Superb Seven: Fabulous Avenues for Finding Family in Manuscript Collections

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA
Apr 9, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Archive Grid
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Actual Repositories
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Published Manuscripts
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About this webinar

We have at least seven easily accessible finding aids to locate old family letters, photos, business records, church records, diaries, and other records the we don’t know still exist. These items could be in a repository anywhere and luckily we have this Superb Seven that will help us locate them. Examples will have you itching to search for your own scattered family documents and most searches can be done online from home on your own device.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Paula considers herself fortunate to be an internationally recognized genealogical educator, researcher and consultant focusing on unusual resources, manuscripts, methodology, and analyzing records. She also specializes in Native American research
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A good reminder of where to look for those elusive resources!

    A nice overview on finding manuscripts. Maybe there should be a webinar on the manuscripts themselves – what are they, what’s in them, how to decide which are important to one’s research, limitations and pitfalls, etc.

    A+ so so helpful. Thanks a million Paula, so appreiate your help. God bless.

    Absolutely wonderful

    alot of info i never heard….much to use and think about

    Amazing sources and underutilized research tool! Fantastic presentation!

    Amazingly helpful for people who have been doing genealogy for a long time and want to explore beyond the usual sources.

    An excellent way to end with Paula Stuart-Warren really informative!! Thanks!

    Another good one! I have been amazed on the few occasions when I’ve found something from one of these sources. Now I’m off to look for something new, say my elusive Great Grandfather & his family.

    appreciated the information on manuscripts and where to look for them! Pretty comprehensive list with lots of tips for diving off from the top 7 she gave us.

    As Paula always is, this was superb! I have known about Archive Grid and NUCMC, but now I have a better understanding of how to access them — thank you so much!!

    Awesome, this last one was one of the best. great sources and suggestions.

    Awesome. Looking forward to some research. Thank you Paula.

    Chock full of good information.

    Clear, concise information. Good Syllabus.

    Cousin Paula did a fantastic job organizing this talk and presenting the information. She has motivated me to get going again with manuscripts.


    Every session was great





    Excellent 26 Hour Marathon! Thank you!

    Excellent beyond belief!!! Always appreciate the added bonus of such an extensive syllabus! TLC

    Excellent coverage of the topic. Gave me some places to search that I didn’t know about.

    Excellent ending to a great 26-hour genealogy webinars!

    Excellent event. I listened to 5 webinars total, but I plan to listen to more next week. Thank you for this.

    Excellent Ideas for research! I knew about a couple – now have more to add!

    excellent information and examples

    Excellent information!

    Excellent presentation and presenter, hand out well done

    Excellent presentation and very useful information!

    Excellent presentation

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Excellent presentation. Paula is a treasure. 🙂

    Excellent presentation. The resources mentioned will greatly add to my research capabilities. Thank you so much.

    Excellent run-thru of various ways to find manuscripts. Makes me want to finish this quickly so I can go searching.

    Excellent speaker and really opened my eyes for places to search. Thank you


    Excellent! This is an area of genealogy research I haven’t explored.

    Excellent, so may good web sites to search!

    Excellent… very good information and suggestions

    Fabulous new information!

    Fabulous presentation. A wealth of information. I am inspired to research more in manuscripts

    Fabulous presentation. Good information, clearly articulated by an enthusiastic speaker using helpful examples..

    FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much for such an informative presentation. I wish it could have gone on for hours. Thank you Paula, from another person named Paula. What a great name!!

    fantastic resources


    Fantastic! Mostly new information I’ve not heard on your other webinars.

    Fantastic! Thanks everyone!

    Gave me unthought off suggestions. Very well presented.

    Getting my to do list in order!

    Good info.

    Good information about resources that can easily be overlooked

    Good overview of the subject of manuscript collections and lesser known source materials

    Good reminder that I need to get back to checking out all those manuscript collections.

    Good reminder. I work in an Archive, but archives still aren’t my first thought when it comes to researching my family.

    Good reminders of all the stuff out there if we just take the time to look

    Good variety, well presented. Paula sounds so enthusiastic, these sites will probably crash!


    Great ideas to search. Unfortunately, I see bright shiny objects in those manuscripts, so I will have to control my ADD and stay focused on my RESEARCH PLAN!

    great info and delivery!

    Great info!!!

    Great info, thanks!

    Great information and presenter. Paula made the material very interesting and informative.

    Great information delivered in a systematic fashion

    Great Information! Definitely gave me some new places to search.

    Great information. Thanks!

    Great Job everyone , I will be busy this year.

    Great job! Learned a lot. Anxious to check to see what I can find. Thanks!!

    Great list of resources – wish I would be alive in 100 years when so much more will be digitized!! Thank you, Paula!

    Great presentation! Thank you!

    Great presentation! While searching for sites mentioned in presentation/chat, stumbled across websites relevant to my research!

    Great research sources for this time of lockdowns and limited travel!

    Great resources we probably don’t think about often enough. Can’t wait till we can travel and visit some of these collections.

    great session, I did not know about any of these sources

    Great stuff! Thank you!

    Great tools for the tool box. Thank you!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great way to end a 24 plus hour marathon.

