Bridging the Gap: Finding Ancestors in the United States between 1780 and 1840

D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS
Jun 17, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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War of 1812
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Beyond Vital Events
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Compiled Genealogies
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Have you lost an ancestor between 1780 and 1840? Often connecting our ancestors to colonists can be quite a task. Learn how to employ probate, land, census, tax, and other compiled records to help bridge the gap.

About the speaker

About the speaker

For more than 20 years Joshua has been discovering – and sharing – the incredible connections that can be made through genealogy and family history. As host of the popular series Genealogy Roadshow (PBS) he crisscrosses the United Stat
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Absolutely wonderful!

    Absolutely wonderful. So much information and so clearly presented. Thank you, Joshua.

    Always amazed at his knowledge.

    Always find Josh’s material useful. I work NY and MD and some other New England at times. Love the examples.

    Always great!!

    Always great!!!

    Always outstanding information from Josh.

    Amazing presentation but too fast! As a member, I need to go back and listen to it again… and maybe again after that. Thank you

    Another excellent & knowledgeable speaker. Lots of new information here.

    Another spectacular webinar from Josh Taylor!

    As always, Josh has the best presentations!

    As always, very helpful. Thanks, got lots to do now!

    Audio was a little scratchy at times, but Josh is wonderful, knowledgeable and feels spontaneous. Very relevant topic. Thank you!

    Awesome Joshua! I learned something every time. Thanks

    Awesome presentation with great information! Thank you

    Awesome. Great ideas of where to go when we seem stuck.

    Best webinar yet! Great presentation: I am amazed that Joshua was able to provide so much information in one hour and in a way that will be remembered.

    Brilliant as always. I could have listened for hours more.

    comprehensive review of resources for this time period…can’t wait to get started on my research!

    Josh is a great speaker and the topic was very timely for my research.

    Could listen to Josh all day long.

    Covered a lot of information in a short period of time. Awesome!

    D Joshua Taylor is just a brilliant presenter! His lectures are detailed, practical and extremely helpful. Thank you!

    D. Joshua Taylor is always an excellent speaker. He has so much to cover that just an hour doesn’t suffice. At least I can listen to the webinar again and possibly pick up additional information that I may have missed this first time through. Thank you Josh and LegacyFamilyTree Webinars.

    Definitely NEED to listen/watch again. And will try to be more prepared with my own ancestors’ names, dates and places.

    Emphasized quite well the need to speculate, then investigate – thoroughly! Thanks Josh.

    Even though I was late, it was excellent

    Every once in awhile you happen upon the kind of information you really need for researching a problem. This was that information. Thanks so much.


    Excellent … so much information!!!

    Excellent and informative. Josh is a great speaker — and I have some new leads after hearing this. Well worth taking my lunch hour from work to listen to this.

    excellent content and presentation

    Excellent content.

    Excellent information !!

    Excellent information and advice! I have a brick wall ancestor from Germany who came to America during this time, and we cannot find him before 1850. Thank you!!

    Excellent information and tips for resources.

    Excellent Knowledge and Presentation.

    Excellent presentation and lots of ideas!

    Excellent presentation and syllabus, and easy to follow and take notes. Thanks, Josh.

    Excellent presentation of a very difficult subject!

    Excellent presentation on a neglected topic. Thanks for the good introduction and interesting case study.

    Excellent presentation! Thank you!

    Excellent program by Josh – thank you. Lots of information and new leads to think about.

    Excellent seminar. Learned quite a lot. THANK YOU!

    Excellent sources for this time period.

    Excellent speaker and subject.

    Excellent speaker, good points. Just wish he had addressed researching in the South for this time period. Felt most of what he spoke of did not pertain to my research

    Excellent topic and well organized overview left me wanting more! Great speaker of course too.

    excellent webinar

    Excellent webinar and excellent presenter…I learned a lot of strategies and resources to use in my family research. Thank you!

    Excellent webinar and presenter!!!!! Great content!!!!!!


    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent webinar.




    Excellent! I would love to hear the same kind of things for Pennsylvania.

