Collaboration and Correspondence for DNA

Paul Woodbury, MEd., AG
Apr 9, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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8m 25s
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Principles of Communication
10m 32s
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What to Ask
18m 16s
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Building Relationships
1m 56s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Collaboration is a key principle of genetic genealogy analysis. In this session explore tips and tricks for successful collaboration with your genetic cousins. Identify useful information you can request from them. Tap into the full power of DNA test results by improving your correspondence with your genetic cousins!

About the speaker

About the speaker

From a young age, Paul Woodbury fell in love with genealogy research. To pursue his passion for this field, he studied genetics and family history at Brigham Young University. To aid in his desire to share his knowledge with others, he has also re
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago


    A good review (for me)

    A lot of good ideas to use in contacting DNA matches

    Absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to try some of these tips out for myself. Thank you so much.

    All of the “what to write” & “what not to write” was very helpful!

    another good webinar

    Another one to rewatch

    As always, Paul provides excellent and useful information. Thank you!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great advice.



    excellent lecture Thank you Much appreciated

    Excellent information which I will watch again.

    Excellent information!Excellent presentation and information

    Excellent presentation. Great ideas for good approaches to DNA matches!

    Excellent presentation. Many useful tips. Thank you!

    Excellent speaker – information was clear and concise. Gave me many ideas of connecting with DNA matches and assessing matches. A lot of really good information. Thank you.

    Excellent suggestions, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

    Excellent webinar. Paul Woodbury is obviously very knowledgeable but is also a great presenter of that knowledge.


    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent, information-packed webinar. Great, relevant examples.

    Explained clearly

    Fantastic tips!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Fantastic. Thank you, Paul, for your suggestions of how to make initial contact with one of our 2ed-5th cousins whom we have Never met. I appreciate your wisdom in how to contact them.

    Gave me some ideas on how to tailor my requests.

    Gave some helpful hints

    Good advice! Good organization and smooth presentation.

    Good advice.

    Good advice. I’d like some advice to be given to the people that don’t answer – and I don’t think they have all died. I’ve had a few people write a short note ie we’re moving and things are in chaos. I’ll respond later. That was so helpful. And if someone doesn’t know any more, its OK to just write I really don’t know anything else. Short and sweet. Nice presentation by a person who obviously knows a lot Thank you.

    good exampls for mrssages

    Good ideas about contacting DNA matches.

    Good ideas!

    Good ideas. Thank you.

    good info for asking a woman to take a mtDNA test to find out if we have Native Am in the tree

    Good pacing and ideas

    Good slides.

    Good talk, practical advice.

    Good tips to get a response from DNA matches!

    Got into the session late but still found it very good.

    Great advice for messaging !

    Great advice.

    Great content, and very well presented

    Great correspondence ideas!great examples and ideas!

    Great examples of how to prepare and communicate with DNA matches. I thought I was doing OK; I can do better! Thanks.

    Great ideas and tips.

    Great ideas!

    Great ideas! Very well presented! Thanks so much!

    Great ideas. Thanks!

    Great info on how to encourage replies to DNA match questions. Thanks for sharing.

    Great information

    Great information at all levels.

    Great information!

    Great information.

    Great information. I hope I didn’t already make these mistakes that he mentioned. I can see that being overly anxious to get information could be a problem when we contact people so we need to be sensitive to these new people. Thank you.

    Great information. The presenter was terrific!

    Great presentation

    Great presentation, thanks

    Great presenter, great ideas and experiences, and lots of good help. Thank you, Paul.

    great so many ideas

    Great suggestions for contact!

    Great suggestions!


    Great tips. I always enjoy Paul’s webinars.

    Great topic & very well presented

    Great work on how to approach contacts!great

    Great!! couldn’t write fast enough. Thank you. do it again. Hugs

    Have been try to figure out how to approach possible kin. Lots of great ideas here.

    He covered a lot of angles and gave good suggestions. I will use his approach when contacting genetic cousins

    He gave me a lot to think about, and great advise!

    He gave several good examples of questions for correspondence but it dragged out too long

    He speaks a little to fast. But English is not my commun language.

    He was excellent! Gave me a lot of great ideas and information.

    helpful data for varying levels of communication with matches on trees or no trees.

    Helpful hints on how to ask questions

    I always enjoy Paul’s talks. He covers excellent points and is easy to follow. Like that he solicited some ideas from the audience, too. Thank you!!!

    I could recognize some of my own early failed attempts to engage with matches in Paul’s ‘not recommended’ list. I got better with time and his hints are great; I may even try again with one or two matches who didn’t respond but are the only matches along one family line. Thank you.

    i learned alot very good.

    I learnt a “hell” of a lot !!!!!!! Thanks

    Informative and helpful! Thanks!

    e x c e p t i o n a l! Will check out his other webinars. Many thanks, Paul

    it gave me some different ideas on what to say when I write to my DNA matches.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    It was what I needed to hear. Having problems with responds. Learn something from the webinar. Thank you for this 24 hour learning webinar.

