How Old Did He Have To Be…?

Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Oct 23, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Chartering Documents
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Statutory Law
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Common Law
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Special Issues
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Is this man John the father or John the son? Could that man be my ancestor who married in 1802? Knowing a person’s age is often the key to distinguishing between two people of the same name. But if no record gives a birthdate, how do you know how old someone was? The law can often give the answer.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A genealogist with a law degree, Judy G. Russell is a lecturer, educator and writer who enjoys helping others understand a wide variety of genealogical issues, including the interplay between genealogy and the law. She has a bachelor’s degre
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Absolutely loved her presentation. Amazing.

    Always a learning experience when Judy presents!! Thank you!

    Always enjoy Judy Russell’s webinars.

    Always enjoy webinars from Judy Russell.

    Always enjoy webinars from Judy. Very good presenter and always informative. Thanks.

    Always excellent presentation and information by Judy Russell. I try not to miss ANY of her webinars! Thank you!!

    Always great to learn from Judy!

    Always love Judy Russell’s webinars!

    Always love Judy’s webinars

    always very good

    Amazing, with lots of great info, as usual!

    An excellent, easy to follow discussion.

    Another EXCELLENT webinar by Judy Russell

    Another top webinar by the best!

    Another very helpful webinar from Judy Russell. Thanks!

    As always so much great content and clues to make researching easier 🙂

    As always, Judy has really cool info about things I’d never considered! 🙂

    As always, Judy is first rate!

    As always, Judy was great! Very informative!

    As always, Judy’s presentation was informative and helpful. The work she did to create the handout is awesome. Lots of great links to further or research abilities.

    As others mentioned on the webinar – this has been the best so far. I’ve asked myself how old someone should have been a lot recently.

    Both the webinar and the accompanying syllabus are super helpful and informative. Judy is a fantastic presenter. Thanks so much!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information to break down some US brick walls..

    Comprehensive and fascinating. Judy is always a pleasure to listen to.


    Excellent and one to watch again

    Excellent as always – Judy is the best. Her explanations are so clear.

    Excellent information

    Excellent information. Appreciate Judy as well. Her voice was engaging and kept the interest going. So good.

    Excellent information. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation shedding light on a research concept and technique I had not yet considered. Thank you Judy!

    Excellent presentation, Judy!!!!

    Excellent presenter. Webinar was Interesting and helpful. Thanks you

    excellent resources

    Excellent speaker with vast knowledge.

    Excellent speaker

    Excellent thanks.

    Excellent webinar! Well done, Judy!


    Excellent, as always! Thank you, Judy!

    excellent, as expected.

    Excellent, as usual.

    Exceptional webinar.

    Extremely valuable webinar. I don’t think it is very easy to find laws of the time, so Judy gave valuable advice on how to do this.

    eye opening!

    Fantastic as always. Keep Judy coming!

    Fantastic information to help with those tricky ancestors. Thank you.

    Fantastic presentation as always by Judy.

    Fantastic! Covered an area of research I did not think of using to resolve some genealogy questions.


    First-time listener despite at least a couple of years membership, One benefit of COVID-19 is using the time to attend webinars. Must make time for more! Thanks so much.

    Full of great information, clearly presented. Very helpful.

    Greaet as usual.


    Great suggestions on places to look for information that I’m sure many of us hadn’t considered.

    Great information, my library has to expand.

    Great information, not sure how to apply it to Canadian laws?

    Great information…. easy to listen to

    Great one

    Great presentation. Judy’s explanations are clear and easy to follow.

    Great to listen to Judy Russell. She is excellent speaker and so good at explaining. Great job again with your wonderful webinars. Thanks so much.

    Great topic and great presentation. Always love to hear Judy Russell!

    Great webinar!

    Great webinar! Very helpful!

    GREAT webinar!! Information given succinctly and clearly. Lots to think about and very, very helpful. Thanks so much to Judy Russell!

    Great webinar. Judy talks so clear and understandable for all to understand. Gives lots to think about and how we find the right person in our ancestry. Thank you!

    Great webinar. Presented in an informative and exciting way. Learned so much!! Thank you 🙂

    Great webinar. Thank you.

    Great, informative and easily understandable. Thank you.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    How Old … was an amazing source of practical information! Judy is an encyclopedia of information and able to present it in an easily understandable way. Just explaining the levels and differences in the legal structure would be an eye-opener, but adding in specific examples of how to use the information to narrow down possible people is frosting on the cake. Judy is a GEM!

