Railroad Records and Railroad History: Methods for Tracking

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA
Nov 28, 2018
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1m 51s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 35s
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4m 34s
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Your Clues
3m 36s
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Types of Records
6m 19s
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Railroading Timeline
1m 06s
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1m 54s
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Location of Records
2m 52s
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Worked for the Railroad?
6m 28s
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Railway Magazines
1m 25s
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Finding Aids
15m 23s
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Retirement Board
7m 19s
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Other Resources
4m 31s
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Announcements / prizes
6m 50s
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Questions / answers
14m 05s

About this webinar

Did great-grandpa traverse this nation as he worked for the railroad? For which railroad did he work? Where did it run? Are there railroad records which may give us personal details? Visuals and references demonstrate the wealth of historical materials available all across the U.S. When this lecture is over you will know where to turn to find out more about the railroad, its records, and where to find them.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paula considers herself fortunate to be an internationally recognized genealogical educator, researcher and consultant focusing on unusual resources, manuscripts, methodology, and analyzing records. She also specializes in Native American research
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A lot of info I can use.

    Amazing webinar. Thank you so much! Great information.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of must see links to some fantastic sources.

    Can’t wait to explore the RR maps of N America on LOC web site!

    Excellent and informative webinar. Now I have places I can look for more information on my paternal great-grandfather’s life on the railroad. I have a photo of him in the doorway of some railroad equipment that looks like a BIG shovel, so he may have been in other positions than brakeman. Thank you!!!

    Excellent info and search tips.

    Excellent presentation with some wonderful resources and research hints. Thank you, Paula!

    Excellent presentation, thank you!

    Excellent resources – exceptionally knowledgeable and very interesting. Thank You

    Excellent webinar – will have to listen to it again.

    Excellent webinar with great resources. Thanks!


    excellent, helpful

    Excellent. Extremely informative.

    Excellent….first webinar I have heard Paula. Will check out her other webinars as well. Thanks!!

    fact filled

    Fantastic information presented in an interesting manner

    Fantastic presentation and great handout. Hope Paula will be doing another presentation in the future. Thanks
    Paula, Geoff and Legacy Family Tree Webinars for all your great work putting these webinars on.

    Fantastic webinar! Gave me several new leads to research that I didn’t know about before. Thanks so much to Paula, Geoff & Legacy.

    fascinating. Thank you.

    Good general info on railroad research.




    Great content and presentation.

    Great handout, loved how in her presentation Paula referenced specific points by # in her handout. Really love all of Paula’s presentations, she had a great pace and flow.

    Great ideas of resources

    Great information and tips on railroad research. Thank you so much!

    Great information on resources and methodology. Thanks. More, please.

    Great information!

    Great overview. Love how she didn’t feel the need to list everything in her handout!

    Great presentation and resources given!

    Great research ideas. I have a number of relatives that worked for railroads so this gives me ways to find out more information.

    Great speaker and very interesting subject. I love railroad history.

    Great webinar with plenty of tips to help me get started with my railroad research!

    Great webinar! I have ancestors that worked for or helped design various railroads and were in multiple states. I can’t wait to find even more records and maybe photos. Thanks 🙂

    Great webinar, lots of great resources to research.

    Great!!! Thank you!!

    Great, as always!

    “Hoping to join soon. Your webinars are a wonderful educational experience.

    I found it very interesting, especially learning where to find railroad records. My grandfather worked for 48 years, mostly as an engineer, for the C&EI, and before now I didn’t know where to look! So, thank you!

    I LOVE Paula’s seminar’s! Her handouts are packed with useful information. Her presentation is well-organized and she knows her subject! I am very grateful that she has expanded her talk into accident reports and court records. Keep up the great work, Paula!

    I’m excited to use the handout info to search for pension etc. records. My husband’s grandfather, his brother and 2 brothers-in-law all worked for RR in New York state, but I don’t know yet which ones.

    Informative, good handouts, but the pace was to rapid for me.

    Interesting stuff. Thanks

    It was wonderful! Lots of great information. Thanks!

    I’ve been researching a train shooting for a long time. I’ve found newspaper articles, but didn’t know how to look for the railway’s records. Now I have a whole new world to search! Thank you.

    Learned a lot about this resource which I hadn’t considered before this.

    Learned several new things, today….. Thank You !!!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Lots of good information !

    Love Paula’s presentation.

    Loved her enthusiasm. You can tell she really loves her subject matter! I will have to see this one again!

    Loved this webinar. Lots of great information. Thank you!

    My railroad research would be mainly in Canada, but this gave me an idea of how to break down searches; was enjoyable!

    nice handout

    nice to hear hope that some records do exist

    Now I realize how much I’ve overlooked while researching my great grandfather! I’ll use the syllabus & get back to work. Thanks!




    Paula did a great job in explaining and providing an excellent, comprehensive syllabus!

    Paula is a great speaker, she speaks so articulately and clearly. I can hear her Minnesota accept maybe that’s why I think she speaks so well

    Paula is always well informed and entertaining.

    Paula is an excellent representative of the genealogy world. She is a great speaker, she can be understood, and heard, good sense of humor. Always give 110%

    Paula is an excellent speaker! Always provides a great handout. Thank you! : )

    Paula is awesome!

    She is always surperb!!

    SO informative – thank you!

    So many suggestions and very well presented, thank you!

    So much hard to find info in this webinar and a great speaker as always.

    Thank you Paula for the extremely interesting webinar. I asked about the Canadian RRs and am off to start researching.

    Thank you!

    Thanks, Paula!

    The examples were excellent to show the information you can find.

    The handout is excellent. The many examples of where to search and what might be found were great!

    The speaker was very knowledgeable. She imparted a lot of information in a short time. Some quite new to me and work in the archival profession.

    These webinars are by far the biggest bang for my buck around.

    This is fabulous! So informative. My grandfather died in a train accident, so I need to learn more about that.
    Thank you for such wonderful knowledge!

    This one is a 15

    This webinar was FANTASTIC – I would give it a 10 – because it was much higher than 5. Her style is smooth, easy to listen, chock full of tips, and solid resources. I’m the person who wrote that the stories about relatives working for railroads and tips from listeners added a special caboose to this train story and it was so true. The time flew by just like a speeding locomotive!

    Very good information and clear resources provided.

    Very good intro to RR Records

    Very good webinar. Learned so much.

    Very informative

    very informative and motivating

    Very informative and very helpful syllabus.

    Very informative

    Very informative. Thank you!

    Very interesting and informative

    Very interesting and well presented.

    Very interesting! Much information in a short time, but easy to follow.

    Wealth of information and very interesting

    With such an extensive variety of sources I hope to be able to find more info about my ancestors who were recruited in New York — or maybe in Ireland — and worked with a railroad into Ohio. Thanks so much for offering these wonderful resources. Don’t you have a magical way to give us more hours???

    Wonderful webinar! So many new ideas on where to look for railroad records!

    Wow, information overload. So much to pursue. Thanks!


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