Integrating old photos into your family history research

Maureen Taylor
Jan 22, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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File Names
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Image Formats
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Fashion Clues
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Instant Discoveries
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MyHeritage Photo Tools
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Photo Dashboard
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Enhance the Collaboration
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About this webinar

Learn about the importance of photos in genealogy research. We'll show you how to analyze photos, upload to a personal MyHeritage website, and tag the people you'll want to stay connected to on MyHeritage.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective is an internationally recognized expert on historic photograph identification and photo preservation. Sought out by clients all over the world from as far
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A first timer, and hope I can learn more to help with photos for my Tree.

    All speaking voices were excellently clear and relevent, thank you.

    A lot of great information that is surely going to help me in the future.

    A wealth of information in this webinar. I will need to review much of it again to be so that I pick up on points I missed on this first pass. Thankyou.

    Absolutely brilliant. I had no idea of the scope My Heritage has gone to, for family photos. I must get started on this

    Absolutely wonderful

    Always good information

    Always great information from Maureen Taylor. Thanks!

    Always great webinars!

    Another great webinar. Thanks

    Awesome presentation!

    Did not get in on the first of the discussion, but do get hints about finding photos.

    Educational. Worth the time to listen to the Maurine Taylor presentation.

    Enjoyed the dual talk.

    Enjoyed the helpful tips in identifying the possible year of the photo. Very useful tips on identifying people in the photo whom you didn’t really know yourself.

    Enjoyed the webinar and learnt some more tips about using MH

    excellent – I hope that I can retain more than 50 percent

    Excellent as usual.

    Excellent content and presenter. This was my first MyHeritage webinar and will definitely take advantage of future sessions. I will also be taking advantage of the multitude of recorded sessions. I was unable to attend the OSLO gathering in November since I had just been in OSLO in July and was unable to return. I am thrilled there are recordings of the event.

    Excellent information on using the dashboard.

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent Tips and help suggestions



    Excellent. Maureen is so knowledgeable.. Thank you …

    Found extremely interesting especially around being able to tag group photographs. Maureen was very enthusiastic and knew her subject well. A big thank you.


    Good insight to MyHeritage

    Good quality video and voice

    good refresher, I have heard the info before, I have the book. Just wanted to see if anything was new. It was not, but It reminded me of other things I need to do with photos, so that’s good

    Good tips throughout.

    Good Webinar!

    Great info from Maureen Taylor! Excellent topic for webinar. Thanks!

    great information

    Great information and loved the enthusiasm of the presenter!

    Great Information! I am working on identifying some family photos and I am glad to have some new ideas.

    Great information, my husband was a member of the Center of Civil War Photography and is why we have boxes of old Photo’s, I hate to see photographs of people abandoned. Now I also know how to integrate them into my genealogy sites. Thank you to all that contributed.
    great information. Would love another webinar on actual identifying photos based upon her new book.

    Great information. I need to spend more time checking out My Heritage.

    Great webinar — very well organized. Had no idea about the door prizes — neat treat to those who won. 🙂

    Great webinar with a must do task for me now to up load my photographs to my MyHeritage family tree.

    Great Webinar!

    Helpful information presented in an easy-to-follow manner!

    I absolutely loved it. Thank you very much

    I am looking forward to checking out Maureen’s website for additional information!

    I don’t have My Heritage at this time, but love the photo part of it.

    I don’t use my Heritage software but this. was great for people who do use it.

    I have family photo’s that are yet unidentified. I feel by listening to today’s webinar that there is hope in naming some of my photo’s.

    I have heard Maureen before, but I always learn something new. Thanks!

    I have only watched a couple of webinars but I have learned so much. I just want to learn so much more. I have only recently started to really get into my Legacy family tree.

    I learned a lot that will help me with a couple of photo problems. Thanks

    I learned more about how to distinguish different types of old photos as well as more ways to assist in dating them. Very pleased with sound quality as well.

    I loved the short amount of time I was able to be on the webinar call! I’m interested in when this webinar will be available again? I’m also interested in any other upcoming webinars.

    I really enjoy listening to and learning from Maureen Taylor — she is so knowledgeable. She inspires me to spend time trying to identify and label my old photos for the next generation(s)!

