Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work

Mary Eberle, JD
Jul 19, 2019
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8m 08s
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Others with Unknown Parents
3m 07s
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Test Adoptee
3m 07s
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Create Genetic Network
3m 36s
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Predict Relationships
13m 03s
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Review Trees
6m 34s
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Build Trees
5m 15s
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Develop Hypotheses
8m 59s
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Reach Out to Birth Family
6m 43s

About this webinar

Adoption and unknown (or misattributed) parentage events—whether recent or in the past—can challenge genealogists. DNA can be a powerful tool for finding birth families. We’ll cover techniques and resources for this work. 


  1. Review of laws affecting adoptees’ access to their birth information
  2. Steps for using DNA for adoption work
  3. Predicting matches’ relationships based on amount of shared DNA
  4. Finding related matches: shared matches/in-common-with matches
  5. Reviewing matches’ trees—finding common ancestors
  6. Building trees back and forward in time
  7. Developing and testing hypotheses for the unknown parent(s)  

About the speaker

About the speaker

How can DNA change your life? Biotech patent attorney and scientist turned genetic genealogist, Mary Eberle, JD, has the answers. Inspired by stories (and a super-sleuth energized by the thrill of the hunt), Mary founded
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