    Excellent! Josh is knowlegdeable and can break down information to make it understandable and manageable.

    Excellent! Full of ideas that on which I want to follow-up. Thank you





    Excellent, thorough webinar of a time period that is very difficult to research.

    Excellent. Lots of great information.

    Excellent. Not your usual sources.

    Excellent….well organized with great examples.

    Exceptional presentation, great resources… Thank you.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Fabulous as always! Josh has a great way of taking a difficult topic and breaking it down into its simpler parts. Wonderful resource for understanding the methodology behind pre-1850 US research!

    Fabulous information. Not sure where to re-start some of my research…but here we go!

    Fabulous- Joshua is such a wealth of info.

    Fabulous webinar! So much great information. Would love more webinars by Joshua.


    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information to assist with early American genealogical research.


    Fantastic! I learned so much!

    Fantastic. Love D Joshua Tayor!

    Fantastic. Will watch it again for details I might have missed.

    Fascinating presentation! His passion comes through in his discussion!

    Good ideas and resources!

    Good info

    Good info on that hard to find time frame

    Good job, Josh!

    Good job, Josh!

    Good leads on multiple topics. Can’t wait until on site research is available again.

    Got the clues to methodology I was looking for. Re-assured me that the conclusions I’ve been drawing from sketchy records are not atypical.

    Great – opens up lots of avenue to check

    great — will rewatch it again! lots of information

    Great background overview survey at the beginning.

    Great Info

    Great info.

    Great information!!!

    Great information, but presentation was too much too fast. Left early due to that. Will rewatch when I can pause it and take notes while not being so rushed. I was unable to take notes, pay attention and actually absorb what was being presented at the pace it was going.

    Great instructor

    Great lecture!

    Great new ideas for research

    Great overview of the historical context for this period and the records and research strategies. Josh packed a lot of tremendously useful information into this webinar!

    Great presentation!

    Great presentation! I wish there had been time to address more questions.

    Great presentation! Loved the suggestions for finding resources for this time period — and realizing that some items may never have been created in the first place. Thank you!

    Great presentation! Full of new information, especially about the whereabouts of religious records!

    Great presentation! Very well organized with information to search for that is not commonly known. He is always a great lecturer to listen to!

    Great presentation. Examples and recommendations were very helpful.

    Great presenter, important material. Thanks!

    Great resources

    Great resources

    great speaker and he knows so much!!

    Great speaker. Good ideas in addition to summary of traditional sources.

    great suggesitons

    Great topic, excellent presentation. Will want to review it a second time.

    Great topic, extremely helpful info, relevant slides–loved it all! He seemed to talk pretty fast and whipped through his slides, presumably because he had so much material to cover in a limited time. This is one webinar I will have to view again. So glad I am a member so I can watch when I have more time!

    Great webinar on a topic that I know very little about!

    Great webinar with a lot of detail

    Great webinar! Now I have some additional search ideas.

    Great webinar!!

    Great Webinar!!!

    Great webinar. Lots of information and sources

    Great webinar. Audio was fuzzy.

    Great. Lot of information.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Had to miss a few parts, but intend to come back and rewatch. Great topic and presenter!

    Have some new ideas for research..

    He gave lots of info

    He is a great speaker and his handout is so detailed and will be very helpful in moving forward.

    He is such a knowledgeable and well-prepared presenter. I am thankful for the helpful research suggestions.

    He talks so fast sometimes it’s hart to get everytihg he says. I think mostly because he has so much information to give out.

    He was excellent on a difficult topic.

    Helpful information from a talented speaker

    Helpful introduction to this topic.

    His delivery was great, well paced, clear, goot content, didn’t babble on, and didn’t use his famliy research throughout the content. I always like Josh’s webinars.

    How about a 10!

    I joined an hour late because I was told that Arizona goes by Pacific Time and so I logged in at 12:00 : ( That being said, I was fascinated by what I was listening to. I know Josh from Genealogy Roadshow and was always intrigued by his explanations on that program and the little bit I heard, today was no exception!.

