British Genealogy Online: The Top English & Welsh Family History Websites

Rick Crume
Mar 2, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Libraries and Archives
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Court Records
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Maps and Buildings
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British Guides
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Live Demo
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Researching your family history in England and Wales has never been easier. Many digitized church records, census records and wills are online. Now that newspapers dating back to the 1600s are online, you can search for a name and find it anywhere in millions of pages instantly. Rick will demonstrate some of the key sites for British genealogy, many of which are free.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A writer for Family Tree Magazine since 1999 and a contributing editor for the publication since 2001, Rick specializes in online genealogy research. Rick has also written for other magazines and journals, including Internet Genealogy
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A good review, along with several new searching tidbits. Thank you!

    A lot of material covered, but it was good, especially the test drive through familysearch.

    Appreciate the information – my husband’s ancestors are from Yorkshire, England

    easy to understand

    Enjoyable & useful




    Excellent as always! Professional. I now have new ideas on where to go! THANKS!

    Excellent information!

    Excellent information. Covered quite a bit in a short period of time. Will help research. thank you!

    Excellent presentation that included a lot of very helpful information! Thank you.

    Excellent presentation. I need to listen to it again since there was so much new information to learn.

    excellent resources

    excellent, once again I found more area’s to research. Thanks Legacy!!!!!

    Excellent. Thank you Rick and Geoff.

    Extremely interesting, coverage of wide range of resources, well organized. Thank you.

    Fantastic for Familysearch in particular and National Archives

    Found new places to throw at your brickwall!

    full of more information than I can absorb all at one visit

    Glad to learn in-depth information of other genealogical sites.



    good helpful additional info during the live FamilySearch site search. Thanks

    Good info Thanks

    Good job, lots of interesting sites that will give a huge amount of information

    Good overview of possible sources for researching my English ancestors. Thank you!

    great in reintroducing me to check back on known sites plus a few new good ones to explore

    great info but went too fast.

    Great information I did not know before this lecture.

    Great information which I was not aware of. Thanks so much.

    Great information! Glad I attended.

    Great information. Thank you.

    Great insight into family search. I also learned some new locations to track down my ancestors. Thank you

    Great list of websites

    Great presentation by Rick showing us how to dig more deeply into sources instead of skimming the surface. And, thanks to Geoff for showing us members how to find the BONUS webinars. I’ve never seen them in all the years I’ve been a member!

    Great presentation of resources for Britain. Thank you.

    Great presentation with very helpful tips and education. Thank You!

    Great presentation. Some really good leads and a lot of great information. At this rate I need to live another hundred years just to get caught up! Thanks.

    great syllabus too

    Great to get lots of sources for doing searches in British, Ireland and Scotland.

    great webinar lots of useful information thank you

    Great-can’t wait to use the handout to find new things about English ancestors

    He was excellent with loads of great, very helpful information!

    I am new to webinar’s and was thinking there was not much depth to the information until I released the breadth of the topic and how the time flew. Good work!

    I am unbelievably excited that I won a 1 month free membership! I was planning on joining anyway, so now I get to “”preview””. 🙂

    I love all of the webinars!

    I appreciated that Rick showed how to find information on a variety of sites, much better than just giving the names of British websites.

    I found Ricks suggestions for sites to search very helpful. Without knowledge of the Welsh language it must be difficult to know how to pronounce family names and towns. They can sure be tongue twisters. The Morgan family names is very popular in Wales. There are many of them.. I have the name Morgan on both my Mother’s side and my father’s sides in my tree

    I found the most informative was about how much can be found through Family Search ( how to explore it). The rest of the sites in the UK I was aware of, but it is always good to refresh and reinforce. A useful hour well spent. Thanks

    I know most of the sites mentioned but have never plumbed them in depth, especially Family Search. Thank you for directing me to such a huge variety of sources!

    I learned a lot of new resources that I did not know before. Looking forward to trying them out. Of course, my part of England ancestry came from the Leeds, Yorkshire, England area which was not discussed but I look forward to perhaps another webinar touching that area. Thank you.

    I learned about more search possibilities within each major category! Thanks

    I learned many things to do in Family Search. Also, websites to use for UK relatives.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I love to hear and see what Rick Crume has to say about different websites.


    Interested in Wales, lots of good info for research.

    Interesting and helpful

    Interesting and informative!

    It was very pertinent to me and one of my next steps in researching my UK family. I found it very informative and it should help me link my family members together.

    learned lots about family search record searches

    Learned of many new sites to look into for English and Welsh ancestors, thank you.

    learned so much about Familysearch

    Learned some new websites to explore.

