In Black and White: Finding Historical Newspapers From Around the World

Gena Philibert-Ortega
Oct 28, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Finding Aids
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Subscription Websites
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Genealogy Websites
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Other Tools
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Family historians know that newspapers are vital to research but it’s not always easy to find them. We’ll explore finding aids for historical newspapers around the globe to help you find what you need.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Gena Philibert-Ortega is an author, researcher, and instructor whose focus is genealogy, social and women’s history. She holds a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Women’s Studies) and a Master’s degree in Rel
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    every time I see her I wonder what she could possibly do for a sequel: today was over the top! Super helpful – thanks Geoff & Gena!!


    A great webinar. She is an excellent presenter

    A lot of good information. I will have to watch again to digest it

    A very nice, rapid overview of where to find newspaper articles that support genealogical research.

    Absolutely phenomenal webinar packed with information. Gena Philibert-Ortega never disappoints. I have seen hundreds of her presentations and they are all the same high level of excellence!

    Absolutely wonderful

    Always excellent, excellent, excellent info fm Gena! Thank you!

    Always something new to learn. There is much here to explore and help find our ancestors and their descendants.

    Always thorough and entertaining!

    Another great webinar from Gena Philibert-Ortega! She is organized, and shows easy to read slides. Thank you.

    Appreciate the wonderful syllabus, and the great explaination of navigating the sites.

    As a beginner I found the webinar to be very informative; it opened up new avenue of thought. Thank you

    As always, Gena is a nickname for Genius!!

    As always, she brings an enormous amount of helpful information! Fantastic!

    Audio and video were very clear. Gena was very articulate and I learned a lot from her. Thank you!

    awesome as usual

    Awesome! Wonderful resources for further/deeper research for telling the story of family and the events surrounding their lives.

    Awesome! Gina is great……

    best one yet!

    Comprehensive! Thank you!

    Didn’t know I could find any helpful newspapers that didn’t charge a subscription. Now that I know where some free good ones are I’m eager to check them out.

    Easy to follow! Very helpful!

    Enjoyed it!

    Enough newspaper sources to keep me busy until the Covid-19 crisis is over.

    Excellant – full of links to new news web sites as well as new uses to old familiar websites



    excellent presentation,, Always looking for New Zealand help and Shetland Isles help

    Excellent info for newspapers

    Excellent information by an informative speaker. Top marks for this one.

    Excellent introduction to finding aids and catalogs within genealogy sites. Thanks

    Excellent presentation! Gena is a great speaker who I listen to each chance I have, and, I so appreciate her abundance of links in the handout. Shall I call it
    Gena-rosity? Thanks again for inviting someone who helps me to become a better researcher.

    Excellent presentation, full of valuable information. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation…so much new information and resources! Thanks!!

    Excellent research info.

    Excellent speaker – great pace.

    Excellent syllabus & presentation with much detail and energy

    Excellent Webinar!!! Lots of information and great tips. I will be watching again.. Love Gena, she is easy to follow along…great presenter

    Excellent webinar, thinking about becoming a member to get syllabus

    Excellent! Gina does a wonderful job, speaking clearly, pacing appropriately, and provided a thorough syllabus. Than you!

    Excellent! Great information!

    EXCELLENT! I always find Gena to wow me and she has again, Excellent presenter but a good speaker and knows her subject and this is no exception. Thank You. and again Geoff made it even more interesting by doing on the spot live search of some the materials. LOVE IT!

    Excellent, lots of great recommendations! Thanks!!

    Excellent. But NO housework will be done in the near future. lol

    Excellent. Very knowledgeable speaker. learned alot. Can’t wait to get started!

    Excellent. Lots of new resources to explore. Very well organized. Thanks!

    Extremely helpful!


    Fabulous! Great information.

    Fabulous! This will keep me going for years!

    Filled with solid tips and information that will allow me to find answers to “where do I find…” in newspaper research.

    gave me some new ideas

    Gena always gives us so many good ideas & info. I’ve been wanting to explore newspapers, but not much luck. Hopefully I will do better now.

    Gena always provides such interesting webinars packed full of information. Going to get busy with newspaper research now.

    Gena gave so many great resources to find newspapers! Very useful information!

    Gena has excellent speech, excellent speed, and gave lots of new info for me.

    Gena is a fantastic speaker and her handouts are so useful!

    Gena is a favorite one of mine I like to listen to

    Gena is a great presenter and her handout is outstanding.

    Gena is a great speaker and gave tons of great suggestions

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Gena is a wonderful presenter – lovely webinar! Thank you

    Gena is always a great presenter and today was no exception. Thank you.

