Finding Jamestown Ancestors

KC Reid
Jan 24, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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Planning Your Research
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Sources for Sources
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Traditional Sources
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Common Research Pitfalls
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Explore numerous sources that can further genealogical research to help individuals identify a qualifying ancestor in order to join the Jamestown Society. In addition to sources, KC touches on planning your research, sources to help you find sources, and common research pitfalls in genealogical research and how to avoid them. Building from the criteria for qualifying ancestors, KC provides some  historical and social context about the first landing ancestors – did you know it included free Africans and a Persian? After giving a live online demonstration on tools that can aid in finding resources and genealogical information relevant for discovering Jamestown ancestry, KC shows how to find the original source documents, and provides several websites that organize the information by person rather than by chronology or other methods common to historical information. She provides an overview of many published works that are helpful in Jamestown genealogical research, including several that may help link families from the early 1900s back to the qualifying period, and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each. An anthropologist by training, KC highlights information available from archaeological digs from the 1930s onward and the surprising insight they can provide to those researching their Jamestown ancestry. Similarly, she provides insight into the corporate culture of the Virginia Company of London to illustrate the kind of information that may be found in the business records.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A professional researcher, analyst, writer and presenter since1999, KC Reid is a professional genealogist tracking American ancestral lines to the immigrant ancestors. She focuses on building the story of those ancestors to help their descendants
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    10+ awesome…who would have thought about Archaeology….

    A lot of great information. It made me want to stop and go explore!

    A wonderful presentation, absolutely enjoyed the references and walk through on some of the websites! Cheers!

    An excellent example of how historians now value the efforts of genealogists as another learning aide.

    Anxious to explore further a possible Jamestown connection using the many sources and information presented.

    Best seminar I have attended to date. The presenter was awesome and the hand out was easy to follow.

    Enjoyed the Webinar, although I don’t have any ancestors from VA., but bookmarked everything, and put in my VA folder.

    Excellent presentation — please bring K.C. back!

    Excellent presentation – so many excellent resources!!!!!!! Thank you very much.

    Excellent! A wealth of Knowledge!

    Extremely interesting. I have never thought of checking, but I noticed a Hawkins surname, so I will be investigating.

    First one I’ve been able to hear “live.” What fun!

    Great speaker!

    Great webinar! Yes, have K. C. back! Thanks!

    Great webinar! Might be able to find ancestors for that area now. Thanks 🙂

    Great, please have KC back.

    Hope she will do more webinars!

    I appreciated the reminder about NOT making assumptions because I almost didn’t participate because it was about Jamestown, not realizing there were also free men and slaves there.

    I have a pretty extensive library of books on Jamestown and early Virginia and was hoping to pick up another source or two. KC Reid provided way more than two!! She is an excellent speaker and I am a visual person who wants to know more about my ancestor’s lives (like she is), so I really appreciated the maps and the details! Please, please, please bring her back – especially about Virginia!!

    I think this was the most information for resources that I have ever gotten from a webinar. It was incredibly helpful to have someone as knowledgeable as KC Reid since it was so specific to my ancestry of Jamestown settlers. I especially loved her enthusiasm for the topic itself! It seemed as if I could feel how it boosted everyone’s excitement to jump start their searches again!

    I was so excited to see this on the list of webinars. I learned so much and will be busy researching Jamestown! Loved it! Thanks so much!

    It was an awesome presentation. I would love to hear more from this speaker.

    one of the best

    One of the best I’ve heard!

    One of the best Webinars I have attended. She was clear, concise and Knowledgable. Great find!

    So many good references. Presenter was enthusiastic & very well versed. Thank you KC for sharing.

    The best webinar I have heard in a long time. Great job KC.

    This was fascinating!!! I had no idea so many wonderful sites existed. Very, very interesting. Thanks so much.

    This was one of the best webinars you have presented! Very helpful and informative.

    This webinar was jammed packed with suggestions on sources – all greatly appreciated! I have a feeling research on my lines that I haven’t connected to early VA is coming to a screeching halt while I focus on this!!!

    Truly excellent presentation! I learned a lot and am anxious to get started on my journey to learn more about my ancestor, William Brewster.

    Very informative! Would love to hear more from this speaker.

    Very interesting even if someone has no Jamestown ancestors!

    VERY knowledgeable presenter!

    Wonderful presenter! Well organized, speaks well, anticipates what listeners want to know as well as perfect timing.


    Wow! She’s fantastic! I’ve got to listen to this presentation again to get all the info she shared! Please do have her back again. I love hearing about Virginia research, and I think lots of other genealogists do too.

    WOW! Great presentation! First time hearing a webinar on Jamestown resources. Thank you! 🙂


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