    I was able to learn quite a lot from this webinar.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Interesting about the sharing on My Heritage.

    It was a great introduction.

    It was a great webinar, Maureen was wonderful educating us about photograph and MyHeritage is very cool to store and share those family mementos.

    Leaned a lot.

    Learned a lot of NEW stuff today. Well worth the time.

    Learned good information on photo identification, file naming conventions and using photos with MyHeritage,

    Learned lots of good tips

    Learned much. Thank you

    Like that photos can be tagged at My Heritage. Wished my family took more photos.

    Lots of excellent information

    Lots of good information. Thank you.

    lots of great, useful info. I had no idea how much could be done with MyHeritage. Looks like I’ve got some upgrading to do on my family site.

    Lots on information – especially helpful since I just received 3 large boxes of family photos – many unidentifiable to me thus far. Also some from Great Lakes Exposition including Johnny Weissmuller and one I believe is of Lenox R Lohr

    Love to learn from Maureen Taylor!

    Loved it! Tons of wonderful tips on how to identify old photos – I have a coupld of old albums from 1897 and on and i expect I’ll be able to figure out who some of those folks are, finally!

    Loved it, sorry I had to leave for an appointment.

    Loved the info. In two weeks I have to teach a class on adding photos to family search. Will incorporate some of the info. Thanks.

    Maureen is very informative and a great speaker.

    Maureen Taylor is such an expert! Great webinar!

    Maureen Taylor, as always, is wonderful to listen to, learn from, get inspired by, and motivated by . . . . thank you.

    Most appreciate your insights Maureen, just the stimulus I need to get going on my photograph collection!

    Now going to try and get photos from cousins.

    Outstanding webinar and question/answer period.

    Presentation excellent. I will see how much I learned when I start working on photographs.

    Really excellent!

    So Good! I love these webinars! Very informative and helpful. Thank you!

    some info was helpful, some was beyond my current capacity to use

    Thank you, Maureen, for all your tips for identifying old photos. Your presentation was very interesting and informative. Now, I just need to find the time to work on our dozens of boxes of old photos and slides!

    Thank you…lots of good information!


    Thanks! So interesting and helpful!

    Thanx! Great info!

    the BIGGEST help was naming photos in the way Maureen suggested. Liked the reminder to scan photos and save to tiff & jpg. Looking forward to using the new tools on MyHeritage

    The guru of photos, Maureen Taylor, explains perfectly how to integrate photos into family history!

    The information was very interesting but way beyond what I will be doing.

    This one was awesome!!! I learned so much; I can’t wait to finish scanning all the photos in my possession and now I have tips on how to identify them, or at least where to get help on identifying them!

    This was the first webinar that I have registered for. It was surprisingly easy to connect and the reminders were extremely helpful. I will definitely be registering for future events. Many thanks.

    Today’s webinar was soooo well presented & will be soooo helpful to me. That big box of loose photos is still daunting, but now I have a resource!

    Too much info…I’ll have to watch this several times…LOL!

    Using clothing and historical information (the WPA using tintype cameras) to help place time of photograph was especially helpful.

    Very clear. Learned a lot.

    Very enjoyable, has given me lots to think about and inspired me to do more

    very good

    Very helpful for those researchers using My Heritage.

    very helpful information

    very informative and helpfu

    Very Informative….. Thank you !!!

    Very interesting and helpful. 🙂

    Very interesting program. I have always admired Maureen Taylor for her expertise in identifying photos.

    Very interesting webinar with many tips which will come in handy. As a side note, Maureen was broadcasting from Rhode Island where a big branch of my family arrived from England around 1640. Thanks.

    Very interesting webinar!

    Very interesting. I learned a lot.

    wish we could get another hr out of here that was amazing stuff

    Wonderful presentation. Thank you! 🙂

    Wonderful! I am so interested in the photos of ancestors too. Amazing Webinar!!

    Would love to have some of MyHeritage’s photo capabilities within Legacy.

    WOW! I loved all I learned. I have lots of new questions now too. Thank you to the presenters.

    Yes, I am working on several boxes of photos that my mother, who is 87, has inherited from her mother and grandmother, I love hearing the stories she remembers. However I need to work faster because her memory is fading. These photos add so much to the facts and timeline of our ancestors.


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