Discover the Holdings of German Archives

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG
May 19, 2020
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Learn about BCG
5m 06s
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Speaker's Introduction
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3m 04s
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Know Your Ancestor
9m 56s
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German Websites
4m 39s
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Accessing Archival Material
6m 38s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

German archives hold many records valuable for expanding our genealogical research. Church records not available digitally may be waiting in archives. State and local archives may contain emigration, court, tax, and other records to fill in our ancestor’s story. This webinar will explain how to find relevant archives and discover their holdings. It will describe how to navigate detailed online finding aids when available. One need not be fluent in German to do this research. Essential vocabulary and translation tools will be discussed.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, Certified Genealogist ®, author of the Guide to Hanover Military Records, 1514-1866 on Microfilm at the Family History Library, is the owner of Lind Street Research, a company dedicated to helping people discove
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A good introduction to the next steps to take to find out more on my greatgrandparents who emigrated to Queensland in 1874. I would love to research their ancestors from Prussia, Mecklenburg, and you have given some hints.

    A TON of information shared! Very excited to start exploring! Thank you!


    Absolutely Brilliant webinar containing a gold mine of information for researching German Genealogy.

    An excellent and very helpful presentation.

    Awesome detail. Thank you

    Broadens my understanding of techniques and what is available.

    clear, concise, given me a lot more optimism about breaking through some of my German brick walls. Thank You

    Even after researching for 20 years, this information about German archives is all new. Wonderful and well presented information.



    Excellent info well presented and organized. Thank you!

    Excellent info. Much went by fairly fast, and wished there were more detail in the handout, as a result.

    excellent information

    Excellent information and speaker.

    Excellent information.

    Excellent overall. I am interested in a copy of the powerpoint and the questions and answers.

    Excellent overview of genealogical research in German Archives.

    Excellent presentation – the background material presented made the focus of the presentation easy to follow

    Excellent presentation and information.

    Excellent presentation by very knowledgeable presenter. Thanks so much.

    Excellent presentation for a topic that can be very over-whelming.

    Excellent presentation on German Research in the Archives. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation!

    excellent presentation, I will need to watch it another time for particulars referencing Bavaria and Hessen. Thank you

    Excellent presenter and resources.

    Excellent speaker who absolutely knew her topics, was able to answer all the questions with grace. Very informative syllabus. Thank you BCG and Legacy.

    Excellent speaker. the topic was clearly presented and the handout is excellent!

    Excellent webinar and resources

    Excellent webinar, looking forward to researching!

    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent webinar. Lots of great information. Teresa is an excellent presenter.


    Excellent, even for the experienced researcher!

    Excellent. She went very fast, but that’s because she had so much info to share.

    Extremely well organized; learned a lot.

    Fabulous webinar and resources.

    Fabulous. Glad it was so detailed.

    Fantastic presentation and syllabus. Thank you!

    Fantastic presentation. So well organized. I have done a lot of German research and have used a few archives there, but now I can see so much more to do from home and will need to use Google Translate a lot.

    fantastic webinar and handout!

    Fantastic! So much valuable information with a great presentation!

    Fascinating topic. As someone who is just getting started in researching German family history, I was definitely overwhelmed but there is much to learn and pursue in the future.

    First time attending one of Teresa’a webinars. Really enjoyed the structure of her presentation. Will have to go to the Legacy archive and look for others she has done.

    Full of information I didn’t know.

    Gives me hope that I can start my German research on two major lines

    good information

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Good speaker, very knowledgeable about topic presenting it well.

    Great overview. Showing HOW to find things on websites of German archives. Showing multiple examples so we know one size does not fit all. Explaining archive etiquette so that we can communicate better with people when making inquiries or arrangements. It’s not often in genealogy that we get to have the “human touch”.

    Great presentation

    great presentation

    Great presentation by Teresa. Will be checking out her blog for more valuable hints.

    Great presentation. Thank you for the detailed handout/resource guide, I’m looking forward to diving in to research at the German archives!

    Great presenter with a strong command of the material.

    Great speaker! Organized, speaks slowly following her cursor. Useful information.

    Great speaker. A little hard to follow all the German website information – will I ever remember how to do it??

    Great syllabus material – thank you

    great webinar with great information! I’m hopeful I can find my hiding German ancestor!!!

    Great webinar. Thank you! : )

    I do not speak German so it was difficult to understand. Very enlightening to know about all of the archives available

    I don’t feel like I am the only one out there that needs German research help anymore! I feel reassured that I can tackle a few German research online websites!

    I feel more confident to try researching in Germany now. Wonderful presentation.

    I had already found some church records for my great grandparents in a small town but now see I have a lot more to look up! Thank you for a very good & uncomplicated webinar.

