Fridays in May: Your Questions Answered LIVE—DNA with Diahan

Diahan Southard
May 15, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
4m 41s
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Shared Matches
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Genetic Networks
10m 35s
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Mystery Match
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What Are The Odds
6m 53s
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Multiple Family Members
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Now’s your chance to ask your tech questions and your DNA questions. On hand will be experts in their fields: Thomas MacEntee and Diahan Southard. Email your questions to Register once and you will be registered for all four Fridays in May webinars.

  • Friday, May 8: Tech with Thomas
  • Friday, May 15: DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 22: More DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 29: More tech with Thomas

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A 10!!!

    A lot of information

    Always a great teacher. Thanks a lot

    Always good. So much good basic information! Thank you!

    always informative!

    Always learn something new from Diahan.

    As always Diahan explains the DNA issues very well.

    Awesome presentation. Some of it was a bit beyond me so I’m glad I can take another shot at listening. Thank you so much.

    Awesome thank you

    Awesome webinar!!! Diahan always can reach out to the very experienced as well as the newcomer. Looking forward to next Friday! Thanks!!!

    Boy, she’s an excellent explainer! I might even be able to go after this 18th century ancestor that is driving me crazy.


    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information which will help me with my DNA matching of relatives.

    Brilliant. Well worth listening to.

    Definitely one to watch again.

    Diahan always knows SO much!

    Diahan always presents the information in a way that is understandable. I also like the graphics.

    Diahan covered many of the subjects that interest me. Thanks for bringing her in for this webinar. I always enjoy her expertise.

    Diahan is a wonderful speaker who explains the process of DNA for those of us who ae not experts.

    Diahan is aways great.

    Diahan is extremely knowledgeable on DNA. LOVED it!

    extracts mine and Mom’s DNA matches, then, created a new kit # for PATERNAL matches without having my dad’s DNA (and maternal matches). Sooo valuable!!!

    Diahan is fabulous! She has the best explanations for difficult DNA topics. I’ll be watching this again. Please keep doing the Q&A sessions.

    Diahan is one of my favorites! So much information presented in such an understandable way! Thanks

    Diahan is one of top 3 DNA experts that make it easier to understand the process!

    Diahan is probably the best DNA speaker I have heard, Speaks in a way that makes it easy to understand even the more complex pieces.

    Diahan is so incredibly knowledgeable and her way of presenting the information makes things I’ve struggled to understand very accessible. Thank you for this presentation!

    Diahan is the best cheerleader ever. Makes me think I can do this!

    Diahan is very good at explaining all aspects of DNA. Truly an asset tp FTDNA family!
    Diahan is wonderful–simple and understandable approach to providing explanations

    Diahan knows her topic and can present it clearly. my first attempt to get a handle on DNA and family history. But not my last.

    Diahan provided a lot of information. Will have to view again to get all the details

    Diahan was very good. Just wish the brain could really process all about the DNA. Have a super weekend all.

    Diahan’s explanations always make so much sense.

    Diahan’s enthusiasm is sooooo infectious! I always learn something from her webinars and feel inspired to double down on my own research.

    Diahan’s great! Always learn something new every time I hear her talk.

    Diane explained DNA so well. Thank you.

    Diverse questions handled very well. .. and glad she mentioned to be sensitive in emotional issues

    DNA is still confusing for me as I begin to use it but the information provided was fascinating

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    enjoyed it




    Excellent and so clear for a non science person to understand

    EXCELLENT from Dianah as usual.

    Excellent information

    Excellent lecture! Learning so much from these question and answer webinars!

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. Thank you for all you do to help us learn.

    Excellent presentation…I learned a lot

    Excellent webinar and Diahan does an amazing job of explaning! Thank you Family Tree Webinars!!!

    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent! I hope Family Tree Webinars can have Diahan back on a regular basis (monthly?) to do this again and again! It really helps as new things come up daily with DNA and the testing companies. Thanks!

    Fabulous as always! Love Diahan!

    Good presentation. I’ll have to watch again to get some of the concepts

    Great discussion and enlightening. Diahan is the greatest.

    Great DNA session with Diahan. So helpful and interesting, the hour went by to swiftly! Thank you! : )

    Great format – thanks Diahan – and Geoff and Marian. DNA is such a complex topic with new tools becoming available frequently it really pays to keep listening to these experts. I do learn something new every time but now can also recognize how much I understand.

    Great information

    Great information.

    Great program!

    great questions and answers. Thank you Diahan for answering mine too!

    Great speaker! Diahann makes her topics easy to understand even for those of us who don’t have a science background.

    great speaker. very clear. Good choice of questions.

    Great Webinar

    Great Webinar

    Great webinar on DNA.

    Great webinar!

    great webinar. I learnt so much!

    Her knowledge of DNA is amazing!

    I always learn something new from Diahan. She knows so much about DNA and makes it easier to understand. Thanks to all.

    I am an advanced DNA person but I learned a lot! Diahan was very organized, had lots of information and explained it well for beginners.

    I am learning so much. Thank you for these webinars. Diahan was excellent

    I am very close to joining, based on the webinars I have seen for free.

    I got a number of useful ideas. Thanks for letting us know Living DNA is finally showing matches beyond immediate family.

    I have Diahan’s book & working my way through it. She just has that special gift to explain things so clearly. So glad she will be coming back soon.

    I knew more than I thought I did but still found some helpful tips.

    I learned so much from this webinar.

    I like the diagrams she made. Looking forward to more next week. Thank you to all!

    I like the format of questions being submitted beforehand so that Diahan can make a well prepared presentation. I always take away something from her talks; she’s such a good teacher.

