Four ways DNA Painter can help with your family history research

Jonny Perl
Dec 2, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Focused Match Research
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Getting to Know Your DNA
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More Cooperation
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

DNA Painter is a website that aims to help demystify your DNA matches via chromosome mapping, tree visualizations and other useful analysis tools. This talk will present four ways the site can be used, with examples that will be informative to beginners and experienced users alike.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jonny Perl is a genealogist, DNA enthusiast and web developer based in Swansea, Wales. He is the creator and founder of, an award-winning web application for chromos
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Excellent refocusing on the purposes for using DNA Painter – I so easily get lost in the process and forget just why I’m doing it. Jonny Perl excellent as always in bringing the pratical to the fore!! Thanks so much!


    A very quick but intense delving into areas of DNA Painter I hadn’t looked at

    A very worthy investment of my time. Learned a lot! Thanks!

    Absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to try some of these things out for myself and I’ve already asked to join the FB group for some help answering a few chromosome mapping questions and WATO use questions. Thank you so much!

    Absolutely love Jonny’s webinars! Always learn lots of new waysntomlook at dna.

    Although much of this was over my head at this point, I did learn a few things. His manner of speaking was very understandable.

    Always a learning experience with Jonny! Eager to try out the tools.

    Always a treat to hear him. Thank you.

    Always learn and enjoy Perl’s of wisdom!!! Thank you.

    Always terrific and informative.

    Always wonderful. Thanks Jonny!

    Amazing information and quality of presentation.

    Amazing presentation. Easy to follow; full of helpful information and examples. I use DNA Painter every day!


    AMAZING! Jonny is brilliant! I have brain envy!

    an excellent review of tools available on DNA Painter. Good speaker and shared his experiences. Thanks.

    An excellent webinar, Jonny and Geoff!

    Another excellent presentation from Jonny Perl. He gives us a lot of very handy information and explains everything so well.

    Another wonderful presentation. Thank you

    As he stated, Using DNA for genealogy research can be a steep learning curve. This was a really clear and concise explanation of what to explore and how.


    Awesome job! Love the DNA painter tools.

    Best webinar I’ve listened to in a long time period very informative . He made it easy to understand. Plan on going back and listening to his two other webinars.


    Brilliant webinar with masses of great information, must go and re-watch to gain the greatest advantage for my DNA Painter trip.

    Brilliant. Jonny Perl makes things accessible.

    Can’t wait for 2021 to hear Jonny Perl Again! The work he does is amazing! Thank you for having him 🙂

    Can’t wait to get started!

    Can’t wait to start mapping again

    Clear explanations, easy to follow. Thank you!

    Complex info well represented. Always enjoy your presentations.

    Connected the technical aspects to how to use them with DNA Matches

    Each DNA Painter webinar builds on previous ones. Jonny’s visuals are very helpful. This is one of the webinars I’ll be watching again. Being a webinar member is one of the best investments in genealogy I made!

    Enjoy Johnny Perl’s webinars!

    Every day I learn a little more

    Every time I watch Jonny Perl I learn something new!

    Excellent – Will definitely watch this again!

    Excellent and not too hard to follow for a beginner in DNA painting.

    Excellent as always

    excellent clarity to what can be a complex subject

    Excellent content – inspiring as always.

    Excellent discussion of DNA Painter’s uses and utilities.

    Excellent explanations. Easy to understand. I have one big brick wall that I now have hope on breaking down.

    Excellent information

    Excellent information and difficult information clearly presented. Thanks to Geoff for hosting and going the extra mile for showing links etc.

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation! Thank you!

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. I’ve used DNA painter since the beginning and your presentation gave me some new tips I will use. Thanks.

    excellent presentation. it has got me all fired up to start working on my DNA matches

    Excellent presenter and topic.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Excellent presenter, tone, and content. Loved it!!!

