5 Steps to Becoming a Good Ancestor

Marian Pierre-Louis
Jun 26, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 43s
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1 - Share Your Tree
26m 51s
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2 - Preserve for the Future
7m 18s
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3 - Family and FANs
12m 34s
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4 - Leave a Legacy
16m 18s
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5 - Bread Crumbs
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Genealogists are very good at researching and learning about their ancestors' lives. But sometimes they forget that it is important to provide information about themselves for their own descendants. In this presentation we'll provide five ways to leave traces of yourself (and your research) for those who come after you.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogy professional who specializes in educational outreach through webinars, internet broadcasts and video. Her areas of expertise include house history research, southern New England research and solving brick walls.
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    So many very helpful suggestions for keeping all my stuff from disappearing

    A great thoughtful webinar!

    A great webinar and Marian gave a lot to think about. We get busy with our research and sometimes need a reminder we we need to leave for our family members that come after us.

    A lot of food for thought! It would be a tragedy for all of hard genealogy work to be done in vain.

    A++ Excellent session – speaker is very knowledgeable & shared her expertise in a very clear & straight-forward way. I picked up several great tips. Thanks so much!

    Absolutely great. Well spoken. Great layout and follow thru. Never enough time for the good ones.


    Always great information! I need to go back and reread my notes!

    Appreciated specific options.

    Bravo Marian!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great ideas to preserve our researches and family history for future generations.

    Enjoyed all the tips on making sure all my hard work is preserved.

    Enjoyed getting hints on how to be a good ancestor.



    excellent ideas! We do need to write “our story” for future generations; thanks for the reminder!

    Excellent ideas, well presented, with a syllabus that includes all the ideas in the topic. Very useful. Thanks,

    Excellent information

    Excellent material and speaker. I’ve started my READ ME FIRST document regarding my files (electronic and paper) and their organization!

    Excellent presentation with information that can be used both for Leaving a Trace for our descendants but also for finding information on our ancestors! I really appreciate the comprehensive suggestions. Marian’s voice is clear, easy to listen to, and she had so much to share. Thank you so much.

    Excellent seminar! Marian Pierre-Louis has given me so many ideas for preserving family history.

    Excellent tips and good remindeers

    Excellent Webinar Marian…great suggestions!!

    Excellent webinar! Lots of great practical suggestions for preserving your research & your own personal history. I especially liked the ideas for documenting your FAN club & for leaving bread crumbs for your descendants, which are things I hadn’t thought about before.


    Excellent! Your webinars are always terrific! Thanks!

    Excellent, clear, energetically presented Thank you!

    Fantastic ideas – that are practical to implement!

    Fantastic ideas!

    Fantastic! Full of great ideas. I plan to use a few of them soon.

    Good ideas for preserving our own history.

    Good ideas.

    Good informations. Thank you.

    Great advice and lots of wonderful ideas. Need to get started!!

    great all around information. Appreciate thorough handout.

    great content and I’m your newest member. can’t wait

    Great ideas

    Great ideas and info!

    Great ideas and reminders of what to save for posterity!

    Great ideas presented today!

    Great ideas some of which I already do. It’s nice to have the validation! Loved the FB history idea.

    Great ideas!

    Loved the ideas and suggestions given. Could listen to Marian all day -she has that great teaching voice and a good cadence.

    Great tips. I have been wondering what to do with all my research. Thank you so much.


    I actually thought this would be a rehash of what I’ve read and heard on the subject over the past couple years but her suggestions and ideas were helpful and useful way beyond my expectations. I am so glad I decided to not cancel my registration!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    I gained some very helpful ideas. Thank you.

    I give this webinar a 5+. One of the best! Thanks so much!

    I got home late and only heard the last 15 minutes of her presentation. Will definitely add this to my play list!

    I loved the topic and the ideas she mentioned. I never heard of the WayBack sight. I will definitely loved into that and other ideas she mentioned.

    I really enjoyed the Webinar and will be looking forward to many more.

    It was very interesting and thought provoking, it was well organized and easy to follow.

    Ideas: creative, quick, or large scale, to suit anyones time, budget, or vision.

    I’m very motivated and wiser now in getting my own family history organized and sharing it! Exquisite presentation!


    Interesting and great tips

    Interesting because we seldom consider writing about ourselves or others following us.

    It is wonderful to have so many different options shared in one presentation. I need Marian’s enthusiasm to energize me into taking action. I’m sure I will be referring back to the syllabus many times. Thank you!

    Loads of info. Given in freely understood fashion. Excellent presenter.

    Lots of amazing suggestions and ideas for leaving a legacy behind. I’m going to start today!

    Lots of good ideas to follow.

    Lots of good tips – some I had not thought of but want to try

    Lots of good, interesting and new info! Thanks so much!

    Lots of great ideas!

    Lots of great ideas. Very worthwhile.