    Judy was very clear and concise and clearly knows her stuff and how to make it interesting.

    I always appreciate Judy Russell’s legal knowledge and her wonderful, so-well-articulated comments on today’s topic: What age does he need to be? She really is a master of holding her audience’s attention thru voice inflection, her framing of questions and the on-screen examples she highlights. Thank you, Judy.

    I always enjoy listening to Judy. I learn so much from her. Thank you!

    I am glad we can watch it again. I printed the syllabus and will do a couple timelines before going through this very interesting ( to me ) webinar again. Thank you Judy Russell.

    I am now going to start watching the rest pf her webinars. Just great!!

    I emailed some friends to encourage them to listen to it during the free week.

    I have been in many of these circumstances and did not understand where I could go to get answers about age. Thank you, now I know.

    I learned a lot. Thank you.

    I love listening to Judy Russell. I always come away with so much information to apply!

    I love the links in the syllabus to state statutes!

    I was fortunate to learn from Judy in person at a conference a few years ago and am grateful for this webinar today.

    I’m amazed at how much was new information considering that I’ve been in genealogical societies, a frequent user at the Library of VA with their many handouts on the wall, at conventions, in classes, webinars and in reading books.

    Someone else said they were blown away. I wholeheartedly agree. I can’t wait to go back to my Dawson’s who have been my longest mystery family on who is who and their ages. Thank you so much Judy and Geoff!


    It is a 10. Can one mind meld with Judy???????????????????

    It was a great webinar by a great instructor!!!!

    It’s a good day when you learn something new. And Judy is an engaging speaker, which is just the cherry on top.

    Judy always does a great job in sharing information that will make a difference in my research. Love her handouts as they are full of helpful resources. Thanks to Geoff too.

    Judy always does a great job putting legal issues into easy to understand layman’s language.

    Judy always has informative, well organized webinars. Another Excellent.

    Judy always has interesting, well-researched, and detailed webinars. I always learn so, so much!

    Judy always presents her information clearly and allows time for it to sink in. Always a lot of wonderful information presented in an entertaining way.

    Judy always presents outstanding programs

    Judy always presents well & explains the concepts in an understandable manner.

    Judy explains things very clearly

    Judy has a great personality for presentations. Very thorough and fun to listen to also.. Will be checking out her other webinars. Thanks

    Judy has done a great job as usual.

    Judy is a rock star presenter. The information she presents is clear, concise, and extremely relevant. Thanks for bringing her into our homes.

    Judy is a gem. More tips for my genealogy toolbox. Thanks

    Judy is always a great speaker. I love her examples and then she shows the answers.

    Judy is always an excellent presenter. Thanks for scheduling her.

    Judy is always excellent!

    Judy is ALWAYS fabulous!

    judy is always good.

    Judy is always inspiring, and explains complicated issues so that everyone can understand. Outstanding!

    Judy is always so full of information and presents with wonderful exuberance!

    Judy is always spot on!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Judy is always the best!

    Judy is amazing and so much of genealogy is tied to laws we never even knew about! It is great to have someone explain how so much of this works!

    Judy is an excellent explainer to the layman. Well done as always! Thanks Legacy Tree for making this available for free.

    Judy is so engaging with her presentations, it is clear to see (hear) that she has a great passion for the subjects she covers. Also, her handouts are chock-full of very useful information.

    Judy is such an expert on this topic, and she makes all of her presentations very interesting! She makes this kind of research seem much easier than it actually is.

    Judy is the best! Presentation style, content and clarity are always awesome.

    Judy is the best! Her webinars are packed with information, but beautifully paced so you can follow the concepts, and the handouts are exquisite.

    Judy is the most awesome presenter.

    Judy is wonderful

    Judy Russell always provides new information based on her exacting scholarship, which opens new avenues for genealogists to research.

    Judy Russell always shares wonderful knowledge and ideas.

    Judy Russell is ALWAYS so fun and interesting to listen to…… no matter what the topic!

    Judy Russell is always wonderful to listen to. So much good information and lots of good stories.

    Judy Russell is an excellent presenter!! I liked this webinar so much I took advantage of the 10% and became a member!!

    Judy Russell is an interesting and entertaining presenter.

    Judy Russell is such a great presenter–knowledgeable, clear, using a variety of enlightening examples. She always make sure that we can follow where she’s leading. I learn so much from her. It is always worthwhile to hear her speak.

    Judy Russell is the ultimate presenter! So clear and concise~

    Judy Russell shared so much information with her listeners. She is very organized, and her slides open the doors to her explanations. Thank you for sharing this webinar.

