Reconstructing Your Genetic Family Tree

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.
Feb 13, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 00s
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4m 32s
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A Genetic Family Tree
4m 21s
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Chromosome Mapping
3m 34s
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Segment Data
4m 06s
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DNA Painter
10m 10s
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Finding Segment Data
17m 17s
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Chromosome Mapping Steps
6m 28s
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Targeted Testing
6m 53s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

A genetic family tree is the list of genealogical ancestors from whom you inherited DNA. One of the goals of genetic genealogy is to recreate this genetic family tree through a process called “chromosome mapping.” Chromosome mapping uses cousin matches to identify which segments of DNA came from which ancestors, thus recreating your genetic family tree. We’ll look at the fundamentals of chromosome mapping and some tools you can use to begin to map your DNA.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is an intellectual property attorney by day and a genetic genealogist by night. In 2007 he started The Genetic Genealogist (
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  1. KG
    Kellie George
    4 months ago

    Is it really true you need to know how you know them? I was shown how to bulk map people out of My Heritage and knowing where we matched on chromosomes I recognised how we matched because they matched with other triangulated known group members. And so this gave me a clue to how these unknowns were related. Right?

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    This was great – Blaine hit every goal he presented!

    This was great. It has given me the confidence to move ahead with my DNA analysis.

    This was really interesting. I’ve looked at the chromosome browser, but didn’t really have any idea what to do with the information. DNA Painter looks fun. Thanks so much for this informative and interesting webinar!

    This was superb!! Very clear explanation of a wonderful tool, but a complex topic.

    This was the most understandable presentation on DNA that I’ve ever attended.

    Truly excellent webinar! I actually feel like I’m beginning to understand what to do with DNA and matches, etc. Thank you!

    Very clear and concise, well paced. Helpful.

    Very clear and easy to follow.

    very clear and helpful information

    Very clear and well organized. Thanks.

    Very Clear. Good graphics.

    Very clearly presented.

    Very complex topic; explained so well.

    Very crisp, approachable presentation about chr mapping with DNA Painter and what it means. Another awesome webinar from Blaine! Thanks!!

    VERY educational! Many things learned here will be useful.

    Very Good presentation . Grateful he didn’t try to cover too much material too quickly. Very informative and helpful.

    very helpful info

    Very helpful! Thanks 🙂

    Very helpful, makes more sense each time I listen to a webinar about DNA.

    very informative

    Very informative!

    Very informative.

    very informative. I was able to understand much more about DNA Painter. Thank you.

    Very informative. Blaine Bettinger is always great.

    Very informative. I now know what to do and why it’s important to do it. Thanks.

    Very interesting and Blaine made a topic that has been confusing to me a lot easier to understand.

    Very interesting and informative. New info for us was DNA Painter and how it helps keep track of DNA matches. Dr. Bettinger clearly explained how to use the Chromosome or Genetic Mapping and how it is different from genealogical mapping.
    Thanks for the information, well done.

    Very interesting and so much information. I understand DNA a lot better now!

    Very interesting webinar!

    Thank you!

    Very Interesting!!!!

    Very interesting, easy to follow, and useful.

    Very interesting. I may make it with DNA yet.

    Very interesting. Presenter was organized, spoke clearly, and it was well presented.

    Very logical and informative step-by-step presentation – Thank you Blaine!!!

    Very systematic presentation! Thank you.

    Very well done. Hope I can remember how to use these tools.

    Very well presented. I am in the learning process for DNA and found he explained things well enough for me to grasp. Excellent webinar.

    Well done.

    Where did the time go? I thought that it had only been ten minutes when it was ending! As always, Blaine makes a challenging topic fun and easy to understand. I cannot wait until the next one, as I learn so much.

    Wonderful content by a wonderful presenter.

    Wonderful info.

    wonderful intofmation

    Wonderful presentation. Wonderful speaker. Great slides. Thanks so much. Still lost.

    Wonderful webinar on restructuring your genetic family tree.