    Great Webinar – so many good hints and ideas. ROAD TRIP!!!!!

    Great webinar to end with! So many great ideas and suggestions! Thank you for all of them!

    Great webinar. So much to take in and explore


    helpful and thorough

    I am excited about my research because of this webinar!

    I am excited to try some of these web sites for my brick wall! Thank you.

    I did not know about all these resources! So excited to start searching! Thank You!

    I did not realize how much cool stuff was out there. Appreciate this roadmap to the sources to find it.

    I have heard her speak before and always love her info even if sometimes it’s a refresher course – thanks to everyone who hosted and presented these free webinars for us!

    I really enjoyed this webinar. I learned about new sites to do research and/or visit to see what is available. The speaker was well versed in the subject matter. She was very enthusiastic about the subject and shared her preferences and expounded on their contents. I have more places and better ways to research for my elusive family members. Thank you, Paula, for your enthusiasm and for sharing some of your favorite research sites with us. One never finishes with genealogy because there is so much to find!!

    I really learned a lot–good details on how to access & what might be there. I’ve heard about the Special Collections at our University but somehow, it didn’t inspire me enough to follow up. Now I’ll go there & others! It gives me hope on some brick walls of intriguing ancestors of mine. Thanks!

    I wish she or someone would talk about find things on farmers. It seems all my family were farmers.

    I would like to thank everyone involved in this wonderful and inspiring webinar series! It’s great to learn from our living. Goodbye from Alberta.

    I’ll never catch up -the marathon was beyond genealogy!

    I’m so excited to start checking and find new treasures in places I never thought about! Thank you for the superb presentation!

    Informative and Paula gave great examples! Thank you.

    Interesting presentation.Thank you for the 26 hours, it has been great.

    Interesting, inspirational, well organized. Thank you!

    It expanded my research knowledge. Thanks.

    It was something new to discover and another avenue to pursue in my Genealogy.

    Items I have not ever tried to find – fascinating how much is available. I’m anxious to get to the point where I can really search for them for my families.

    Just excellent, thank you!

    logical and helped all of us be able to do this, thank you

    Looking forward to next week so I can watch this one again!

    Loosing internet connection, great webinar.

    lots of good information

    Lots of great info that I didn’t know about before. Thanks for the 24 hr webs. Great idea!

    lots of information.

    Lots of information. Terrific presentation and the presenter was fabulous.

    Lots of new ideas to follow up on. Thanks!

    Lots of new information and suggestions for research. Good presentation. Thank you.

    Lots of random places to search! Presenter was knowledgeable.

    Lots of very valuable information. Thanks.

    Love to Hear Paula speak, her enthusiasm is contagious.

    New places to search for mentions of family!

    Not yet a member so I didn’t have he syllabus to refer to, but depth of coverage was excellent! Well spoken and well presented!

    Officially overloaded right now, but this one will be put in my Look Here First file on my computer desk.

    Outstanding! Great for all levels of family researchers.

    Packed with inspiration and hope [ in practical terms mentioned, for finding that elusive ancestor!!!!!!!!!

    Passionate and inspiring! I’ll be checking more of the Superb 7+ suggestions. We do tend to go to the same ones frequently 😉

    Paula always has such fantastic resources to share – makes me realize that I need to look harder!!

    Paula always seems so excited – just makes you want to do whatever she suggests!!

    Paula has been a go to for me since the Salt Lake Institute years ago!

    Paula is a great presenter. The syllabus is great.

    Paula is a great professional genealogist, and her presentations are always professional. Excellent lecture content, excellent visuals, excellent handout. Excellent. Thank you.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Paula NEVER disappoints! Bravo!

    Paula Stewart Warren … I grew up on a dairy farm near Oshkosh! Wonderful presentation!

    Paula Stuart Warren is such a wealth of information. So glad you finished up the marathon with someone like her. Fantastic.

    Paula Stuart-Warren spoke well, clearly, had all her information in clear presentation for us to see in this hour. I appreciated that she went all over the world looking at varied subjects in her Seven Avenues most of which were new to me. Thanks!

    Paula Stuart-Warren’s seminar was GREAT! Her enthusiasm came across her presentation and her screenshots were excellent! Thank You for the wealth of information!

    Paula was very informative. I really enjoyed her presentation.

    Paula’s a gem! Great information with great enthusiasm is so inspiring!

    Paula’s enthusiasm is infectious! Good detail about accessing and using keywords.

    Paula’s presentation was an invaluable across the board gem.

    Thank you everyone for this awesome 24-hour gift of all these presentations. I’m sooooo inspired to stay up all night and overload my mobile hotspot link which is all I have in the rural area where I live for the internet, but I might try. Ha! Go get some rest now and have a great weekend.

    Paula’s presentation was fantastic as usual! Thank you! And…thank you Geoff, Daniel & Marion! Great job!

    Paula’s webinar was fantastic — so many archives, so little time…

    Presented with a lot of enthusiasm. A lot of great information.

    Repositories are something I don’t know much about. There are so many in so many new places.

