Your DNA questions answered live with Diahan

Diahan Southard
Dec 4, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Getting Started
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Counting Cousins
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Native American
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Got a DNA question? Diahan Southard will be on hand to answer your questions – LIVE! Submit questions in advance to

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    a great teacher!

    A lot to take in but loved the representation of where an older removed cousin was in the tree

    A very interesting presentation on what has been an intimidating subject for me. The information provided will help me greatly. Thank you!

    Actually it was a 10! but you didn’t give me that option. She’s always the best.

    Always enjoy Diahan’s webinars. Will probably re-watch later, there is so much!

    always great info and explained well thanks Diahan

    Always Great information

    Always great!

    Always learn something new from Diahan.

    Always learn something new with Diahan.

    always learn something!!!

    Always love listening to Diahan!

    always so informative…keep having the Q&A webinars

    Amazing information because Dinah is so amazing, I will watch multiple times to get all of the information. Thanks!


    As usual, excellent.

    As always Diahan is a pleasure to listen to as she is so informative and exuberant!

    As always learned so much. Need to watch again to learn more.

    As always! I always learn from from her! Keep her coming . . .

    As always, Diahan is lucid and so helpful! Many thanks.

    As always, Diahan is very thorough and understandable.

    As always, Diahans classes are terrific.

    As always, very interesting. Thank you.

    Awesome webinar from Diahan as usual! Even though I consider myself to be an intermediate learner, it’s helpful to see beginner examples – Thanks!

    Awesome! I have to do a re-watch! Thank you so much for the webinar.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I always learn so much from Diahan and she even answered my question on air! I’m thrilled beyond measure! Please bring her back again soon!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information and help to resolve my DNA questions.

    Can’t wait to watch again

    diahan always great

    Diahan always has clear answers to questions.

    Diahan always has crystal clear illustrations, colorful, and she’s so upbeat she’s a real pleasure to learn from!

    Diahan explains everything well and love her friendly manner. I’ll be buying her book as soon as I can.

    Diahan has a wonderful way of explaining detailed dna information! And I really enjoy the audience questions, they put into words the questions I’d not yet formulated. Thank you for hosting this and thank you to Diahan

    Diahan has the BEST graphics which makes DNA so much easier to understand. Cannot wait for the next webinar with her!

    Diahan is a superior teacher, but that was a lot of information. My book arrives next Monday I’m anxious to have some good direction. I’m also about to take an mtDNA test and see what that shows me.

    Diahan is always great

    Diahan is always great! Thank you!

    Diahan is always great, but today, for the first time, I realized maybe why she’s so good at explaining DNA. She has the letters D, N & A in first name!

    Diahan is always the greatest. Easy to understand . Tons of information given to follow thru with at a later date.

    Diahan is always very informative — and entertaining!!

    Diahan is always wonderful — informative and encouraging!

    Diahan is an encyclopedia of genetic and genealogy information.

    Diahan is one of the most accomplished presenters ever. She talks to us as if we were having coffee rather than instructor/learner. She quickly understands questions, supplies targeted answers, and her graphics send the concept home to your brain. I bought her book and read cover to cover, going back and forth between sections, which is not always easy and I did not get it all on first read. But I have it and can refer to it and it HELPS a great deal. It is written just like she presents.

    Diahan is so wonderful! I never tire of listening to her because she has new insights and comments every time she speaks, and, she uncomplicates her knowledge making it accessible to all. Thanks to all of you for the work that you put into bringing this information to us.

    Diahan is such a brilliant presenter. Even with my good knowledge of genetic genealogy, I still learn something.

    Diahan is wonderful at making DNA understandable! I learned more new information today.

    Diahan never fails to amze. And she’s my cousin so I can bask in her glory every time I recommend Diahan’s webinar, website, and book to my fellow researchers.

    Diahan Southard is an energetic and interesting presenter.

    Diahan was great as always!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Diahan’s Q&A webinars this year have been great. Love the Q&A format and Diahan’s visuals are always wonderful.

