Organize Your Digital Files in 3 Easy Steps

Diane Boumenot
Nov 5, 2021
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Gather Files
1m 47s
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Folder Structure
3m 29s
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Naming Files
2m 28s

About this webinar

Diane Boumenot gives you tips for getting your files under control, creating a file structure and developing naming patterns.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diane MacLean Boumenot specializes in southern New England genealogy research, including work on her own ancestors, who were among the original settlers of Ma
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  1. AS
    Ann Shettles
    2 weeks ago

    Great information. I have been doing research for 40+ years and am converting from the mixture of paper and digital to digital. This is such a help.

  2. CL
    Celia Lewis
    2 weeks ago

    Excellent quick and easy-to-do organization system. I like the “+” sign before an important folder to keep it at the top of the folders! So useful.

  3. RJ
    Rebecca Jean Corson
    4 weeks ago

    Great information.Gleaned some new ideas, especially the temp folder to put items for filling. That was my biggest problem when I downloaded items and then I would lose them. Not anymore with this tidbit. It is nice to see that I am on the correct track. I have already been doing a version of this. This will be watched again as I re-organize my documents as I research.

  4. NH
    Noela Hill
    4 weeks ago

    I know everyone has their own methods. And mine is VERY SIMILAR.
    However It goes against all my training as a programmer to use the + symbol or spaces in a directory or file name. I use AAA_ if it need, but remember you can also list files via other criteria, date modified etc, I never use spaces in a file or directory name, it does not work on Linux (my preferred OS). I am also unsure if it will work on an Apple. So consider this if you want to share with other users who may have a different OS!

    Also as I use Legacy Family Tree for my people, I use the RIN number in the name of the files example:
    Simth_Lexie_RIN_8765 for the file name and files in the folder something like Smith_Lexie_RIN_87655_pic etc.
    I could suggest maybe add birth and death year instead of RIN if you have more than one family file.
    I have, but I still use RIN, but in a separate file structure for each family file. Being very careful NEVER to renumber.
    I use VBox to run Legacy in Windows on my Linux Desktop

    1 Reply
    • NF
      Noel Ferre
      3 weeks ago

      Spaces work perfectly well on Apple (MAC) computers. I’ve been on a Mac going on 10 years and use them all the time.

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