    She had some great ideas that are often overlooked. I enjoyed her energy.

    so appreciative of the time and effort from everyone involved in the marathon. You deserve a good rest (once the videos are up haha). Looking forward to seeing some of these again. Cheers from Dunedin New Zealand

    So helpful! Can’t wait to get searching!

    So many good ideas that apply to researchers just about anywhere. Thank you.

    So many good ideas! EXCELLENT PAULA!

    So many great ideas for places to hunt for ancestors!

    So many new sources of discovery, on line digital and hard copy repositories, libraries, University collections and family collections and where housed. This lady is so enthusiastic about her work but covers such a huge section of everything family, business, political and historical and ideas on where to look and what you may find in other locations away from the area you are researching. Fantastic podcast.

    So much information! Wow!

    So much new information!

    So much wonderful info! Looking forward to watching it again. Glad I am a member.

    so much wonderful search info!!!

    Speaker was very knowledgeable


    Such good ideas of where to look for family information. I could hardly wait to start my search. thankyou so much Paula.

    Such great information. I learned a lot. Nice that it was in about 45 minute sessions as my brain cannot contain everything. I want to go back and watch so many again.

    Such wonderful ideas!!-

    Super star researcher!

    Superb Seven – can’t wait to get back into the archives.

    Terrific Ending to a Great Marathon! Paula was was especially appreciated after 26 hours with very little sleep!

    Terrific information — some was new to me. Also, I was reminded about ArchiveGrid, which I need to try. Thank you very much.

    Terrific presentation!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Terrific. What a great way to finish off the marathon! I definitely have more confidence to go digging around for manuscript collection now. Thank you so much!

    thank you

    Thank you for all of this helpful information. I use WorldCat, but almost everything else was new to me. Sometimes the pacing was either too slow or too fast, but other than that this was very good and I definitely appreciate all of this knowledge-sharing!

    Thank you for all the information. I am looking forward to traveling in the hopefully near future.

    Thank you for showing me what can be found by taking the time to look. Thank you to organizers for all your behind the scene work — it did make a difference just as you do with all webinars.

    thank you to everyone.

    Thanks for the new resources to check into.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful presentation by Paula Stuart-Warren. As other attendees have said, I want to start searching to see what might be available about my family.

    The presentation was great for pointing out ways to find more documentation on family. I especially liked the examples from various collections shown. Thank you.

    The webinar was good – the syllabus is very complete.

    The webinar was very informative. Thank you

    thee is such untapped potential out there! Thanks.

    These sites are overwhelming for a beginner. You helped immensely in putting them in perspective. I won’t automatically skip over them anymore. Thank you!

    This one needed a lot more time and a lot more examples, but it was good.

    This was definitely for the advanced researcher. Something to aspire to. Thanks.

    This was excellent. I had no idea of other places to actually find information and how to use the various sites to find life stories about ancestors in communities. Wonderful speaker and her enthusiasm came through. Such a fun two days.

    This was great! Wonderful webinar!

    This was the best webinar for me!!

    This webinar certainly had Superb Seven Fabulous Avenues for Finding Ancestors in Family Manuscripts. There was so much information, and the time flew by. Thank you.

    Top Notch! Paula Rocks!

    Very different topic, well-presented and fascinating.

    very exciting and informative

    Very good info. Great presentation. Thanks.

    Very good webinar

    Very good!

    Very Good!!

    Very good, but titles should be shorter — especially when one needs to include a number of events on the same small piece of a weekly calendar.

    Very informative

    Very informative!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. I didn’t know how to begin, and you have given me a guide. Thanks.

    Very interesting and informative

    Very interesting and informative. I just want to forget everything else and get started.

    Very knowledgeable and easy to understand, shows enthusiasm

    Very lively speaker. Interesting material.

    Very well presented with lots of information & not dragged down by minutia.

    What a fantastic, enthusiastic speaker. So many new ideas for expanding our research!

    when will she present the next seven or ten or twenty? this was excellent

    Wonderful presentation by Paula!!! Her manner was so warm and friendly, she was a pleasure to listen to, and learn from. She provided a wealth of helpful information and ideas; I took copious notes, and look forward to re-watching next week on video. Thank you so much, Paula!!! And thank you, MyHeritage and other Staff for the beautiful webinar series!!!

    Wonderful presentation of the types of things that can be found, and the information they may contain. 🙂

    Wonderful presentation!

    Wonderful presentations and thanks for the marathon!!!

    Wonderful way to round out an amazing stretch of webinars. Good to hear the very underutilized loose resources getting some love

    Wonderful! Inspiring! Where will I start? so many great ideas.


    Wonderfully inspiring! I appreciate Paula’s enthusiasm

    Wow! Her enthusiasm and curiousity was contagious! What a great way to end the marathon!

    Wow! This was great. I’m all fired up to search archive collections! Great, great information. Thank you!

    Wow, you saved the best for last! Paula was such an enthusiastic supporter of archives and the treasures they hold that I want to hear her speak over and over again. Thanks to everyone involved in the 24hr marathon of knowledge – what a gift you have given us!


    You have inspired me to start checking archives here in Canada. Thanks for a great informative webinar.


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