GPS: Finding Your Way Through Tough Research Problems

James Ison, AG
Aug 21, 2018
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Learn about BCG
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Speaker's Introduction
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Case Study
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Follow-up Opportunities
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About this webinar

Life is good when records with direct evidence exist. Typically that doesn't last long. At some point, one finds only bits and pieces of indirect or conflicting evidence and progress often comes to a screeching halt. This class examines a case study prepared for application to the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) where direct evidence was non-existent in identifying the family of  Jesse Roberts of Greenville County, South Carolina. Key strategies are presented to piece together strands and threads of evidence from disparate sources using the Genealogical Proof Standard.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jim Ison worked as a manager at FamilySearch for 12 years. He is an Accredited Genealogist. He is a past board member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). He has presented at NGS, FGS, and RootsTech conferences, and other nationa
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Appreciate talk about a wide range of types of records

    Case studies are excellent for learning!

    Case studies are the best way to learn. Thanks

    Case study makes the argument easy to follow.

    clear info and good charts.

    Easy to listen to, spoke slowly and steady

    Encourages me to dig into sources I haven’t spent enough time with. I like spreadsheets and like the way he uses them.


    Excellent and very practical approach

    Excellent case study, well-presented. It was very clear how he reached his conclusions using indirect evidence.

    Excellent case study; thorough and easy to follow. Thank you.

    Excellent demonstration of showing how to find a missing person and proving relationships. Well done!

    Excellent examples of indirect evidence and showing how it all tied together to prove relationships.

    Excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation and good tips of how to present your findings.

    Excellent presentation,. Picked up a few more pointers to try.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. Well thought out and plotted. Enjoyed!

    Excellent well explained outline of the process of following the Genealogical Proff Standard.



    Excellent, love the BCG series.

    Excellent. Great things to know when I get to this point.

    Fantastic, wonderful information. Any genealogist would save LOTS of time and MONEY by listening to this before they begin their ancestor hunts.

    Jim Ison did a wonderful job and had such a great example to talk about. It made me more encouraged about finding ancestors I’m having a tough time finding. Using charts and tables will be a good thing for me to start routinely using. THANKS FOR PRESENTING THIS WEBINAR.

    Good handout. The presenter taught much more than was on the handout and did not just read his slides to the audience. I enjoyed all the types of records he used and like his hints to look at all records of the surname in a record type.

    Great case study. Well presented. Liked the reminders at the end of further learning opportunities and sharing options.

    Great step-by-step case study! I learned some great strategies and ideas for my own research.

    Great topic, great presentation (oral and slides).

    great useful techniques and tools

    His path (research) was very clear and simply stated. Encouraging in a way… that persistence and attention can get you there. thanks!

    I don’t think I even blinked during the presentation. The time flew by and was soooooo very interesting and informative.

    I had visitors drop in and missed most of it; I’m looking forward to watching it again.

    I have a good idea how to proceed with finding my “elusive” gg grandfather’s family.

    I have never encountered one of your webinars that was not useful! This is just another one of those! Thanks

    I learned more information

    I liked the case study, which gave me new ideas on how to search for someone if you don’t know their name as a child in early census records.

    I love case studies and how you can see practical application. This is one of my favorite webinars so far! I am going to watch it a second time.

    I love case studies and this was an excellent example.

    I love case studies.

    I really appreciated the level of genealogy knowledge that the presenter provided.

    I really enjoy case studies. Even though this was an evening webinar, I stayed alert!!

    I think he presented a good case that correlated evidence that most people could understand.

    I think the “case study” approach was effective.

    I though James Ison did a great job. I’m stuck on some pre-1850 census problems and I liked how he broke down trying to find the father by comparing possible households by age/sex. I am going to try that now. Thank you.

    I thought the case study was excellent as was the chart of census records.

    Impressive explanation of use of indirect evidence. Gave me some great ideas of things to do on my problems

    it gave me ap plan for doing my reach

    It was excellent. By far the best I’ve attended. Very well and clearly presented, with useful information and guidance.

    It was really outstanding.

    It was very informative, and reminded me to do things that I know that I should do to track down evidence and record it.

    James Ison was very well prepared. It was easy to follow his plan. I learned about records that I have not been consulting.

    Joh Ison is always thorough

    Learned a lot about how important it is to document as you go!

    Listening and taking notes will help me greatly.

    Lots of good information about what resources to look at. Make charts and time lines, I need to do more of that.

    Lots of great ideas about tough research questions and how to search where you think there is zilch.

    Lots of great info

    Lots of great information and presented in a very logical way and easy to understand all of the key points. Thank you very much


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