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The next Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL series webinar is on Friday (a members-only event). Learn more here. Become a member here.

Genealogical Treasures in Irish Archives

David S. Ouimette, CG, CGL
Jun 16, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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National level archives
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Local level archives
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

An enormous variety of Irish manuscripts tell the stories of our ancestors. Parish registers, census returns, Griffith’s Valuation, and civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths provide a great beginning for Irish family history research. However, a careful search of record repositories in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom reveals many more Irish archives of great worth. These include collections of estate papers, tenement and townland valuations, valuation revision books, tithe applotments, poor law registers, vestry minutes, ordinance survey maps, deeds and memorials, National School registers, militia lists, electoral rolls, Petty Sessions court registers, Irish Reproductive Loan Fund records, outrage papers, and much more. This presentation highlights the value of these Irish records, where they are found, and fruitful research strategies.

About the speaker

About the speaker

David Ouimette, Certified Genealogist®, Certified Genealogical Lecturer℠, manages Content Strategy for Asia and the Pacific at FamilySearch, prioritizing records of genealogical value for digital preservation and online publication. His team prior
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  1. CP
    Cynthia Peugnet
    2 years ago

    Thanks for such a thorough seminar and syllabus!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A big thank-you to everyone involved in this presentation. I’m experienced in Irish research, and this certainly hit all the bases 🙂

    A bit overwhelming but a lot of tools and resources to use to find those pesky Irish ancestors

    A lot of info covered and without access to syllabus hard to try & get info

    A ton of info packed into the presentation. Very professionally done.

    Absolutely fabulous webinar. Full of content, great list of sources, and handout!

    Absolutely loved the Ouimette webinar about Irish research! Incredibly detailed and well-organized! Great condensation within given time period while covering wide range of resources! All around great webinar!

    absolutely topnotch; if I were younger I would be most interested in pursuing certification

    Amazed at how many potential records might still be out there to discover. Very informative. Now to get to work!

    Amazing clarity on the PPT images — documents were legible! And the photos of the repositories and the people David met were wonderful too! I have taken David Rencher’s Irish Research (1) at GRIP, but I learned new things here today.

    Amazing the amount of information David showed that was available regard Ireland’s Records for Irish Ancestors/ Thank you.

    Amazing the amount of records available and fantastic to have them all drawn together in the one webinar!!


    an excellent overview – i am very glad i ‘yuned’ in

    An excellent overview of the topic – there was so much information I hardly know where to begin, I only know that my ancestors came from Tipperary and so far I have not been able to find the records I need. Now I have a great selection of sources.

    Appreciate the various online resources provided and the related type of information in each…well organized and very useful.

    Appreciated map references.

    David Oimette always make Irish research as a way that is doable althoug it may be difficult. He has a wealth of knowledge about Ireland and is so willing to share it.

    Beautiful structured and presented!

    Best lecture I have attended! I feel more confident now researching my Irish ancestors.

    Best webinar I’ve yet attended! Love the many resources you list on the syllabus. Thanks very much for all of the info!

    By far the best Irish research webinar I’ve attended. Now I have tools to locate my ancestor who immigrated in 1820. I went to PRONI 2 years ago and the one day I was there the computers were down, such a disappointment.

    Clear, information dense, great syllabus. Excellent speaker

    Dave gave a good overview of the “hidden treasure trove” of Irish records that still exist for people to use to find out more about their Irish ancestors and to be able to build a quilt of many colors, all green of course about their lives.

    David did a terrific job of compacting disparate information into a coherent whole. I wish I knew some of the terms better; eg, barony, minute book, memorials, revision books, outrage report, landed estate.

    David is a wonderful speaker. Thank you.

    David is always understandable, organized, and engaging.

    David provided an immense amount of resources, and was very easy to listen to and understand. Thank you.

    David was so well organized and articulate. It was a pleasure to learn from him.

    David was very helpful on the various places to review for my research,

    David, thank you for your detailed and explanatory presentation and the invaluable syllabus you diligently prepared to guide us in our research. KUDOS!!!

    David’s knowledge of Irish archival resources is encyclopedic. I specialize in Irish heritage research and I learned quite a few resources. He has a wonderful style of presentation. Please bring him back as well as other Irish heritage presenters. (the 40 million people of Irish heritage in North America need guidance)

    Despite two decade of work, I still found new resources to go back and double check. Fabulous explanations and syllabus.

