An Introduction to DNA Painter

Jonny Perl
Apr 3, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Chromosome Mapping
7m 55s
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How Do We Start?
8m 51s
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Tour of a Profile
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Target Testing
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Other Features
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Subscriber Features
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Benefits of Mapping
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

DNA Painter is a website that aims to help demystify your DNA matches. This talk will introduce the site's features and tools for chromosome mapping and relationship prediction. The concept of chromosome mapping will then be discussed, with detailed examples of how the site can be used to visualize your matches and help to identify how you are related to each match. This will cover both basic and advanced operations, revealing features and functionality you might not have noticed.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jonny Perl is a genealogist, DNA enthusiast and web developer based in Swansea, Wales. He is the creator and founder of, an award-winning web application for chromos
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    2nd one I have listened to by him on dna painter and learned more this time. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC WEBINARS!

    A fantastic tool. A fantastic webinar. And most of all a FANTASTIC presenter!!! Well done.

    A great presenter with a fantastic tool for DNA research.

    A technical subject clearly explained

    A very clever man, who has created a wonderful tool.

    A winner

    Amazing webinar


    An understandable explanation of a complicated topic.

    Awesome presentation and information

    AWESOME!!! DNAPainter makes me very happy. I continue to see the tremendous power with this tool. I have been watching DNAPainter since last year at RootsTech. I know this tool will help me with my endogamy challenges. This webinar really helps in understanding the tool. It , to me, demonstrates the ability to drill down / open up these mysterious chromosomes. I will be watching and rewatching this webinar. Thank you, Jonny! Thank you, Geoff! Well done!!!

    Best presenter I have ever heard. Prepared, concise, excellent visuals, tons of info, no hemming, aheming, pausing. A real Pro. Thanks so much for presenting Jonny Perl.

    Better understanding after watching the family search presentation

    Brilliant bur went a little too fast for me in some areas.


    Clear and precise information,and he presented complicated topic in an easily understood manner. Wonderful!

    Didn’t understand most of it, but makes me want to learn more!

    DNA Painter is AWESOME! I can really see the genetic picture now. Thank you so much!

    Easy to follow his explanation on using DNA Painter. I am not intimidated any more and can’t wait to use.

    Easy to understand and sounds like a great tools.

    Enjoyed it and ready to jump in!

    Excelent session.


    Excellent & informative presentation. Jonny was a great teacher.

    Excellent amount of material presented for the length of the webinar. Very clearly presented.

    Excellent diction so I could understand what Jonny was saying. Thanks.

    Excellent explanation of a very complex topic with good examples of how to use DNA Painter and description of challenges for those of us with endogamous ancestry.

    Excellent intro and discussion . . . now, onto painting.

    Excellent introduction to DNA Painter! Covered the basics and delivery was great…didn’t talk too fast! Very helpful…can’t wait to get started! Thank you, Jonny Perl, for creating this colorful visual tool for DNA exploration!

    excellent material, good speaking voice

    Excellent overview and so easy to understand…builds on my knowlege from his 2019 Rootstech presentation!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation! Wondered what all the hoopla was, as I’d already put together a similar idea using excel and FTDNA chromosome info, but this is (obviously) much more elegant and useful. Excited and can’t wait to build my dad’s profile! Mom is French and has a dearth of matches- once I figure out how to use the tool- will move on to her lines, since she has a few matches at MyHeritage. Thank you for this wonderful tool and a great and useful presentation!

    Excellent presentation, and helped tremendously to “wrap my head around” the subject matter.

    Excellent presentation.

    excellent presentation. careful not to overload beginners with too techie data. enough to get started and make mistakes. and then how to fix. thanks for offering this session.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you Jonny.

    Excellent presenter. Covered difficult topic thoroughly and made it easy to understand.

    Excellent presenter. He gave us lots of information in an easy to understand format.

    Excellent subject and presenter

    EXCELLENT talk. So very helpful for mapping DNA. Speaker was very clear and easy to understand.

    Excellent Webinar


    Excellent! I want more!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Excellent! I will be going back through it again.



    Excellent, had to leave early. Will watch again. Thank you for inviting DNA Painter Johnny Perl. This has been excellent.

    excellent, thanks


    excellent. Clear, detailed and very valuable information.

    Excellent. So great having the creator of DNA Painter!


    Exciting and very well explained

    Extremely clear and well organized! Thank you so much. (Note: I have worked a bit with the website & I subscribe to it.)

    Fabulous information, so much I didn’t know. Now to put it to use. Thanks, Jonny and Geoff

    Fabulous seminar.. I’ve been using DNA Painter for quite awhile and learned much more from this webinar. THANK YOU… Very good presenter, also… hope you have Jonny back with other subjects.. perhaps his Phasing of his siblings and how to incorporate into DNA Painter??