    Wonderful webinar. I can hardly wait to begin using the information gained. Presenter was excellent.

    wonderful, wonderful

    Wonderfully informative – thank you!

    WOW!!! I learned so much!!! Can’t wait to watch it again, and again! And again!!

    Wow, what a wonderful webinar. I have not used DNA Painter yet and after this webinar, I am confident that I will be able to begin using it. Thank you.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    One of the best webinars ever. Very informative and easy to understand.

    One of the best webinars yet.


    Outstanding presentation. Thank you so much!

    Outstanding webinar! I have been curious about DNA Painter and now have the courage to try it out. Thank you so very much Blaine Bettinger!

    Outstanding! Will have to try DNA Painter.

    Outstanding. Blaine is so clear when he explains things.

    Presentation was very easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much.

    Presenter is easy to follow. I’m now going to go to his previous webinars for more knowledge on the topic.

    Presenter made the process very easy to understand. I may now try this!

    Ready to tackle DNA Painter tomorrow! Thanks for the thorough, easy to understand explanation.

    simply explained as only Blaine can do. Future Topics: DNAMatch work flow

    So glad I watched ! I understand it now!

    So glad you have replay. Have to watch this again — maybe twice. Even though Blaine’s explanations are very clear, it’s a topic I have difficulty absorbing — sort of like the Chemistry course this thoroughgoing “artsie” had to take in
    college to sstisfy the science course distribution requirement.

    So much to learn about DNA…..

    So very helpful!!! I was stumbling around trying to use DNAPainter within the past week and now I feel ready to actually USE it!

    So very helpful. I am no longer in the dark about chromosome mapping and see so much value in it. I’m off to get mapping! THANKS

    Sparked my research interest after 20 years of no research.

    Still in the learning curve and this one helped a lot

    Super. Thank you.

    SuperExcellent Thank You


    thank you

    Thank you Blaine for all you do to educate on genetic genealogy!

    Thank you Blaine.

    Thank you for this presentation. I was afraid I wouldn’t understand how to use DNA Painter but now I know what I’m missing. My spreadsheets will be relegated to the Archives from now on.

    Thank you great information

    Thank You! Very informative. I will try Chromosome Painter.


    Thanks, very helpful, I have been afraid to try it, but now I will.

    The best explanation for figuring out relationships!

    The information was ahead of my understanding and skills at this time. I hope to do something with it at a later time.

    The tips about painting seconds cousins versus parents/siblings was very helpful! Thank you!

    This presentation had a very logical flow and was extremely well organized so that it could convey a lot of information to participants at many levels of experience. Clearly lots of planning happened to make it such a productive hour.

    This really inspired me to get started with DNApainter! Really helpful information.

    This was a very informative and exciting webinar, particularly since I’m currently focused on learning how to incorporate DNA into my research.

    This was a very informative webinar. I walked away with more knowledge about DNA Painter than I had before. I am eager to paint my own genetic family tree.

    This was excellent!!!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I have heard about DNA Painter before. Now I know how to use it and why I need to use it. Thank you so much for a very informative webinar!!

    I have played with DNA Painter in the past and was looking for a little push to get me going again! Thank you.

    I have tried DNA painter. Now I can use it and understand what I am trying to do. Thank you

    I hope that I shall be able to retain this valuable information. This is the first time I hear about the Genetic Family Tree. The speaker was very clear in his explanations.

    I just discovered DNA Painter so this webinar was presented at a great time for me and Blaine always has such great guidance.

    I learned alot and cannot wait to put what I have learned to good use! Thank you!

    I more clearly understand why to do this, plus, the information on DNA painter.

    I need to review some of his other presentations.

    I now understand so much more about genetic DNA and how to use DNA Painter.

    I really appreciated how Mr. Bettinger explained everything so well.

    I thought it was a great webinar and Blaine’s charts and explanation and examples of using DNA Painter helped me a lot. I can’t wait to find time to explore using his technics.

