Advanced DNA Techniques: Using Phasing to Test DNA Segments

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.
Sep 11, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 15s
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What is Phasing?
4m 46s
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Phasing at GEDmatch
13m 13s
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Phasing and Pseudosegments
8m 34s
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How Can Phasing Help?
14m 48s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Phasing is a tool used to separate your DNA into the DNA you received from Mom and the DNA you received from Dad. It requires a tested child and at least one tested parent. The benefit of phasing is that it allows us to test smaller segments which are sometimes too risky to use. Learn how phasing and “Your Evil Twin” tools at GEDmatch can help you examine and test shared DNA segments!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is an intellectual property attorney by day and a genetic genealogist by night. In 2007 he started The Genetic Genealogist (
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    always learn good and helpful thngs from Blaine.

    Amazing. I was afraid it would be completely beyond my understanding but I think I got about 90% of it! First time hearing Blaine present and will definitely be looking forward to more of his webinars.

    Another well-structured, clearly presented session by Blaine, added to 4 days of self-indulgence (in DNA & Genealogy education) in Melbourne and Sydney! As always, I learned many new things (iceberg syndrome: the more you know, the more you realise there is still to learn 🙂 ) Enormous thanks to Blaine and all the other
    presenters for your wisdom, wit and generosity in sharing your genetic genealogy journey with all of us!

    As always, a really excellent presentation.

    As usual, Blaine makes it understandable!

    Awesome! Blaine is one of my favorites – his presentations are always so clear.

    Baine can explain a very complicated topic in easy to understand terms. Great Job!

    Blaine’s presentation was extremely helpful and quite clear. Thank you for presenting it.

    Best explanation I have seen of IBC pseudosegments

    Bit complicated for me, but I’m still learning. good session.

    Blaine always does an excellent job of simplifying the science that usually goes over my head. He is an awesome teacher. Thanks!

    Blaine always makes difficult concepts easier to understand!

    Blaine Bettinger has a real talent for explaining difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand. This was one of the best Legacy webinars ever.

    Blaine Bettinger made a difficult subject very logical and easy to understand for me. I would say that I have a medium understanding of DNA inheritance, and found his presentation easy to follow. WONDERFUL! Thanks so much

    Blaine Bettinger’s presentations are always very clear to follow and understand. Thank you.

    Blaine does a great job of making everything easy, but this is something I have to file away for someone else since I have no parent or child with whom I can compare DNA.

    Blaine gave a very clear and logical presentation. I don’t consider myself advanced when it comes to DNA and genealogy, but I was able to follow him with no difficulty. Thank you!

    Blaine is a brilliant presenter.

    Blaine is a fabulous presenter, always making it so that everyone can understand the topic. I’ve attended several of his live presentations,, so knowledgeable and easily replays the information to all levels of the audience.. thanks to him for guiding us through the many aspects of DNA.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Blaine is a gifted teacher and presenter. He has a way of making difficult topics understandable.

    Blaine is always great and I actually understood the majority of this. Will watch again though and will join one day when I know I will have time to watch the webinars! Thank you!

    Blaine is always GREAT!

    Blaine is always outstanding!

    Blaine is ALWAYS the Best!!

    Blaine is always thought provoking!

    Blaine is an excellent presenter! He repeats and distinguishes every time I needed it.

    Blaine is an excellent speaker,I always learn something,even if some of it requires more time (another listen) to absorb

    Blaine is awesome. I’ll be re-watching this one.

    Blaine is so clear and knowledgable … I just wish I had been able to test my parents … and I have no children, but it’s good to know about the technique. My cousin and two of her children have tested. I will let them know.

    Blaine is so good at what he does and he got another winner.. Great webinar.

    Blaine is terrific! Thanks, Marian for all you do, too!!!!

    Blaine is the best

    Blaine is the best.

    Blaine’s teaching style is fantastic. Make’s a complicated subject understandable.

    Blaine’s webinars are always excellent!

    Blaine’s webinars are always very educational – thank you!

    Brilliant, Excellent and all the other superlatives. Thank you

    Brilliant. Makes a complicated subject easy to follow. Now if I only had a parent to test…

    Clear, concise, and informative

    Complex subject matter yet clearly explained in an understandable manner. Excellent.

    Cutting edge genealogy. That you so much.

    Despite it not being intended for beginner or intermediate genetic genealogists, Bettinger made the concepts and process easy to understand.

    Dr. Bettinger is a respected instructor in the field of genetic genealogy. I find his webinars and books easy to understand and I am therefore able to do my own research more efficiently. What amazed me is how well Dr. Bettinger did after a conference and long flight.


    Excellent Must watch again. So much knowledge of DNA.

    excellent – very clearly presented and explained.

    Excellent as always. now to try and understand it.

    Excellent as usual!

    Excellent content and great presentation style!

    Excellent presentation and awesome information… I’ll be re-watching this one! Thanks!

    Excellent presentation by Blaine.

    Excellent Presentation. I look forward to watching the remainder of the webinar later, and trying to phasing techniques.

    Excellent thanks!

    Excellent webinar! I always enjoy Blaine’s talks. Thank you!


    Excellent! He explains concepts so well.

    Excellent! I am ready to do this!

    Excellent! I finally understand what phasing is all about.

    EXCELLENT! One of my favorite speakers!

    Excellent, like topics for advanced genealogists!

    Excellent, thank you.

    Excellent. Very clear!

    exceptional. informative. he knows DNA!!!


    Fascinating! I like how Blaine builds the webinar, like layering bricks row on top of row! He makes complex concepts and techniques comprehensible. Now, to try those techniques myself. Thank you to Blaine.