    Learned a lot of new contact ideas. Thank you

    Liked the focus on being sensitive/aware of how the recipient of correspondence might feel or react. Thank you!

    Lots of excellent points and an extensive syllabus. Great webinar!

    Lots of good ideas.

    Lots of great comments on contacting matches to get results. Thank You

    lots of great info!

    LOTS of info! Looking forward to rewatching, reviewing syllabus

    Nicely done. Thank you.

    OK too much text, not enough pictures in the presentation…….

    Outstanding. Looking forward to his next Webinar!

    P & Qs are important

    Paul always shares great ideas!

    Paul is a fabulous researcher. I usually am overwhelmed by his presentations but enjoy the challenge and always come away with new skills. Today’s presentation was just right and I’m ready for more!

    Paul is always full of info

    Paul is so knowledgeable and he always makes any topic accessible!!

    Paul Woodbury is one of my favorites. Always useful tips and strategies

    Paul Woodbury was in the house, lol Excellent presentation on correspondence and collaborating!!!

    picked up a few good hints

    Really helpful. Thank you.

    So informative! I am in the process of contacting some of my matches in order to determine who my great grandparents are. This webinar has bee very helpful. Thank you.

    So many great idea’s and hints for good correspondence!! Very worthwhile and enjoyed his class!!

    Some good information.

    Some good tips on corresponding with matches.

    Some great ideas. Thanks so much.

    Some really useful tips to try!


    Thank you

    Thank you! Very informative & helpful!

    Thanks for your solid advise on how to communicate with DNA matches. I enjoyed your webinar immensely!

    Thanks Paul – Great ideas on how to approach shared matches

    The presenter was fine, but the presentation was really general.

    There is so much good information that I need to watch it again. Thank you.

    This info is pertinent to me personally. While I already do some of it this will improve my chances even more! Thanks!

    This particular webinar was very timely. I have six kits that I’m monitoring and the results are just starting to come. I haven’t reached out to anyone yet, but have responded to a couple of people that have reached out to me. It will be good to get more information before I start reaching out.

    This was a great webinar!

    This was a real learning point for me. I have had several DNA matches, but I never really knew what to write to these people. This webinar was full of ways to get a good response. Thank you!

    This was a useful review for me and some new things that I haven’t thought about

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    This was great info. for what I needed!

    This, for me, was most timely and helpful in providing ways and methods to contact people you really don’t know.

    Thoughtful presentation, especially for those who have not gained experience contacting genetic relatives.Thrilled that I will be able to listen to this later in the week. I use me age, 73 yrs as my excuse for being a computer dunce.

    Thanks for making the webinars available for a week, I plan to subscribe for a year after my road trip of late May/mid June.

    Timely information on correspondence, good ideas!

    useful information–good to be reminded to be patient!

    Very detailed information

    Very excellent advice and suggestions. Helpful to know the best way to reach out to new DNA matches without scaring them away! So glad I didn’t miss this one!

    Very good and I learned a lot!

    very good info and commentsVery good information with a lot of wonderful tips.

    Very good information.

    Very good information. I already do some of the things Paul suggested. But many of his suggestions might make it easier to contact DNA matches.

    Very good presentation with valuable information. Thank you.

    Very good, enjoyed his comments and preparation.

    very helpful

    Very helpful presentation… easy to follow basics. Thank you

    Very helpful that other web style resources were suggested as well as the url and alternative affiliates. Interesting approach regarding DNA match initial contacts. Much thanks.

    very helpful!!!

    Very helpful, lots of good ideas. Thank you!

    Very helpful.

    Very informative

    very informative and helpful for a task that I have put off too long. Thank you

    Very informative and helpful. Time for me to re-craft some of my communication! Thank you!very informative

    VERY informative! Now to practice what I’ve learned!

    Very informative. Thank you

    Very informative. Thank you. I do like the 50 minute format. However, It is a ton of fun information! Thank you!

    very interesting

    Very interesting points. Good suggestions on how to approach or respond to DNA matches after submitting a DNA test.

    very interesting! thanks Paul

    Very interesting.

    Very specific and answered a lot of concerns

    Very useful; I have asked some genealogists about this and they are hedgey, so good to get one persons ideas. Thanks.

    Well done! Great information! Thanks!

    Well laid out with good examples

    Well organized

    Well organized and delivered in terms I could understand. Gives me a push to get back to my DNA matches. Excellent presentation.

    Well organized, iteresting! Thank you!

    Well organized. Excellent syllabus.

    Well presented information on the follow up after taking the DNA tests. How to work with the results of your tests is not something most of us know what to do about.

    Well presented. Thank you

    well thought out and reminded me to re-examine my initial contact messages. Thank you.

    What not to say was especially important. Thanks.

    Wonderful ideas. now maybe i will get some replies!

    Wonderful presentation. I am inspired!

    Woodbury is outstanding at everything he does.

    You need to address communicating with people who only want ethnicity estimates and aren’t looking for more family members. Then there are the people who just won’t take “no” for an answer. They usually want “free” genealogy research, too. In other words, address both sides of this very personal subject. Thanks.


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