Lesser Used Records for Research in the Netherlands

Yvette Hoitink, CG
Jul 16, 2019
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About BCG
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Speaker's Introduction
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Common Records
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Cadastral Records
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Military Records
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Criminal Records
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Government Records
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Voluntary Legal Records
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Case Study
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Where To Find
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The Netherlands has excellent records. Records of births, marriages, and deaths were kept by the civil registration since 1811 and by churches since the early 1600s. Genealogists who don’t look beyond these records may create trees that go back ten generations, but they can be bare or have mistakes. By expanding the research to lesser used sources, we can learn more about our ancestors’ lives and find evidence of family relationships to build reliable conclusions. Using examples from her own research, Yvette will demonstrate how to find and use court, notarial, military, and cadastral records, and other records you may not have used before. Find out if your Dutch ancestors owned property, what their occupations were, or even what they looked like. See them in the context of their families and associates, and understand their roles in the communities where they lived.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Yvette Hoitink, CG®, QGTM is a professional genealogist, writer, and lecturer from the Netherlands who specializes in researching Dutch ancestors. Her Dutch Genealogy website
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    All new stuff for me.

    Always enjoy listening to Yvette. We met her back in 2012 when she was still working at the National Archives in The Hague and she helped us tremendously with our research of our Brink family ancestors in the mid 1600 era. She also took us to the Gelderland area where they lived and the Dolderbrenck area where their specific home at that time was! She then arranged for us to see a very special map of that latter area which was located in Arnhem at that archive. We later met with her again in 2014.

    Always good to learn new research tips. Thanks.

    Appreciate the webinar handouts, very thorough. Thank you.

    Brilliant webinar about an area of Genealogical research on Dutch records that is new to me. Included many great examples and gave me a greater understanding of Dutch Genealogy for future use.


    Excellent information

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation with exceptional handout will make it easier to understand Dutch history and record keeping!


    Excellent! More, please.

    Excellent. Thank you.

    Fabulous! Lesser Used Records for Research in the Netherlands by Yvette Hoitink, looking forward to her next webinar. I’m hoping this will help me find Ancestors! Being adopted I was always told that I was part DUTCH (no blue eyes).

    Good information and well organized. Thank you.

    Great info and handout that I will be utilizing as I have at least one line from the Netherlands

    Great information.

    Great organisation. I like the thinking sequencing of the research.

    Great overview. Really well presented.

    Great resources, but I’m not sure I have the fortitude to tackle the language barriers. The answer to that, of course, is to hire Yvette!

    Great webinar on using lesser know records for the Netherlands.

    Had a bit of trouble keeping up with all the details because of the speakers accent and conversation speed. However, very much appreciate Ms Hoitink”s wealth of knowledge and courage to present! Thank you for the excellent handout to supplement a very well-done presentation.

    Have been researching Dutch records only for a few years; a brother-in-law’s father was born in the Netherlands. This presentation gave a lot of wonderful information, resources and websites to help that research along. Thank you!

    I enjoyed the webinar very much.

    I have followed Yvette for years. her blog posts are great.

    interesting to learn about the kadestral land records.

    Just beginning my Dutch research, but good to know there are other records out there. I get Ms. Hoitink’s weekly newsletter and save the ones I want to pursue further.

    Lots to follow up! Many thanks to Yvette.

    Many thanks to Yvette for her great kindness, compassion and talent in helping and encourage people with Netherlands genealogy. She is a ‘genealogy rock-star’! Thanks for having her!


    Please bring Yvette back again. There was a lot to absorb today. I wish I’d been able to tape it to replay it.

    She was informative and fun to listen to. Well-structured presentation.

    So much great information and given in a way that I can use it! One of the best webinars I’ve listened to in a long time. Thanks!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to join in free! I appreciate sincerely what you have provided.

    Thank you! Excellent information!

    The webinar helped give thoughts as to where to connect dots to prove a theory one may have on a person and how they are linked to the family one is researching.

    This was wonderful. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Thank you so much!

    Very informative. Yvette has a deep knowledge of her subject.

    Very clear, enough information to go to the internet to do research

    Very clear. Great slides

    Very helpful for new places to look. I have been doing dutch research for quite a while and I am excited to try out these new places and ideas. Excellent handout and Yvette is a great presenter.

    Very helpful! Good to know that I might be able to find some records for my 17th century ancestors.

    Very informative and an excellent speaker.

    Very informative and detailed presentation that provided several ideas for future research. Greatly appreciate the handout.

    Very informative and great handout

    Very well organized

    Very well organized and interesting, examples very useful!

    VEry well organized. Excellent information and presentation.

    Wish I had Dutch ancestors to use some of these amazing records!

    Yvette does an awesome job presenting!

    Yvette Hoitink was an excellent lecturer and was very professional, well-spoken and obviously an expert in her topic. I hope you will have more of her lectures in the near future.

    Yvette is very knowledgeable. I learned about several aspects regarding my ancestors that I’ll still have to research. I am happy to know I am related to Yvette through her father, although DNA does not show so.


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