    I have been doing research for a number of years, so a lot of the information I already know, but there is always something new in every one of these learning opportunities

    I have too many brick walls to break down before I can experience and appreciate what was being said. Still, I Wanted to iknow.

    I haven’t jumped to German research yet so it was above my head, but…..very informative and interesting

    I hope I can repeat viewing tomorrow morning, because despite the syllabus, I needed to take more notes!

    I joined late. Enjoyed what I did hear. Thank you.

    I learned a lot! Thanks

    I would like to be able to review this presentation again.
    I really enjoyed this webinar. Teresa is extremely knowledgable regarding German Genealogy research. She gave us a lot of information in a short time and with the Syllabus it was very easy to follow and understand. Excellent presentation on German Genealogy.

    I was blown away by the level of information packed into the syllabus, and Teresa’s knowledge to quickly respond to the many questions thrown at her. FANTASTIC!

    I wish I could expect to go to Germany again.

    Inspired me to pursue German research further….early to mid 1700s to Pennsylvania….Lutheran

    Interesting even not lilkely to use


  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    It was great! Very informative, great speaker!

    It was great. I especially appreciated the information on Wurttemberg.

    It was interesting to tour some of the German online archives. Teresa threw a few crumbs regarding Alsace Lorraine; an area my ancester came from in the 1800’s. I will pursue those crumbs.

    It was packed with information. I’m looking forward to digging into the citations that she provided.

    It was quite over my head.

    It was very informative and enjoyable.

    I’ve been doing German research for a long time. Have used some of the resources but learned how to maximize my search effectiveness AND some new resources as well

    knowing a little more of our German history might have helped in following. Thanks

    Knowledgeable host – and I have numerous practical resources to help me research!! Thansk!

    Learned a lot about researching the online records in the archives. Didn’t realize so much was available. Thanks.

    Like drinking German language from a fire hose! Difficult to break the language barrier, but I will come back and review it again as I get better. But nonetheless great information.

    Loads of wonderful information, well-formatted and well-presented.

    Lots of great information. Well presented, and love the numbered references as she spoke. Made it very easy!

    LOTS of information, the handout is great!

    Lots of knowledge on the subject-all phases

    Lots of materials to learn

    lots to learn

    More advanced than I expected.

    Ms. McMillin always offers great seminars rich with lots of invaluable information and suggestions. She did not disappoint this time either!

    Ms. McMillin spoke very well and clearly about searching in Germany’s archives, and always helpful to see links to links and what the speaker is looking at. I appreciate all her insights as I was not sure where to start for an 1890 departure gleaned from a US naturalization doc. I’ve noticed that Bavaria is not a common place of research and wonder why.

    Nice presentation, Thank you.


    Oh my goodness, what is not to love!!!!!


    Outstanding!!! Thank you.

    Presenter was very knowledgeable and I appreciate the information that she shared, especially in the syllabus. I am very new to German research–the information in the webinar may have been a little too advanced for me at this point but I will file it away for future use.
    Rather late viewing time in UK so hope to be able to watch again as too much good information to remember; uncertain how to obtain syllabus (arrived a few minutes late and took some time to get sound etc..).

    REALLY appreciated all the information in the syllabus!

    Really good information/links to resources.

    Really well organized and presented. The topic is very complex but the presented did a good job of simplifying and explaining for the participants.

    Sadly, I was distracted by family matters while attending the webinar. I also had problems logging in in a timely fashion. I will have to listen to the webinar again to get the full benefit. The resource guide provided will be an excellent edition to my resource files! Thank you!

    She did have a good overview.

    Since the majority of my ancestors were in West Prussia and Germany, I am eager to investigate the German archives that Teresa explained in her webinar.

    So much great info into resources much deeper than one usually sees. Love it!

    So much info – I admit to being a little overwhelmed! Maybe break it down into two?

    So much information packed into this one hour–really worth the time. The speaker knows her subject.

    SO much information that I never heard about! Wonderful!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    So much new information to investigate!

    Speaker was very knowledgeable on subject.

    Superb presentation

    Superb presentation–very helpful as all my immigrant ancestors came from German speaking areas of Europe in the 19th century!

    Superb! well organized, well paced, and very relevant to my current brick wall!

    syllabus will be very helpful when I can follow up on what I’ve learned–thank you so much

    Teresa gave an easy to follow presentation. I found it very interesting and look forward to trying some of the sites to search.

    Teresa is a wonderful speaker – she explains things well and she has so much knowledge. Truly a master genealogist.

    Teresa is so thorough and her syllabus are outstanding! She is a great communicator and you cannot but learn from her presentations! I can feel my German ancestors getting closer to me!