    Excellent talk the time flew by

    Excellent thank you so much

    Excellent webinar with Jonny. I always learn so much

    Excellent webinar. Explained the concepts very well. Anxious to try out the DNA Painter tools now!

    Excellent webinar. Very well presented. Clear and thorough.


    Excellent! Engaging, useful, well paced!

    EXCELLENT! Love these Webinars!

    Excellent! Very helpful.

    Excellent! Thank you.

    Excellent! Very informative. Thanks!!



    Excellent, I did. Not know about the addional tools now available in DNA painter.

    excellent, informative and well presented

    Excellent. Can not get enough of Johnny’s lectures.

    Excellent. No more needs to be said!

    Excellent…informative and clearly presented…inspired to continue to sort out family DNA


    Family Tree Webinars Best Christmas Gift my kids ever gave me – the gift that keeps on giving year after year!!!

    Fantastic and enthusiastic speaker. One of my favorites! And thanks to Jonny for such a great tool!

    Fantastic overview of tools. Thank you for the visuals as I learn by viewing.

    Fantastic tools to help us make the most of our DNA data. Thanks to Mr. Perl!

    Fantastic webinar, got a lot to learn, will watch it again, thanks

    Fantastic! Very informative! Thanks!

    Fantastic, well organized and clear. Learned tons!

    Fantastic. Jonny makes it so clear.


    Fascinating presentation. DNA can be a confusing subject but Jonny’s explanations are very clear and the tools he’s built are amazing.

    First, I would like to give a huge “Thank You” to Jonny Perl for deeloping and sharing his tools. The membership fee is very minimal for the value received!

    Gave me lots to ponder. Anxious to try some of the suggestions and tools.

    Going to have to watch it a few times to get it all!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Good & helpful info. Jonny is a great presenter!

    Good introduction to getting to know what you can do with DNA Painter. I had played with it before, it didn’t click. Now I think I can actually utilize this tool my friend raves about all the time. Hand outs and being able to save the chat are awesome additions.




    Great – well presented! Thanks

    Great for any level of knowledge.

    Great ideas and wish I had the time to track the segments. I am tied up entering my atDNA matches with documentation ion my very large tree….which now has a very large base of matches. 620 down, another 2000 to go. I’d have to finish that first.

    great info and easy to liten to to be able to learn

    great information

    Great information presented in a logical, understandable way.

    Great information!

    Great information, learned a lot.

    Great information. Look forward to another one with Jonny Perl

    Great information. Lots of new things I want to try now on DNA Painter that seem as if they’ll be very helpful.

    Great insights that enhance my understanding of DNA Painter! Presented some features I had not previously explored.

    Great new updates on the tools!

    Great overview…this was all new information for me!

    Great presentation – I’m going to have to have to listen again!

    Great presentation about DNA Painter. I am relatively new to painting so I will be watching it again!

    Great presentation and will definitely review many times over. Thank you! : )

    great presentation! huge fan of Legacy webinars and Jonny! thank you so much both of you

    Great presentation, easy to follow and understand. Thank you!

    great to hear from the real expert , Jonny.

    Great to learn about the Ancestry tree, I didn’t know about that. Still trying to wrap my head around chromosome mappiing!

    Great Topic, Great Tools, Great Speaker. Trifecta!

    Great way to get me all charged up to work on genealogy

    great webinar and really clear presentation, visual and verbally

    Great webinar by Jonny Perl. Very helpful.

    Great webinar- Jonny is a wonderful presenter and is very generous to offer free resources to all!

    Great webinar! Jonny did a wonderful job.

    Great webinar! Thank you Jonny and Geoff!

    Great webinar, as expected from Jonny Perl. I will say, though, that I like his more detailed one on DNA Painter even better, because I find the greater depth very helpful.

    Great webinar, now I just need to apply it!

    Great webinar.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great webinar. It is wonderful to learn the new aspects of DNA Painter. I was unaware of the ancestral tree and the sharing options.



    Great. I always enjoy Jonny’s DNA Painter related webinars. He does amazing work.