    Gena is always fun, and so knowledgeable.

    Gena is an excellent teacher in that she does not fake what she does not know.

    Gena is clear, concise and explains a lot! Gives great information and I got a lot of useful tips from the webinar – thanks!!

    Gena is one of your best presenters.

    Gena is so knowledgeable and giving of her time and expertise.

    Gena is the one of my favorite speakers for learning about Genealogical research. I always learn so much from her lectures. Thanks for having her as one of your speakers.

    Gena’s a wonderful presenter – she moves clearly and directly through her subject matter.

    Gena’s webinars are always interesting and I learn something new.

    Gina covered SO much in a short time, but it was easy to follow – even though I hadn’t printed the syllabus and was taking notes like crazy. Actually showing the websites and how to navigate to the lowest level was so helpful – sometimes I think I know where to find something, but actually don’t. (e.g., using the card catalog search in Ancestry instead of the home page search). Covering so many sites saved me time – I can see a few sites should be much more useful to my research.

    Good information. Speaker very Knowledgable.

    Good visual. Love the live moving through the sites, and Geoff’s part too. Clear information and lots of it! Thank you.


    Gotta get off my duff and renew so I can access this handout. Thank you for another terrific webinar!

    Great Genealogy Wednesday as usual!!! Thanks so much!!

    Great handout with lots of links. Also, thanks for the tips on using the various websites.

    Great info Thanks

    Great info.

    Great Information – I learned a lot. Thank you for having these webinars!

    Great job. I enjoyed learning about the different resources. Great pace!!!

    great look at a variety of newspaper sources!

    great pace and screen. thoroughly prepared presenter.

    great presentation

    Great presentation – with lots of resources Thanks!

    Great presentation! Very informative as well as helpful. Thank you Gena and Geoff. : )

    Great presentation, logically and slowly enough presented that it was easy to follow. Many thanks!

    Great presentation. Lots of very helpful information!

    Great presentation. Very helpful. Well explained.

    Great resources thanks!


    Great to learn more about newspapers

    Great webinar will need to review the recording for an in depth look at all of the reference.

    Great webinar! Gena is such a good presenter and she provided lots of great information!

    Great webinar, as always with Gena! Thanks to all involved for keeping us sane during these crazy times.

    Great website and info.


    Held my attention. Always more to learn on this topic.

    Historical Newspapers by Gena Philibert Ortega – Excellent, thank you.

    I am going to have to give up eating and sleeping – in order to get all the information given used!!!!!! Be great for mu diet!! 😉

    I doubled the number of research tabs that I already had open! and I printed the Syllabus so I can check out the rest of the sites. Perfect timing for the current family that I am researching. THX !!

    I have been ding genealogy for 50 + years. and I not only learned some new tactics I am inspired.

    I have been trying to use newspapers for searching but this class really helped manover better.

    I have learned a lot about searching through the web for different types of information

    I joined because I keep learning from your webinars. Thank you.

    I learned a lot, thanks

    I learned about many new sources for newspapers and expanded my knowledge of the databases I already use. Entertaining as well as informative.

    I learned so much and I’m ready explore.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I love Gena’s informal presentation style. She draws you in and makes you want to go and search all the great resources she presents!

    I use Google Books often and never knew it had newspapers. I used Gena’s tips and found a letter my mother wrote to the newspaper when she was 9. Thank you, Gena!

    I use newspapers a lot in my research and I was very happy to learn about some new resources.

    I’m eager to check out the syllabus to view all the links that Gena provided. Great information !

    interesting and informative topic

    It goes really fast…and, the Q&A following the conclusion added more good /information.

    it got me to think more globally

    It was Excellent! I don’t think Gena Philibert-Ortega ever sleeps.

    It was very well done.

    Just great. So many new directions to look for my ancestors.

    Learned about some sites I was unaware of.

    Learned of many sites for newspapers that I didn’t know existed!

    Learned so much. Thank you.

    Lot of good info

    lots of food for thought

    Lots of great ideas to further my research.

    lots of great information

    Lots of great information!!!

    Lots of information. Lots to review and use. Thanks so much. Gina’s a great speaker.

    Lots of new information as well as ideas for doing all kinds of searching – well done Gena!

    lots of new suggestions on where to search for my family history: their life reports/accomplishments in newspapers, graduation/marriage notices, etc.

    Lots to think about and I can’t wait to start searching. Thanks!

    Loved the webinar and learned so much about newspaper research!

    My first time hearing her. Excellent speaker. Easy to understand. Speaks clearly.

    Never knew that there was so much info on newspapers online. Gena is an excellent teacher. She knows how to get the information across to her listeners.