    I am a registrar for two lineage societies and was so grateful for this particular webinar! Joshua was articulate and gave me many new sources to look at.

    Thank you!

    I could listen to Josh all day long! (swoon!) I always learn new things listening to Josh. Excellent webinar. Please have Josh on for more webinars.

    I could only get the last 1/2 hour due to full house….the part I listened to was great!

    I enjoy listening to Joshua Taylor – He is so knowledgable!!! I loved his show too.

    I enjoyed the examples that expanded on the sources discussed.

    I have heard this presented on different occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed them. He is well spoken, knowledgeable.

    I learned a lot about researching this early time period.

    I learned about several resources that i had not known about before.

    I learned many things. Thank you. Great presentation, too.

    I learned so much. The material was presented in a very clear way. Josh is a terrific speaker. Thank you.

    I love listening to Joshua – he is the genealogist that I wish I could be. Thanks.

    I love listening to Joshua! He is the best! Wonderful webinar. Thank you.

    I loved this Webinar! I’d like to see more similar ones.

    I might have to watch this one again–so much was covered!

    I really appreciated D Joshua Taylor’s insight into alternative ways to use the few records we have from this time period. Bravo!

    I really enjoyed this webinar. There was so much information to absorb, that I would love it if this became a series of webinars, each one covering one of his main bullet points.

    i thought it was going to be same old same old and it was so far better than that – of course – considering the presenter – i should not have been surprised. So good!

    I took lots of notes. Lots of great tips and ideas to research!

    i want to give Josh Taylor’s webinar a 10

    I wish there was an easy answer for this time period. Thanks for the hints.

    Identified some sources I am excited to check. Thank you!

    I’ll be watching this webinar again & again!

    I’ll have to watch it again to absorb all the information.

    I’m starting a new family line, my dad’s, and this is an entirely new area for me. Thanks.


    It was a wonderful webinar. I learned things that will help me with my research immediately.

    It was excellent. Put so much in excellent context. thank you

    It was fabulous.

    It was really a 6. Excellent

    It was very good. I would have liked to have more examples pertaining to Southern states which did not have the same types of records as in Massachusetts and most of New England.

    It’s a winner!! Such excellent education on analysis, planning, processing, adding in historical details… I always learn so much from these webinars! Josh is an excellent presenter as well, laying out the research plan and tips etc. Thank you so much for another very educational webinar!!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Jaw dropping good! Loved the session.

    Josh always has a jam-packed webinar. I’ll be relistening to catch what I missed, probably several times.

    Josh always is inclusive and has such a breadth of knowledge!

    Josh did a great job!

    Josh gave some new directions I can try.

    Josh is a great presenter and Marian is a great host! I love their enthusiasm.

    Josh is always a pleasure. He is so knowledgeable, and I leave with new ideas for where and how to research. Thank you!

    Josh is always prepared, well researched, articulate, and methodical in his presentations. Great work today.

    Josh is always sooooooooooo thorough.

    Josh is an expert and his webinars prove it. Thanks for featuring him.

    Josh is great! Attended one of his classes at GRIP in Pittsburgh and did not want to this webinar.

    Josh is my favorite presenter! Wow, this has really helped me see where I need to research further on all those 4th -6th great grandparents in that time period! Thanks

    Josh is never a let down – he says he could talk all day – well, I think we all could listen to him guide us through the records all day;-))

    Josh is very knowledgeable and a very good speaker. I have an ancestor born in New Jersey in 1801, and was hopeful to get some tips on additional resources available online to search for his birth. I did learn that I had covered everything available on line and now need to visit libraries, etc. in New Jersey to look for possible documentation on this birth.

    Josh never fails – he’s always full of great information.

    Josh really knows his stuff! A lot of information to think about.

    Josh Taylor always has a great knowledge of whatever subject he is presenting. Well done, concise, informative.

    Josh Taylor is a great and thorough speaker. His slides are amazing. Although I have no direct lines coming to the United States until 1865, as I expand my research, I may find ancestors who arrived at an earlier time through an indirect line. Thank you.

