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information on the 4 giants of Genealogy.

    great communicator

    Great general info

    Great Information

    Great information

    Great information on the differences between these sites – I’m so glad to know about the advanced name translation tools at MyHeritage! Going to run some new searches there!

    Great overview

    Great overview.

    Great presentation.

    great presentation.

    Great stuff! Nice to get this “larger” view of the each site. Thank you.

    Great webinar! Lots of useful information

    Great Webinar! Helped me to remember I have not been using Find My Past to search for my ancestors. Good to know what records are on each of the sites!


    Higher than 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How about a 10?!!! Fantastic!

    I came in late, but what I heard was wonderful.

    I continue to learn new things. So glad these webinars exist.

    I found it very informative, even though I consider myself a seasoned researcher.

    I found Sunny’s detailed overview of the main Genealogy websites to be very informative. Make sure to have her return when there are new major enhancements to these websites.

    I found the way the sites count records fascinating. I was under the mistaken impression that a record is a single record. Suggest you have her as a guest speaker every 3-4 months rather than waiting for an annual review.

    I have used all of the websites in question, but learned new things about them in today’s webinar. Thanks again.

    I was amazed by how much I didn’t know.

    I wasn’t going to watch. So glad I did! I came in in the middle of it so will watch for it to be available as a rerun.

    Interesting comparisons

    It is good to keep current with what is out there. Thanks Sunny for all the updates.

    It was great!

    Learned so much today about the content of each genealogy company and the new things they now offer and how to access them. Sunny did a great job of covering the bases. She is a great speaker.

    Lots of great info.

    Lots of great information, great presentation, very well organized.

    lots of information, found something in newspapers on my heritage already that i haven’t found anywhere else

    Loved how Sunny was so positive in stating the things she liked with each system. Very informative, very upbeat.

    Loved Sunny’s enthusiasm! Very helpful webinar.

    Many helpful insights scrunched into 90 minutes.

    My head is spinning from so much good info.

    Nice pacing, specific content. She didn’t digress with her personal history, just used it to illustrate points. Great presenter.

    nice to have all the new developments concisely presented at one time. Thank you!

    No real duplication with last year which is what I feared. Good Webinar. Lots of good information

    One of the best I’ve seen! Sunny does a great job…all the time!

    One of the best so far in my subscription experience… a million thanks

    One of the best webinars! Live Sunny!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    One of the most relevant and applicable webinars for my research!!! Love that you can feel Sunny’s enthusiasm for genealogy and research!


    She confirmed for me that I subscribe to the appropriate service.

    She’s very engaging and remarkably unbiased! I really appreciated the balanced viewpoint.

    Simply awesome.

    So much information that we could never intuit from general use of each site. Valuable in honing in on research tools, and making the most of new features.

    So much knowledge; can’t keep up with it all but it is fun trying.

    SO very informative! Now I need to take a week off, so I can explore all the info that was shared today 🙂 Like Sunny’s presentation style and masses of info. Thanks!

    Speaker was clear and concise and didn’t wander off topic.

    Strengths and unique aspects of sites were especially good as well as limitations

    Sunny did a great job on explaining the new updates to the four sites. Will be watching this one more than once.

    Sunny has such a cheerful voice and is a great presenter.

    Sunny is always outstanding. Material for every level of expertise.

    Sunny is so pleasant to listen to and so knowledgeable in this subject. Enjoyed her comprehensive approach in allowing me to consider other websites other than

    Sunny provided a great deal of helpful information comparing and contrasting the “genealogy giants.” Thanks.

    Sunny rocks!!!!!

    Sunny’s presentation style is wonderful, and her presentation of the information is logical and concise. She makes it easy to take it all in. Thanks.

    Thank you Sunny! You fit a lot of information into an hour!

    Thanks a lot, very interesting!

    Thanks for all the excellent information! Wow! Am off to do more work on my Irish ancestors….. 🙂

    Thanks for the great information.

    The presenter was very good at relaying her information; personable; knowledgable!!

    this has been great. I like keeping up with new stuff

    This lady was fully prepared. She presented an ambitious topic coherently, completely, and made it interesting. It has been a great learning experience.

    This was a much needed webinar! Thank you for the information and the tips on the genealogy giants.

    Very first webinar. Wasn’t sure what to expect but enjoyed it. It was clear and informative and will help me decide where to go next. Thank you.

    very good comparisons were given by Sunny.

    Very good presentation. Any chance of other sites in the future?

    Very helpful information! Thank you!

    very helpful…..thanks

    Very informative! It’s always difficult to decide how to stretch my dollars when deciding which sites to join, and which will provide me with what I’m looking for. So happy to have attended this webinar, it was a great help!

    Very informative, so glad I registered and joined this webinar!!

    Very informative. Realise I have been missing lots of ways to get info on the 2 sites I subscribe to as well as the other sites discussed. I need to watch this webinar again as there is so much useful content. Thank you to Sonny Morton for the webinar and to Legacy Family Trees Webinar for sponsoring it.

    Very informative. Should do this yearly if not more. Thank you.

    very interesting. Thanks.

    Was very helpful to see what is available on the different sites and the different options they offer. thank you

    Well organized and very clearly presented.

    well researched

    Wonderful information!


    Would give it a “10” if I could! Wonderfully informative!

    WOW! Comprehensive analysis of differences and similarities of the Big 4.

    Wow. Can’t wait to review this one!


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