    Drinking from a firehose… and it was great!

    energized me to continue digging–my ancestors left Ireland around 1835, so good to hear about early records

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Every minute of this webinar was revelatory and I have glanced at the syllabus and feel like this is going to really propel my Irish research.

    Excekkent presentation and great syllabus

    Excellant webinar. Glad I attended.



    Excellent and very informative

    Excellent ! There was so much information. I loved it !

    Excellent and broad coverage of Irish research.

    Excellent exposition of Irish resources with examples of documents and their contents.

    Excellent handout with so many resources

    Excellent information for resources, and how to use. Very Informative

    Excellent information! Thanks!

    Excellent information, I was afraid there wouldn’t be much regarding my Scots-Irish ancestor who immigrated in 1760s but there’s more than expected and just learning about the types of records, the different repositories and the online and published resources was extremely helpful.

    Excellent presentaion

    Excellent presentation

    excellent presentation from a very knowledgeable presenter

    Excellent presentation with enthusiasm. I appreciate the time he spent on Northern Ireland sources.

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation!! I learned about so many resources!

    Excellent presentation, very comprehensive

    Excellent presentation, very informative and very well presented. I could have listened for at least an hour more.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you so very much.

    Excellent presentation: lots of material and very well organized. A nice presentation style– he moved along and didn’t belabour points or speak in a condescending manner (as some presenters do). A pleasure to listen to and inspirational to get back at the sources. So glad he mentioned DNA as another source.

    excellent resources

    Excellent resources and thank you for the syllabus.

    Excellent resources given with great slides

    Excellent seminar. Speaker was easy to listen to and kept moving at a good pace.

    Excellent Sylabus

    Excellent syllabus, references and an unbelievable amount of information.

    excellent talk and syllubus

    Excellent update on constantly increasing remote access to Irish records. THANK YOU!

    Excellent webinar with such a wealth of information!



    Excellent! Gave me hope that I might at last find where my Irish ancestor came from and how they lived.

    Excellent! I learned! I did not know of most of these records and resources.

    Excellent! So much information on records. Thank you!

    Excellent!!! Discussion & Syllabus

    Excellent, comprehensive information clearly presented.


    Excellent. A lot of information packaged nicely. Thank you.

    Excellent. Syllabus was great!

    Excellent. Well organized. Detailed. Veeery worthwhile even at 930 PM!

    Excelllent, very thorough. The advice David gives that you have to do your homework before you go to Ireland or before you begin your research in depth cannot be said often enough. So many are expecting a “quick fix”. Thank you for sharing all of your work with us. Loved it!

    excited about checking out some of his ideas

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Extensive collection of resources and why to use each. Lots of new options for me!

    Extensive. Thanks.

    Extremely informative – and the syllabus is incredible. Thanks!

    Extremely thorough and full of usable resources!

    Extremely useful and thorough run through Irish archives and libraries. Thank you, David!

    Fabulous, go raibh maith agat!

    Fantastic overview of which records are available. It will take another viewing and some time to digest all of it, but well worth the time!

    Fantastic webinar that followed along with the syllabus!

    Fantastic webinar, thanks.

    Fantastic webinar. I learned so much from him that should help in my research.

    Fascinating information. It was great to hear of all the different types of documents to use for research.

    Gave me hope!

    Gave me some great tips for my research. Thank you!

    Gives me hope that maybe there are some records in existence for my family.

    Good resources!

    great handout. speaker very knowledgeable

    Great information and great presenter.

    Great information very clearly summarized. i have researched in Irish records quite a bit and that was one of the clearest overviews I have seen. Thank you.

    Great information!! Seems there is a wealth of information to explore for my Irish ancestors.

    Great inspiring webinar.

    Great Job, David! Thank you BCG for offering these for free.

    Great job; many resources I hadn’t yet encountered.

    Great overview of Irish records and the scope of research.

    great overview of resources, well presented and organized, great job, David!

    Great presentation!

    Great presentation! Style and information…Wow!!!!

    Great presentation. Thoughtful, well organized and rich with research resource information. Thanks so much!

    Great resources! I have a lot more places to look now.

