Jumpstart Your MyHeritage Family Tree with Instant Discoveries

James Tanner
Oct 27, 2020
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1m 18s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 09s
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10m 34s
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Photo Discoveries
11m 28s
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Person Discoveries
5m 18s
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7m 18s
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Record and Smart Matches
5m 01s
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Other Tools
16m 08s
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Announcements / prizes
3m 40s
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Questions / answers
17m 16s

About this webinar

Learn how to jump-start your family tree with Instant Discoveries™ on MyHeritage. This feature can add entire branches to your family tree in a single click, or automatically locate photographs of your ancestors that you may never have seen before. Discover how to leverage the power of this tool while remaining aware of its limitations.

About the speaker

About the speaker

James L. Tanner B.A. Degree; Spanish, M.A. Degree; Linguistics, University of Utah. J.D. Degree; Law, Arizona State University. 39 years Arizona trial attorney. Over 42 years in genealogical research. Avid Blogger of Genealogy’s Star. 20+ years as
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    a good seminar for new basic information.

    AS usual lots of great information

    Basic, but did learn a couple of things.

    Cannot wait to go back play with smart matches

    Clear description of Discoveries and good demonstrations

    Enjoyed the webinar

    Excellant as usual


    Excellent presentation


    Fascinating and very helpful! Excellent presentation. Thank you!!


    Good basic information. Thanks

    Good info. Well presented.


    Good presentation by James of a great feature of My Heritage.

    Good teaching

    Got me more interested in checking out these features in My Heritage!

    Great as always

    great info about how to look for and investigate instant discoveries, smart matches, record matches at My Heritage. Thanks!

    Great info–I did not know abt Instant Discoveries package!

    Great information

    Great information on using what I have purchased!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the FREE webinar. Sure gets my brain in gear!!!!

    Great information.

    Great one thank you

    Great webinar on used MyHeritage trees, and building on those trees.

    Great! I missed the first part, but glad I can go and watch it later on.

    I am new to MyHeritage and this topic was explained very well. While James was going thru things, I also had the cheat sheet from FamilyTreeMaker magazine that was published a few months ago. It helped explain a few terms that were used in the Webinar.

    I have been looking at Instant Discoveries but didn’t want to click on them because it looked like an “all or nothing” thing. Today’s webinar showed how much information I will see before I decide to add to my tree. And there were other things he showed too!

    I have learned so much attending these webinars. Thank you so much for all you do.

    I joined in to pick hints…I did, thank you!

    I joined late so missed most of the presentation but found it interesting and will listen to it later

    I learned a great deal must put everything into action now

    I learned so much need to get a full sub

    I like the way it was presented–the speaker actually using MyHeritage as he talks. Learning by doing, as Geoff said. It became much clearer for me what MyHeritage buttons will do. Thanks loads!

    I need to learn more about My Heritage.

    I only saw the last 10 minutes and the Q & A but he is very knowledgeable & explains well.


    Interesting tips on features that I haven’t used yet

    Interesting. Helpful.

    It was very easy to understand.

    It was very helpful to a newbie. Thanks!

    It was very interesting – I have not used this program and it gave me an idea of what it could do. Also, I was able to compare it to Ancestry and I really enjoyed the demonstration of the colorization. Thanks

    I’ve been a little leery to use the instant discoveries, but after seeing this today I feel more comfortable. Thanks you!

    James did a great job and I am learning a lot about MyHeritage webinar by webinar BUT I LOVE YOUR HANDS ON APPROACH. It makes all the difference.

    James Tanner always explains things so that people can understand it.

    James Tanner did an excellent job of explaining Instant Discoveries. He clarified some details that I was not sure about and introduced the correct way of viewing Instant Discoveries.

    James Tanner is a great speaker, and very knowledgeable about MyHeritage Family Tree. I learned a lot from his webinar. Thank you.

    Just subscribed! This was very helpful. I missed the first part, hope this is available on your My Legacy Webinars site.

    Kinda thin. But new users that have never toyed around with the feature, or even noticed that it existed, will be well-served!

    Learned a lot! I’m new to MyHeritage and haven’t really worked with it at all.

    Learned a lot.

    Learned quite a few new techniques as a MyHeritage user. And I’ll review the webinar, as a member, to revisit the points I need a refresher on.

    learned things about MyHeritage that I did not know

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    My Heritage – what a wonderful site. Always something new to help us.

    New tip on using Family Tree Builder off-line is useful.

    nice introduction

    Organized and well done. Quite a bit of information!

    Sooooooooooooooo much to learn

    Sorry – had to leave for an appointment. Very good information and presented in a nice, slow manner so that we could follow along.


    Thank you! I’m ready to dive in!

    Thank you! Very informative

    Thanks for all the great info!

    Thanks! I learned so much about the “packages” I didn’t know. Well paced and very understandable.

    Thanks, Geoff, for using your own computer. I too learn best by doing. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks. That filled in several gaps I had in using MH.

    the on live demo was really helpful

    The presentation was done very well. I happened to know most of the information discussed, but it was also a useful review.

    There is so much much to explore on MyHeritage. This was super helpful.

    This helped to answer some questions I had. Thank you.

    This was really great. We need more of these low-key….simple approach to “How to’s….” than ever before as there is a bigger variety of websites, blogs, etc. Too many people start in the middle somewhere to explain stuff. We need to get back to the Basics and forget about telling us everything they know all at once….Thank you James for your approach. I really enjoyed this webinar and found that I learned something about how to use MyHeritage further.

    This webinar was very informative and resourceful.

    Very basic things, mixed in with a little interesting stuff.

    Very Good

    very good

    Very good info. He talked slowly which is very good when you wear hearing aids. Many thanks.

    Very good information for a beginner.

    Very good webinar with James Tanner. I can hardly wait to try it out.

    Very helpful- I haven’t been using MH to this extent, yet. I will now!

    Very helpful overview for smart matches!

    Very informational, thanks!

    very informative

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and educational

    Very interesting and informative.

    Very interesting information. THANK YOU

    Very knowledgeable.

    Very timely as I have been getting several notices about Instant Discoveries & not totally sure how to do. Now I feel more confident. Thanks so much. I like when speaker actually shows you what to do.

    Very well done with good info that was easy to follow.

    Very well presented. I learned a lot about My Heritage and plan to get started on Instant Discoveries! Also, though not planned, the addition of Geoff’s live walk through helped too.

    Very well presented. Thank you!

    Will need to review the recording as missed some of the webinar due to times changes.

    WOW! Lots to learn and features to use on My Heritage. Thanks.

    Yet another item on my to do list!!!!


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