Boost Your Germanic Research: Understand Historical Jurisdictions

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG
Apr 17, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 31s
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German History
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Finding Churches
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Current Jurisdictions
12m 39s
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Finding Civil Records
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Before the German Empire
6m 17s
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Finding Records
19m 17s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Meyer’s Gazetteer is great for determining jurisdictions as of 1912. Germany was not a country until 1871. In the centuries leading up to that, land areas were constantly changing hands. One must understand who controlled a given area in order to find all possible records. Topics included in this lecture are: Use of Meyer’s gazetteer and its impact on the Family History Library catalog, Macro jurisdictional changes in historical Germanic areas, Tactics for determining jurisdictions of a village or small land holding over time, Examples of changing jurisdictions for selected areas, Key German vocabulary will be included.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, Certified Genealogist ®, author of the Guide to Hanover Military Records, 1514-1866 on Microfilm at the Family History Library, is the owner of Lind Street Research, a company dedicated to helping people discove
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago


    A lot of complex information presented very clearly.

    a lot of good and new information for me

    A lot of useful information presented in a very organized manner. Worth multiple re-watchings.

    Absolutely excellent information. Such a knowledgeable speaker. I am going to sign up for a webinar membership!

    Absolutely the most helpful information I have encountered for explaining the process of navigating resources when researching my German ancestry.

    Amazing amount of information and search tips. Thanks!

    Amazing webinar! Wow, this was jam-packed with actionable information. Danke schön!

    An exceptional presentation on a well researched topic. Many thanks for this webinar.

    As always, Teresa is tops!

    Awesome information!!

    Brilliant webinar with lots to think about and an ideal model to follow for other foreign places.

    Comprehensive for those researching in Germany. By 1800, my German ancestors were already well east of what became modern Germany. So this webinar was of limited use. Still I appreciate the details.

    Definitely not long enough. It was great!

    Especially liked finding out about Meyer’s being online in English & for learning about other resources.

    Exactly what I needed to follow my ancestors through the complication German historical jurisdictions! Thank you.


    excellent as always!

    Excellent content well delivered. Handout greatly appreciated.

    Excellent job of taking viewers step-by-step through the process.

    Excellent organization, very knowledgeable.

    Excellent presentation & Information! Thanks!!

    excellent presentation quite advanced.

    Excellent presentation with many key tips and sources for finding records.

    Excellent presenter. Good syllabus. Will search out her other webinars.

    Excellent webinar! Thanks!



    Excellent! This will give a great start on finding information regarding my great grandmother was born at sea on the way to the States from Germany!

    Excellent! I will probably watch it again.



    Excellent!!! You answered so many of my questions. I thought I was finished…not so….I am very excited to continue!!! Many, many thanks!

    Excellent, but I’ll have to watch again. Too much info to take notes about. Liked the graphics and the recaps after each section.

    Excellent, of course.

    Excellent. I am now hopeful that I might find out where my husband’s ancestors were from. Will watch it over and over. Thanks

    Fabulous resources!


    Fantastic! I have been very confused by the different levels of jurisdictions in Germany and this webinar really helped. Great examples!

    Fantastic! Thanks!

    Fantastic. Lots of detailed information! Looking forward to reviewing this again.

    Full of good info. I will need to review the syllabus numerous times before I get it.

    Great class with lots of information. Wonderful!

    Great information on how to start researching German info and what terms are important!

    great presentation with lots of information

    Great webinar.


    Her webinars are great!

    HUGE amount of information. Will have to watch this again.

    I definitely learned so much that I’ll go back and watch it again.

    I have not started researching my husband’s ancestors from Germany and this webinar definitely gave me lots of information and places to start. Thank you.

    I learned SO MUCH from Teresa’s webinar that will help me to research my numerous German ancestors! Thank you so much!

    I’m having fun in that Meyers Gazetter already. Thanks a lot

    Informative on Prussia, Stettin

    Interesting and good advice.