    Great session. David confirmed to me that I must find where in Ireland my g-grandfather came from; and that info is here in the US. THEN I can do the Irish research. Thanks for the guidance.

    Great sources and information on Irish genealogy resources. David was an excellent speaker who knew his information.

    Great speaker, great information

    Great stuff – thanks!~

    Great webinar with lots of good info.

    Great webinar, but some topics gone over too quickly. I will definitely use the handout to delve in deeper.

    Great webinar. David talked about many types of records I had no idea about! I wasn’t sure I wanted to undertake more research of my Irish ancestors based on all the failures I have had so far in finding records of them. Now I have new sources to look at & am excited about going forward!

    Great, refreshing attitude about the burned Irish records! Fantastic photos of each of the repositories–made me feel as if I were there in person! In Q&A he gave a fantastic source for maps of each townland or county. Wow!


    He gave a good overview of the information available. One location he missed for Ulster is the Mellon Centre for Emigration

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    He is so knowlegeable – loved hearing all the info!

    Helpful and inspiring.

    I am a total beginner so I’ll be buying some books to focus my search. I wish I had shared this webinar with a distant Irish cousin here in NY that I connected with on Ancestry. Our great grandmothers were sisters, mine immigrated…his did not. Will share the syllabus with him (I hope that’s OK)

    I appreciate the detailed syllabus with all of the sources to research. I haven’t yet started researching my Irish ancestors but this will definitely get me started in the right place and I feel extremely inspired after this presentation!

    I found this webinar quite helpful. I have been working on my family tree for about three years and have accumulated about 2,300 people in the tree. I have been frustrated in the past by not being able to find anything on certain relatives but tonight has given me ideas for many more places to search. Thank you!

    I got some peace of mind about the fact that I may not be able to trace possible Irish ancestors and relatives due to the early time period of emigration or destruction of records for later emigrants. And that’s okay because beating your head against a brick wall never feels good. 😉

    I had no idea so many resources existed

    I learn a great deal about where I need to start my research.

    I liked the pictures of the buildings (libraries, etc.) It helps to remember that these are real places. The pictures of documents help familiarize what we might find. Even when the speaker was talking about things outside the time frame my Quaker ancestors were there, he still kept my attention. He spoke quickly without being rushed. Free syllabus with lots of links! Priceless. A follow-up webinar on Quakers in Ireland (or into & out of Ireland) would be great! A mysterious blip in my genealogy.

    I made a presentation for a church group so i understand what it takes, how much work, what to put into a power point for researching in Ireland nothing less than 100 slides will do, this was great – outstanding, from someone who has been there and done that : hours in the irish research sites, miles in rental cars, wondering around in sunshine or pouring rain through tombstones, and i walked through the door that my ancestors walk out of on the way to the port and ship to America how great is that !

    I now have a broader view of recorders especially the earlier ones.

    I picked up several new clues for where to research for our family information. Thank you.

    I really appreciate the time the speakers put into their slides and teaching. I was happy to learn, in just over an hour, so much about researching my ancestors from Ireland who arrived in New York State in the 1880s. It’s been a struggle, but I feel I will find a whole lot more about them. David Ouimette is a wonderful speaker and an excellent teacher. Thank you for these webinars.

    I really appreciate the wealth of sources and information that David Ouimette provided. The syllabus is wonderful and much appreciated. I am going to have to listen to this webinar again. He covered so much information that will help me in my research.

    I really enjoyed this presentation. It is so encouraging to hear how much remains available that is being indexed for Irish research. David’s presentation was terrific! He is so knowledgeable about what is available and how to access that information; I love it.

    I see I have a lot more to do in my Irish Research.

    I was impressed by David Oimette’s visual way he organized and presented the material. Very readable font but not boring, layers of images one by one. Really what I like to see! Clear speech. Thank you! My arrivals from Londonderry (yes, protestant, not Derry) were 18th century, probably Scotch-Irish, and I now might have a gleam in my eye to delve deeper into records.

    I will listen to the webinar again. So many resources I was unaware of. Understanding Irish research is like creating a patch work quilt is a great analogy.

    I will never get to Ireland but there were things in this webinar that I have not accessed so will see what I can get going that route.

    I wish it was longer. So much information.

