Problem Solving in the Problem-Riddled Carolina Backcountry

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL
Jul 28, 2023
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Class Overview
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Reasons for Failure
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Genealogical Proof Standard
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Jane Jernigan
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Jehosaphat Jones
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Meet Isaac Odom
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Our Focus
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The Carolina backcountry is known for its genealogical roadblocks: from social and geographic challenges to record destruction, to the failure to create records in the first place. This session begins by examining the cultural influences that have created the problems—influences we need to understand if we are to develop alternative resources and approaches. Building on this foundation, Mills then explores thirty-two strategies for overcoming research obstacles, using a variety of short case studies and little-known materials to illustrate key points.

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About the speaker

About the speaker

Across a long career, Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS, has been an innovator of research methods and strategies. Published widely by academic and popular presses, she edited a national-level scholarly journal for 16 years, taught
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  1. NH
    Nicole Hicks
    10 months ago

    This was awesome! I’m actually searching in Orangeburg and Barnwell counties. AND…I’m researching ALL of the many Nathaniel Walkers from the area. LoL. There are at least 7 of them. I love researching my South Carolina roots. Thank you Ms. Mills!

  2. VH
    Virginia Hicks
    11 months ago

    A Very Good Webinar., Thanks so much.

  3. KR
    Kathleen Ringwood
    12 months ago

    Superb webinar with many great examples and context. Thank you!

  4. JL
    Joyce Luallen-Black
    12 months ago

    Fabulous webinar. I learn so much much from Elizabeth’s webinars. She always provides so information to learn from. You can replay her webinars multiple times and pick up on something you missed before. Her webinars are the best. I look forward to them every month. I so hope that Elizabeth will do another series next year.

  5. SG
    Sarah Galarza
    12 months ago

    ESM is a treasure to the genealogical community. She challenges us to be better researchers while also giving us hope and encouragement that those elusive ancestors can be found.

  6. SM
    Sue McNeil
    12 months ago

    Elizabeth continues to amaze me with her thoroughness and ability to squeeze every little clue out of records.

  7. JD
    Judith Damewood
    12 months ago

    This webinar was of particular interest to me because I think (based on Y-DNA and other clues) that my 3rd great grandfather may have come from the Anson-Richmond County area on North Carolina. The strategies presented will be very helpful in my research.

  8. DW
    Delores Walters
    12 months ago

    Very useful explanation of importance not only of original records, but the context in which the records were created for our ancestors. Must keep in mind that there will likely be even fewer records for enslaved ancestors.


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