    I liked the way Diahan answered specific questions in a way that applied to many other circumstances. A complicated subject, but understandable answers. Thanks!

    I was impressed. I just bought her book and can’t wait to start using it.

    I’d like to rate this webinar higher than 5!

    I’m looking forward to next week’s!

    I’m more of an advanced user but I did appreciate some of Diahann’s more insightful comments such as choosing which of two DNA matches to work on based on the one with the larger largest segment.

    In my opinion, she does the best job of explaining DNA of anyone I have ever heard. It is not always easy to figure it out and she always has good examples.

    Interesting format with only Q&A but I tried it and guess what? I learned a lot!

    It does help to have the same concept presented differently. THANKS!

    It really rates a 6 rating.

    It was a nice introduction for me and I will attend next week. Thank you.

    It was amazing! Diahan is so knowledgeable on DNA! Thank you!

    It was very helpful to see the questions that Diahan was answering in her slide show.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    learned something I don’t know

    Legacy does a wonderful job with all of the webinars I have attended, however, I especially enjoy the Diahan Southard webinars. She is an incredible guest speaker whose material is well-planned and well-presented.

    Let’s hear more from Diahan!

    lots of examples and methods to find answers

    Lots of food for thought.

    lots of good info but hard to follow at times due to limited knowledge in this area but many helpful hints and suggestions of things one can learn to do with more study and practice

    lots of good information

    Lots of great information. Thank you so much!

    Lots of info on how to look at shared matches, which is great!

    Lots to chew on!

    love Diahan!

    Love Diahan, the born teacher which loads of knowledge.

    Love Diahan’s webinars; always interesting, educational, and fun

    Love the Q & A webinars!/ Diahan is great, an excellent teacher and inspirational!

    Loved it, great webinar. I especially liked the examples as it makes it easier to understand. Thanks again!

    Loved it. So helpful!

    loved the examples

    Loved, will be back to see her next one. Her excitement level added to the topic MUCH more than same info but from a monotone speaker.

    More presentations from Diahan please. She explains DNA so I can understand.

    My favorite presenter! As always, she did an amazing job of helping me understand DNA better.

    OMG! So much information, so well done. She has a great voice and can talk fast yet be understood and get through a ton of information in the time slot. Amazing! I am going to watch all her webinars.

    One of my FAVORITE speakers. I always come away with additional knowledge or ideas that I didn’t know or was using.

    Really great. I have a lot to learn!!!

    Responses to each of the questions submitted were very helpful!

    She always puts my head on overload, but I always come back for more.

    She is always fantastic. I make a special point of listening whenever she is doing something, anywhere. Keep bringing her back.

    She is always great!

    She is certainly a high energy presenter!

    She is the most amazing teacher.

    She is very good explaining concepts.

    She is wonderful! So clear and with great slides!

    She’s just so great… her explanations are always so understandable, illustrative (graphics) and fun with her enthusiasm.

    So much good information covered by Diahan Southard! Her slides were easy to follow, and she certainly knows a lot about DNA. Thank you for this webinar!

    So much good information. Wish she was on every week

    So much to learn, and Diahan does the teaching so well!! Every time I tune in I learn again what to do and why. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and her slides are always so clear with what she’s trying to get us to understand the concepts. Big gold stars to Legacy for putting on these Friday Q&A webinars!! Much appreciated.

    So much to learn. Many things were clarified today. Thank you.

    So, so good! Ten stars! Thanks, Diahan!

    Some material too technical for me.

    Some of the concepts were above me, but, I did hear some useful tips that I am going to try.

    Superb QA session – Diahan always prepares well with excellent diagrams. Clear and fun!

    Such clear answer to confusion. Thank you

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Thank you for the explaination for understanding the 1st cousin 1X, this will help me when I redo my WATO.

    Thank you, loved it!

    Thanks Diahan, Great webinar.

    Thanks to you all. Another great webinar.

    The best!

    The best!!! Learned so much.

    The webinar and Diahan were great. I got lost at one point, (I’m new to DNA) but I will go over the webinar again and probably figure it out. If not, then I can ask next week. 🙂

    This was a fantastic DNA Q&A webinar, Diahan not only gives good detailed answers but provides great visuals to really nail the concept in! I really hope Family Tree Webinars will do more Q&A styled webinars with Diahan in the future. This was amazing and truly enjoyable!!!

    This was a very informative webinar. The speaker is very knowledgeable and goes to so much effort to answer each question. Thank you so much!

    This was great!! I learned a lot but I think I’m going back to watch the beginners series to really get a handle on it. Thanks!!

    This webinar was a great help Thanks

    Thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the nice cross section of questions that did touch on issues I’ve wondered about in the past. Especially loved the reference population answer that I can share with those who have ethnicity issues. Thank you so much for offering these free webinars.

    Today’s webinar was great and very informative. Even though I have done a lot of genealogy research, I am relatively new to DNA research.

    Totally brilliant! I learned some important things and I’ve been doing DNA research for years!

    Very clear and understandable answers.

    Very clear explanations. I appreciated her groupings of questions.

    Very clear presentation

    Very glad I got to see this. I learned somethings I didn’t realize I didn’t know!

    very good

    Very good discussion of questions asked. Thank you.

    Very good webinar. Picked up a few new ideas, so thanks.

    Very informative – truly appreciate it!

    Very informative! Love listening to Diahan!

    VERY Informative!! Really enjoyed this one. Thanks!

    Very informative, despite the fact that Diahan didn’t get to addressing my question.

    very new for me

    Well presented and informative

    When it comes to making DNA approachable no one does it better than Diahan.

    Wonderful explanations!

    Wonderful, a lot of good information.

    Wonderfully clear & concise explanations! Soooooo informative!!


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