    Fabulous tool and presentation!

    Fabulous! Jonny is a good speaker, easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. He’s made DNA Painter seem a bit less scary. Let’s have more webinars RE DNA Painter with Jonny Perl!

    Fabulous!! Thank you! Very helpful.

    Fabulous. Thank you for breaking down a very complex subject into meaningful insight. Enjoyed it a lot.


    Fantastic overview.

    Fantastic! I’be been using DNA Painter for about a year and learned a bunch of new things today.

    Fascinating. Excellent, clear presentation. Super product. Thank you!

    gave an excellent presentation on chromosome mapping and how it can be helpful in pinpointing new relations

    Good pace, good illustrations, good help!

    good stuff



    Great as an introduction to DNA Painter. Would love a more advanced one at some stage please.

    Great info…got a bit of info about using the Painter…would like to see something that step by step goes through the actual process of starting a profile and adding a few matches.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Great information, easy to follow along for a beginner – thank you!

    Great introduction to DNA Painter. Thank you.

    Great introduction to the DNA Painter tool!

    Great presentation on a very useful DNA tool. Thank you!

    Great presentation! I did not previously understand what DNA Painter would do.

    Great presentation! Simply stated a very complex process of understanding where certain segments of our DNA comes from. I truly appreciate knowing that it is an ongoing process to map your DNA. Thank you!

    Great presentation! I came away with a better understanding of how DNA Painter can be used.

    Great presentation. I’m sure I will need to replay it due to the terminology and how to use DNA Painter.

    Great Seminar!

    Great speaker on a wonderful topic. Thank you!!

    Great tool for sorting out DNA

    Great topic and well presented. This is my first webinar, I thought it was easy to join and well organised. I’ll definitely attend more!

    great topic now to get started with painter.

    Great use of graphics to illustrate what was being said. Not just slides with text that was being read.

    Great Webinar

    Great webinar and very informative. Haven’t mapped any chromosomes yet, but am looking forward to getting started soon. Thanks, Jonny!.

    great webinar thanks

    Great webinar! I will have to go back and listen again!!

    Great webinar!

    Great webinar! I really enjoyed it.

    Great webinar! Thanks!

    Great Webinar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great webinar, very informative and well explained!

    Great webinar. So much more to Painter than it seemed at first. SO much more to do.


    Great, but over my head!

    Great, informative webinar. Thanks, Jonny!

    hard for me to understand some of this. I am still learning and know I will want to watch this again. Johnny Perl did an amazing job of explaining. I created a DNA Painter account this morning and will be trying it out today. Thank you Johnny & Legacy.

    Has encouraged me to try DNA painter.

    he is great and clear!

    He’s lovely. Thank you for making this available for free!

    I a a user and subscriber of DNA Painter (part of my Genetic Genealogy Lifelong Studies syllabus with Strathclyde Uni ) but I found this a great refresher and aught me some new approaches. My first Legacy Webinar. Really enjoyed it – I’ll be back! Thanks to all involved.

    I am extremely new to how our DNA works. I have been searching for my father for 42 yrs with no success. I want to say to Johnny, you were so easy to understand. Your explanation to DNA painter was fantastic. I will make errors. Knowing there are tools to help me in this process will be rewarding one day in my quest of locating and learning about my ancestors. It would be wonderful if there was a webinar for complete beginners. I thoroughly enjoyed my first webinar at 53 yrs old. Cheers!

    I can’t wait to start using DNA Painter. What a great presentation. Johnny is an engaging speaker.

    I couldn’t believe how simple Jonny made this complicated topic. I feel much more comfortable reviewing my DNA results and understanding its matches. Thank you.

    I have used DNA Painter but it gave me some pointers about things to watch for and uses I hadn’t explored. Will watch again! Thanks Jonny!

    I hope he comes back to do a separate webinar on the What Are the Odds feature which he didn’t have time to explore.

    I hope you’ll do a follow-up webinar with even more advanced techniques/tips!

    I just started using DNA Painter. This webinar has shown me tools I was not aware of and broadened my understanding of use of the site. Thank you so much.

    I now better understand what I should or should not be doing. Great Webinar!

    I really enjoyed learning even more about this tool. Thank you.

    I think I could watch 100 DNA webinars and still not ‘get it’ but this was exciting to me because I can build it from a cousin ‘a person’ I know and watch it grow.

    I will definitely have to watch this again.

    I will watch this again.

    I would give this a ten if I could. One of the best and I have been watching for years. Keep up the great work at Legacy Family Tree, it is greatly appreciated.

    I’ll know more once I try to use DNA Painter.

    I’m new to DNA mapping, but could easily understand the basics in this presentation. The seminar has encouraged me to go ahead and try it!