    I would have liked more in depth info or another webinar about what is available online

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Incredible depth of knowledge – please bring him back again to talk about just Northern Ireland and the Scots settlement

    Incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring speaker.

    information overload


    Interesting webinar thank you.

    It was a lot of information to dissect but so good. Irish research though is still a question for me. I have not had a lot of experience but would love to know how to use Griffiths evaluations, etc in my research, etc

    It was fantastic! Everything that I needed to know.

    It was great to hear all the possible records available

    It was just so complete and organized! I don’t know how he covered so much in one hour, but it will take me hours more to just go through the wonderful syllabus! Terrific.

    It was very helpful to learn that there are records that still exist! And to learn ways of starting to look for my Irish relations. It was a wonderful webinar. Thank you!!!

    It was very informative, the speaker obviously knows his stuff!

    It was well done, very interesting and introduced me to new resources as well as reminding me of ones I knew about but had forgotten.

    Kind of like drinking from a fire hose

    Knowledgeable! great ideas, thorough

    Links will be great when I get time to return to Irish research.

    Loads of information, but too quick.

    Lots of good incarnations on the records available. The hard part is work on this side to find out which county and parish they come from. So many US records just list Ireland. Thanks, David, good presentation.

    Lots of good information to find resources in Ireland for my ancestors

    Lots of good resources!

    Lots of great info!

    Lots of great info!

    Lots of great information if I can ever figure out from where in Ireland multiple relatives immigrated from. The latest immigrated in 1851, but several appear to have immigrated 1820-1830. (If I were younger, I would consider certification but I am 73 years old – would rather spend my time on my own genealogy)

    Lots of great sources that I would never have known about.

    Lots of information

    Lots of new resources to access and also a reminder of some I had forgotten about.

    Lots of new sources of documents to be researched!

    Lots of places to look, but a lot of them are in Ireland.

    lots of resources I’d never heard of before! I need to get to work!!

    Lots of useful information. It makes me more determined to break down my brick wall! Thanks so much for the presentation!

    Many great resources and an answer to my question about resources for my Irish Quaker ancestors. Thank you so much!

    Many unusual sources mentioned to subsitute for missing census records

    Meticulously organized and presented, backed by a detailed syllabus. Please clone this man!

    More Irish please, especially with someone as knowledgeable as David Ouimette. But please remind him about that 1804 Napoleonic Survey. It is for NI but located at the NAI.

    Mr. Ouimette was superb! I greatly appreciate the syllabus and program that shared his wealth of knowledge. His voice was pleasant and his presentation flowed smoothly. He crammed a lot of info into the time but it was not overwhelming. Seamless moderation from BCG. This is my favorite webinar of the hundreds of ones I’ve listened to! Thank you very much for making it available.

    My husband and I went to Ireland many years ago, unfortunately not for genealogical research. I have been dreaming of being able to return for a true research visit. This webinar encourages me even more! So well put together and presented.

    Never tried poking into my Irish heritage. David Q makes me feel I should try and it seems I could actually find helpful information.


  7. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Oh my! I guess there’s hope to find where my ancestor came from after all!

    Outstanding – a true expert with a very well designed presentation

    Outstanding presentation ans syllabus. Just off the charts. Thank you so much!!!

    Outstanding presentation! Thank you for the wonderfully detailed handout.

    Outstanding webinar and lots of new resources to use.



    Overwhelming! It is truly astounding what is still available for Irish research even after all of the record destruction. I will definitely listen to this again!

    Packed with information! Thank you!

    Please have him back

    Presenter gave lots of good info on pre-1840s sources which are often hard to find. The printout will be very useful. Thanks.

    really enjoyed it

    Record-finding information presented beautifully and in a different way. I’m newly inspired to find my elusive Kerry and Cork ancestors.

    replay replay!!

    Seem to move along a little too quickly to absorb, but there’s so much to learn!

    Smooth fluid speaker. Great content

    So informative, thank you

    so many Irish records that I never heard of – thanks!

    So many new records to explore! I hope he returns with a Part 2- for a more in-depth look.

    So many sources to check – b ut at least the myth of Irish records all destroyed has been put to rest.

    So many sources! But I don’t know what county they are from!

    So much info. amazing

    So much information about Ireland and its records!

    so much information, so little time!! LOL

    So much information, so many records to search!

    So much material was presented. It would be great if David would provide more detailed instruction in later webinars.

