3 Ways to Advance Your Research with Correlation

Shannon Green, CG
Apr 21, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 36s
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Simple Correlation
9m 58s
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How to Correlate
7m 29s
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6m 59s
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Advancing Your Research
9m 20s
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Test Hypothesis
7m 57s
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Present Conclusions
9m 35s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
13m 42s

About this webinar

Correlation is required to meet the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS), but what exactly is it? How do I do it? And can it help me solve genealogical problems? We will use case studies to demonstrate how to correlate evidence to generate ideas for further research, test hypotheses, and present conclusions.  You will leave the webinar with clear steps to apply to your genealogy at different stages during the research process. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Green, CG, is a genealogy researcher, writer, and educator. She started looking into her ancestry in 2010 and has been debunking family lore, overturning famil
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    2 days 2 great webinars on research ideas. thanks

    A clear exploration of a multi-faceted concept. Thank you!

    a lot more verification necessary than I realised.

    Absolutely awesome information and presentation of correlation! I’m going to watch other related Legacy Webinars now and learn more about doing this great genealogical methodoly! Thank you so much!

    actually i would give at least 10 points. this was one of the best webinars/speeches i’ve ever heard. lots of information but in a well structured package and therefore easy to follow AND understand.

    already doing correlation but did think of many of the tools she used. she has a nice voice too and is a pleasure to listen to.

    An excellent session that was well focused and provided practical examples for application. The handout also provided enough detail on the case studies that I could pay more attention to the presentation without worrying about missing something.

    An excellent speaker and the mapping ideas were fantastic!

    As someone who frequently leaves webinars early due to eye strain caused by cataracts, and looking at bright-white slide backgrounds, I am extremely grateful to Ms. Green for making her slides with dark backgrounds. Her presentation has been one that I’m particularly glad not to have left early.



    Awesome! Clear, organized, illuminating, and more.

    Can’t wait to get started today!

    Clear, great examples, nice powerpoint, lovely presenter. Thanks!

    Clear, well-organized presentation covering a precise requirement of GPS in easily understood examples.

    Clearly presented, excellent and so many examples. Thanks so much.

    Enjoyed listening to her. It’s nice to hear other people walk through a process that we’ve all done. It confirms we are doing it right and gives us tips that we might miss. Super cool that her work was in effort of proving patriots for DAR. I do that all the time.

    Enjoyed the webinar so much Great speaker and easy to follow.





    excellent and learned alot—————–I love to attend these

    Excellent explanation of correlation and her examples were very helpful! Shannon is a great presenter! I look forward to more from her.

    Excellent ideas-I’m ready to go do my homework!

    excellent info

    Excellent information and presentation.

    Excellent information and speaker. Got several new ideas on correlation!

    Excellent information. Thank you.

    Excellent presentation and examples used today by Shannon Green.

    excellent presentation and presenter.

    Excellent presentation skills! A skilled teacher.

    Excellent presentation with great content providing ideas to aid and enhance my research. Shannon – Thank you!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. From slides to handout. Subject covered very well. Thanks.

    Excellent presentation; well organized; well worth the time.

    Excellent presenter!!!

    Excellent speaker and interesting case studies.

    Excellent speaker, very clear and useful examples!

    Excellent webinar – more from Shannon, please!!

    Excellent webinar! It’s has given me lots to think about and use in my research. I need to look at that table of the DNA matches again and use something similar. I also want to use maps to research one ancestor’s family’s movements over the years.



    Excellent! So easy to understand and to put to use!

    excellent! A much needed presentation for me. Will be watching it again. Thank you! : )

    Excellent! I appreciate the webinars in the BCG series. I specifically appreciate the level of detail and topics covered in this series. They seem appropriate for intermediate and advanced researchers. This webinar on correlation, and specific examples of how to correlate was well worth my time. I know I can put these ideas to use right away.

    Excellent, I learned soooooo much!

    Excellent, well-done!! Clear and concise. Great information.

    Excellent. Was correlating without understanding exactly what I was doing.

    Excellent… learned some great correlation techniques. Thank you

    Fantastic, Shannon. Now to homework.

    Fantastic. Shannon speaks at a good pace. The information was very helpful

    Fast-paced, well-focused, clear examples and explanations, where audio and visual material correlated perfectly with each other.

