Latest updates to MyHeritage Genetic Groups

Daniel Horowitz
May 11, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 06s
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10m 31s
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Ethnicity Estimates
8m 09s
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Genetic Groups
21m 06s
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Questions / answers
16m 42s
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Announcements / prizes
2m 28s

About this webinar

Genetic Groups provide exceptional depth and resolution to MyHeritage DNA ethnicity results by pinpointing your origins across 2100+ regions. Join Daniel Horowitz as he presents the latest updates to this fascinating feature and shows you the genealogical insights you can gain from your results.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the stud
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    All of the information was so clearly explained, thank you! I truly learned a lot.

    Always a pleasure to listen to Daniel Horowitz. He explains things so well

    Always good to know what MyHeritage has done with DNA. Great job!

    another great webinar learn a lot from him thanks

    Another very good educational experience! I always learn something new from Daniel Horowitz’s fantastic presentations. Thank you!

    Brilliant webinar from Daniel with lot of great information to help with understanding our DNA matches and ethnicities.

    Clearest description of DNA inheritance, and especially so for a visual learner. I especially liked the use of colours for inheritance. Now what I need to do is take the test, and persuade some of my sibs and cousins to do so — no more aunts or uncles left unfortunately.

    clearly presented, thorough in content, well mediated and with enough time left for questions.

    Daniel always makes things seem so much better!

    Daniel has a knack of using simple language to make information easier to understand! Thank you!

    Daniel Horowitz really knows his stuff, and he shares what he knows to so many who need a bit of a boost to keep working on their genealogy. He is a great speaker, and he is good about answering questions. Thank you so much.

    Daniel is a phenomenal presenter!! I have learned a lot more about DNA from this webinar. Before Daniel’s explanations, I was TOTALLY lost and seriously avoiding the DNA part of genealogy. Thank you so very much Daniel for opening my eyes AND understanding of this fascinating facet of genealogy!! I am going to complete a DNA kit for myself very soon!! Again, THANKS!! I look forward to your next webinar!! God bless!!

    Daniel is great! Always provides interesting information and does it very well!

    Daniel is one awesome speaker, I could listen to him every day. He is very knowledgable about MyHeritage and explains is as no other could do, Everyone can understand what he is trying to teach us about. GREAT JOB DANIEL!! He is a 10+ but there is no number that high.

    Daniel is such a great presenter. He makes everything so clear and easy to understand. Now I need to go back and review everything I thought I knew about my gene pool. Great job. Time well spent.

    Daniel is superb – clear and uses great graphics. His sense of humor is wonderful too. And definitely approachable with questions.

    Daniel is the best presenter! Such clear explanations, enthusiastic delivery and so informative every time. Thanks to Daniel and to My Heritage for their generous nature in sharing so many wonderful tools for genealogy and their genuine interest in making tracing our family trees as easy and as productive as possible! I feel My Heritage offers the most for the least cost and also the most innovative and fun tools of any genealogy site. Thanks so much!

    Daniel is the best. Always learn something new!!

    Daniel rocks!

    Daniel was awesome today. He really gave me a more complete understanding of DNA. Bravo!

    Daniel’s presentations are always welcomed & terrific! Thank you!

    Easy to understand but I didn’t learn anything knew from a DNA ethnicity point of view.



    Excellent … great tools and explanation

    Excellent explainer and clear speaker!

    Excellent information. I downloaded my DNA to My Heritage a couple of years ago. This webinar lets me know that I need to go back and look at it.

    Excellent informative webinar.

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presttnation. Can’t wait for MH to launch these updates.



    Excellent. Loved all the graphics. Looking forward to more presentations like this.

    Excited to explore the upcoming advances! Can’t wait until they are out!

    Explanation of DNA made simple.

    Good info!

    good information

    Good presentation but fairly basic information. I will access ‘asktheexpert’.

    Great as always…! Thank you 🙂

    Great explanation of DNA inheritance.

    Great explanations. Understood almost all of it.

    Great webinar!!!

    Great webinar. Can’t wait to get using the new stuff coming. Daniel was very clear and concise. Easy to listen to. Thank you.

    He always explains everything so well.

    He did a really good job of explaining the difference be genetics and ethnicity.

    How could it not be great, it was Daniel Horowitz!

    I always learn something! New horizons to go over!

    I am looking forward to seeing the new opportunities to “sort my shared matches by ethnicity” made even easier.

    I entered late, so I’ll come back and listen to the recording. Sounds like it was a good webinar.

    I really appreciated Daniel’s presentation. His diction is really pleasant, especially for people like me whose mother tongue is not English… He articulates and speaks slowly, clearly. I learnt a lot. Thanks!

    I too understand a little more about DNA. Thanks

    I understand more about the Ethnicity information. Thanks

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I’m finally beginning to understand DNA. Thanks

    I’m looking forward to checking out the upgraded tools. Thanks.

    It was a bit basic for me, but I did learn that there may be an advantage to uploading my Ancestry DNA and merging with my FTDNA on MyHeritage. Unfortunately being almost all AJ, the genetic groups (and Poland) is much less helpful to me.

    It was great

    It was great, but most useful to a beginner. I look forward to the next advanced class. But thanks so very much.

    Learned a lot thank you so much..

    learned so much on better use my account to manage all those I now have plans to upload

    Learning is a hug key to successful research. Received lots of information and tips. Daniel never disappoints!

    Lots of info presented in an organized and concise format. Thanks.

    Love seeing the new features and he is always helpful in his presentations for everyone to learn from no matter your expertise

    more review and not as much new

    Nice intro info and tour of the Ethnicity functionality at MH. Maybe I can finally figure out these strange ethnicities that MyHeritage is using!

    Nice review of the different options on the site. Appreciated seeing what is coming.

    Perfect timing. My DNA kit ordered from MyHeritage arrived yesterday. I look forward to playing when my results are ready. Thank you.

    SO Good! I have been doing DNA testing (along with managing other family) since 2009 (and before autosomal). I learned a lot with Daniel’s presentation because of how he simplified and explained the Ethnicity results. I will be recommending this webinar for others. I am also so glad I am a subscriber to Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Thank you!!

    so informative, as always

    Superior presentation. It was clear and understandable.


    Thank you!

    Thanks so much David. Great explanations. I can’t wait to join your next webinar. Toda,( not sure if I spelled that correctly. )



    That was great!

    The information was presented very clearly and in a fashion that was easy to understand. It was very informative.

    The webinar gave me many things to look up on My Heritage and I will do that. Thanks

    This was so interesting! Thank you Daniel for taking the time to personally announce and share these new features.

    Very clearly presented. Thank you.

    very good

    Very good!

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    very interesting and well explained

    Very understandable and informative. It’s always nice to hear of the new features at My Heritage.

    Well done

    Wonderful, as usual! Thanks!

    Wow, sounds great!

    You guys never fail to please 🙂 Worth getting out of bed on a cold, wet (and still dark) morning. Thank you. Cheers from Dunedin, New Zealand!


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