    It’s amazing how much information Teresa crammed into a relatively short time!

    just amazing – thank you

    Learned a lot today about German genealogical resources and researching in Baden-Wurttemberg – from which some of my ancestors came. I’m quite inspired to start digging further on that part of the family now!

    Lots of good info. Must watch again. Thanks

    Lots of good information.

    Lots of great information — I’ll have to explore to fully understand everything, but I appreciate all the resources in the syllabus. Thanks!

    Lots of helpful information!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Lots of useful info about German research

    Love the detailed and very systematic presentation – easy to follow a complicated topic and so very useful. Many thanks,

    loved it

    more technical than I expected, but a lot of info

    Moved a little too fast, buy was great!

    Overwhelming, but VERY well organized. Thanks.

    Packed full of lots of great information – thank you! I am going to have to consider subscribing one of these days…

    really a lot of excellent information on how to research German records

    Really good information. How can I get syllabus?

    Really good webinar with lots of ideas how to further research. She made it understandable and like it might be doable. Thank you.

    She was very knowledgeable about the subjects but way over my head at this point of my research

    So much excellent information, must see again, fabulous, Thanks,

    So much great information. I’ll be watching this one again. I’ve been researching my German roots for a very long time-but still learning new resources!

    So much info…will definitely need to watch again.

    So much information!!! Excellent!

    Sooo much information – this is my first foray into the German part of my ancestry.

    Sorry I missed the 1st half, but will catch up when it is released. Thank you!

    Sorry, could stay for entire webinar due to work schedule

    Such excellent information, I’m sure I will be able to break down some brickwalls now 🙂

    Super presentation — hope she does a lot more!!

    Teresa is one of the best for detail and I received several good suggestions for finding my ancestors in Prussia. Many thanks for these great webinars that are real eye openers!

    Thank you for all the tips and hints and things to try. That will be the most difficult, but I now feel a little more confident.

    Thank you!

    Thanks for all the tips. I will look for them.

    This is one of the best presenters I have heard on Legacy Webinars. Teresa’s style was smooth and unfettered. She knew her material so well that she didn’t just read the powerpoint as some presenters seem to do. Better yet, her substance was amazingly detailed and helpful. If one only copied down the URLs she suggested, one would have hours of successful genealogy mining. 5 stars for Teresa!

    This was my first ever webinar on any topic. I’m eager to try out some of the things I learned.

    This was terrific! I think I’ll have to look at it again to grasp a lot of what she went over.

    This will be a big help when I am working on my ancestors in there areas where there were Germans. Thank you


    Truly jam packed with many hints and guides to help in my research.

    very detailed

    Very good direction on how and where to find jurisdictions old & new!

    Very good webinar. Helped me in several areas.

    very helpful and instructive

    Very helpful with new information. I’ll be watching it again.

    Very helpful!! Thank you for this webinar and telling me about the other useful webinars on German jurisdictions and records. I really appreciated the historical overview, too.

    Very informative and well organized! Thank you!

    Very informative!

    Very informative. She gave me lots of ideas to further my Germanic research. Great presenter!

    Very interesting and what I learned will be useful for me. However I will watch it again as I found it was a lot of info to take in in one sitting. Thank you for offering webinars such as this one.

    VERY INTERESTING. Teresa is an excellent speaker who gives the listener good tips and breaks down topic into “bite sized” pieces for the audience to follow.

    Very knowledgeable about great leads. Great presenter. Talked at good reasonable pace.

    What a fantastic webinar – informative, organized, and great syllabus. Thank you!

    Will be of great help with my husband’s German ancestry – unfortunately I still have a 3-gts-grandfather born “Germany” but Teresa did offer some suggestions to narrow that, plus I’ll watch the Ursula Krause webinar on that. Thanks

    Will need to watch again!

    Wonderful information. It was hard to follow at times because of I am new to German research. Must watch again.

    Wonderful resources and how-to. Will be watching this again. Thank you!

    Wonderful webinar and she is a good presenter. Look for more of hers!

    Wonderful webinar on German research.


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