Comparing the Genealogy Giants 2020: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage

Sunny Morton
Oct 21, 2020
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About this webinar

The 2020 "state of the sites" update will focus on the newest and most exciting developments at each of the major genealogy websites, with plenty of hasn’t-changed foundational description to help viewers know where they should be turning next for their genealogical research–and what sites and tools they should keep in mind for the future. This lecture has a global focus.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Sunny Morton is a popular lecturer for the global genealogy community. She’s a Contributing Editor at Family Tree Magazine and the author of hundreds of articles and blog posts, as well as the brand new book
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    1st Webinar – enjoyed it! Will take a look at 2018 version as suggested. Thanks.

    A good overview of the different sites. Thank you

    A great overview of the collections. Much new information even on sites that I use regularly.

    A learning experience for sure. Sunny Morton covered so many differences among the four top genealogy sites. It was a great webinar. Thank you.

    A lot of good information.

    A lot of information to digest. Great hints and things to consider when choosing a Genealogy website.

    A lot of options. Great seminar.

    A TON of information and new additions to the big Genealogy Websites. Awesome amount of new offerings!

    Always a winner! Thanks Geoff & Sunny. 🙂

    Always find her presentations informational and well done. Thanks!

    Amazing new resources for research!

    as always got quite a few tips which I will follow up today, thanks for a great job!!


    awesome so helpful

    AWESOME! I missed the beginning, so need to rewatch it, I’m sure many times. As always, she is fantastic! Thank you.


    can’t wait for the Newspapers webinar

    Coulda / shouda brought a lunch!!! I would have listened for hours – very very good info – very down to earth and understandable!! Thanks so very much!!

    enjoyed it

    enjoyed Sunny’ very informative lesson today. if i only get time to do genealogy**** with doing visits to care home … i run short of time & energy.

    Enjoyed the overview.

    Enjoyed the webinar.



    Excellent — now I want to subscribe to all!

    Excellent but almost too fast.. Lots of review time here.

    Excellent comparison and info about new collections. Will be very beneficial for people like me who are looking for helpful information prior to deciding which subscriptions to get. Annual subscriptions are very pricey for pensioners, hence the need to prioritize subscriptions. Also for us Canadians, we take a huge hit with the exchange rates as well.

    Excellent consolidated overview presentation of updates and changes to these major resource and source finding websites, plus very useful handout! Thank you Sunny!

    Excellent content 🙂 🙂

    excellent delivery

    Excellent presentarion

    Excellent presenter and presentation as always. Thank you very much.

    Excellent Presenter! Sonny was very prepared and efficient in covering these updates.

    Excellent recap of additions to the 4 giants. Thanks.

    Excellent review

    excellent speaker and knows her topic extremely well. I have never used My Heritage for City Directories and didn’t know about how they listed all finds. Always used Ancestry and it is cumbersome.

    Excellent update on genealogy giants! Thank you, Sunny!

    Excellent webinar. I have used all 4 of these sites but you gave me new insight as to what they are offering currently! Thank you so very much. Now I have to join the webinar page so I can get your handout! Thank you so much! I really enjoy your webinars. So full of useful information.



    Excellent! Very helpful.

    Excellent. Going back to 2018 & watch the ‘nuta ans bolts’

    Exciting times we live in, when the access to online family history records is increasing at such a phenomenal pace! Thank you and best wishes from Norway!

    Fabulous information! I learned so much today.

    Fantastic – you can tell Sunny is an expert

    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information to boost my using of the Genealogy websites.

    first time viewer so much info had to make notes-hope I can read later Thankyou

    Gained some valuable info on sites I might consider for acquiring further family info, e.g. Newspaper Collections by States, US city directories, British & Irish newspapers, Newspaper Marriages & Obits.

    Gave very excellent info, and slowly enough so I could write helpful notes.

    Glad to have a refresher course on the web sites. Thank you

    Good Information for future searches.