    Judy Russell should do a webinar for other presenters on how to make their topics succinct and relevant, on how to present with a voice and tone that keep our attention, on how to make slides with one idea presented well…..I could go on. Her explanations are precise and her delivery is perfect.

    Judy Russell’s knowledge, willingness to share, and excellent presentation skills are gifts to us all.

    Judy sure knows her stuff. Keep bringing her back!

    Judy was great as always!

    Judy was great as always.

    JudyRussell is always outstanding. I want more on the legal issues. I have had difficulty finding statutes for particular timeframes. Easy to find the current ones.

    Judy’s always interesting

    Judy’s presentations are always interesting and valuable. Thanks!

    Judy’s presentations are ALWAYS top notch!!! Thanks to Judy and Legacy!!!

    Judy’s presentations have never been less than a 5 for me (and I’m critical–LOL)! Thank you!

    Judy’s talks are always so informative and interesting!!!

    Judy’s webinar was extremely helpful.

    Judy’s webinars are always excellent!

    Judy’s webinars are always exceptional as was this one! She is one of my all time favorite presenters!!

    Judy’s webinars are always so well done and so informative. Excellent information today.

    Learned more about how to do my research, meaning ‘I have a lot of work to do.’ Lots of sources and references. Presented well and graphics were good. Thanks so much.

    Love Judy Russell ! Always a clear concise presentation with a little humor thrown in. Great handout.

    Love Judy Russell! She is always a treat.

    Love Judy Russell’s webinars! She creates a clear pathway through the legal documents shown with her highlights on the page to illustrate her points which connect the dots for us. Great explanation of the Hierarchy of Laws. Thank you so much, Judy, for coming to Berkeley a few years ago – no one wanted the all day seminar to end. I will never forget the presentation on – Why you are lucky to have Criminals in your Ancestors!

    Love the way she teaches analyzing every bit of information.

    New way to do our genealogy

    One of the best I have viewed! Thank you, Judy!!

    Opened up where to look for useful resources regarding age

    Outstanding speaker and content!

    Outstanding! Judy Russell sets a high bar for us to aspire to, but, I keep trying.

    Really good and helpful information that I indent to use immediately!!

    she deserves a 10!

    She included many things that I would never have thought of. Thanks for this very interesting webinar.


    Superb webinar as usual from Judy! 🙂


  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Terrific as usual!

    Thank you for this webinar.

    Thank you!

    Thanks. Always love Judy’s talks!

    This was a great Webinar. Judy Russell’s unique subjects always surpass our expectations. The examples she showed will help to remove brick walls.

    This was a very interesting and informative webinar. I appreciate the way the speaker presents the material very clearly and carefully. Thank you for the very thorough resource list at the end of the syllabus.

    This was absolutely fantastic!! Probably the MOST USEFUL of all of Judy’s webinars…and they are all great!! The syllabus today is incredible. Thanks, Judy. Thanks, Geoff.

    This was an EXCELLENT webinar! Who knew?! I learned so much that I didn’t know before. This webinar offered VERY practical tips for figuring out how old our ancestors had to be. I can’t wait to watch other Judy Russell webinars!

    This was fascinating. Her presentation style (and images) were outstanding!

    This was such an enlightening seminar. I’ve been working on genealogy for over 30 years and Judy made the law of the land so each to understand. Thank you, Judy

    This webinar was wonderful. I had no idea the wealth of information that is out there to help determine age at an event. Judy is an amazing speaker. I love her detailed syllabus as well. I have already looked up two of the citations she shared! Thank you!!

    Totally news to me! This will be so helpful.

    Very effective webinar. She explained the information slow enough so I could hear and understand. Bravo!!!

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful, but fun, too! Thanks!

    very informative

    Very informative. Thank you for your time and effort.

    Very interesting and useful for those challenging issues.

    Very interesting and useful information

    Very interesting round up of many legal matters related to age. I was oblivious to state constitutions in the US.

    very specific if needed

    very timely

    Very useful and informative webinar.

    Wonderful webinar that taught me things I haven’t known or haven’t paid attention to. Judy Russell is a great deliverer. Many thanks for this webinar.

    Wonderful! Thank you! Always enjoy Judy’s lessons!

    Wonderfully helpful!

    Wow lots of ideas for determining my 1807 MD will with children named ages, two daughters not mentioned (one married and one not yet), wife’s responsibilities and the fact that all 4 sons named a child William!

    Wow! Very interesting! Thank you!


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