Ins and Outs of Indexes: Keys to Unlocking County and State Records

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG
Dec 5, 2018
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2m 50s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 22s
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5m 22s
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Russell Index
11m 29s
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Lusk's Index
8m 01s
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Graves Tabuler Index
9m 18s
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West Virginia Willi Index
2m 55s
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Campbell Index
4m 08s
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Burr's Index
3m 19s
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First Letter
17m 32s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 36s
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Questions / answers
6m 12s

About this webinar

Indexes for county records are the key to finding deeds, probates and more. As FamilySearch digitizes more and more records, it's crucial to be familiar with different indexing systems and how to use them. The same skills are necessary for onsite courthouse and archive research. Learn about 15+ indexing systems discover strategies to use when you can't find the index or instructions to it.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mary Kircher Roddy, CG became interested in family history in 2000 in anticipation of her husband’s sabbatical at the University of Limerick in Ireland. While she didn’t learn everything about her ancestors while they lived there, she was hooked!
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    always love Mary!

    Always LOVE Mary’s webinars!!!

    Amazing information!

    Amazing insight!

    Clear, logical explanation.

    Excellent examples! Bottom line, read all instructions.

    Excellent how to for indexes!

    excellent pace a nd examples to illustrate the indexes

    Excellent presentation! I learned some very helpful tips from this webinar. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation! Good advice!

    Excellent presentation. I learned a lot. Thanks Mary.

    Excellent speaker. She put alot of different indexes into this webinar. Thank you for her expertise in a subject I did not have much knowledge of to date. I hope to hear her again. Thanks Geoff.

    Excellent webinar, very well explained

    Extremely helpful to anyone venturing into courtroom records.

    Fabulous. Very useful information presented. Mary is a great speaker.



    Fascinating subject.

    Going to search out indexes

    great and very useful information

    Great info made simple – well almost.

    Great learning opportunity! Thank you!

    Great!! I learned a LOT!

    Great. I think I need to study the syllabus and take this in.

    Have been wanting to look into deeds, wills, etc. but haven’t really known how to start. Such great information so that now when I see something it won’ t look nearly as impossible to figure out where to go. Just subscribed so will definitely check out her other webinars!

    I am going to have to go back and slowly watch this webinar again. It was very fast paced. Great information!!!!

    I am so glad I attended. I really learned a lot about how to use indexes. It all starts with looking for the instructions; and if you can’t find those, then use your researcher’s power of deduction. I really appreciate Mary’s self-proclaimed “geekiness” because it made her presentation so much more thorough and fascinating to follow. Now that I have the list she shared, this gives me a true jump off point to add more records to my tree.

    I had no idea how little I knew about county and state indexes. Thank you, Mary, and Legacy! She was better than most for her pacing, too.

    I had NO idea there were this many different indexing methods available! I’ll be sure to check the beginning of records to look for hints from now on.

    I had no idea!

    I haven’t encountered indexes yet; a whole new world has opened before me, & with the tools to figure them out. Thank you!

    I need to listen to it again.

    This was very informative. I have used some indexes and years ago got info on relatives, but now they don’t have the digital record and only view form 1950’s to later.

    I will want to review this again…very confusing

    I’m always impressed by the quality of your webinars and presenters. Thank you so much for all you do!

    i’m quite new at this, so it was good to dip my toes in the water. Thanks!

    Important to know that the first thing one should always do is look for instructions – sometimes I’ve found things at Familysearch but not figured out how to proceed from there. I didn’t even know about that matrix button to see all the thumbnails!

    Informative, good tips and hints

    Interesting overview of the different types of indexes.

    It was good for definitely a beginner

    It was nice to see the different index used.

    I’ve never noticed these indexing systems when researching records but I will be sure to pay special attention to them in the future. It’s likely I missed some ancestors. Very good topic. Speaker spoke well and was clearly organized.

    Love Mary’s practical insights!

    Mary Roddy is so good!! I have given up too early in trying to find my ancestors’ details in the past – this gives me more strategies and ways of thinking through the wild and crazy variety of indexes in various places. Very helpful.

    Mary’s webinar explained very simply how to use these different kinds of indexes and what to look for. Great webinar

    Never knew there were so many different ways to index!

    Nice examples.

    One of the most interesting that I have attended.

    Outstanding and very informative


  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Practical and totally interesting! Thank you!!

    Probate and Land records are some of my favorite sources for information. Thank you for this class. I have learned how to understand these indexes by doing self-study, but, now you have given me a broader base of knowledge as I continue on my quests.

    she was very thorough in all the different types.

    Simple and traightforward. Such a valuable webinar—I didn’t realize how much I needed this. What a confidence-builder, too, for those determined to brave researching original records! Thank you.

    So cool, necessary information for research.

    so much to try and remember, but it gives me a point to start using indexes

    Some really valuable information! Thank you.

    Such a dry topic…but I learned so much!! I really appreciate the great handout so I can review this material again.

    Such good info. Thanks for another well presented and interesting webinar.

    Thank you. I’ll definitely be watching this one again.

    Thanks for all the tips & tricks.

    The information was extremely helpful. The lecture was a bit fast for me to keep up with a few times.

    The most useful presentation I have heard in a long time. I too have probably missed ancestors for lack of understanding of this indexing. Thank you, Mary.

    The speaker had great information. I’m very glad that she waw able to share her experiences with us.

    This has serious tools for researchers who want to “”get at”” the deep good stuff of genealogy: deeds and probate cases. I’m pretty experienced with court house research, but those multi-layer indexing systems can be so opaque. Thanks!

    This was the best of any webinar I have listened to.. The presenter really knew her topic and and was able to communicate the subject matter content in a logical understandable voice. Wonderful skills with the ability to present them.

    This webinar makes indexes so much more useful!

    This will make my research at the courthouse so much easier! Thank you!

    Very advanced topic for me.

    Very comprehensive and very interesting!

    very concise and great examples

    Very good information, but it was a bit much for my poor brain. I’m glad I’m a member so that I can (and will) watch it again!

    Very Good Webinar !!!!

    Very helpful

    Very helpful! I saw a few indexes that were new to me. Thanks to Mary, Geoff & Legacy.

    Very informative

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very informative! I always struggle with indexes.

    Very informative! Thank you so much.

    Very informative, easy to follow and understand, and very useful information. Thank you!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Thank you.

    very interesting

    very interesting excited to see if such records exist in Canada and UK

    Very interesting!

    Well done, organized, lots of good and usable information. The speaker walked us through each step of each example, and she anticipated questions And answer them as she was talking us through each step. I would watch any of her webinars.

    Well, I had an ah ha moment during this webinar. Thank you so much!

    While I am familiar with the Russell index from my research in Allegheny County, Pa I have not come across the other indexes mentioned yet so it was nice to see how to use those.

    Who knew there was such puzzle solving in indexes! This will help immensely!

    Who knew there were so many?!

    will have to watch this one again

    Will need to watch again and use the information

    Wish I had of known all this years ago! Great presentation. Thank you! : )

    Wonderful information


    Wow. So helpful, so useful, great teacher!


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