Comparing the Genealogy Giants 2021: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage

Sunny Morton
Oct 20, 2021
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About this webinar

The 2021 “state of the sites” update will focus on the newest and most exciting developments at each of the major genealogy websites, with plenty of hasn’t-changed foundational description to help viewers know where they should be turning next for their genealogical research–and what sites and tools they should keep in mind for the future. This lecture has a global focus.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Sunny Morton is a popular lecturer for the global genealogy community. She’s a Contributing Editor at Family Tree Magazine and the author of hundreds of articles and blog posts, as well as the brand new book
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  1. RG
    Roger Gordon
    3 years ago

    When will Canada release their Census information next Like 1950, on?

  2. JH
    Judith Hague
    3 years ago

    I am a newbie with computer genealogy ? I need help doing this !

  3. BY
    Barb Yantha
    3 years ago

    thank you so much for this wonderful information, Sunny! (what a lovely wedding photo! 🙂

  4. LJ
    Leslie Johnson
    3 years ago

    This was an excellent presentation. Sunny Morton ALWAYS does a great job. I appreciate all the research she did so we could have the most up-to-date info regarding the Big 4.

  5. MC
    Marty Cooper
    3 years ago

    Sunny is a great speaker

  6. BD
    B. Davine Roberts
    3 years ago

    Loved every minute of it!!!

  7. TS
    Traci S. Kape Thysell-McPherson
    3 years ago

    Thanks so much Sunny for your impressive presentation. As well as thanks to your many contributor’s of information, like our very own Daniel Horowitz. There was a lot of information, but the syllabus with most of the links you spoke of was also a helpful tool. You have a wealth of knowledge to share and you do so with an upbeat spirit. I can tell you love your work.

  8. SG
    Steffyne Glenn
    3 years ago

    It was a good summary of the various genealogy sites


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