1,000 Webinars: History, Bloopers, Inside the Tech, and what's next

Geoff Rasmussen
Sep 20, 2019
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Initial Keys to Success
9m 44s
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13m 33s
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Fun Moments
13m 32s
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The Live Webinar
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Pivotal Decisions
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By the Numbers
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Goal and What's Next
4m 32s
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Door prizes
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About this webinar

Celebrate our 1,000th webinar together as we recall the history, relive the bloopers, remember the emotions, and view never-before-revealed insights of the behind-the-scenes of the webinar series that revolutionized genealogy education.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is th
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A great big thanks to Geoff and all the presenters that were here today.

    Always knew this effort by Goeff and associates was never as easy as they make it look, but what a humbling treat to look behind the screen and see what it has taken, and will continue to take. Congratulations to the Family Tree Webinar team!

    Amazing that you’ve added 700 webinars (by my reckoning, anyway) in the last four years. I catch as many live as I can, and watch others as soon as possible. Such a wonderful resource at such a reasonable cost. Thank you!



    Brilliant reflective webinar.

    Congrats on 1K! I remember when I first started watching it was single digits…LOL!!!

    Congratulations on the 1000th Webinar! Well done!

    Congratulations on webinar #1,000. Here’s to 1,000 more!


    Congratulations! This has been fun.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Not enough space to convey my appreciation. I am a FOREVER annual member. This membership is such a gift! These webinars continue to be AMAZING and AWESOME! Thanks to all for contributing today! Thanks for sharing what goes on behind the scenes. I look forward to the new ideas in future webinars as previewed today. Thanks for caring!

    Enjoyable review of Geoff’s journey.

    Enjoyed learning about the history and “inside” story about these webinars. I enjoy my subscription and this spurs me on to listen to more!! I’m not getting as much out of my membership as I could be.

    Enjoyed the behind the scenes aspect of putting on the webinars.

    Enjoyed this one so much. Well worth seeing the history of the webinars.

    Excellent to hear the history of LFTW as well as fun memories. Thanks for the opportunity to learn genealogy from the comfort of your home.

    excellent.. Thanks so much and happy next 1000

    FANTASTIC! SO looking forward to the next one thousand webinars. and, I joined today! 😉

    Fun to look back at speakers and webinars – I’ve attended so many! Thanks to you all.

    fun to look back!


    Geoff has set the bar really high for this type of content. Congratulations!

    Geoff, this was beyond beyond! I was with you and Thomas on the cruise when we went to NEHGS and you met Marian and I met her again when you all came to San Antonio for FGS in 2014 just before she started working at Legacy. I suspect negotiations were taking place.

    Geoff, to you and the team – all the best, make your dreams come true

    Geoff, you are so exceptional. It is always a big pleasure to spend time with you in the webinars. And I‘ve become a lover of the Legacy software through your webinars.

    Geoffrey: Thank you for this very educational & informative milestone webinar. It was very interesting to learn about the numerous aspects of the work you & Marian do behind the scenes to deliver a very professional product and fantastic learning experience to your international audience, each & every webinar!


    Great fun, thanks for sharing!

    Great hearing how it all began. Keep it up, Geoff!!

    Great info on the history of the webinars! Congratulations on 1000!

    Great job, Geoff!

    Great job, Geoff! And great fun at your 1000th Webinar party! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

    Great show & memories.

    Great time looking back.

    Great webinar and a trip down memory lane too! Realised during the webinar that I’ve been watching since at least 2011 – feeling older! 🙂 You’d a question about the first DNA webinar you had with Ugo Perego and I remember watching it from here in Ireland. Loved all the behind the scenes info today and your story and your kid’s involvement. I love tech stuff and some other time I’d love to find out more about all the tech used. Thank you to you and the team!

    Here’s to the next 1000 ??

    I wasn’t here from the first webinar, but I always try to attend every session I can. So happy to be part of the 1000 webinar. Here is hoping that you continue to bring everyone the very best webinars on the planet. Thanks Geff and all your staff & presenters. All the best.

    I would have been disappointed if Geoff had not have mentioned the Serendipity webinar. That is my favorite and still gives me chills when I think back on it. Love you Geoff, Legacy FTW, My Heritage and all my fellow webinar followers. Great presentation today.

    It has been neat to go over the events of the first 1000 webinars! Lots of memories. And surprisingly lots of notes on people and webinars I want to check out soon. Thank you all for such wonderfully educational and entertaining webinars over the years. I hope we get to attend many, many more.

    It was fun and informative

    It was fun listening to a recap of the history of 1,000 webinars! I particularly enjoyed all the audience surveys.

    It was fun to hear about all the growth. Keep up the good work.

    It was interesting to see how the speakers are added to the webinar along with how much work it takes to get a new webinar up and running. Have a great rest of the day.

    it was pure joy!! thank you!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    It was so great to review what and how the Webinars are produced. I enjoyed all of the information that you give and have learned so much from the Webinars over the years. I would like to thank you Geoff and staff for doing such a great job. Keep it up. I especial enjoy the Watch Geoff Live Webinars. Again I would like to state that you and the staff do a OUTSTANDING JOB. Keep up the great work.