    Hard to follow because it first I’ve heard about DNA Painter – But motivating. Very knowledgeable

    He was excellent, as always. One to watch again and again.

    Head still spinning but will be challenging to implement some of the concepts heard today.

    Helpful learn a lot of new thing

    Helpful to see new features of DNA Painter and to hear how Jonny uses it himself.

    His modesty and revealing of his personal process are very engaging and endearing.

    I always learn something from Jonny

    I always look forward to his webinars! I learn so much from him and great that he likes doing genealogy too!

    I am a DNA Painter subscriber and today’s seminar gave me some further ideas about ways to use it. Some of it went too fast though. Overall very helpful.

    I appreciate his common language to explain DNA topics. Is much less intimidating.

    I could listen to his webinars at least once a week. Great program

    I could listen to Jonny Perl all day, he is a 10

    I could only listen to the first part due to another commitment; however, I’m going to listen as soon as it is posted. What a treat it always is to have Jonny present. One reason I just purchased a subscription is because you offer 1st rate presenters such as Jonny.

    I downloaded and joined the Facebook groups sometime ago, but didn’t quite know what or how to utilize. Excited now to get busy uploading my GEDCOM

    I gained a more clear understanding of why a cousin wants me to use DNA painter. This presentation I will have to watch over and over but it brought clarity to some of my brick walls. Thank you!

    I have been using DNA Painter for a while. This gave me some good ideas on how to expand how I use it.

    I learn a lot of great information

    I learned a lot. Now, I need to make time to apply what I learned. Keep up the good work.

    I learned several new, extremely useful DNA Painter features that I think will help me in my research.

    I love Jonny Perl and his tools, and I hope to become better at using them, especially WATO. I was encouraged by this to join the FB groups on WATO and the DNA Painter and will seek out some help that way as well. Thank you. I also signed up this week for the Legacy webinars and am so excited to watch and be able to view the syllabi, etc.

    I love Jonny’s webinars. I just need to dig into DNA Painter with more time!

    I now have the courage to really get into DNA painter! The explanation and all the uses are just amazing.

    I use DNAPainter quite a bit but always learn something new when I listen to a webinar by Jonny Perl. Thank you!!

    Idea of mapping Religions & Locations was interesting.

    I’m still too new to DNA to understand it all. But, it sounds interesting enough to follow-up on!

    Interesting, challenging, lots to think about. Jonny is brilliant.

    Interesting. Thank you. Just mailed in my first dna sample yesterday. Looking forward to attempting to understand results.

    It was amazing. I had no problem following Jonnie. I am going back to watch it again and give it a try.. Thank you for all the webinars. It keeps me active.

    It was great to be able to hear the website creator! I love WATO and it helped me to find my adopted son’s birth parents. Well done.

    It was very good but I have so much to learn.

    I’ve been using DNA Painter for a couple of years now but still learned new things today! Pace was just right for me, too.

    I’ve heard him speak earlier and just appreciate his clear explanations.

    Johnny is a real blessing to all us — I just wish he was superhuman and could do all the things we want him to do

    Johnny is great. Still getting a handle on the DNA thing, but he is so enthusiastic, it makes me want to get better!

    Jonny always gives new information about using his tools

    Jonny always seems to have good, new ideas to help us do our DNA research and presents those ideas well.

    Jonny always shares great information… some of it, of course, goes over my head at the time, but I go back and listen again & again and pick up new information each time.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Jonny explains complicated concepts so that one can generally understand them. Appreciated hearing about inferred dna matching; im looking forward to applying it to me and my 1/2 brother.

    Jonny has created such incredible programs for us to learn. Thanks Jonny and to Legacy!

    Jonny has developed such great tools and explains them really well!

    Jonny is a fabulous speaker and although I am a regular user of his tools, I always learn lots from his webinars. Thank you.

    Jonny is a great presenter, and is always good about giving examples to help clarify. This was a nice overview of the trees feature, which I haven’t used yet.