    Teresa is the best there is on Germany. One thing is that she goes sooooo fast, but she covers a lot in a short period of time and I like that. Expand time I am not bored!!! I also wish she would show pics as she goes along on the websites so we could do that later when we forget. Don’t know if she is allowed? Syllabus is excellent otherwise. I am from IL and know of the Arlington Hts Library- it is wonderful. I now live in AZ. When I see Teresa is giving a webinar I try to attend. Thank you!!!!

    Teresa was awesome. This webinar makes me want to watch all of her past webinars that are in the libray.

    Teresa was very informative in finding German records other than Church records. Would like to hear from her again . Thank you for having her.

    Teresa’s lecture was excellent. I look forward to watching it again.

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you, there is so much I don’t know

    Thank you. Really enjoyed it. Very helpful. Have lots to explore.

    thanks for all of the information.

    The handout was very informative and a great resource for the future. Explained the language for searching which will be very beneficial.

    The presenter certain “knows her stuff”. I will need to slowly work through this webinar, since I do not read nor speak German.

    This should keep me busy for a long time, lots to research!

    This was so organized and thorough – thank you!! I will be looking at the Schleswig-Holstein archives and the Berlin archives records.

    This was so wonderful! Awesome job. Thank you!

    This was such a amazing webinar and handout with so much information. The presentation was well organized with so many suggestions for German resources. It was just exceptional.

    This webinar was extremely helpful now that I have discovered the home locations of my German ancestors.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this webinar. Now I just need the time to do all my research. Thank you for this. to watch over.

    Useful information that I am eager to try.

    Very clear, detailed and interesting.

    Very clear. Presenting information that was new to me. Sorry I had to leave early.

    Very detailed with excellent resources. Guess I’ve got a lot more work to do. But, thank you for opening my eyes to a broader horizon of research.

    Very enlightening.

    very good but presented a bit fast due to the foreign language aspect

    Very good information and easy to follow, even though I will have to learn some German words to find what I’m looking for. The syllabus is filled with great information. Thank you so much!

    Very good presentation. Well organized, interesting, and full of new info. Great how-tos. Very good handout.

    Very good webinar. An advanced class for German research. Thank you

    Very good. Nice to be able to get a free syllabus with references.

    Very good. Useful hints and advice. Thanks.

    very goood

    Very helpful and informative; thanks so much!

    Very helpful in exploring online sites!

    Very impressed with the speaker’s knowledge of not only archives, but types of resources to German researchers as well.

    very informative

    Very informative


  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very informative – lot of useful information and detailed directions for use of the websites. Thank you

    Very informative and helpful!! Many thanks!

    Very informative- -and over my head as far as not reading or speaking German. Would like to listen to it again to fill in some pertinent info that I undoubtedly missed, and research areas to go over again. Excellent webinar and hostess.

    Very informative and the handout was excellent. I am going to watch all of Theresa’s webinars!

    Very informative on the various archives and contents

    very informative gives me ideas to pursue

    Very informative! The syllabus is a great resource!

    Very informative. Syllabus has great links. Concerned a little about the german language, but practice will help. Can’t wait to get started.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and helpful.

    Very Interesting. Great Syllabus. Thank You.

    Very knowegable!

    Very knowledgable presenter. Enjoyed it!

    Very knowledgeable speaker, provided a wealth of information!

    Very knowledgeable, great presentation, and excellent handout. The only disappointment was that it didn’t specifically cover any of my own ancestral areas.

    Very logical arrangement made it easy to follow, despite the abundance of info; significantly enhanced my knowledge of the subject.

    Very useful

    Very well done. This will help me a lot finding my German ancestors.

    Very well done–sure wished that I knew German. It would make things so much easier.

    Very well organized. A great deal of thought went into the webinar and the handout.

    Very well organized. Thank you.

    Very well presented.

    Well done and well presented.

    Well done. Thank you!

    Well prepared and well delivered.

    well presented. A lot of information!

    Well presented. My German is not and so difficult for me.

    well thought out and well versed

    What a treasure trove of great information relevant to my research! Thank you!

    Wonderful information and resources

    Wonderful speaker. Has given me the incentive to start researching my 2nd gr and 3rd gr grandfathers.

    wonderful syllabus and webinar!

    Wonderful webinar on German Arcives.


    Would be helpful if I had German ancestry.

    would like to see her do a follow-up on subject specialized or smaller archives in Germany–lots to mine here.

    Wow – great presentation!

    Wow! Such a wealth of knowlege, and a good presenter.

    Wow. I will be watching this again. So much information to take in

    Wow. This was possibly the best webinar I have ever seen. Theresa Steinkamp McMillan packed so much into it. The handout will be so useful. I have done some German church record work and speak a little of German, but didnt realize how much I didnt know until tonight. This will keep me busy for years. Thanks so much, I hope you have her again.

    Wow-I don’t think I will ever get to the right place to research!!! so involved


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