New Searching Experience at MyHeritage

Dana Drutman
Sep 8, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Behind the Scenes
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The New Experience
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Live Demo
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

MyHeritage is constantly looking for ways to make the search for historical records easier and better. Learn about the new searching experience, and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the improvement process.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Dana is a Senior Product Manager at MyHeritage and is responsible for MyHeritage's historical record search engine. She leads a dedicated and agile team of developers and QA engineers, and works closely with UX designers and data analysts to c
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Although I’ve been using the search tool for some time now and am reasonably proficient the webinar did help to increase my understanding. I never cease to be amazed by the ease with which MyHeritage can be used considering the complexity and amount of data available.

    Always enjoy webinars on how to use websites

    Always happy to hear that My Heritage is improving their search mechanisms. And really appreciate having it explained and demonstrated so competently!

    Anxious to get started.

    Appreciate the behind the scenes insight and the constant work to improve the site.

    Awesome!!! Thank you!

    Brilliant Webinar with lots of great tips on using the My Heritage with the new search features.

    Can’t wait to use the new search

    Dana did a great job introducing us to the different ways to navigate MyHeritage and her answers to questions were very clear and direct. THank you

    Dana did a very good job explaining the new features of MyHeritage. It is always helpful to find out the back story as to why features have been changed. It will prevent old users like me from screaming at their screen — “Why did the change that?” or “I know that a particular feature used to be there. Where is it?” MyHeritage does a great job on keeping its users informed. I really appreciate it. Thanks!

    Dana did an excellent job of explaining the new features.

    Dana offered helpful information. I am interested to try to search the newspapers as well as some immigration documents for family members. Thank you very much.

    Dana was incredible! She explained the new features of My Heritage so well. I use My Heritage daily, so this makes searching a lot simpler!

    Easy to follow. No information overload. Will apply to everyone equally.

    Easy to understand and provided a lot of great tips and tricks to navigate the new layout.

    Excellent background information. Thank you for offering it.

    Excellent information

    Excellent presentation

    Glad that My Heritage is finally getting a decent interface. I can actually enjoy researching the site now

    Glad to see that MyHeritage is improving their search capabilities. This was an excellent primer on it by Dana!

    Good for beginners, but also to confirm that how we are searching is this way, too. Enjoyed it and look forward to more.

    Good overview of the changes and reasons.

    good presenter; content great for a beginner but pretty basic for an experienced researcher.

    good to know all of this thank you

    Good to know how the search engine is improving.


    Great information, and enjoyed the explanations of the screens. We have used the new screens in the last few days, and now it is much easier to know how to use the screens once we saw her explanation of the various screens. We like this new and improved version of MyHeritage. Thank you for such a wonderful webinar.

    Great new information! Thank you.

    Great presentation. Yes, I too, enjoy the behind the scenes look at what’s going on at My Heritage!

    Great to see the live data searches.

    Great webinar and intro to new features.

    Great webinar! Love the new search interface.

    Helpful tips for using Search

    I am not a My Heritage user so a bit of confusing, but I fully appreciate all the thought that goes into the constant improvement of the site. I was not aware of all the resources that are available for members.

    I can’t wait to do research on My Heritage, so, I’m going there right now!

    I enjoy learning about things to make my research easier.

    I found it to be highly informative and I look forward to using the tools in furthering my researching. Thank you so much.

    I have been waiting for many of the new features in SEARCH.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I learned a lot and anxious to try these new things.

    I like the super search. It looks like it is easy.

    I need to be more experimental in my searches. This will help. Thank you Dana and Geoff.

    I will watch again and take more notes. And I will soon try out the new searching experience at MyHeritage. Thank you, excellent webinar!

    I’m now convinced to renew.

    information and improvements WONDERFUL!!!


    It is great to get these updates as they happen. Thanks

    It was a very good introduction to the workings behind the search screen. Helps us realize how much work gets done by people who don’t get thanked enough. It was also a good introduction to the way the new pages work which flattens the learning curve for all users. The teacher showed more than one way to do almost everything! Inspired me for my next search to try to get past a brick wall.

    It was great seeing the new tools and layouts on MyHeritage. The livescreen video was excellent!

    It was informative and very clear in the usage of the new form for research.

    It was really helpful to have guidance on using the revamped MyHeritage search engine.

    It was very helpful going through the updates!

    Kudoos to MyHeritage, they are always in the forefront!

    learned a lot about how to use the site; only had a subscription for a few days.

    Learned a lot! Thank you, Dana and Geoff.

    looking forward to spending some time today looking at the new features I have learned about in this webinar.

    Love all the new changes to My Heritage Searches.

    my 1st time starting me in the right direction thank you!

    Nice improvements at MyHeritage search page.

    nice to hear from developer

    Really for beginners. Thought it was going to show advanced research techniques or subtleties. Maybe good to designate for beginners. The speaker had a lovely manner and was enthusiastic.

    Really helpful information to help us truly benefit from the resources at MyHeritage.

    Reviewing the collection catalog was appreciated. It’s one of many features that one might now know about unless one stumbled onto it.

    Some of my questions were answered. Considering signing up for free trial. I do not like to add credit info until I have decided to purchase. Thank you

    Super helpful –

    Thank you

    Thanks for this subject. Shows the real value of the membership. Also those door prizes were GREAT. Wish I had won.

    The live demonstration was great!

    The on-screen demo was the best part.

    The presenter explained the changes very well.

    This presentation was very informative.

    This will help in furthering my research. Thank you.

    Very clear presentation. Can’t wait to use. Thank you!

    Very clear to see and understand. Great improvements to program.

    very good and easy to fallow

    Very good and helpful information on how to take advantage of the MyHeritage collection. Thank you!

    Very good speaker. Easy to understand and follow along. Great information for me as I am a MyHeritage subscriber

    Very Good! Sometimes I think I already know everything. I didn’t. I will have a better experience now! Thanks

    Very helpful

    Very helpful

    very helpful

    VERY helpful tips and hints. Thank you!

    Very informative and interesting.

    Very informative!

    Very informative! Thanks

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Thank You

    very informative. Thank you

    Very informative. Will watch the recording to view again.–probably many times.

    very interesting to hear behind the scenes and tricks

    Very interesting and informative session. Also appreciate the speaker taking notes for suggestions

    very interesting and informative. Thank you Dana and Geff

    Was late to the session, so am looking forward to visiting the FamilyTreeWebinar page to catch the first 1/2 hour. Thanks for making that possible.

    Webinar was very informative. I am ready purchase a membership but I wanted to know if MyHeritage has data on the Palestinian Arab population during the Ottoman Rule and the British Mandate before 1948. Thanks

    Well organized and well arranged. Clear and concise information!

    Wonderful webinar on using MyHeritage.


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