    So much material. I was somewhat overcome. Presenter has a wonderful level of knowledge.

    So much to do, so little time. I see there is a lot of hiding in my family research room for me in the near future! Thank you so very much!

    So much wonderful information

    So well organized, well presented, great syllabus

    Some day we’ll find that elusive John Davis.

    Syllabus was great to have so I could focus on what was being said instead of taking extensive notes.

    Thank you David for a very comprehensive exploration of the Irish records available to genealogists. Now, we just have to find them!!

    Thank you David. You opened some doors I never even considered!

    Thank you for detailing the many places to find Irish records and for referencing published books about them.

    Thank you for the clear presentation, full of new information for me, and the detailed syllabus, most appreciated.

    Thank you for the comprehensive syllabus

    Thank you, David, for including so many resources.

    The best webinar I have ever attended – and I have attended many, many over the past few years.

    The handout is especially helpful.

    The presenter was very professional – organised, provided an overiew, followed thru on his initial overview, spoke clearly and sufficiently slowly to allow analysis of his comment with slide being presented; knew his topic. Evidently had a lot more information to give but did not try to overload listeners – he has encouraged his audience to research for her/himself.

    There was a lot of information for the time allotted. Suggest separating Northern Ireland into a separate webinar.

    There was a lot of information that will be useful to me.

    There was an abundance of information given by the speaker. I am already looking at the different websites and seeing what they are about. Loved this presentation!

    There was so much information given by Mr. Ouimette that I am glad I have a subscription to the webinars. I can watch it many more times. And I will. It was very good.

    This could really be a 2 session webinar. Great info and well-informed presentation. Disappointed that they didn’t do the normal drawing.

    This gave me a terrific detailed overview of the sources I need to look at as I move the focus of my research to Ireland. I found this very topical and on point to where my research is leading me. Thank you for an excellent presentation and valuable information.

  8. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    This is the best information I have ever seen, read about, or heard about. Thank you. The Atlas is the first on my list.

    This overview of all the available Irish records was very comprehensive.

    This speaker is new to me but I liked him

    This was a fascinating webinar with so much information. I definitely have my work cut out starting with the location of the parish and county my relative came from.

    This was an especially enlightening evening–broadly brushed with just enough information to move forward with insight and perspective. Thanks so much!

    This was by far the best webinar thus far

    This was great – a good review for me. I went to Ireland in 2006 and met my mother’s relatives. (Lovett) Visited churches, schools & towns. I researched and made contact before I went. My Irish Great Grandparents came from County Kerry. Higgins, O’ Connell, Mahony. Have Valuation Maps, Revision & House Book pages. Petty Court Records, dog owner licenses, church records, books on Researching in Ireland – specifically Kerry.

    This was probably the BEST webinar on Irish data and where to find this information.

    This webinar has given me such a thorough blueprint with which I can now more effectively begin research on my Irish ancestors! Thank you so much!

    This webinar was very informative and very encouraging. I am planning a long visit to Ireland to research my Irish genealogy – and this webinar gave me very valuable information. They syllabus is already downloaded, saved and printed and filed in my trip folder! Good job.

    Thought we were at a dead end, but this webinar has given us some new records to find! Many thanks.

    Thrilled and overwhelmed at the same time! I will probably have to go back and rewatch this because I know I missed information that would be helpful. Since my Irish ancestors emigrated prior to 1870, I have had no luck finding them in Ireland. I hope that a few of these new resources will be beneficial. I will be ordering several books in the near future as well! Thank you so very much for this presentation. It was very well done! Wish me luck!

    tons of good info, lots of homework now.

    Truly a great webinar from a very knowledgeable David Ouimette who covered a lot of ground left us thirsting for more!

    Very clear descriptions with examples and well organized presentation.

    Very clear explanations of the records that are available on-line and in Ireland.

    Very clear, concise and helpful

    Very comprehensive

    very comprehensive and clear

    Very detailed and great presentation!

    Very detailed, very intense, easy to read visuals. I’ll have to view it again to absorb everything! And I’ve been doing Irish research for years! Thank you.

    Very enjoyable – now to get to Ireland

    very good

    Very good presentation of resources available to the “family scribes.”

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful! Thank you!

    very impressed with what is out there could listen to him all day

    very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative – thank you!


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