    I tried DNA Painter before but didn’t really understand how to use it (especially since I was trying to work with Ancestry matches!) This webinar did a very nice job of showing how to start this type of tracking and I am eager to try

    I use DNA Painter and it clarified some ideas I had.

    I wish he had done this before I took the DNA test so I could do the mapping as matches came to me.

    I would give this webinar a ten if I could!

    I’d listen to just about anything Blaine presents! Thank you. 🙂

    I’m so glad I made a last-minute decision to watch. I’d heard of Painter but Blaine did an excellent job of explaining how and why to use it.

    interesting stuff!!

    It gets clearer every time I hear/attend a DNA seminar.

    It was excellent!

    It was very interesting and helped me understand a lot!

    It’s a topic I knew fairly well already but I really liked the way Blaine explains things, so I pick up things to do and implications that I might not have noticed before

    It’s a winner. Thanks so much.

    It’s always enjoyable listening to Blaine as he explains things so well.

    I’ve been wanting to try DNA Painter but didn’t have the time to scope it out and learn how to use it. Now I feel ready to jump right in. Thanks, Blaine. Excellent information.

    I’ve got a lot to learn!


    kudos Blaine!! I am going to look for those holes on my genetic fan chart right now.

    learn a lot thank you

    liked the pace. could understand and let it sink in. He does a great job explaining. really enjoyed it. Have already signed in to start mapping.

    Love hearing Blaine explain things so well! Thanks!! Can’t get enough.

    Loved it

    Loved it! So informative!


    Most informative. I haven’t yet used DNAPainter but hope to get into it soon. Blaine really explained it well.

    Mr Blaine Bettinger has amazing teaching skills!

    Mr. Bettinger is a great lecturer.

    Will continue on my journey to learn more about DNA. Thank you.

    Mr. Bettinger, and his ability to present to the novice, is amazing.

    My understanding jumped a level tonight. Blaine explains things so well! Thank You!!

    Now I understand…looking forward to hearing Blaine at Rootstech.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Good information about DNA Painter, I’m excited to try it.


    great ….

    Great graphics in the handout. Also took a very complex (for me) subject and was able to use small words to help me understand. I want to know more and Blaine just gave me the confidence to go forward.

    Great information on chromosome mapping and DNA Painter.

    Great information. Clearly stated.

    Great intro to using DNA Painter!

    Great learning experience … thank you

    Great overview of genetic Family tree and DNA Painter

    Great subject and speaker. I always learn new skills with Blaine. Thanks.

    Great topic, clear and precise presentation. Overall WELL DONE.

    great webinar

    Great webinar – first time listening to Blaine

    Great webinar on DNA

    Great Webinar.

    Great webinar.

    Have been thinking of trying DNA Painter and now I most definitely will! Excellent, clear presentation. I have Blaine’s book on DNA and I found it the same–very easy to understand. A true gift!

    He did a great job speaking to beginners in this topic. I will be watching it again to pick up more information.

    He made it seem so simple. I feel like I can actually do this!

    Helped me to understand chromosome browsing and DNA painter better. Still a ways to go though.

    helped me to understand chromosome mapping. excellent webinar

    His webinars are always very interesting, each time I learn more about DNA.

    hopefully will learn more about dna

    How-to demonstrations that walk through the process are so helpful. The pace of this webinar was also very good; I didn’t have any trouble keeping up. Excellent presentation all around. Thank you!

    I had just looked at DNA Painter so this webinar came along at the perfect time and made so many points much clearer.

    I always learn so much from Blain. He can really explain DNA so that even I can understand it.

    I am finally understanding why could be helpful! Thank you!

    I am going to recommend this webinar to a distant cousin who is having a VERY difficult time understanding which ancestors he inherited DNA from and hope it will help him to make some sense of his matches.

    I am new to DNA analysis, so this webinar was a good starting class to learn some of the basics of DNA mapping. Some things were still hard to understand, and I have never tried DNA Painter, since so far my DNA is only on Ancestry, but
    it was informative.

    I can’t wait to try painting!