    Finally an intermediate webinar! Yay! It’s about time. Blaine certainly has the knowlege and experience to go beyond the basics. I would have liked to see how he takes the results of the phased kit comparison to the test taker and adds the test taker to DNA painter. In other words, if it’s determined that the new test taker only matches the phased kit on Chromosome 12, 19 cm, 1954 SNPS and not to Chromosome 16, (ex 2), does he only paint Chromosome 12?

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    good but detailed -we need it.

    Good class on phasing for DNA.

    good seminar, well explained

    Great as always! Still lost on much of DNA, but learning little by little from him. I have his book The Family Tree Guide to DNA testing and Genealogy and have given it as a gift to people. Will watch this again. Thanks 🙂

    Great explanation of how-to phase and why to phase.

    Great job

    Great new info for me

    Great presentation as only Blaine can do! Lucid, clear and precise. Well done and thanxs

    Great webinar. Blaine Bettinger makes DNA interesting and understandable.

    Had to leave early but will be watching later. This is an excellent webinar.

    He did a great job.. love Blaine… but info above my head a little.

    He is always excellent.

    He is so good…I learned quite a bit tonight

    He was right, it was a high-level topic. But as always he explained it clearly.

    I always enjoy Blaine’s webinars and have learned a lot from him. I plan to look further into phasing as a tool for my research.

    I always enjoy Blaine’s webinars; simply delivered to help learner understand this complex language of DNA.

    I always learn a lot from Blaine Bettinger’s presentations!

    I do not consider myself an advanced DNA person, but he makes everything easy to understand. I guess I just have been listening so long, that finally it’s starting to sink in.
    WONDERFUL webinar, thanks.

    I gained some understanding but I do have a long way to go

    I had wondered what the evil twin is.

    I heard a variation of this talk by Blaine in Australia recently, but somehow the slight changes he makes or slightly different wording that he uses means that I learnt more from the talk today. Thank you for the high quality speakers you get at Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

    I knew it would be way over my head, but I wanted an overview so I would know what others were talking about. Got it AND even think I can retain some of this to use some day. Thank you!

    I learned so much about phasing and DNA research. Blaine’s lectures are always some of the best.

    I need to reviewed this a couple of times – very interesting

    I now understand. I am not sure I am ready for this but I know what it is. Great seminar.

    I’ll go back to this webinar to reinforce what I just learned. Neither of my parents are still alive, but I have 2 daughters who have been tested whom I can work with. And, they can use my DNA to see what they got from their father, who has refused to test because HE isn’t interested.

    I’m still a little confused but I think I can work through this process using my son’s DNA. This was very helpful!

    I’m sure Blaine knows what he is talking about but it is a bit above my knowledge. sorry!

    Informative and excellent

    Interesting and explained Beautifully!

    interesting topic – glad I could learn more about it.

    It was really too advanced for me but I love participating in these (classes) as I might learn something.

    It was very interesting and may be helpful in the future. However, at the moment I’m still dealing with matches that have large segments in common with me. It may become very useful once I start using DNA Painter – after I hear Blaine talk about that at the BIFHSGO conference in two weeks. Thanks for offering such advanced

    Just a little over my head but I still learned a lot.

    Keep it up!

    Learned a lot! Thank you!

    Love Blaine Bettinger and his clear concise explanations of DNA.

    Now that I understand more about these 2 techniques , I am clear that they will not work for me since I have no parent or child to test.


    Over my head but fascinating!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Perfect presentation skills.

    Please give us more webinars for advanced DNA users! There are already plenty of beginner DNA webinars out there! Would like more on advanced features of GEDMatch.

    Rather hard to understand how to figure the DNA relationships. Need to find a DNA for Dummies book.

    Really helpful!

    Really like the starting time as well

    So helpful!!!

    So much great information – Thank you!

    so pleased Blaine always on of my favorites. Thank you

    Blaine was excellent as always.

    Such a knowledgeable presenter!! I now have a much better understanding of this process.

    Super subject and extremely well-delivered.

    SUPER!! Thanks

    Thank you for hosting. Thank you Blaine for getting off a long flight and talking for an hour! I know how hard that can be.

    Thank you for making the concept of phasing so clear! I would rather hear about one small part of DNA and really understand it than hear about something broad that I can’t quite

    Thank you for providing an advanced DNA webinar!

    Thank you!

    Thankful for the topic & the presenter is very clear.


    This is certainly one of the webinars that was sooooo worth watching. I will need to listen to it again. I now see a definite need to move DNA information to Gedmatch.

    This was excellent! Appreciated having a DNA webinar at a somewhat advanced level! Would welcome more of these!

    This webinar was fantastic! Thank you! Now I finally understanding what phasing is and how to do it. And I hope Blaine can get some rest now! Going from Australia to Amsterdam to New York in just a couple of weeks, he must be exhausted. Thanks for all of your hard work and clear explanations!

    Very good!

    Very informative presentation and great delivery of the material.

    very informative! Although I’ve created Evil Twin kits for myself and 2 of my sibs, I really didn’t realize how useful they could be.

    Very informative.

    Very informative!

    Very informative.

    Very Interesting – new tools and information!

    Very interesting as well as informative. Thank you. : )

    Very interesting, but I’ll need to watch and listen again to maybe get a better understanding of this complicated subject. Dr. Blaine is a great teacher.

    Very interesting. I wish I had been able to test my parents.

    Very well organized and clear and well presented.

    Webinar was great!

    What a great presenter, and a famous one as well. Enjoyed!

    What fun we would have if everyone in the world would test their DNA…Thanks

    WOW! Another great presentation from Blaine.


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