    Jonny is a great speaker. I always take away learnings from his sessions.

    Jonny is a very clear speaker. His presentations are always very empowering and inspiring.

    Jonny is always a delight to listen to – ability, knowlege, enthusiasm and clarity all rolled into one!

    Jonny is always great!

    Jonny is an excellent presenter! I have been using DNAPainter since shortly after it appeared, and love that today I learned a few new tricks.

    Jonny is an excellent presenter: clear, logical and insightful! He has an unusually high “insights to words” ratio. Thanks for supporting him.

    Jonny is an excellent speaker, and his enthusiasm infectious. I know that many a genealogist is thrilled that he is willing to create all the DNAPainter tools!

    Jonny is an expert that I always try to keep up on what is new

    Jonny is great. Excellent tool!

    Jonny is one of my favorites!

    Jonny is one of the best! Thanks for having him

    Jonny is so great at explaining this difficult subject. It’s always a pleasure to hear him speak.

    Jonny is the ultimate presenter. He never fails to deliver on a well planned, exciting and well presented webinar. Everyone – even experienced people – learns from what he has to say. There is never a boring second when he presents.

    Jonny is very clear and also personable,.

    Jonny is very clear and concise. I appreciate him very much

    Jonny Perl is a great presenter.

    Jonny Perl is a wonderful presenter! The information he presents is so helpful, and he breaks it down in an easy to understand manner.

    Jonny Perl is an interesting and enthusiastic presenter.

    Jonny Perl is my new favorite presenter. Love the syllabi.

    Jonny Perl is simply the BEST presenter. He knows his topic and offers usable info very clearly.

    Jonny Perl is the best – a real rock star and sooooo encouraging and helpful.

    Jonny Perl is wonderful! I love his webinars!

    Jonny Perl was able to tie all his offerings into one presentation. It’s helpful, and I better understand how to use each offering, one, with the other. Look forward to viewing this Webinar again.

    Jonny Perl was awesome, as always. Thank you Legacy Family Tree Webinars for making it all possible!

    Jonny Perl’s webinars are always so helpful! He describes the tools available on his website, DNA Painter very clearly, outlining why and how to use each tool to help research your DNA matches.

    Jonny was great at explaining a complicated topic. I’m really excited to use DNA Painter for my own genealogy projects. I’d love to see more presentations from Jonny. Thanks!

    Jonny was so easy to follow and understand in his presentation. He is able to relay the information to us so we feel like we have a shot at giving it a try and it might actually work when we do it ourselves:) Excellent!!!

    Jonny’s presentation style is so accessible. I will look forward to more by him.

    Jonny’s presentation was superb! Now, to try it out! Thanks!

    Jonny’s presentations are always clear and easy to understand. I love how every time I watch any of his talks I learn new things. I was very fortunate to be there when he initially shared his new tool in the Genealogy Tips and Techniques Facebook group so have been a fan from the start. Always expanding ways to explore our DNA is such a massive contribution for all of us. Thanks again Jonny and Legacy Webinars.

    Jonny’s webinars are always wonderful!

    Jonny’s work is amazing and has helped me so very much. He explains his tools clearly. I appreciated this.

    Jony Perl is always interesting and answers questions we had not even thought of and this is a big help with using the tools he and Blaine have invented and thank you from Australia

    Just awesome! Bring Jonny back again!

    Learned a lot! Very helpful – thank you!

    Learned more reason to stay a subscriber to the DNA Painter! And I follow the facebook pages and blogs. NOW just need to make sense of the pretty DNA painting i have done already.

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Learned so much!! Thank you!

    Lots of good info. Thanks!

    Lots of good information. It will take going through the steps to really understand how this all works.

    Love Johnny Pearls tools

    Loved Jonny’s presentation style and I learnt a few more things about DNA Painter and other tools.

    Loved the visuals. Especially like the explanation of WATO which I haven’t tried.