    I enjoyed this because Blaine explained why DNA is so important AND how to best use it. Thank you.

    I felt this was presented at a level I could understand and WILL try. Thank You Blaine

    I had heard of DNA Painter but had not tried it. Now that Blaine explained it all I’m excited to try it out!

    I have a better understanding of chromosome mapping for the first time. Thank you Blaine Bettinger for a most fabulous webinar. You were clear, concise, interesting and your visuals were excellent!

    I have a much clearer understanding of the use of DNA for making matches. Thanks for making it simple enough for a beginner.

    I have ALWAYS been confused about how to use DNA. This is the FIRST explanation that made sense to me. It was just really very well explained. I will have to go back to listen again for reinforcement, but it’s becoming clearer. I will
    definitely go back to hear some of his other presentations because this one was so good!

    I have been researching my ancestors looking at a combination of physical connections and DNA. My mother was adopted and though common connections through, I was able to determine by mothers father, but not her mother. This
    seminar was great in giving me information on what would be productive and what would be of limited or no value in my research. I have a half second cousin and was excited about the information that her DNA would give me. We have same
    gfather but different gmothers.

    I have been thinking of using DNA Painter, but was not sure the best way and was worried about starting off on the wrong foot. This was perfect for getting me going. Now I need to go through my list of correspondence to gather all my
    matches that we have identified the MRCA.

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Can’t wait to try DNA Painter. Blaine’s presentation was excellent!

    Clarified several confusing concepts for me.

    Clear and concise…can’t wait to review my matches with new eyes and new knowledge. Merci!

    Clearest explanation of DNA Painter ever!

    Clearly presented topic. Covered all the basics. Enjoyable and interesting

    Definitely need to watch this again and get started with DNA painter.


    Even though I have used DNA Painter before I have learned things. Can’t wait to use it more and to create my own genetic chart. Many thanks.

    Everything is so clearly explained.

    exactly what I was looking for

    Excellent – explained it simply.

    Excellent and clearly presented!

    excellent as always with Blaine

    Excellent as usual for Blaine.

    Excellent educator!!

    Excellent explanations

    Excellent explanations. To be watched again to help retain even more of what was covered.

    Excellent for newbies and while I have used Painter there are always a few Now I get it moments with Blaine’s explanations.

    Excellent information!

    Excellent instructions! Very easy to understand. Thank you, Blaine!

    Excellent introduction to some software I always thought must exist but had never found it!

    Excellent lecturer/teacher!

    Excellent material and presenter.

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation and now excited to try mapping.

    Excellent presentation. I actually think I understand what to do now. Thank you so much to Blaine Bettinger.

    Excellent seminar……..I still have an awful lot to learn about using DNA

    Excellent speaker presenting an exciting topic in a clear and readily understandable manner.

    Excellent step by step guide to using DNA Painter. Very well presented and each concept well explained

    Excellent thank you.

    Excellent webinar! Thanks Blaine.

    Excellent webinar!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!

    Excellent webinar. Very informative, useful and easy to follow. Thank you all.




    Excellent! Especially enjoyed the explanaton about the Painter App.

    Excellent, Thank You Blaine Bettinger for all of the information! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Excellent. Most helpful.

    Excellent. Blaine is always very informative and presents without the hems and haws of some speakers. He is not only very knowledgeable, he knows how to present to convey that to his audience.

    Excellent. Clear and relevant explanations. Blaine is just the BEST at making the difficult comprehensible and encouraging the novice and the experienced alike.

    Explained complex scientific information in a simplistic understandable manner. I feel much more likely to use DNA Painter, than prior to the webinar!

    Fabulous webinar, helped make sense of many things for me. Well presented! thank you


    Fabulous! Really clear and understandable! Thank you Blaine!

    Fantastic info. I have had several cousins test, but am overwhelmed by what to do with all their data. Sounds like DNA painter is the place to start. My goal is solving one GGF’s parentage.

    Fantastic webinar, no transmission problems whatsoever. I can’t wait to try Painter.