    Diahann is always great! Just reupped my subscription.

    Diahann is always great!!

    Diahan’s teaching methods are so helpful, since she shows the basics and moves on from there. I like her encouragement to keep learning and working on our DNA genealogy skills.

    Diana is the best speaker of DNA. So knowledgeable.

    Diane is an excellent instructor! Thank you!!!

    Diane is awesome. I always have both an aha moment and learn something new.

    Diane is such a knowledgeable expert on DNA.

    Diane is very knowledgable, enjoyed her webinar.

    Diann is always wonderful and so informative.

    DNA is so complicated, but each webinar helps me absorb a little more .

    Each time I listen/watch a webinar on this subject, I learn something new. It’s like learning a new language… learn it, you have to put yourself into a situation where you are exposed to it. Thank you for all the work you do!


    Especially liked the sections on Gedcom, snps & STR, and Native American. Overall I learned SO much about multiple different things that was new info for me even though I have done multiple Diahan webinars before today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    eventually, I just may understand DNA

    everything is clearly explain and the graphics are so helpful


    excellent = always enjoy her talks

    Excellent information

    Excellent information! Thank you!

    Excellent more detailed content. I especially liked the chart that she had going to the 3 and 4 times great grandparents for 2nd to 4th cousins and talking about the once removed, twice removed. I know the information, but to see the guide sheet was a great visual!!!

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation! Great speaker – very easy to understand and extremely informative.

    Excellent Presentation. Has added to my limited knowledge and provided steps going forward.

    Excellent presentation. Learned more areas to follow up on my DNA matches at Ancestry, 23andme and familytree. Thank you very mucyh.

    Excellent webinar as always!!


    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent! Wonderful talent for teaching!

    Excellent, as always! Thanks, Diahan.

    Excellent, but somewhat specific at times – however, it’s good to learn and review. Great to see Diahan!

    Excellent, please ask her to do more webinars!


    Excellent. Love the format.

    excellent. I need to identify my 2nd great grandfather, who is mentioned as “unknown” in the Italian records, but it was a small town and everyone knew everyone so chances are I will track him down.

    Excellent. Keep having her on, I need to learn much more.

    Excellent…learned so much. Thank you.

    Extremely informative, fun to participate in. Lots of questions answered. Thank you!


    good information

    good information. Would like to have information on how to evaluate segment and centa morgans

    Good presentation.


    Great as usual!!!

    Great explanations!

    Great information, Thank you!

    Great presentation .

    Great presentation!

    Great presentation, as usual. Thanks for the section on 23 and Me. I haven’t tested there, but my daughter did, and this will help me explain things to her. Also, thanks for the information about websites to use for the haplogroup information.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great presentation. Good ideas for further efforts. Well laid out good graphics and great enthusiasm.

    Great Q & A as always. Very helpful visuals about relationships and “removed” especially. I always seem to have to sit down and graph them out.

    Great source of information on DNA!

    Great speaker. Very helpful.

    Great webinar but will have to re-watch as I missed about 15 minutes when my cat escaped and I had to go chase him down. He’s home & safe and now I have to see the webinar again soon. Thanks.

    great webinar learnt heaps

    Great Webinar!

    Great webinar! It was good to know that I haven’t wasted time building over 20 trees building genetic networks. Diahan’s webinars always teaches me something new and helps me to go farther back and out in my genealogy research. Thank you Legacy.

    Great webinar!!!!

    Great webinar. Diahan is always very upbeat and has great explanations and graphics.


    Great. Very informative. Thank you.

    had o leave for 3pm meeting – but it was good – and I might join your service

    Her presentation answered quite a number of questions that I’ve had for quite a while. Diahan did so in such an understandable manner.

    I always enjoy Diahan’s Q and A sessions. She’s answered one of my questions in a previous session. I will send another one in based on today’s webinar in hopes that she will be invited back in 2021 for another/more Q&A.

    I always learn a lot when Diahann lectures.!! The web pages for haplogroups will be helpful.