    Learned some tips about websites I’ve known about, but had not yet explored. I’ll take a look and hope to find something new. Demonstration of FamilySearch website and other personal examples was effective.

    learned something new Thx

    Learned something new!

    Looking forward to watching again.

    Lots of good information especially for resources. Appreciate personal case studies, too.

    lots of great info!

    Lots of great information!

    lots of info presented

    Lots of info.

    Lots of information about how to get the most information from many sites.

    lots of new places to look

    lots of new sites to ecxplore for British family members!

    Lots of new sites to research

    Loved the in depth on familysearch!

    More places to search!

    My first – so informative!

    Nice pace, excellent speaker, very easy to follow and understand, subject matter was comprehensive

    Nice presentation.

    Provided great information on places and parish research.

    Really appreciate having such lovely offerings. Although I’ve been dabbling in genealogy for a good ten years it is great to learn more or try places that I hadn’t checked out. I learnt many things tonight! I have heard about most of these but honestly wasn’t aware of how many places to look and so many are free. I’m already checking out the Listed Buildings. THANK YOU!

    Really good list of websites to check. I learned a lot just from his Family Research Demo!

    Rick always has a good presentation and handout!

    Rick Crume gave a wonderful overview of websites for research. I have seen some of the sites before but Rick was very thorough and so careful to show every single step, explaining the options, that I personally find VERY helpful! Huge! thank you!

    Rick Crume was very easy to follow and I learned that there are many things often overlooked. Now I know what else I can search for. Thank you.

    Rick Crume was very knowledgeable.

    So many great resources! Thank you!

    So many more sites to research. wow

    SO much information. I have been researching my family tree for 3+ years. Just scratched the surface. All the resources that Rick Crume described blew me away. I need more structure to my records, hopefully, I can learn more. AND I really like Legacy software. I reviewed several software packages and settled on Legacy. I’m glad I did.

    so much information. Wish I would have known before hand that there was the 6 page syllabus that came with the course if you were a member

    So much information. Great presentation.

    So much new information to use! Learned even more about Family Search.

    So much to learn. Thx, Rick. My four grandparents have long colonial North American lines, BUT I do have one set of ancestors that came over from UK before 1800. So pleased to discussed that time period.

    solid, informative

    Sone useful information about various websites, and the section on FamilySearch was very interesting, and showed some areas I hadn’t looked into before. Thanks!

    specifics for Wales was the best, thank you!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Thank you, Rick. I learned so much from you and your wonderful presentation. Good on you, old Boy.

    Thanks for many spices I now need to check out.

    The presentation is one of the best to date. Appreciate that Mr. Crume shared the information in such a thorough and clear manner.

    The speaker provided detailed research information about England and Wales.

    The was a good webinar, I learned many things that will help me in my research.

    There was lots of good information. I liked the viewing on how to find different resources on Family Search. I’ll need to try some of those other ways.

    This was very informative. Very nice deep dive into FamilySearch. Loved the Building Description site. That will be fun to check. Great sites to check too!

    Valuable additional information on a number of websites.

    Very clear, concise.

    Very comprehensive. FamilySearch continues to grow in value & sources

    Very good webinar. However a lot to take in

    very good, had some good information & hints that I had not known previously, thank you.

    Very good. Lots of new to me information. Thanks.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and well presented.

    Very Informative! Thank you!

    very informative, can’t wait to dig in!

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Can’t wait to try some of these sites.

    Very informative. I found more sites to checkout this week.

    very informative. I learned about many sites I didn’t know existed. Thanks so much.

    Very informative. Thank you!

    Very informative. Thanks.

    VERY INFORMATIVE—This has motivated me to start doing more research on my husband’s Welsh line–so many avenues to pursue!! This is the first webinar I’ve attended and I suspect that I will be attending more in the future!

    Very interesting and informative! A lot to digest for sure. Great tips.

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you!

    Very interesting. Sorry had to miss 1st 40 minutes. Thanks for your efforts.

    Very interesting. Think I should have downloaded syllabus before listening. 🙂

    Very Resourceful and Informative – Thank you

    Very succint. Very informative. Excellent presenter and presentation

    Very well explained on how to use search methods in various websites to find possible detailed information.

    While I had used many of these sites Rick ensured that we used all parts of the various sites

    will watch again great info.


    Wonderful information – provided some new sites, eg. British Listed Buildings and also a good introduction to using the Family Search website. Demonstrations were very helpful. Thank you!

    Wonderful webinar on British websites.


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