    Increased a New interest in DNA


    It got a little complicated and/or he went too quickly over the more complicated bits but, in general, it was very good. He’s a good presenter, so I hope he does more of these.

    It was a well-organized presentation, presented in a direct and understandable manner.

    It was amazing.

    It was slightly over my head for my current DNA knowledge but I hope that it will add to my DNA knowledge. I will try to use the DNA Painter tool now.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    It was very informative! Thanks!

    It’s always great to hear someone explains things in simple terms especially something so complicated as DNA! Thanks, Jonny!!

    I’ve been waiting for this webinar for weeks. great info but I’ll have to do a walk through. Please invite him back for more.

    Johnny did a great job of presenting a very complex subject in an understandable manner. Excellent handout.

    Johnny is a good presenter making the concepts clear and easy to understand

    JOhnny’s work is such a gift to us. So worth supporting his “habit”

    Jonny and DNA Painter broke a complex subject down into terms we could understand. Perfect pace and excellent learning!

    Jonny did a great presentation. Excellent tool!

    Jonny is a great presenter. He made it easy to understand the process. Very organized.

    Jonny is the best and has provided a really helpful and fun tool to use!

    Jonny makes things so understandable.

    Jonny Perl – excellent both content and presentation. Thank you!

    Jonny Perl explained a technical topic in a very understandable way. This was a very practical webinar.

    Jonny Perl is a wonderful, talented and caring person to have created this program and generously shared it with the world! I am very grateful and hope to use DNA Painter to not only find the identity of my mother’s father but then to help others with their search to identify unknown parentage.

    Jonny Perl was excellent and each time I learn more about DNA. However I think it will take a few more webinars to get me up to speed. Thank you.

    Jonny Perl’s presentations are always clear, concise and extremely helpful. I learn “new stuff” every time I listen to or read something from him. He’s an excellent resource for the genealogy community. Please have him return for additional presentations.

    Jonny took a complex process and created a user-friendly site. Today he explained clearly and cogently in a way that makes be feel I can access it to understand and extend my DNA connections. Many thanks!!

    just fantastic

    Just paid for the extra features!

    Just the best!! I will listen again, since I had to join late. I learned something new even in the question and answers! And I’ve been using DNA Painter almost a year already. Thank you for having this webinar!

    Learned a couple of more things about Painter after having used it for quite a while! Well worth my time.

    Love Jonny!

    Made me feel as if I could actually do this!


    More Jon Pearl.

    More topics like this please.

    more webinars from him

    Most helpful for encouraging me to get started. Also good to hear about the limitations.

    Mr Perl did a terrific job explaining dna painter to a beginner.

    Never enough time for the good ones 🙂

    Nicely organized and well presented. Jonny Perl is a good speaker and obviously knows his topic well.

    Now DNA Painting makes much more sense! Thanks!

    Oh, WOW! I was really afraid to use this tool, but after listening and watching the slides from Johnny, I am anxious to step into a new exciting “finding possible answers” adventure! So glad I have a Legacy membership so I can go back and watch again and again the webinar as I tiptoe through DNA Painter! Thank You!

    One of the best new speakers!

    One of the best webinars to date. A complex subject made understandable.

    One of the clearest we’ve had! Thanks!

    one of these days it will all make sense

    Outstanding presentation by Jonny Perl on DNA Painter. I’ll check the library for additional webinars by Jonny addressing the more advanced features of his program. Thanks !

    Outstanding! Made the complex simple. I can’t wait to try it out!

    Outstanding! I use DNAPainter and this really helped a lot.

    Perfect, having The Man Himself give us this webinar. I will try using this tool again, now that I have more information about how to. I am helping a friend who was adopted, and seems to have endogamy roots, so maybe for her this tool is not so usable.

    Please bring him back for additional webinars. He is OUTSTANDING!!!!!

    Please have Jonny back again! Would love to learn more about DNA Painter that he didn’t have time to cover today.

    Really great explanation

    Really helped me understand autosomal DNA

    Slightly confused but very interested in the subject. Thanks…

    So well explained, in a well paced, understandable way. Thank you.

    Speaker is very knowledgeable.

    Still a lot more for me to do!!

    super interesting, which I could it.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Terrific. All I have hoped it would be. Wonderful coverage of lots of features. My mapping last year of 3 siblings created a wide open door to solving an NPE mystery from 2 centuries ago that was documented in the courts without proofs…now the proofs that are easy to share with other descendants.”
    Thank you for allowing me to see this. I had already figured out most of this (I was a math teacher). There is an easy way to determine which side of the family a DNA match belongs to – at least on Ancestry- Check the common matches. If you know one or two people and which side they belong to you can check for common matches.

    Thank you for an excellent webinar and clearly explained concepts

    thank you for the explanation of DNA Painter. will give it another go!

    Thank you Jonny for an informative presentation.

