Broken Branches: How to Detect Cases of Misattributed Parentage in Your Family Tree

Paul Woodbury, MEd., AG

Most individuals will have at least one case of misattributed ancestry in the first several generations of these family tree. Genetic genealogy testing is often the source of discovery of such events. Even so misattributed ancestry may go undetected unless DNA test results are analyzed carefully. Learn how to detect cases of misattributed ancestry and how to leverage genetic genealogy test results to identify a previously unknown biological ancestor.

Fri, September 20 2024: 15:30 UTC

About the speaker

About the speaker

From a young age, Paul Woodbury fell in love with genealogy research. To pursue his passion for this field, he studied genetics and family history at Brigham Young University. To aid in his desire to share his knowledge with others, he has also re
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