    Josh Taylor is a wonderful speaker,, so knowledgeable and organized. Thanks for having him!

    Josh Taylor is ALWAYS a great speaker! This timeperiod is exactly where I’m at with my research so this topic is especially timely!!

    Josh Taylor is always excellent. Good topic.

    Josh Taylor’s talks are always awesome.

    Josh Taylor’s webinar are always wonderful. I do appreciate Legacy for hosting this VERY important topic. These are tough years to research–especially in the southern states like TN, KY, MO, GA, AL, etc. We need all the help we can get.

    Josh Taylor’s webinars are wonderful. Always so much information.

    Josh was his usual outstanding self on a great topic.

    Joshua always covers his topics so well you always learn something

    Joshua always excels in his presentations.

    Joshua had so much important information to cover. He gave lots of good suggestions of resources to search for this early time period. I will need to listen to the webinar again to complete my notes. This was a very helpful and well-organized presentation!

    Joshua is always excellent, no matter what his subject.

    Joshua is an excellent presenter and always covers topics thoroughly.

    Joshua Is one of my favorite presenters, always get a long list of things to follow up on.

    Joshua Taylor’s webinars are always great and always learn.

    Just getting back into doing genealogical research after a few years, so this was good for me to listen to. Sometimes very dry, but that can be the nature of genealogy, even though you have lots of interest in the topic.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    learned a lot

    Learned so many sources to check for my early 18th century ancestors

    Learned some new strategies & reminded me of some I haven’t pursued as yet.

    Liked how he packed a lot of specific info about sources into such a short time. Very clear, well organized.

    liked the quick history lesson of what may have affected ancestors. excellent breakdown of categories where you can find information.

    Lots of good ideas, thank you.

    Lots of good information.

    Lots of good information.

    Lots of great information

    Lots of great information!

    Lots of great information!

    Lots of great information, presented in an organized manner!

    Lots of great research ideas!

    Lots of information

    Love Josh! Could listen to him lecture all day. Thanks for having him.

    loved it – great info!

    More, please!!

    Most informative. Thank you.

    Mr. Taylor is always great to listen to in a webinar. Lots of information, easy to follow, but not overly simplistic. Great resources and comfortable in presenting.

    Great job! Great webinar!

    One of the things I learned were new tips on using DAR resources.

    One to re-watch multiple times!

    One to watch again.

    Outstanding webinar. Very well organized. Josh’s is a Professional Genealogist. Well above my level and needs. Enjoyed it and I will look for his other recorded webinars.

    OUTSTANDING! Well organized and presented.


  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Phenomenal.. I learned alot . Thank you.

    PLEASE continue to bring Josh back for more webinars! He has given me a few more leads for my elusive MORRIS family of NY. Thanks.

    Rated a 4 only because Josh rushed through some of his slides too fast for us to take down key points or even see them. I wish the section surveying the decades with the history & economic impacts had been extended one more decade (1840-1850) to help us bridge the gap between the 1840 & 1850 census. It felt like a 90-minute presentation, compressed into an hour. Apart from that, an outstanding presentation.

    Received some idea that I’ve not tried. Thank you

    Rich in information. Particularly like how understanding the context of the times is so important: economic panic, spread of new religions, understanding limitations of records. All very practical ways to think about where and how to find records. Thank you!

    So much great information from Josh! I’m going to look into any books he has written. Thanks for providing this webinar. 🙂

    So much great information!

    SO MUCH great information. So glad Josh was willing to share it with us.

    So much information I will need to use the syllabus and maybe even watch it again. Fantastic!

    So much information! I have so many research questions to formulate now! Where to begin. Thank you, thank you!

    Such a wealth of information. Thank you

    Such great information and examples! Great syllabus, as well! Thanks so much!

    Superb! Probably the best webinar I’ve attended. Great instructor. Well organized. Good presentation.

    Great content

    Terrific! Thank you so much

    Thank you! Josh’s presentations are all amazing and you definitely don’t want to miss them. ; )

    Thank you.

    Thanks for excellent information.