    Love Marian! She has a swarm of wonderful ideas. And, yes I will be watching again! Thank you.

    loved all the new ideas to implement on making sure that I make life easier for future researchers. Also was affirmed in the things that I aready do such as making a family quilt, doing a daily blog, organising a yearly reunion, keeping a diary etc.

    Loved it!

    Loved Marian’s suggestions! Thanks.

    Marian has outshined herself again. Have 2 pages of quick notes to explore. This is my favorite to date. At 73 just starting to reflect on how to leave my family story to my brother and sister and their descendants. A great big thanks to Marian.

    Marian is one of my favorite presenters. Her voice is so pleasant and she always has helpful information to share. Reccently I helped to clean out my parents home and found all kinds of treasures that I didn’t know were there, everyday items that belonged to my great grandparents and even some item that belonged to a couple of great great grandfathers. All of that has me thinking about the kinds of things I would want passed on to my descendants, besides my research. Marian gave me many great ideas today.

    Marian presented an excellent webinar. She was easy to listen to and understand.

    Marian provided great ideas – thanks so much.

    Marian, you do wonderful presentations.

    My next project is write a brief autobiography so this info was very helpful. I am interested in Amy Johnson Crow’s Ancestor Prompts also. She didn’t mention the GRANDMA books. I just completed 4 for my grandkids.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Nice to know about being able to download Facebook history. I use the Way Back Machine all the time.

    OMG BRILLIANT! Marie Pierre-Louis just gave us a smorgasbord of easy to follow paths and marching orders to help our descendants learn who we are/were. So much actionable information here, with links and questions to answer, I cannot thank you enough. Marian, your presentation style is so very approachable; it is obvious that you are the master of your subject and able to modulate for various audiences. Hope you might do a webinar on house histories, if you have not already done so. Again, thanks!

    One of the best seminars. She made made me realize the value of making trees public

    Only saw last part of it, but I learned some new ideas to try.

    Outstanding webinar! I am thinking a lot about how to pass on my research, and this was incredibly helpful.

    Pretty Good

    Several good ideas were given for keeping safe the genealogy work I have accomplished over the last two decades. Thanks.

    She had some great ideas that I intend to implement!

    She made me think about my on-line legacy.

    She’s right, we never think about leaving the kinds of traces we’d be thrilled to find left by our parents and grandparents. I do need to make time to try the 52 in 52 challenge, as I’m pretty much the only genealogist in the family and I have no direct descendants. I have a niece and nephew who are kind of curious now that they have children. Actual stories about specific ancestors might help cement that interest into something they might want to pursue themselves after I’m gone.

    So many excellent ideas about preserving family history for future generations!

    So much great and NEW information. Thank you.

    Some really good tips I’ll use going forward. Thanks!

    Some really great ideas, well organized as usual.

    Such a great amount of information! I will be reviewing for sure!

    Super hints for leaving a legacy. Very understandable, simple, something for everyone whether we are experienced writers, photographers, or if we have done nothing like that before. Thanks, Marian and Geoff.

    Terrific webinar! So many great ideas! Thank you! : )

    Thank you for giving me a gentle push to share my genealogy with the public.

    Thanks, Marian, for a very big kick in the behind to get started writing out my family history!!

    This really go the memories flowing about my family and what they don’t know. It is also overwhelming to remember so much and to write it down. Thank you for the prod.

    This was a terrific presentation. The ideas were so thought-provoking — you have refueled my energy for working on my personal website. I think this is the first time I’ve attended one of Marian’s seminars and I found Marian to have a particularly engaging presentation style. The first time she mentioned that the presentation was going long, I was amazed at how time had flown. Many, many thanks for a wonderful seminar.

    This was so informative and provided so many ways to record our own history. I have been thinking about this topic for some time. I will rewatch this webinar, and hopefully put some pen to paper sooner than later! Knowing how busy our grown children are with their everyday lives, I am especially excited about ways to involve our grandchildren at a young age.

    Today was Marian Pierre-Louise Webinar it was great, I haven’t seen her before today. I look forward to watching her other Webinars! Great information and I learned so much. Thanks.

    very comprehensive with many ideas … some concerns might be addressed: informing relatives about citing sources and giving credit to others, not just copying from others; what if one doesn’t have any heirs … only children of one’s cousins … of course, one can still share.

    Very good tips and several websites that were new to me. Always trying to get more organized.

    Very good webinar with Marion Pierre-Louis – so many quick notes for preserving genealogy.

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful!

    Very information. Easy to follow, great tips and ideas. Over the top presentation. Awesome.

    Very informative and structured to encourage all of us to visit the journey of the 5 steps to becoming a good ancestor.

    Very interesting and good things to think about to preserve you life.

    Well organized and lots of great ideas to get us going. It’s given me a push to write and preserve that other webinars haven’t quite managed to do. The syllabus was a welcome addition. It made following the talk easy, and provided all the information I’m usually trying frantically to write down. Thank you.

    Wonderful information. Gave me lots of ideas for recording memories when I have only a little time . Thank you both.


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