Tune Up Your Family Tree with the MyHeritage Consistency Checker

James Tanner
Feb 11, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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6m 55s
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What Is It?
3m 31s
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The Tree
5m 53s
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Why So Many?
11m 43s
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When to run it
5m 15s
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Examing the list
11m 47s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

When selected, the MyHeritage Consistency Checker scans your family tree for inconsistencies and mistakes to enable you to do the necessary research to correct all of your entries. This webinar will focus on using the Consistency Checker’s 36 separate tools to dramatically increase your accuracy and consistency.

About the speaker

About the speaker

James L. Tanner B.A. Degree; Spanish, M.A. Degree; Linguistics, University of Utah. J.D. Degree; Law, Arizona State University. 39 years Arizona trial attorney. Over 42 years in genealogical research. Avid Blogger of Genealogy’s Star. 20+ years as
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    1st webinar – will plan to see more of them

    A wonderful presentation! I will use the Consistency Checker ore often now. Thanks!

    Always excellent!!

    Appreciate this and his newsletter! Thanks!

    Cant wait too start!

    Certainly interesting

    clear concise information, easy to understand. thx

    Connected late– what I little I heard sounded Interesting. Will have to listen to the entire presentation. Thank you! : )

    could have been much more concise, but nice tool to be aware of and to use

    Could have spent a bit more time on the tool and how to fix problems. Geoff’s demo at the end was excellent!

    easy to understand and well done

    Enjoy these webinars! I always learn something new!!

    Even if I have already participated in a webinar on the same or similar topic, I am happy to refresh this information.

    Excellent and useful subject.

    Excellent as always. He gives wonderful insights into whatever he presents.

    Excellent as usual! very informative

    excellent info–appreciate the comments about not taking the number of inconsistencies personally

    Excellent tool to use. Thanks!

    Excellent webinar. I have used the consistency checker, but picked up some new tips. thanks.

    Good detail and explanations.

    Good explanation of a new tool.

    Good info. I particularly liked James’ comment about not getting ‘bent out of shape’ by the problems found in a tree.

    Good presentation covering many aspects of this tool.

    good refresher for using

    Good tips!

    good to know

    Good to know. Thanks.

    good to see that I can find answers to my questions and videos

    Good webinar. I’ve wondered how to use the consistency checker!



    great content

    Great examples of what are easy mistakes, and the challenge to fix the tough ones. Thank you for yet another easy-to-follow webinar! Thank you, too, for the syllabus.

    Great info

    Great info to know

    Great info. I’ve never used the consistency checker. I’m a little afraid to look but I know it will bring to my attention some important info.

    Great job and very helpful. I’ve recently completed My Heritage DNA and look forward to more webinars. QUESTION:

    Great new stuff

    Great subject that will help greatly.

    Great webinar! Thanks James Tanner.

    Haven’t worked on my geneology for some time and am now revitalized to continue!

    I am a new subscriber to My Heritage. I have watched older free legacy webinars that James Tanner has present and find them all very helpful. Thank you Geoff for adding in the demonstration for using consistency checker in the question portion of the webinar, very informative.

    I am new to MyHeritage….love the information!

    I appreciate all of the information

    I didn’t know about this feature despite having a MyHeritage membership for almost a year, so thanks for drawing my attention to it.

    I didn’t know how the checker worked and was afraid to use it. I’ve already used it and cleared up problems. This is great.

    I don’t have a paid membership on My Heritage, so I can’t use this particular tool, but it opened my eyes to the value of using the tool I do have available, which is the Potential Problems List in Legacy. Thank you!

    I enjoyed it very much but missed the first 20 minutes. Is it possible to listen to the webinar again at a later time?

    I enjoyed the subject but also the presentation, not too fast nor too slow.

    I had not heard about this software before yesterday. I am going to investigate and see if I can get it. Thanks.

    I have been using the checker in the desktop family builder program but never have used the online version

    I have not used this tool yet. I will start using it. Thank you.

    I have used this and found it quite helpful. Haven’t used it recently, but think I will use it again.

    I have used this on the desktop app and you can export to excel with individual fields for sorting by different categories. It is great to see it has been integrated into the my heritage website! Thanks for providing this education 🙂

    I just learned about a new tool to help ensure that the data I enter into my own MyHeritage Tree is accurate and, hopefully, also will eliminate or at least minimize data entry errors on my part. Thanks James & Geoff !!!

    I learned a lot about being accurate in my work. The Consistency Checker is great tool.

    I learned how to use the Constancy tool. Thanks so much.

    I learned so much about a feature I haven’t been using, but will use after I add more to my tree.

    I prevoously was unaware of this feature. Great feature.

    I thought it was well organized. His voice was easily understood.

    I will run that report and finish up my tree after I correct most of my errors.

    Informative speaker.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Interesting and informative. Thanks of the introduction to the MyHeritage Consistency Checker. Never knew I am ashamed to say that, as a member of MyHeritage, I never knew that the MyHeritage Consistency Checker function existed.

    Interesting information…thank you!

    It was very informative for me.

    Lots of new info for me

    Mr Tanner explained where everything was located and what the inconsistencies are and how to correct or eliminate them.

    Mr. Tanner is a very good speaker.

    MyHeritage “Smart Matches” sometimes have errors such as “child older than parent” – can’t these be screened so that we don’t accidentally (unmindfully) accept bad data? In other words, it would be great if smart matches were checked for inconsistencies before being presented to the user.

    Never want to miss a minute of what James Tanner has to share!

    New to program so learning whats there!!!

    Nice coverage of what inconsistencies are and how to use the tool to discover (and correct) them.

    Program was good and I hope there will be more in the future of on line courses. Thank you.

    Ran mine. Not severe but does have some work.

    Slow moving and repetitive. It seemed like it was expanded to fill the time available.

    So glad there is a way to find mistakes in my tree. Thanks for the info.

    Some repetition, but also some interesting points in using this tool I hadn’t realized before.

    staggering amount of work…..and I’m 83!!! Lordy, Lordy

    Thanks. Always enjoy learning how to use the tools at MyHeritage in more effective ways.

    That was new information to me and something I will check out. I do think it probably could have been covered in one of the short TechZone presentations, however.

    The consistency checker, just might be what makes me decide to buy a subscription to MyHeritage.

    The information was very helpful. James pointed to a number of features I didn’t know existed. Thanks

    This was great. I’m usually pretty good with my tree with the exceptions of duplicating people mostly, but I’m excited to try the consistency checker now, more than before. Thank you.

    This was interesting, perhaps a bit more advanced than I am now.

    Very clear and concise. Excellent information.

    Very clear presentation, well supported by examples.

    Very helpful webinar, lots of useful and great information. Wonderful presenter. Thank you!

    Very informative and quite useful!

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very interesting. A tool I’ve never used, didn’t know about it, and will begin using it NOW.

    Very interesting.

    Very useful! I will start to check my Family tree at once.

    Well organized, good flow. Fairly basic info — had hoped for more regarding suggested data sources for solving common consistency problems (thus the 4 rating). Tool itself is fantastic.

    Well presented. James Tanner is so knowledgeable!

    Wonderful tool and well presented by James!

    Wonderful webinar on using the consistency checker on MyHeritage.


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