    Good presentation! Shannon is clear, gives easily understandable examples, really explains what correlation is and how/why to use it. Her maps, power points, etc. are super — yes, it would be wonderful to have Tech Talks on the ways to use/create/adapt maps and timelines for genealogical purposes. Love Shannon’s presentations.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Good presenter. She taught me a lot about researching and recording information in ways I hadn’t thought of.

    Great charts ideas to use

    Great examples and explanation

    Great examples. Great delivery.

    Great ideas and examples. This presentation proves to me I need to abandon my idea of doing all my analysis inside my genealogy software program. Instead, I will be attaching external analysis documents to my people in Legacy.

    Great ideas for something that I’ve been trying to do without knowing it–those pesky elusive ancestors require it!

    Great information & presented in such an easy to learn way!

    Great information for high quality genealogy. Excellent presenter

    Great information that was VERY well presented! More Shannon Green please. Thanks!

    Great information!

    Great job, Shannon! Information was very important and well=presented.

    Great learning webinar. I need to listen to this again !!! Great Speaker !!!

    Great one

    Great presentation and follow-up question/answer session.

    Great presentation! Correlation could have been a complicated subject, but she presented everything clearly and simply.

    Great presentation. Information was presented in a n orderly manner and the case studies were great in making the point easier to grasp.

    Great presentation. Enjoyed the new approaches

    Great presentation. Good step by step process. We need more how to’s like this. Very pleasant webinar.

    Great presentation. News methods of correlation to use going forward.

    Great presentation. Now all I have to do is attempt correlating myself. 🙂

    Great presentation; Presenter was wonderful. Provided very clear ways to help untangle and organize information and get to a written conclusion.

    Great review of things I know to do, but sometimes don’t. Love your pacing and tech additions.

    Great speaker. Enjoyed the topic. Excited about the homework.

    Great visuals! Thank you for the helpful information.

    Great way to teach a challenging subject, and provide more ways to correlate.

    Great webinar

    Great webinar! I have automatically been correlating records but didn’t know it was actually part of the official genealogical process! Now I know exactly how and why to do it. Thank you so much!

    Great webinar, Shannon!

    Great, had to leave early, but will watch again!

    Great. Shannon gave a lot of good examples and helped get the creative juices flowing.

    Grrrrreat. So much to do now — following Shannon’s suggestions. Thank you all –

    Her presentation was clear, consistent, and practical with great examples and clear explanations.

    I am working on trying to verify my ancestors especially those who are not in the US – the idea of correlation is new to me and this provided lots of ideas about how to get these different people in one place for comparison and further research. I thought the presentation was very clear and understandable. Thank you!

    I find the subject of correlation very interesting, however a lesser speaker could have made it boring. Shannon Green was the best speaker I have heard on Legacy Webinars (and none I have seen have been poor!). She was clear, concise and her slides were very helpful in aiding her presentation. Really enjoyed this presentation and I learned so much – all the examples shown help me to visualize correlation – and how to document it. I hope Shannon will be back for more presentations on Legacy Webinars!

    Extremely interesting. I love the Spanish way of surnames, both parent’s surnames are listed in your name, making the search much easier.

    I have only recently started making lists and tables just to help me organize data. This webinar expands this practice so much! And demonstrates how and when (and why) to use these techniques. Thank you!

    I have tried the narrative method of explaining reasons for different death and birth records and I really enjoyed the charting methods and feel like going back and using your ideas to explain why I came to the conclusion I did. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas.

    I have used various versions of correlation but to clarify issues, this sessions explained the technique more clearly.

    I love the examples! The questions about the presentation skills also presented some ideas for tech zone. I hope you can follow through with those.

    I REALLY enjoy a webinar like this! Thanks so much.

    I’m a huge fan of Shannon’s. She can discuss and illustrate complex research methodology and process in a way that I can easily understand. I especially love FTW because I can watch them again and again… and other supporting or related lectures… way to go Geoff and others… 🙂

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Inspiring. Her case studies were concise and engaging Her enthusiasm is contagious.

    Interesting ideas. Thank you.

    interesting subjects and a great presenter.

    Just a great program and it was nice with Geoff adding comments.

    Lots of good information and ways to forward my research.

    Love Shannon Green! She is a fantastic speaker who explains things in a way that is easy to understand. Everything she presented is something we can all use immediately in our own research.

    loved the very logical and methodical approach

    Loved this! A talented presenter – clear and easy to listen to, as well as informative and applicable. Please have her back for more webinars!