    The events in history put much of my ancestors’ migration in context. Please consider hosting a webinar continuing the timeline of history. For instance, how did events such as the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, other economic downturns and depressions, etc., affect migration patterns?

    The information that Joshua presented will help me very much in my research.

    The webinar provided me with lots of new information and sources to help bridge my research gap. As a DAR member, I was thrilled to see our online resources included.

    The webinar was great

    The webinar was well organized and informative.

    The webinar was well-organized and presented. I appreciated the overview of potential resources and the examples how they might be useful in locating/documenting ancestors.

    There were many good ideas for researching this specific time period.

    This is the type of webinar I love, love, love! Solid information that will make me a better (more thoughtful) genealogist and further my research abilities.

    This topic could fill a whole week of webinars!! Great distillation of concepts and ideas.

    This was a very helpful webinar, as I am preparing to take another go at a previously unanswered research question based during this time period. Many resources were mentioned today that I will be adding to my locality guides and research plan.

    This was great. I would love to have another session on the same topic and earlier in time. Thank you.

    This was my very first Legacy Seminar and I was thoroughly pleased. I have been doing my own genealogy and genealogy for others for 10 years. I am getting ready to work for the census, but I am sure that after that I will get the membership so that I have the many resources at my fingertips as I continue this hobby and
    profession. Thanks again.

    This was so very helpful

    This was very helpful for me because I thought that I couldn’t go back any further in my tree so i am looking forward to trying all the tips provided. Thanks for a great webinar!

    Too much stuff. too little time. My old brain fried.

    Top notch! Extremely informative even for a long-time researcher. Thanks!

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very clear and well presented information. Many thanks.

    Very detailed presentation with an excellent example at the end. Checked for a couple databases he mentioned and my local university subscribes! Unfortunately, the university is closed for Covid-19…hoping for better days ahead!

    very good

    Very good webinar! Great ideas for a really tough time period.

    Very helpful in pointing to Imprints, etc; and in terms of how to frame a search (including historical context).

    Very informative – I learned a lot !!

    Very informative and easy to listen to

    Very informative and extremely well done!

    very informative and helpful

    very informative and Josh is a good speaker!

    Very informative and well-presented!

    very informative webinar. thank you

    very informative, thank you. I have many brick walls in that time period and your talk may help to break through them.

    Very informative. A lot of history and the sources to look at.

    Very interesting and informative.

    very interesting sources and well presented

    Very interesting way to view the time period.

    Very interesting! Would like to hear more from him.

    very interesting, thank you.

    Very interesting. Lots of information and sources to look at. I hope I can find them all.

    Very knowledgeable speaker

    Very thorough, very knowledgeable, very well spoken! Thanks!

    Very thorough.

    very useful information. Would like Josh to do a similar webinar for pre-Revolutionary War era 1760s-mid-1770s – to understand better what records would have been created and held domestically (in America) in contrast to records created for Great Britain, while the country was still considered British North America (even as sentiments were shifting).

    Very well informed speaker, clear and easy to follow

    Very well organized.

    Was very informative

    Well done. Very informative.

    Well presented – Josh is a pro! Lots of good ideas for further research.

    well-organized, comprehensive survey along with commentary to support the points, Josh is always well-spoken. This will encourage me to work on my ‘early’ ancestors’ line again.

    What an amazing amount of information and suggestions in such a short space of time!

    Will watch again, lots of good information!

    Wonderful information.

    Wonderful information. Thank you so much!

    Wonderful webinar. I will ALWAYS sign up for a Josh Taylor talk.

    Wonderful! Thank you! Always enjoy Josh’s webinars. I have Many SC ancestors who were Baptist so thanks especially for that info!!

    Wonderful! Love D. Joshua Taylor webinars . Only thing is I wish the audio was better though I understand it’s because so many fellow Genealogists wanted to be a part of it. Thanks again for all your hard work Go to Webinar! Mahalo!

    Would like more information in the handout about the events discussed at the beginning – panics, etc. Couldn’t write fast enough to get the dates and explanations.


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