    Good to know about updates/upgrades that I might not have been aware of and therefore not accessed! Info on the development of DNA links helped me understand why people are added/deleted from my DNA lists on Ancestry. Hadn’t thought of having just a part of a tree on a site — great tip!

    Great ! learned a lot from each of the web-sites.

    Great comparison and info about new features at each site.

    great comparison update

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great concise information! I have to explore now.

    Great content!

    Great info

    Great information

    great information and tips

    Great information and very engaging speaker

    Great information well presented.

    Great information!

    Great information.

    Great information. Really appreciate the research that went into this webinar. Thank you.

    Great Information; very comprehensive.

    Great insights to one of the modern-day genealogy mysteries!

    great overview of the Big 4! Much research to look forward to! Thanks!

    Great presentation – picked up several good ideas to go on with

    Great Presentation – TONS of great updates to the top databases!

    great presenter. Good information. Great host in Geoff.

    Great recap of the giants new stuff. I’m definitely going back to watch Sonny’s 2018 webinar on the giants.

    Great Thanks

    Great to get an overview of the latest differences in these giants

    Great to have all those links in the handout!

    Great update!

    Great update! Thanks!

    Great webinar compairing the different genealogy websites Very informative.

    handy information

    I always look forward to this annual webinar subject! I did find I had difficulty keeping up today, could it be due to Covid fog??? Fortunately I can go back and rewatch it as many times as I would like.

    I am a genealogy dabbler. I did, however, enjoy and learn something from this webinar and will certainly try out some of the tips given.

    I am new Genealogy research. This program was very informative. I will be taking Sunny’s advise and review her 2018 webinar,

    I could keep up with Sunny as I was taking notes.

    I enjoyed the presentation, especially some of the suggested websites which I have not used. I have been doing genealogy for quite some time and started and currently have my genealogy on two websites.

    I enjoyed the webinar and it was helpful to find out what the genealogy giants have to offer in terms of records. I now know where to go to look for the types of records that I’m looking for.

    I found several things to check into. A big plus if I can remember them when I run out of genealogy I want to do!

    I found this very informative about the new information available at the giant websites.

    I had a conflict so could only watch part of program. I plan to watch it over during the week.

    I learned a few new tips, so this was definitely worth my time! Thanks.

    I learned a lot from the webinar. Thank you for having a great speaker(Sunny)

    I love the comparisons, and the new info about these sites. Well done.

    I thought that Sunny Morton’s lecture was terrific!

    I want to Thank you for all your hard work compiling this webinar. I thought I was keeping up to date on what was being offered on these sites. Boy was I wrong. I was only aware of about 25% of what you covered. I have my work cut out for me. Thanks again.

    I was looking for more of the nuts and bolts. Apparently that was done in 2018 and this was the latest additions to these websites. This was good too.




    It was great, but, so much information at once. It could easily have been longer (or two). Thanks for making it available!

    it was really great

    Knowledgeable speaker and very engaging discussion of new record acquisitions.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Learned about so many features I didn’t know existed. Fantastic.

    Learned of some records I didn’t know were available. I know I wouldn’t have the time to do this kind of research.

    Lot of good info to help compare various sites and to learn about new resources.

    Lots of good info!

    Lots of good information and presented well by Sunny Morton.

    Lots of great hints and ideas for my research!

    Lots of great info.

    Lots of great information

    Lots of information; Sunny is very informed. However, I use only 2 of the systems she talked about, making about half of the information useless for me.

    Lots of new info

    lots of up to date information

    Lots of useful info. I’m especially looking forward to checking out the Tree-to-Tree Hints on FindmyPast and the StoryScout on Ancestry. Thank you.

    Loved it, thanks Sunny.

    Marvelous. There goes the rest of my life!

    Material clearly presented, well organized and easily understood.

    My first webinar, excellent information!

    needing to listen to the recording and get handouts

    Overwhelming great

    Particularly appreciated hearing about new collections that I might have missed at each website. Very helpful.

    Received great take aways from Sunny’s presentation and will begin acting on some of them now. Loved the advice to use a site for 1 period of time, take a break, then return to get new information. Learned I’m not using my subscriptions to the fullest. How did she say one can squeeze more hours into their day? 😉 Thank you to all involved in putting this great presentation together.