    New information, really made sense!

    nice presentation, orderly and easy to follow. Very clear

    One of the best webinar yet; Shannon sounds like someone I would enjoy talking to face to face; also gave me some good ideas of how to organize info on my problem children.

    Opened my eyes to a new way of researching!

    Outstanding presentation. The presenter was knowledgeable. Her presentation was clear and concise.

    Outstanding presentation. I was not at home. So, I watched on my phone. I will watch the recording when I get home this evening. Thanks so much.

    Outstanding use of tables and timelines to help you correlate your documents, in proving and disproving your hypothesis. Thank You!

    Outstanding! Have her back please.

    OUTSTANDING! Shannon has such a great voice, easy to listen to, explains her points very well and examples are so helpful in making those points.

    Past student of Shannon’s and enjoyed her presentation. Thanks for sending reminder emails with links to access webinars quickly.

    Perfect pace, great case studies, very interesting and informative.

    Personality Plus – her enthusiasm and knowledge come shining through. The Perfect Teacher with her just right handout!

    Please bring in more methodology webinars!!! Loved it!!!

    Plesant voice, easy to follow with great slides. Thank you

    Presentation very clear and well-organized. Specific examples ALWAYS make it easier to understand.

    Really helpful! I’d been doing this in my head or in my notes, but not in tables or your other suggestions. I can see how this would really help.

    Really interesting and well done! Her explanations were so clear and easy to understand.

    re-enforced the need for this technique.

    Shannon always does great presentations

    Shannon explained things so well. I’ll be following her advice ASAP.

    Shannon gave very helpful information.

    Shannon gives us so many unique ideas and tools to improve our research skills.

    Shannon Green gave an excellent presentation today!!! Looking forward to implementing these new skills!

    Shannon Green is a wonderful presenter. Very easy to listen to and to understand her concepts.

    Shannon Green is now an automatic register presenter. I do not want to miss any of her content.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Shannon Green was an excellent choice for a speaker.

    Shannon has a great speaking voice, speed and excellent teaching method. I reconfirmed everything that I’ve been correlating.

    Shannon is a fantastic lecturer. I would love to see more from her!

    Shannon is a wonderful presenter! Very informative….I did notice the example of the Wilcoxon family from my Genealogy Principles class last fall through BU!

    Shannon is an excellent presenter and she has a knack for distilling difficult concepts into fairly simple ideas. This was a GREAT reminder for me about the analysis part of the process. Always good to hear. Also, I’m in the middle of doing some peer reviews for essays and looking at several different types of correlation techniques. This helped me think about the technique’s they’ve chosen for particular data and she’s given me some ideas for suggestions! Thanks Shannon!

    Shannon is an excellent presenter. I was part of the BU Principles Class and she was a fantastic teacher. She is my #1 favorite presenter/teacher. Her explanations are lucid, orderly and understandable.

    Shannon is an excellent speaker; the presentation was clear, precise, and very well organized. Recommend adjusting the examples for records that are not so simplistic. Only in New England would you have so many birth, baptism, and other such records. Use examples from another state, such as PA, NC, or MD, which would add complexity to the case studies.

    Shannon is fabulous! This gave me some new motivation to go back to old records and see what else I might have missed.

    Shannon is one of the best to explain topics in a simple and understandable way.

    Shannon put words to the way I think about ancestors. I’ve been correlating all along, I just didn’t know the proper term for my methodology.

    Shannon was easy to understand and follow. Slides were simple. Her voice pleasant and encouraging. Thanks!

    She is exceptionally clear.

    She presents in a very simple to understand method!

    She was easy to follow and gave credit examples. I was able to take notes without difficulty. Thank you so much.

    So clearly presented and what a cheerful personality!

    So great to look at the topic from a few different directions! I saw her mention tax records and started to wonder why I hadn’t used them before. Am going to now.

    So helpful! Can’t wait to start practicing it!

    So helpful, well explained and good examples. Can be replicated meaning, even beginners can grasp, try some more simple; advanced acn go to town and try many ways! Did bring up good point that someone could do well to teach how to build these charts, etc. A Word and Excel course for genealogists!

    Speaker was well prepared and avoided the dreaded uhs, ers, etc. The examples were clear and helpful.

