Driven by Faith: The German Protestants in Ukraine

Dave Obee
Sep 15, 2023
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About this webinar

Ethnic Germans went to Ukraine for two major reasons: For economic opportunities and for the chance to practice their chosen religions. The Lutherans, Baptists and Mennonites who migrated east often followed different paths, but there are common factors in their history as well. This session reviews some of the most important sources that apply to all, as well as sources that are specific to each denomination.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Dave Obee is a journalist and genealogical researcher who has written a dozen books and given more than 700 presentations at conferences and seminars in Canada, the United States and Australia since 1997. He is Editor and Publisher of the T
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  1. KS
    Kathleen Smith
    9 months ago

    Very Interesting! I did not know about the Baptist and Min influences in the UK, thank you for your work, and the informative information.

  2. HA
    Herbert Adelsberg
    9 months ago

    Dave is a very interesting and informative speaker

  3. MW
    Michelle Warren
    9 months ago

    Very interesting and informative. I’m looking for my husband’s family in Eastern Europe.

  4. DM
    Dee Mathews
    9 months ago

    I know it can’t be easy to research records in places like Poland, Ukraine, and Germany, but Dave Obee does a great job of presenting this information to the genealogy community. I enjoyed this immensely.

  5. CL
    Celia Lewis
    9 months ago

    So much detailed information and explanations of these groups of people! Push&Pull indeed! Dave always provides as much information as he has, including his own collections of books and resources used from boots on the ground!

  6. CN
    Carol Niewinski
    9 months ago

    I’ve been to Poland and Germany so really enjoyed the history.

  7. KM
    Karen McAtlin
    9 months ago

    Fantastic! Thank you.

  8. CG
    Caryl Griscavage
    9 months ago

    He is always excellent


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