    One of the best that I have ever watched

    One of the best!

    Organized well, great examples, very knowledgeable presenter = fired up about newspapers! Host did a great job of answering chat questions and providing links. Really enjoyed the webinar. Thanks!

    Outstanding, Gena has given me information on how to find newspapers that I did not know existed to break brickwalls

    Presentation was clear, organized and paced perfectly.

    Presenter is so easy to follow and thorough! Excellent – can’t wait to research these new sources for newspapers.

    Really ,really enjoyed todays webinar and now want to go searching newspapers. Thanks you very much

    Really a lot of good information!

    Really a lot of great places to look at. Almost overwhelming. 🙂

    Received valuable research knowledge and especially loved Geoff’s live help in the questions period.

    She always gives a great webinar!!!

    She really wants us to be successful. Excellent program.

    she was great

    Sigh – one of the BEST webinars I’ve watched – Clear, lovely delivery, great speed for learning and taking notes, excellent examples. And the handout is phenomenal, worth the price of the yearly webinar subscription!! I have made a list of where/when/what to research with newspapers to keep me going for months!! Thanks to Gena, to Geoff, and everyone behind the computer screen helping to put on these fabulous webinars!! 🙂

    Simply excellent!!! Thanks so much.

    So many new resources I hadn’t thought about!

    So much amazing content, my plans for the day have now gone out the window ….sooooo many sites to explore 🙂

    So much good stuff, so little time. Efficient search methods are mandatory. Gena’s presentation elucidates many possible sources for researching digitized newspapers domestic and worldwide.

    So much information. Very helpful.

    So much to absorb. I’m going to listen again.


    Sooo much Great Information and Inspiration!1

    such a variety of places to look for newspapers


    Super excellent webinar

    Super lecturer

    Super!!!!!! What a valuable mind. Thank you

    Superb range

    Thank you Gena for sharing your knowledge and expertise in another fun fact-filled webinar!!!:)

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Thanks go to Gena Philibert-Ortega, a terrific presenter and generous in sharing her vast knowledge. Thank you for hosting, Geoff.

    Thanks so much! So informative

    That was incredibly informative! Now I have to do some research on which subscriptions to get. So happy the wind didn’t knock my power out today!

    The best Webinar you’ve ever had. Invite her over to your house this afternoon, and invite us all over to your place. She was great and you guys made me laugh out loud so many times. We need more of this laughter in our “lonely stay at home times.”

    The teacher assigned a lot of homework.

    The webinar was very informative and provided resources that I was not aware of. What a gem of information. Thank you so much.

    This was a wealth of knowledge, especially the handout. Gena never disappoints.

    This was just fabulous! Need to rewatch. I have trouble sometimes searching in the newspapers. Thank you!

    This was outstanding treatment of an important topic that can be frustrating.

    this was very helpful, thank you.

    This webinar really exceeded my expectations. Gena’s presentation and delivery was great!

    Very detailed and it just makes me want to “dig right in” to see what I can find. I am hoping to not have to buy the membership…but your suggestion of Publisher’s Extra may be the way I have to go.

    Very good & great handout-thanks!

    Very good thanks

    Very good. I lot of great aids to help in searching. I love the way Gena presents, a nice pace so you can absorb what she has said.

    VERY HELPFUL in providing so many more newspaper resources!

    Very I formative and presented beautifully.

    Very informative

    VERY informative and a wonderful syllabus!

    Very informative and intersting.

    Very informative and very thorough. A great subject!

    Very informative!

    Very informative! Thanks!

    Very informative, decided to sign up for the webinar membership so I could get the syllabus.

    very informative, excellent presentation

    Very informative. Presented so much to pursue!

    Very informative. Well prepared. Helpful

    Very informative….Going to get no sleep now!

    Very interesting information

    Very interesting! Eager to print syllabus,

    Very interesting, very useful!!!!!THANK YOU

    Very thorough presentation. Well done.

    very well done. Thank you

    What a presentation! How well she presented her information! I learned so much. I wish more of your presenters could do a job like Gina!!

    What an unbelievable amount of information. Thank you!

    Wonderful information. Thanks you so much.


    Wonderful! What a terrific syllabus. I already subscribe to several newspaper sites but I learned how to search much more productively. Thanks, Gena!




    Wow! Gena is a vibrant speaker (which is hard to do virtually). I found her topic very interesting, well researched and great to hear about sites that aren’t just US based or US content. I would recommend her any time!

    Wow!! a lot of good working information.

    Wow. Very Very informative. So glad I tuned in. Now I will be very busy. Thank You.

    You always pick up a few clues that you didn’t have before the webinar… Keep up the GOOD WORK !!


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