Verifying Information You Find Online

Marian Pierre-Louis
Apr 25, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 17s
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Online Trees
16m 12s
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How to Quickly Analyze Trees
19m 41s
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Verifying Information
8m 10s
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Case Studies
20m 25s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

When we have brick walls and other challenging genealogical puzzles we search anywhere for clues that can help us. That can include online trees and other information with unknown sources. This presentation will demonstrate how to verify the information as true or not.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogy professional who specializes in educational outreach through webinars, internet broadcasts and video. Her areas of expertise include house history research, southern New England research and solving brick walls.
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    All important when doing research. There are so many things to check to verify!

    Always find M P-L informative and enjoy her speaking voice, so it’s a pleasure to listen and learn.

    Always a five!

    Always a good one with Marian Pierre-Louis. Thanks!

    Always enjoyable to listen to Marian!!! I love her voice!!

    Always interesting to see someone else’s research techniques and here the decision making process.

    Always learn from Marian! Great webinar, especially since I saw that I do some of the same things she does, and now learned more! Thanks 🙂

    Always love Marian’s webinars!

    Another excellent webinar on a challenging topic about online trees. Marian is so thorough, and such an excellent clear presenter – a pleasure to learn more tips and techniques.


    As always she was really good and I loved the case studies.

    As always, each webinar is wonderful, BUT always points out there is soooooooooooo much more for me to do!!!

    Best webinar yet! Lots of use useful information. Loved Marian’s approach of dissecting information found on family trees. Totally agree with her about family trees. I take them with a grain of salt and go from there. By the sounds of it, she doesn’t like them anymore than I do!

    common sense and logical approach. like rethinking the strategy.

    Enjoyed this very much.

    examples good practice for eval.

    Excellant webinar

    Excellent All her webinars are awesome

    Excellent as always

    Excellent as always. Great information.

    excellent formatted information and speaker

    Excellent information and well organized, easy to follow and very clear. Excellent examples. Loved it.

    excellent suggestions on verifying information. thanks.

    Excellent tips for verifying info found in trees. Marion repeats what I’ve told budding genealogists who want to ‘sync’ with trees. ‘Check first, do manual input’.

    Excellent topic and Marian is a great “down to earth” speaker!

    Excellent webinar – well-presented, with good info for both the the beginner and the experienced genealogist. A fresh look with good tips is always a help! Will be looking to view other webinar videos from Marian Pierre-Louis. Thanks!


    Excellent! Thank you!


    Excellent. Great info. Thanks for another wonderful webinar.

    Excellent. It challenges is to more critical thinking and analysis, and it gives us some tools for finding more accurate information.

    Excellent…very knowledgeable presentation.

    Fantastic. Have a real need to clean up my MH online “reference” (newbie) tree so I can attach my DNA results to something.

    Good ideas to evaluate online trees. First class on this topic I have see, much appreciated.

    good ides I need to try

    Good information

    Good presentation and refresher on everything.

    Good step-by=-step analysis of trees.

    Good tips. And a gentle shove to correct my use of public trees and the “fluttering” leaves of Ancestry. Thank you!!!


    great as always

    Great info!

    Great info. I’ve always used online trees as a jumping off point and then doing the research if I think it’s a possible relative.

    Great info. and thought provoking decisions fro me to make.

    great job and I learned a lot

    Great job making me remember that there are other folks that could find my ancestors in their trees if I had more of my ancestors info online.

    Great presenter, fabulous subject

    Great suggestion to help wade through public trees quickly and easily and come out with information that can be fairly trustworthy. So many trees and so many differences of information, can be daunting going through them without a system!

    Great suggestions for determining which fact is the correct one. Thanks.

    Great tips for verifying information. I have stayed away from on line trees because they are so untrustworthy, now at least I will look at them for clues for my own research. Well presented. Thank you!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Great tips!

    Great topic! well presented. Thank you!

    Great webinar – love Marian as a presenter.

    Great webinar!!!

    Great webinar. Just had to leave early.

    Have some housecleaning to do, again! Great webinar. Thank you

    Helped to understand the reason to have the public tree, and also the private tree. And how to verify the information that is out there.

    I always enjoy Marian’s presentations. This topic is very pertinent to current practices!

    I appreciate the “how” of confirming information found in public trees. Thanks!

    I could listen to her all day. But I need to review my tree.

    I learned a lot of great info today – Thanks!

    I liked the mini case studies… very helpful

    I love case studies.

    I loved the case studies.

    I missed 3/4 of it because of an appointment for an oil change. What I saw was helpful.

    I needed this earlier today. But it will be a great help in going forward and hopefully allow me to winnow all the matches I have on Ancestry and MyHeritage that have become overwhelming.

    I needed this most of all topics; since starting genealogy I have struggled to learn the very basics from local classes I’ve attended to books to online webinars and having already started connecting with DNA matches. Thank you for this topic and for all you offer via webinars!

    I really enjoyed lurking at the webinar. Think I’ll sign up

    I thought that it was very well done.

    I typically hadn’t used online trees too much, but this webinar might have convinced me to do so, even if only for guidance on where to research next.

    I was always wary of using public trees, but with these strategies, I will definitely be using trees in my research.

    I was doing some of what Marian suggested, but she gave some additional great ideas that I’m sure I will find really helpful.

    Informative and entertaining.

    Informative thank you – appreciated the case studies for visual examples of conflicts and cross referencing of multiple resource sites.