    Just discovered you this year. Loved hearing your story today. Thanks for the knowledge, the community, the joy and the inspiration.

    Like the new Go To Webinar format. Enjoyed the preso too. I’ll have to watch it again — as a member I get to do that whenever I want. 🙂

    Love the live webinars with Geoff! A great celebrations for #1000!

    loved the history

    Loved this webinar! The guests, the bloopers and everything else. Keep up the good work.

    My webinar subscription has been a great value!

    Now that I have retired from the federal govt. I will have more time to do what I want to do.

    Premier reference for all things genealogy!

    Really enjoyed this webinar! I’m surprised Geoff didn’t get verklempt! My favorite moment was seeing his kids help out. I loved all the door prizes even though I didn’t win.

    So informative about the webinar series; how it evolved and all the work done to make the presentations possible. It made me even more appreciative to be allowed to be a member. Also, it was a fun webinar to attend!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    So interesting and entertaining!

    So much fun to travel down memory lane. And congratulations to you, Geoff, for the thriving business you have built around your GoToWebinar door prize!

    Such a fun webinar, don’t think it will be long to 2000!

    Such a very special webinar today that brought back so many wonderful memories over the years!!!!!!!!!!! How soon will the 2,000th celebration be held? Thank you veyr much.

    Terrific!!! I have profited from so many of your webinars, and wish I could watch all of those I missed.

    Thank you for a wonderful party. Appreciate you sharing it with us. Best wishes and continued fun, success, and genealogy finds.

    thank you for the history and high & low memories

    Thank you.

    Thank you. This presentation was most enjoyable, and I learned some tips and resources for further research.

    That was a lot of fun today!! What a journey it has been. I enjoy my membership so much. It’s comforting to know I have access to all these experts 24/7!! I was so concerned that the Webinars would end when MyHeritage acquired Legacy. I’m so glad they didn’t. Thank you, Geoff, for all the time and effort…and personality…you put into each one. You do a great job!

    That was a lot of fun! Congratulations from Genealogy Calendar!

    The most fun webinar ever!! And to think I almost missed it. So glad I didn’t. Didn’t even register until 1:04pm CST because I didn’t think I would be home. Thanks, Geoff!

    This was a great recap of the first 1000! Congrats again!

    This was a great treat. Loved every minute!

    This was absolutely amazing! So much fun to watch. Thank you dear Geoff, and all the others involved in the Legacy family, for bringing us your guidance, knowledge, and obvious love to the genealogy world. Here’s hope there are many more Legacy webinars in the future. I think it is time to have a binge weekend just to watch some of my favorites over again! Thanks again, and may you live long and prosper.

    This was absolutely Fabulous! Thank you, Geoff! I love what you and your staff do for genealogists. I really appreciate all of your hard work!

    This was awesome !!! I loved hearing all the stories.

    This was fun AND I learned some stuff too!

    This was really fun to get to know the speakers a little better. It was fun to see all the progress you have made with the webinars. But especially thank you for the many years of education in helping me become a better genealogist.

    This was so much fun… Really enjoyed all of your guests and the history behind Legacy and your involvement in it.

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do to make life easier and more interesting for all of us !!!

    This was sort of like a family reunion. I didn’t realize how long I’ve been watching ! I was using software that didn’t work for me, and trying out some others. Downloaded Legacy, liked it and learned about the webinar that week. This was pretty early in the series. That webinar taught me the most important thing I needed to know, which is that like so many newbies, I was operating on a lot of wrong assumptions! Thanks first for that, and thanks for helping me learn how to become a REAL genealogist!

    This was such a joyful webinar. It was also interesting to see some of the behind the scenes work.

    This was the best one to date. Thats saying a lot. Each webinar tops the next. Thank you for all you do. Happy 1,000th

    Thoroughly enjoyed the 1,000th webinar. Loved hearing the behind-the-scenes happenings. Loved seeing your special guests. Here’s to the next 1,000 amazing & awesome Legacy webinars!!! {{{hugs}}}

    Very fun. Great recap of the history

    Very nice to see and hear about some of the behind the scenes events that make these possible.

    Very well done.

    What a great party to celebrate a millennia of genealogical education and fun!!!

    What a great party! Thanks Geoff, Marian, presenters, and thanks to all your partners. A LFT Webinars sub is a great value, and I’m happy to recommend your webinars series.

    What fun to review the highlights over the years. And be reminded of ones I need to re-watch, like Mary Roddy’s Spreadsheet series.

    Wish I had been there for #1.

    Wonderful to hear all the history and experiences. Lots of leads for researching. Plus the speakers…. amazing… can’t wait to check out each one.

    You are the best. Glad to hear live viewer numbers are going up

    Your journey has been amazing, heartwarming, and so beneficial to so very many. Thank you!


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