DNA for Dog Lovers

Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG
Apr 7, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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How it works
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Why test
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Other animals
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Do you love genetic genealogy? Do you love your dog? Are you curious about your pooch’s antecedents for training purposes or for a rescue pup? Get your doggy’s DNA tested and learn about the science behind both human and dog DNA testing, ethnicity and breed estimates, pedigree analysis and health markers. Learn to apply what you know about genetic genealogy to find your dog’s littermates, and close relatives. Using examples from dog and human DNA, get a better understanding of your dog, and your own genetic genealogy results with this introduction to genetic genealogy.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG, has a Ph.D. in evolutionary ecology from the University of Utah and is an associate professor of Biology at the New England Institute of Technology. She was certified by BCG in 2012, and researches, writes and lectures o
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    As a dog lover and prior owner, I found it very informative and interesting. Excellent presentation.

    A 5 + Absolutely loved it! Just so fun to see how different the dogs from the same litter turned out. Wonderful speaker as well.

    A really fun topic.

    Absolutely fascinating — this from a kitty lover!! She covered most of the dog/human DNA differences and similarities I’ve wondered about!

    Case studies were interesting.

    Definitely very interesting. Want to do this for my friend’s Shih Zu Not sure she’s a pure breed.

    DNA for Dog Lovers was interesting, and I learned a lot about the findings from DNA for dogs. It was fast-moving and fun. Shellee A. Morehead is a knowledgeable speaker. Thank you.

    don’t have a dog but so well presented. thanks.


    Enjoyed a break – So fun

    Excellent – well done and balanced from cute pictures to real science!

    Excellent explanations.

    FANTASTIC! I was on the fence about doing a dog DNA test, particularly the health portion. Now I’m definitely going to do it and get one as a gift for a family member’s dog.

    Fascinating and informative.

    Fascinating! Had never thought about dog DNA–thanks for more new knowledge!!

    First time learning about DNA for dogs, very interesting.

    Fun and informative

    Fun and informative!

    Fun and informative.

    Fun and interesting!

    Fun and interesting…well presented

    fun but informative

    Fun topic. I enjoyed seeing all the sweet puppy faces. I may more seriously consider getting my dogs tested. I have 4 so it would be great if they offered a group discount. 🙂

    Fun webinar

    Fun webinar with lots of cute pictures, good basic information, and genial presenter. Did not have knowledge of other products, cats, etc. but I can research these questions on my own. Nice and interesting way to spend an hour.


    Fun, interesting, enjoyable presentation today. Only wish that we would have considered doing a dog dna test on our rescue sooner. He is over 12 years now, and continues to be a difficult 95 lb dog. We love him, but he has always been a handful. Maybe if we had known more of his breeds sooner, we could have made some training changes.

    Good webinar about dog DNA.

    Great topic.

    Great webinar

    Having already DNA tested, my dog, there wasn’t much new information in this webinar, but it was interesting and well put together. I would definitely recommend this speaker.

    I am going to DNA test our rescue dog!

    I don’t have any pets, but this Webinar was fun.

    I found this fascinating. As a dog lover and rescuer, I have tested only my last rescue dog with Wisdom and am waiting for another test to arrive. Reading results will be a lot easier after watching this. Thank you!

    I have used the Wisdom product to test my German Shepard and was happy with the results. He came back as a German Shepard. I am now interested in the health aspect and the Mapping that she showed. I am ready to share the results with my DNA group on Monday. Thanks for the info. Great webinar.

    I loved the topic. Decided to test our dog.

    I really enjoyed the presentation. I don’t have any dogs right now but wish I could have tested my previous mixed breed girls!

    I really like the out of the ordinary speakers that add fun to your webinars.

    Informative. We’re going to test our dog.

    interesting subject matter because I love dogs

    Interesting to know about this subject

    It was informative

    It was interesting, but human DNA and its link for genealogy is more meaty. We did have one of our dogs tested and it did help explain her coat and personality.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Lovely webinar. I did learn some about dogs and dna. Thank your for expanding the box.

    New subject material and very interesting.

    OH! SO MUCH FUN!!! Finally…a DNA webinar I could understand! And, enjoy! That was great. I’m so glad you had this webinar. Just looking at all those photos made my day! Shellee is a wonderful speaker, too. Thanks so much.

    Presenter was interesting – so glad photos were included. Very good!

    SO interesting! Would love to see a horse one next!

    Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it. I wanted to ask if Sunshine had a Black tongue like Chows have. I have Scotties that are white , called Wheaten Scotties. I’ve had three black Scotties in the past. Love, Love, Love my Scotties. And my DNA tests showed that I’m 48% Scottish. Who Knew?? Thanks a lot for a fun and interesting program. Scotland Forever!!

    That was a lot of fun and very informative as well. I hope at some point they bring down the price for these tests. Shellee did an excellent job on the talk loved every minute of it.

    This actually helps with understanding human DNA!

    This was cool

    Totally interesting and fascinating. Thank for you doing this webinar

    Very fun and well done

    Very interesting who would have ever thought about testing your pets DNA

    Very interesting! Makes me want to have my Cocos DNA.

    VERY Interesting! Well presented! Thanks!

    Very interesting. Can’t wait to get my dog tested.

    Very interesting.

    very unusual and interesting!

    very well done and a very interesting topic

    We love dogs, and have had the DNA tested on one of our dogs. This was an excellent webinar!!

    Well presented webinar on a subject that I am very unfamiliar with.

    What a fun webinar!! I really enjoyed it. Thank you.


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