    Thank you!

    Thank you, Jonny

    Thanks so much!! Well presented and understandable. We had been looking forward to learn how to paint. Will definitely watch it again to pick up on anything we might have missed and more understanding. Thanks again!

    The explanations were very clear. I have used DNA Painter a lot but learned new things. Thanks to Jonny

    The webinar helped me understand Chrom Painter much better. Thanks.

    The webinar was well-presented and gave me some insight into the DNA mapping process and also helped me to know that there didn’t seem to be a significant purpose for me to pursue mapping.

    There are some clever people around. And it is so good that we can share their ideas.

    Think he was doing a good job with tough subject, just way too complicated for me as I am a long-time researcher and thought I was pretty advanced on DNA but I am obviously NOT!! Thanks though for providing us all these opportunities to hear/see the free webinars. Love ya’ for them.

    This was amazing. Very high quality presentation.

    This was good info and Jonny was a great presenter. However, although I’ve done an autosomal DNA test, I just don’t think I’m ready to take on DNA Painter yet.

    This was one of your best webinars ever! Clear concise explanations of a very complex subject: DNA chromosome mapping. What a great tool. Thank you Jonny Perl

    top notch

    Truly enjoyed this webinar, ready to paint my relatives with DNA results.

    Very Absorbing so much to learn Thanks

    Very clear

    Very clear performance but it sounds easier than it actually is. Thank you

    Very clear presentation about the use of the website. Will there be another presentation about using the tools. I am helping my 90-year-old aunt find her biological parents. She has many ore close matches on Ancestry. Johnny told me to use What are the Odds. I could use some help with that. These people don’t seem to be on any other site.

    very clearly presented – loved it

    Very detailed, something I am really going to have to work on.

    Very easy to understand presentation, As far as clarity of words, and not too fast at all. The easy to understand part refers to that clarity. As for DNAPainter, I will need to learn more, and will refer back to the webinar as I paint other matches. If that makes sense, Thank you!

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    very good

    Very good presentation. I am able to understand how to correctly use DNA Painter

    Very good webinar. Very clear explanations.

    very helpful

    Very informative and easy to see that DNA Painter could be a very useful tool to eliminate some brick walls in my research.

    Very informative and easy to understand and apply!

    Very informative! Can’t wait to get started trying out DNA Painter!

    Very informative, but easy to understand.

    Very informative, but it’s like learning a new language.

    Very informative. I already use DNA Painter but it clarified a few things and gave me some ideas.

    Very informative. I feel confident I can do chromosome mapping now!

    Very informative. Excellent introduction. Looking forward to intermediate level talk.

    Very informative. Will be watching again.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting

    Very interesting – now to find enough time to sit down and do some painting!

    Very interesting and helpful!

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you

    Very interesting and so clearly explained by Jonny. Thank you.

    Very interesting webinar.

    Very interesting! I’m still ‘lost’ when it comes to DNA, but I still look at it and try to understand it!

    Very interesting. Seems you need to persuade relatives to test, not an option for me. Great resource for those who can do this. Jonny is a great speaker and explained everything so well

    Very well done, looking forward to getting started.

    Very well done. I’ll be recommending it in Facebook genealogy groups.

    Very well organized and presented. I still have much to learn however. That’s why I keep listening. Appreciate the access.

    Very well organized with great graphics!

    Very well presented and understandable. Thanks.

    Webinars simply don’t get any better than this.

    Well done and interesting. A dull subject presented in an understandable manner.

    Well done! Great topic. Excited to start painting! Thank you for the great presentation.

    Well done! Have been diddling around unsure of how to best use the DNA Painter site. This will help greatly.

    Well done, easy to understand.

    Well organized and easy to follow for us DNa newbies.

    Well paced and clear presentation of a difficult subject – DNA painting makes more sense now. Thanx.

    Well presented, understandable. Explained both the how and why.

    Well thought out, clearly explained, stepped through logical extension from sub – topic to next sub topic.

    Will need to listen to this again – well presented and packed with information.

    Will need to view again to review some details, but a great webinar by Jonny Perl.

    Wonderful information about DNAPainter. Jonny’s explanations and examples were easy to follow. Thank you so much!

    Wonderful to hear the explanation of DNA Painting from the author! So well explained!

    Wonderful! Looking forward to registering with DNA Painter!


    Would love to hear more on how to paint to find the paternal line when you only have known DNA from the maternal line.


    Wow – what an amazing tool! Great explanation.


    Wow!!!! It looks like DNA Painter will give me a better knowledge of my DNA. Thanks for a great webinar.

    Yikes, always wonder how people invent this stuff! Will give DNA Painter another try.

    You need a “10” for Jonny!! Excellent, clear, and with a very good handout as well. Definitely a big winner in the Webinar Library.


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