    I always learn from Diahan, even when she reviews previous material. I may think of things in a slightly different way. I appreciate the live lessons.

    I always learn more about DNA testing and what the results mean from each of Diahan Southard’s live webinars. I also learn about the different types of information that is available from the different types of DNA tests. She is one of my favorite presenters and I try to listen to her webinars when I can.

    I always learn something from Diahan!!

    I always learn something new from Diahan’s webinars. Thanks.

    I always learn something new when I listen to Diahan. She explains very complex information in a clear and understandable way.

    I am enjoying the session. Had an unexpected situation to address.

    I am just learning about DNA tracing. I would like to watch this webinar a second or maybe even a third time, I started out taking notes but it was taking away from absorbing what Diahan was explaining so I stopped.

    I enjoy the Q & A. I learn much. Thanks

    I have come away with more knowledge of DNA but I still have a long way to go. to fully understand.

    I have got to watch it again! There was so much useful information that I could not let it all sink in! Great job!

    I have sooo much to learn

    I have watched all her DNA webinars. As usual, I received lots and lots of new ideas and tips. Thank you for having her. I hope you continue to have Q&A sessions with her during 2021. This is a complicated subject, yet she is absolutely wonderful about explaining in ways we can understand. She sure would make a great classroom teacher. Sure wish I had had her for all my biology courses.

    I have watched several of Diahan’s webinars. Always great!

    I learned a lot of new info. It was a little over my head in some place but was very interesting.

    I learned lots about the different aspects of DNA identification and searching. Many thanks.

    I love all of Diahan’s presentations. She is a wonderful presenter and puts everything into such relatable terms.

    I loved Diahan’s enthusiasm, visual aids, dedication to the field, and to helping others. Thank you! ¡Mil gracias! 🙂

    I loved it ! It was easy to follow, and I had questions she answered and I didn’t know how to ask!

    i ned to watch again to catch everything

    I need a slower course. There was so much information and so fast I didn’t stay caught up well.

    I plan to review it when it is posted. I learned a lot, but I also had several interruptions and I want to make sure I get everything right.

    I really learned a lot about using DNA data from ancestry companies. Today’s webinar has encouraged me to do more with the results from the several companies that I have tested with. The information about GEDmatch was very helpful and can be used to make an informed decision about whether to upload data.

    I really like the question and answer format. I need to get some help with my particular situation.

    I received so much valuable info from Diahan. The explanations with the screen shots are important. This was my first live webinar.

    I think she is fantastic and taught us well, thank you. I especially learned a lot about the 23 and me site and how to search the composition pages!

    I’ll need to watch several times but really good!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I’m a fan! I going to listen to the rest of her webinars and I will order the book.

    I’m sure that if I keep trying I will be able to learn DNA. I learned what removed means today.

    It was great

    It was very informative. I wish there was more time for questions.

    I’ve become a junky on her talks – can’t get enough of them. Clearly stated – wonderful presentation.

    Lightbulb moment!! Thank you!

    Logically presented. Now I understand more about how cousin relationships, the cMs, and the shared matches all work together. Thanks, Diahan — you’re the best!

    Lots of information such as different sites to research Dna information. Diane is a great presenter.

    lots of things to learn ! thanks.

    Love Diahan…I think I will be getting her book. She’s just such a wealth of info and lays it out so visually to make more sense.

    Love Diahann’s enthusiasm ! Se has a way of explaining that is very clear, and that never implies that a question is less than important. Could have listened to hours more of this one!

    Love Diahan’s enthusiasm, and easy-to-understand information… More, please 🙂

    Love her attitude about DNA!

    Love listening as I learn so much.

    Love the Q&A webinars. How about doing this maybe once a month. Besides DNA, you could do documents, apps tech questions.

    M-Fri please

    Mostly reinforced what I learned at her last webinar. She is the best.

    Ms. Southard’s the best

    Need the book. This was great and informative. Thank you

    once again I have been made to realize that I need to watch more beginning webinars!!!!!

    One of the most valuable presentations provided. Would like it at least once a month.