    Loved to hear about the new features of DNApainter. Jonny did an excellent job in presenting the capabilities of the newly added features.

    More webinars from Jonny please

    More webinars like this please.

    Need to watch over and over but great product, thanks Legacy.

    New so I only got about half of what you brought but you have given me wonderful amount of how-to-webs and I think starting know how for me to start !!!! Thank you very much !!!

    New to DNA and it’s many tools. This was a good seminar for someone trying to understand it all!

    One of the best

    Outstanding Talk !

    Really enjoy hearing from tool developers.

    Really good information and easy to follow.

    so clear and concise

    So interesting and helpful! Thanks!

    So many new tools for making discoveries

    So much great information! I’m glad we can listen again because I’ll need the review! Thank you, Geoff and Jonny! Truly, I believe a subscription to Family Tree Webinars is one of the best investments in genealogy!”

    So much to learn.

    So much to think about. Great presentation.

    Soooo much information! Thank you.

    Splendid! Thank you Jonny.

    Such a brilliant tool, and the topic presented by Jonny in an easy to understand way!



    Super helpful!

    Super webinar loaded with all sorts of possibilities

    thank you for offering the informative webinar!

  7. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Thank you Jonny for another educational learning tool.

    Thank you Jonny!

    Thank you so much. You gave me more excellent clues in to finding my birth father using DNA.

    Thank you!

    Thanks for having Jonny Perl…now to use his “stuff”….

    Thanks for the great explanation of the Tools available in DNA Painter. Really enjoyed and learned a lot.

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks so much, Keep it up with all the great education!

    Thanks……I got a lot out of this webinar. I belong to a DNA group in my Genealogy association and we are ploding our way through. Today was very helpful

    The webinar was very easy to follow and there was a good amount of information that I can apply to my DNA match research. It is very much appreciated! Thank you!

    there should be a “6” rating to use for Jonny Perl

    There were many things to absorb but a great presentation. Now I will try to apply it to my tree and searches.

    This was so helpful to me! I really learned a lot and appreciate how clearly Jonny explains the tools.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the excellent speaker, Jonny Perl. Covered so much ground in such a short time! Thank you!

    very clear and helpful

    Very enlightening

    Very good job! A lot to take in, though he is the best to teach this.

    Very good like the new tools to his site, and hope to use them.

    Very Good!!

    Very helpful

    Very helpful in both usage of DNA Painter tools and DNA concepts.

    Very helpful in expanding my knowledge.

    Very helpful, gave me the confidence to dive in and try out the tools available.

    Very informative

    very informative …

    Very informative and easy to understand!

    Very informative and interesting! Can’t wait to try out inferred segments.

    Very informative- explained in an easy to understand style. Very personable and down-to-earth presenter

    Very informative with useful examples

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very informative!

    Very informative! Now to apply…..

    Very informative, althogh I will have to watch again as I got distracted half way through :/

    Very informative. I really needed this primer on the DNA Painter tools. I’ll probably need to practice and get some more detailed instruction, but this is a great starter. Thanks.

    Very informative. Although I need to learn more about DNA. But that’s on me. I will be using DNA Painter for sure and am looking at a subscription.

    very interesting

    Very interesting

    Well covered in the time allotted

    Well Done

    Well done!


    Wonderful! I love him and everything he created! Such a huge help!

    Wonderful, Jonny explains everything so well and it is great to be able to screenshot to go back and jog the old memory. Thank you, Jonny

    WOW, there was so much information that I will be watching this webinar multiple times! Jonny Perl is such a good and generous person. Thank you all for making this information available to us.

    Yeah, Jonny!!! Every time I listen to him, and watch his examples, I learn a bit more about DNA & tools that make better sense. Now if only I had some 4th cousins to test!! Great webinar, fabulous handout with all the links I need to check out. Thanks to Geoff for such great hosting, as usual. Happy December 1nth!! 🙂


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