The FamilySearch/MyHeritage partnership and its tools for members of the LDS church

James Tanner
Jun 9, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 13s
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Family Tree
6m 56s
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Consistency Checker
3m 44s
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Smart Matches
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Other Benefits
13m 21s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

A partnership between MyHeritage and FamilySearch benefits members of the LDS Church with a free subscription to MyHeritage. Many members fail to benefit from this partnership. One opportunity is to synchronize information between MyHeritage and the FamilySearch Family Tree. This webinar highlights major partnership opportunities for members of the Church. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

James L. Tanner B.A. Degree; Spanish, M.A. Degree; Linguistics, University of Utah. J.D. Degree; Law, Arizona State University. 39 years Arizona trial attorney. Over 42 years in genealogical research. Avid Blogger of Genealogy’s Star. 20+ years as
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Apprehensive about My Heritage and a little more comfortable now.

    As a long-term volunteer at a Family History Center but not a member of the church, it was nice to see the options. This presentation was very useful.

    Excellent information that will really help me. More impressed than ever with the collaboration and possibilities.

    excellent new information for me. I will be using more help from My Heritage than I would have without the webinar

    Excellent review!


    Great ! Thank You. We have trees and DNA on MyHeritage, as well as accounts on many sites. MyHeritage ia really great as is Family Search. Learn so much every time.

    Great content

    Great information

    Great information! I am going to get my synced tree on MH now.

    Great information, so much I was unaware of!

    Great information. Thanks

    Great information.

    Great presentation

    Great resource that I didn’t know about – thank you!

    Great webinar, giving information which will help me synchronise my trees better.

    Great! I learned a lot of new information.


    I always enjoy learning from James Tanner. He is so knowledgeable and dedicated.

    I am a my heritage user and family search user, member of church- so familiar with. However it would be nice to have access to written copy of this webinar. Health issues make ithard forme to follow so much in short time. Otherwise very good info. Thanks

    I am interested in My Heritage and the connection and the benefit to having two trees to keep up. The webinar seemed to just scratch the surface and hard to follow the actual use of the consistency checker.

    I learned quite a bit even though I’m not LDS.

    I like the idea of more search capability on My Heritage, but I am not collaborating with others. I have received hints from My Heritage on entries in my tree on Legacy software and they have been helpful.

    I was especially impressed with the synchronization of my FSFT and MyHeritage Family Tree. I will have to do that soon!

    This was a very informative webinar. I learned things that I didn’t know for both sites. Thanks to Geoff and James!!

    Information was helpful

    It was terrific, loved the speaker, very clear and to the point, good power point-simple to understand. Lots of great information.

    James, thank you for your very informative step-by-step presentation!

    Learned a lot about My Heritage…THANKS

    Learned quite a lot today.

    Made me realise I need to give it a try

    Need to do this over . Can’t wait to try it out. Can we watch this later…Where….How ??? Thanks guys, great job.

    Nice overview of the two programs and how they work together. Thanks.

    Really appreciated Mr Tanner’s expertise on the subject and his mild manner in presenting yet expressing the positive reasons for using the benefits of My Heritage. Thanks

    Thanks for having it

    Thanks for providing this information. I enjoyed it.

    Thank-you, it’s nice to learn new genealogy info. 🙂

    The sync from familysearch to myheritage was the best start, the rest of the mechcanics in myheritage was iceing on the cake!!! Excellent, but much more to learn and practice… Thank you!!!

    very good information

    Very good information!

    Very good webinar. I had no idea about the synchronization feature. That will be very helpful for both trees I have.

    Very Good!

    Very helpful

    Very informative

    very informative and enjoyable

    Very informative and the best teacher!

    very informative, I did the sync as he spoke, now I need to work with it…thank you.

    Very informative, many thanks for bringing these tools to my attention.

    Very informative. I learned about things that could be a huge benefit by working with both My Heritage and Family Search together. Will be listening to it again.
    was fantastic!! so much I have learned today. I am going to utilize all that I learned to reinforce it all into my memory.


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