    She was very Interesting, & stuck to the point. Thank you very much. best regards, Thomas

    So great!!

    So many great webinars; so little time! Thanks for another great one.

    So useful!

    Sunny always does a great job.

    Sunny does incredible research on her topic, and presents it in a informative and fun way.

    Sunny gave a lot of very helpful information regarding the Big 4 genealogy websites. Will check the handout for more links. Good job!

    Sunny has done this webinar before but she does a great job of focusing on all the new features since the last update yet providing newbies with basic information too

    Sunny is a great presenter on any topic! Thanks.

    Sunny is a joy to listen to.

    Sunny is always a very informative speaker with a wealth of information to share. Excellent presentation.

    Sunny is very informative and presents it very well

    Sunny is very informative. She is wonderful to listen to with her excitement on the subjects.

    Sunny Morton is an knowledgeable, energetic and interesting presenter.

    super! thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Thanks for all the info on the genealogy websites expansions.

    Thanks for the update!!

    Thanks for this very interesting webinar

    Thanks to Sunny for all the work she put into preparing the seminar.

    THE best webinar for me until now. Thank you

    The webinar was very interesting in giving in depth information on the major genealogy sites and available info on these sites.

    There is so much to each of the four giants that we could only learn here about a few aspects of each

    This review of all The Giants is very helpful!

    This was an excellent webinar. I am so grateful to Sunny Morton for researching this information for us. It is especially helpful since many repositories are closed and we are at home more because of the pandemic, and will consequently spend more time doing on-line research.

    this was great

    This was my fist time listening to Sunny Jane Morton and I loved it. She’s an excellent speaker who is concise, articulate and pleasant, besides being an expert on Genealogy. Now I have more webinars to watch!

    This webinar is an excellent overview of the four giants in the genealogy community. Sunny brought out information on each company with skill and understanding of her subject. I was introduced to so much information that I will be reviewing this webinar to make sure I didn’t miss anything!! I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and look forward to viewing other projects by Sunny Morton. Great webinar, knowledgeable speaker!!

    Today’s choices are always difficult to make when it comes to all the sources out there. Knowing a bit more about each Giant was very interesting. Great presenter as well. Thanks.

    Tons of great information, as alaways!

    Tons of information!!! Will take a week or more to just hit the highlighted areas on the actually site. Thank you!!

    Useful information to help you determine which site has the kind of records you are looking for.

    Very clear, organized. Good pace.

    Very fascinating!

    Very good information

    Very good knowledge of every site

    Very helpful 🙂 Thanks!

    Very helpful insights.

    Very helpful to see each company’s strong points. The suggestion to switch subscriptions was helpful too. You can use a GEDCOM to go from one site to another. I’d like a webinar with more information on how to do that. Thanks.

    Very informative, I think my effectiveness in using the sites will increase.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Instead of searching all 4 for redundant data. I know which one holds the path of least resistance

    Very interesting, thanks a lot!

    Very thorough and thus very helpful

    Very well done

    Very well done, clean graphics, good voice.

    Very well done. Glad I’m a member so I can go back and listen for details I’m particularly interested in. Excellent handout. Thank you

    Very well researched and organized and presented.

    Very, very helpful! So good to “discover” Sunny Morton. Thank you so much. Very good to know what new collections specifically have been added and thus where one can immediately head to – right away. Speaker is excellent – clear, concise, easy to take notes from, good examples and high energy to boot. Looking forward to the November Newspapers webinar. Great that she referenced it in the presentation as I had not noticed it.

    Well done with good information

    Well organized and a lot of useful information! Can’t wait to read the handout!

    Will go back and listen to the 2018 webinar comparing Better insights into what’s available (will try library editions Great point about trees getting wider

    Will check out more on My Heritage State newspapers, city directories (great insight into what life was like in intro pageas

    Wonderful webinar on comparing the genealogy giants.



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