    Fantastic! Blaine’s webinars are always the best. He is able to explain things in a very easy to understand way. Thank you so much!

    Fantastic! Excellent, clear explanations.


    Fascinating prospects and potential! BUT…. HOW do you convince potential distant cousins to help find your ancestors? Our own children refuse to have their DNA analyzed! Also, it would be very expensive if you must pay for these
    distant cousins’ DNA analyses.

    First webinar ever. Great job.

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this webinar. Very easy, clear instructions and I can’t wait to get started.

    a little overwhelming but a fantastic tool

    A lot of good information on a very interesting topic.

    Absolutely a great and informative must watch webinar. Blaine is such a fantastic teacher!

    Allowed me not to be scared to try dna painter

    Always great!

    Amazingly awesome! Reinvigorated my enthusiasm for DNA matching.

    Appreciated the explanation on starting DNA Painter.

    As always there was an abundance of information clearly presented.

    As expected, a clear, detailed, easy-to-follow explanation. Most useful.

    As usual Blaine was fantastic. He gives so much good information that I don’t mind watching again and again to get it all into my head. Give him a big hand clapping from me.

    As usual Blaine’s explanations were easy to understand. So much information in so short a time!

    At the risk of repeating myself, I have to again say, this webinar series is amazing, and well worth the cost.


    Awesome presentation!

    Best ever- thanks Blaine!

    Best explanation of DNA mapping I’ve seen/heard so far.

    Best lecture that I have ever heard on the subject of DNA. Bravo!

    Bettinger made DNA Painter extremely understandable. I appreciated the explanation of the fan chart compared with the segment data mapped in DNA Painter.

    Blaine and Marian were wonderful. I thought some of the material was geared more toward a beginner, but I still learned something, as always. Very clear and concise. Great questions.

    Blaine Bettinger is one of the most knowledgeable presenters. He has a very engaging manner, and is easy to follow. I learn something from him every single time!

    Blaine Bettinger made the DNA Painter easy to understand. I had tried using it, but was not focused on assigning matches to great grandparents. His explaination helped me make sense of my painting. Also the strategy of using 2nd cousins
    for maximum results was a good hint. This was very worthwhile.

    Blaine Bettinger makes DNA so easy to understand. Thank you so much for having him present.

    Blaine did a great job of simplifying DNA painter for me.

    Blaine did such a great job of explaining mapping. I’d looked at the My Heritage Chromosone Browser, but really couldn’t figure out the next step. DNA Painter, here I come (& probably 1000 other listeners will be along for the ride too). Thank you.

    Blaine explained & demonstrated DNA Painter very well. Now I will have to get busy and use it.

    Blaine explained DNA Painter really well Thanks, Blaine: I’ll likely start using it in a couple of weeks, after I get through some really busy times.

    Blaine explains complex matters so well. I appreciate this session very much,

    Blaine has a way of making the most foreign topics seems relatively simple to tackle. I had attempted to add my data to DNA Painter and failed in attempt. After hearing this explanation, I am eager to explore with added clarity. Thank

    Blaine is a brilliant teacher….of course,it helps that he is also DNA brilliant!

    Blaine is a great speaker… very informative!

    Blaine is a great teacher I always learn a lot from his webinars. The questions after the presentation were very helpful.. I’ve now feel that I can move forward and work with DNA Painter. Thank you, Blaine!

    Blaine is always fantastic as is DNA Painter.

    Blaine is always fantastically clear and organized. Will improve my DNA Painter attempts greatly.

    Blaine is always great

    Blaine is always outstanding!!

    Blaine is always so clear in his explanations, another great presentation.

    blaine is always top notch

    Blaine is an excellent teacher. His visuals were outstanding.

    Blaine is awesome, always.

    Blaine is awesome, makes things so clear.

    Blaine is really a superior presenter!

    Blaine is the BEST! It was clear and concise!

    Blaine’s my hero, always the best, so smart

    Blane definitely made DNA a little easier to understand!


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