    Interesting information — surprising that I already do many of those things — and that I am just as frustrated by incorrect information as Marian.


    It was my first live webinar… I thought it was very good overall!

    for me….I’ve been doing research so long that I don’t know if there were tons of ‘new’ revelations…but definitely validation of the same kind of ”vetting’ that I do on public trees as well….and the types of clues I look for to make sure the records found really fit my person that I’m researching.

    It’s always good to learn and reinforce!! Thanks!

    It’s great to get some ways to respond to trees that look a little suspect other than muttering under my breath. I especially appreciated the analysis of how errors occur other than through carelessness.

    i’ve never failed to discover new resources and ways of thinking with Legacy’s webinars, and Marian is one of the topnotch presenters. Thank you, as always 😉

    Learned so much! Very, very useful!

    Lot of good information on how to research correctly

    Lots of good information and like the case studies.

    Lots of great information and encouragement. Thanks Marian and Goeff.

    Lots of useful info!!

    Loved this webinar. Learned even from the questions at the end.

    Made me realize that I’ve been guilty of not thinking enough about accepting data without enough scrutiny. Thanks for showing us how to make a plan to arrive at more accurate data.

    Marian did a great job and passed along some hints that even experienced genealogists appreciated.

    Marian did an outstanding job! Great tips and techniques offered to confirm accuracy of online trees! Many thanks!

    Marian gave some great tips on resolving online problems. Super presentation.

    Marian has a healthy dose of skepticism blended with toleration. I appreciate that.

    Marian is a great teacher!

    Marian is always good!! Geoff, your daughter is adorable!!

    Marian is the consummate professional!

    Marian was full of information that was articulately presented. While I have figured most of her tips out on my own over the years, I was happy to hear her confirm my newest finding about “place of death” on Ancestry! SO not accurate and I have many a correction to make! I do wish to thank Marian for the mention of Fulton History. This was new to me. Thank you to the attendee who updated the website link! I located a newspaper article on my paternal Grandfather not found before – thank you everyone!

    Marian was terrific and super approachable in her discussion. Smart, logical, and easy to apply how-to information for any level. Hope she becomes the pied piper of making tree information more reliable!

    much needed webinar


  3. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Picked up on several new ideas

    Please have more topics like this one: how to analyze the information from online sources and DNA matches. Very helpful!

    Presenter gave easy to follow slides on verifying information. Good Webinar. Will check her other webinars.

    Quite interesting and informative, liked the case studies where it all came together.

    Reaffirmed as being good, many techniques I have figured out on my own AND gave me new ones to use. Definitely increased my confidence in my researching capabilities. Thanks.

    Really interesting and helpful perspectives. Thank you!

    Really made me think about my own public and private trees. She reinforced my thinking about information on trees. Her examples were like ones I have found. Thank you, Marian.

    So Informative! Thank you very much! Awesome!!!

    some really great clues to verifying info!!

    Super useful information for me! Thanks!

    Super webinar. This is a topic I’ve wondered about often, after finding so many errors on public trees, and I appreciated all the great answers and suggestions.

    Terrific ideas on being diligent with researching! Thanks!

    Thank you.

    Thanks for all the good tips.

    Thanx! Love Marian’s presentations!

    The case study approach is REALLY helpful. Thanks Marian, once again for a great tutorial.

    The tips were good and the real-time work on typical questions was so very enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    This needs to be a forever-free webinar and required watching for all new genealogists! I will send the link to folks who mess up their trees!! LOL Thank you!

    This really opened my eyes and reminded me of what a resource online trees can be! Thanks!

    This was a great webinar. Thank you.

    This was a welcome webinar subject. Meriam did a great job helping me figure out what public trees are trustworthy.

    this was great – I wonder if you’ll provide it for free so that those of us who come across ancestry users who think “Ancestry Trees” are a source can send them to this webinar!

    This was my first experience with Marian.. I’m looking forward to her next presentation. Great job.

    This was very helpful. It motivates me to go back and do the do-over because I have a better idea of how to go about it.

    Thoughtful and well presented

    Too Bad All those with the “Fictional” Trees were not listening to this Down to the Basic ways of researching and documenting. Very nice job!! Thank You !

    Truly appreciated Marian’s insightful presentation AND her candid commentary on her public vs private tree philosophy and application. Thank you!

    verified the precautions that I learned the hard way!

    Very good beginner’s webinar. I learned a couple of things too!

    Very good info. Sparked some ideas of what I need to do to clean up trees.

    Very good information.

    Very good insights and techniques

    Very good research tips for helping to solve difference in information.

    Very good webinar!

    Very good, and information that I needed to be reminded of. Some new information also.

    Very good, as usual

    Very good. Liked her examples and explanation on how to solve problems

    very helpful

    Very helpful and clear – will be watching it again

    Very helpful and informative. Easy to understand and realize the steps one should utilize for verifying the information you find online.

    Very helpful and thought provoking!

    very helpful.

    Very helpful.Good Info and process.

    Very important information to consider. Her tips aid in not perpetuating incorrect information in family trees. Thanks Marian.

    Very informative!

    Very informative, well done

    very interesting and informative. Gave me some new ways to work using Family Trees info.

    Very much enjoyed the step-by-step process that is necessary to follow when verifying information that is found on websites. It can be really tempting to just ‘accept’ the information someone else has gathered without really analyzing whether it is truly accurate.!!

    Very practical information presented in an engaging manner. Great way to spend an hour!

    Very practical suggestions.


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