    Outstanding as usual. Always something to learn and she teaches it so well



    Perhaps have Q and A sessions focusing on specific DNA testings- mtDNA, YDNA, atDNA, xDNA. Thanks!

    Presenter very knowledgeable and organized. Great charts! Spoke very fast to cover entire topic but no written notes to pick up missed info. Also for first time with Legacy, couldn’t find a way to adjust volume to quieter level. Still, very good presentation. Helpful. Finally getting to understand DNA and Haplogroups better-Thank you for that!

    She is always fantastic. Hope she comes frequently in 2021.

    She is always on point, so easy to understand. Light bulb moment today for sure!! Thanks

    She is excellent at explaining.

    she is just so great and helpful to non science people.

    She is the best at explaining DNA.

    She is THE best with her presentation graphics explaining a question or topic, then following the path to the answer to the answer or point she’s making. Diahann is brilliant, actually, but so practical in her approach to educating….

    She is wonderful. This stuff is finally beginning to sink in!

    She is, as always, amazing! So much helpful information and explained so clearly!

    She was great and for me as a beginner

    She was great and presented it in a way that was not way above our pay grade.

    She’s always clear, quick and enthusiastic. Great content.

    She’s the best

    slowly making more sense and expanding my family tree – thank you

    so much content I will watch again

    So much helpful information !!!

    So much to absorb!

    Some of it was over my head but I did learn a few things about DNA. Now need to see how it fits with my Ancestry DNA.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Such a brilliant woman but even more so as she offers explanations for such a complicated topic with exceptional clarity. Thank you very much. TLC

    Super (as always). What a smart lady!

    Thank you for answering my question. It was a great insight and helpful.

    Thank you so much for providing these webinars for a retired lady on fixed income. They mean a lot.

    Thank you so much! Always love listening to Diahann, I learn something new every time.

    Thanks for your help. A lot of the information is above my understanding but I find that listening helps me to raise my understanding so very much. I love your book and it has helped me answer several questions.


    The Best, pleased to hear Diane anytime. Thanks again.

    This covered a lot of ground making it interesting for a diverse, large audience. As one might expect, depth of analysis necessarily suffers.

    This is definitely a 2-watcher (have to watch it again)!

    This was a great webinar and I learned so much. I can’t wait to go back and listen to previous webinars and learn even more.

    This was a great webinar, filled with so much information. Thank you.

    This was explained so well!

    This was great. I loved all the links tool

    This was the absolute most informative webinar I have attended. Diahan”s delivery was very easy to follow and understand.

    this was very useful still need make sure i digest it

    Very good and helpful!

    Very good explanations! Especially about the cousin relationships. I haven’t done a lot with DNA, except take the tests, but I find your information fascinating.

    Very helpful

    Very informative

    Very informative about DNA!

    Very informative thank you

    Very interesting but I had to leave early. Will watch again to try to absorb it better and finish it out. Thanks Diahan! I love her visual explanations.

    Very interesting but sometimes confusing to a newbie like me. Had no idea what BigYDNA and snp is, for example. Thanks though for a very interesting webinar.

    Very interesting webinar. It was just too far above my head by the time it was 3/4 completed.

    Very interesting. I am just getting started with DNA research and have a lot to learn.

    Very Interesting.. I am new to dna,, A lot was over my head but I will go to some beginning dna webinars.

    Well done.

    Well prepared and just right for all level of knowledge.

    with the exception of the section dealing with BigY — which I found incomprehensible — talk was very good

    Wonderful explanations

    Wonderful presentation. Thanks

    Wonderful, as always!

    wow really good

    Wow! I have just started getting into DNA so I need to go back to earlier webinars, but I got the drift of what she covered. Now I see the importance of 3rd cousin, etc. in matches! I’ll be interested in seeing if this helps me clear up some of the roadblocks. Hope Diahan does more in 2021!

    WOW! I LOVE these Q&A webinars by Diahan! I always learn a lot. Please have more!!!!!!! Thank you!

    You need a “6” or maybe a “10” for Diahan


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