Hidden content treasures you might have missed at MyHeritage

Mike Mansfield
Jun 25, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 15s
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6m 42s
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Precision v Recall
8m 37s
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Live Demo
7m 09s
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Published Sources
1m 43s
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County & Family Histories
8m 34s
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WWI Draft Registrations
3m 23s
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7m 29s
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Passenger Arrival Records
7m 23s
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1m 27s
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The Long Tail
8m 08s
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Trees & Record Detective
6m 37s
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Announcements / prizes
1m 37s
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Questions / answers
12m 55s

About this webinar

Learn about fascinating collections of records you may have missed, which may be hiding your ancestors.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mike Mansfield works for MyHeritage.com as the Director of Content Operations. Previously Mike has worked for Ancestry.com and FamilySearch and has been active in the genealogy and family history domain for the last 20 years. Mike has presented at
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A great session. Many valuable hints here. Thank you

    Always learning with these webinars

    Anxious to look at these areas I wasn’t aware of!

    As a subscriber to My Heritage, I have and continue to enjoy its features!!

    Awesome!! Thank you!

    Brilliant Webinar

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great suggestions for using the hidden resources on My Heritage.

    County histories are full of treasure crumbs! Ditto for city/village histories. Lots of context as well for writing trees up.

    Excellent content and presentation. I’ll be sharing this in the Facebook MyHeritage Users Group. Thanks!

    Excellent information as always from mike.

    Excellent information!

    Excellent Presentation

    Excellent speaker and very interesting subject. I learned many new things of what’s available on MyHeritage and how to use it better. Thanks.

    Excellent webinar – good sources – lots of breadcrumbs.

    Excellent webinar! I have several new searchers to do!

    Excellent webinar! Very well organized and presented. Lots of information and guidance. So much knowledge available using MyHeritage! This webinar provides lots of assistance and tips in learning the many areas available for use and tips on how to research and use. Thanks to all!

    Excellent! Thanks!

    Excellent! Very helpful! I’ll be watching this one again!

    Fantastic presentation. Very helpful

    Great info

    Great presenter, clear, to the point.

    Had never really looked at MyHeritage. Now am very excited to get on and start researching

    Have learned so much, great webinar, can’t wait to get back to researching

    I always learn something new.

    I have My Heritage and this has been very helpful to “remind” me to explore the “research” tab!!!

    I need to use MyHeritage more as just really getting started with it.

    I pressed in a few minutes late, but it was easy to catch up. Thank you for this very interesting presentation.

    I’m getting more comfortable digging into the Research tab collections. This is very helpful!!

    I’m not as familiar with deep searching MyHeritage compared to Ancestry.com so this was a very useful webinar to learn how to find resources/collections that I otherwise might not have found. Presenter was very organized and provided good live demos to show different types of searches.

    it was great getting additional info to make searching easier

    Lots of information and great tips and suggests of collections to try.

    Love finding more sources to continue my research. Now, I just need to retire from my job to do it all!

    Love Mike Mansfield and MyHeritage and Geoff and Legacy. Thank you all!

    Mike Mansfield is Always Enjoyable and full of Knowledge!!!!

    MyHeritage and Legacy fan from Montreal.

    One of the very best webinars for researching on myheritage.

    Outstanding webinar.

    Simple and instructive. Thanks for clicking between screens slowly so we could follow along.

    So much awesome information. I can’t wait to put it to use.

    So much information! I will definitely watch this one again. It was a great reminder to dig into the collection catalog to turn over all the rocks.

    Thanks for another interesting and informative webinar from Mike at MyHeritage.

    The presentation was clear and concise.

    These Early MA vital records are FABULOUS. When I began my research years ago — before much on-line matierals — I utilized this collection at The Berkshire Athenaeum Local History, Pittsfield, MA.

    This is an exceptionally well constructed presentation! Thank you again

    Very good; thank you, I learned a lot.

    Very helpful

    Very helpful explaining MyH search environment

    Very helpful. Ranks among my favorites.

    Very informative! I learned about so many previously unknown (to me) resources available on MyHeritage. Thank you!

    Very informative. New things to check out.

    Very informative. Thank you

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you very much.

    Very useful to me and easy to follow. Thanks

    Wish I could rewatch over and over!


    WOW. The name of the webinar certainly is fitting. Never knew there were so many places to research. I’ve written down a few but will review for more.


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