    Such a great presenter, so organized, clear, and a great voice to listen to, also! Thanks so much to everyone!

    Thank you for teaching us the reasons we need to seek multiple sources for documenting out family history.

    The 80 minutes flew by, and there was so much to gain from watching this webinar. Shannon Green shared so much information on how to Advance Your Research with Correlation. Thank you.

    The seminar was very information. I see that I have more work to do. I enjoyed the presentation and will look in the library for more done by Ms. Green.

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    The speaker is an excellent instructor.

    This gave me some other perspectives in considering how to use correlation.

    This helps me comprehend correlation principles so much better!

    This is one of the best presentations!

    This was an excellent webinar!

    This was an excellent webinar! Shannon Green is an excellent presenter. It was especially useful for beginning researchers like myself, since it provided excellent methodology and practical and useful tips.

    This was an eye-opening look at correlation. It provided some great thoughts on doing correlation. I’m not there yet but will incorporate Shannon’s methods going forward.

    This was one of the most exciting webinars I have attended. I have someone that I can actually use this for that has been a source of speculation for a long time. Exciting. I love Shannon’s voice as I usually have a hard time with the webinars because of hearing aids.

    This was outstanding in every way. Graphics were very creative and clear. Wonderful ideas. I had really never thought much about the process of correlation, so this took me in new and fascinating directions. Thank you.

    This was so great please ask her again

    So very thankful I can go back to this webinar.

    Very clearly presented. A lot of great ideas for correlating genealogy information.

    Very good slides – thank you!

    Very good!

    Very helpful to hear and see examples of cases.

    Very helpful.

    Very helpful. I especially appreciated the various examples Shannon used so we could get an idea of what the different possibilities would look like.

    Very helpful. Will try right away the mapping … quite relevant to the research project I’m working on.

    Shannon is a great presenter – I hope she has some ideas for a future webinar!

    Very informative and interesting. Excellent presentor.

    very informative, wonderful ideas to start using

    Very informative.

    very instructional and easy to follow, inspired to use her suggestions

    very interesting and helpful with all the case studies

    Very interesting. Puts a new and simpler spin on how to accomplish some of the BCG tasks

    Very nicely done–easy to follow. Excellent information that can be used today and forever. Thank you Shannon.

    Very thorough and so exceptionally well presented through the graphics/slides. Very succinct and per personable presentation shined throughout. Thank you for making the drier but necessary nuts and bolts carefully explicated and easily grasped. Please have Shannon as a presenter as often as she is willing !

    Very thought provoking. I will explore how to separate men with the same name next — I seem to have several.

    Very understandable! I’m going to use it right now. Thx

    Very useful info

    Very Very interesting and helpful

    very well done

    Very well done presentation – clear and easy to follow! Thanks!

    Very well done. Lots of info. Love case studies, really helps to have examples for learning. Thanks.

    very well organized and lots of fun

    Very well organized. Power points were well done and the information was done so we could understand it.

    Very well presented

    Very well presented

    Very well presented and documented. Totally understandable and enjoyable.

    Well done! I learned so much. Thank you Shannon AND Geoff.

    well done. clear & fascinating!

    Well explained. Loved her case studies. Very patient instructor. Presentation was well-constructed and easy to follow.

    well presented, gave me lots of ideas for furhter research. Thank you .

    What a marvellous presenter! Excellent tips, handout, and a lovely easy voice to listen to. Please bring her back again for any other topic!!

    While I already use some of these methods instinctively, I did learn (or was reminded of) some other ways of looking at my information. My issue is with same name men and wives with same first names but unknown last names, all having children with same names, same time, same area!

    Wonderful – Great speaker!

    Wonderful and very informative

    Wonderful speaker, clear guidance, solid logic, great visual aids for documenting correlations

    Wonderful to learn a new, easy way to focus and further my research – thank you!

    Wonderful! So enjoy Shannon. I have been taking a writing course, and wrote a proof argument for it. Used Tables, Charts and Timelines to Correlate my information. Simplifies the presentation of information, as well as enabling correlation. Great ideas today. Extremely well organized and presented webinar. Thank you.

    wonderful, wonderful webinar!! Helps me determine how to focus on doing further research.

    Would love to hear more from Shannon. And, to perhaps see her do some Tech Zone videos on how she used / uses power points “bells and whistles” for timelines, etc.

    Wow! An excellent presenter and loved the ppt 🙂


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