Research Your Newfoundland Ancestors

Tessa Keough
Jul 17, 2019
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About this webinar

It was visited by the Vikings, became a British colony, and ended up as a Canadian province. Along the way it has been home to British, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese and French settlers, some of whom moved on to other parts of Canada and the United States. A bit of history, suggestions for researching online, and tips for making that research trip to "The Rock" if you have ancestors from Newfoundland.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Tessa Keough is a genealogist in transition (read – this is not her day job but she wishes it was!). She takes advantage of 21st century technology to work on her own family history as well as engage in specialized projects. These projects include
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  1. AC
    Allan Costello
    2 years ago

    Great presentation and very good coverage of the available resources. It’s pronounced New=found-LAND… emphasis on the last syllable, lol!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Absolutely the best- all round. I am Canadian- but no Newfoundland roots- and was riveted. Tessa inspired me to make changes to my research approach (around place) and has so many useful tips and insights. Thank you.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of fantastic links and documentation to move peoples genealogical researches on Newfoundland forward.

    covered lots of resources!


    Excellent presentation! I wish that slides were available. I will have to watch webinar again to make sure I didn’t miss any information.

    excellent speaker and very informative webinar. Had to take a phone call about sixteen minutes into it, so will watch again.

    Excellent starting points clearly described.

    Excellent webinar. Lots of good sources to help with our research.

    Excellent webinar. Tessa has a beautiful voice for doing webinars making it very easy to follow everything she says. Her brilliant last thought on using the University residences during the off times (summers) was a real eye opener – will use that when planning another research trip.

    Great content and presenter. Thanks.

    Great Presentation!

    Great research tips. Thanks

    Great, Great information today from Tessa Keough jam packed good stuff thank you! Researching Your Newfoundland Ancestors was great!

    I have been researching my people for many many years so there wasn’t a lot of new information for me. However this was a great review! And I did get a some tidbits of new information..well organized and well presented webinar.. Kudos to you!

    really helpful for new researchers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about Newfoundland – sounds like understand! We like to help and appreciate your research – IMPRESSIVE!

    She has a lovely voice and flew through a ton of information succinctly. Sadly I don’t have anyone from Newfoundland, it seems like a fascinating place.

    So delighted to join the webinar today. I have been researching Newfoundland records for some time and today’s presentation certainly opens up so many more areas for research.

    So informative

    Tessa has a great knowledge of Newfoundland’s genealogy resources. I learned of new places to search.

    Tessa has a very good understanding of the Newfoundland community despite coming “From Away”. Delightful people and history which I have enjoyed during my 30 or so visits from Ontario.

    Tessa is one of the best presenters I have heard in a long time. Pleasant voice, good examples and slides, EXCELLENT handout

    This was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! Tessa graciously shared a tremendous amount of information – in the syllabus, and during the Webinar. I learned so very much and cannot wait to hear her again (OK – I’ll listen to the Webinar again, but I want to hear her LIVE!). Tessa – have you written a book? I want it! Thank you – thank you — both Legacy, and Tessa. ”

    Very inciteful and full of great leads!

    very informative and thorough

    Very interesting…and I don’t even have any connections to Newfoundland!

    very knowledgable and helpful

    very thorough

    very wonderful webinar, she sure knows what she is doing!

    Wonderful webinar on doing research in Newfoundland.

    Wonderful! Had no idea there was so much about Newfoundland. Thanks 🙂


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