Wringing Every Drop out of Y DNA

Roberta Estes
Oct 7, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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15m 32s
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Which STR Test to Order?
12m 36s
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Big Y-500 to Big Y-700
1m 46s
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What's In a Match?
8m 34s
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Earliest Known Ancestors
2m 00s
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Haplogroups and SNPs
3m 23s
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Trees and Maps
12m 18s
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Advanced Matches
2m 28s
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Big Y Results
11m 55s
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Y DNA Summary
8m 01s
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Announcements / prizes
9m 02s

About this webinar

Step by step, how to utilize Y DNA testing at Family Tree DNA to get the most out of your results. We'll look at little known methods to obtain information, even if your match doesn't have a tree. Wonder about the Big Y test? We'll talk about why that's important and how to benefit from those results. Lastly, we'll discuss projects and using Y DNA in conjunction with autosomal for a slam-dunk.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Roberta Estes, MS, a professional scientist and business owner has been an obsessed genealogist since 1978. In 2000, when the infant scientific field of DNA for genealogy emerged, Roberta was one of the early DNA surname administrators and pioneer
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A great help in understanding more about DNA

    a lot to understand……lots of great examples. Thanks

    Absolutely excellent! I will be looking into how to share this webinar or recording with others of my paternal surname and those in our surname project on FTDNA! I love that she stresses the importance of doing a Big-Y 700 test and gives very excellent reasons! Thank you!

    Always something new to learn and have new questions for your self.

    Amazingly detailed information with practical application. Will definitely need to view again to fully absorb the concepts and to understand my notes.

    another great webinar!

    Another one to rewatch

    Because of this presentation, I plan to get a Legacy Webinar membership TODAY! Thanks so much.

    Best Y-DNA webinar ever!

    Brilliant webinar with just what I needed information to move forward with DNA testing for my family research.

    Best DNA webinar ever and I watched Blaine’s last night. I have been stuck at an introductory level on Y-Dna and finally into the next level. Awaiting upgrade to BigY for one test and now going to upgrade for another line as well. So enthused. Only an excellent teacher can inspire the enthusiasm.

    clear and interesting

    Definitely for intermediate or advanced learner but very interesting and informative.

    Encourgae to do Big Y

    Excellant & well explained !


    Excellent but a bit over my head. I plan to rewatch.

    Excellent but will need to review this step by step

    Excellent coverage of Y-DNA topic!

    Excellent explanations

    Excellent presentation – really helped to demystify my comprehension of my Y-DNA results & analysis on FTDNA website. Roberta, thank you!

    Excellent presentation, but don’t think it will benefit me in any way!

    Excellent speaker, she seems to really know her subject!

    Excellent webinar by Robert Estes on Y-DNA, a real expert in the DNA field. Always fun to hear from someone who is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, expert, and innovative in their approach to genetic genealogy.

    Excellent Webinar.



    Excellent! Beyond what I expected. Well-done!

    Excellent! Impressive knowledge!

    Excellent! Thank you,



    Excellent, covered lots of info, but fast and mostly over my knowledge base.

    Expert webinar from a wonderful teacher – Roberta Estes!


    fabulous. Love Roberta’s presentations as I learn so much.

    Fantastic! Will be watching it often!

    Fantastic, just somewhat overwhelming for a beginner

    fascinating! i am upgrading my husband to the big Y

    Finally more detail on Y DNA. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Absolutely one of the best ones I’ve seen. One I’ll be reviewing again, at least once! Thanks.

    Found this to be very informative. Thank you.

    Good coverage, inducement to upgrade to Big Y

    Good explanation of a detail-heavy topic.

    Good explanations of all these concepts.

    Good information but a big confusing.

    Good information presented well.

    Good review…thanks.

    got me wondering about taking Big Y-700



    Great but way above my head.

    Great deep dive into Y-dna

    Great help, will need to watch again.

    Great info – thanks so much! Very helpful to see what is included in Big Y 700.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great presentation! Very informative, interesting and helping. Will be reviewing it again. Thank you! : )

    great seminar.

    Great talk

    Great video! Thanks!

    Great webinar, thanks


    Great! Looking forward to replay tomorrow.

    Great! Thank You!

    High quality webinar. I will be searching for more of her lectures. Thanks

    I am glad there is a recording because the presentation was absolutely pack full of information. My ears and brain could not listen as fast as Roberta can talk.

    I am not too familiar with the Y dna so it is presently difficult to understand how to work with it. Will listen to other presentations and bring myself more understanding. Thank you for the session.

    I can’t afford a Big-y test So a lot of this doesn’t apply to me. In spite of that I think I got a light out of it.

    I enjoyed the comprehensiveness (is that a word?) of the webinar – from the basic knowledge needed to explaining all those sections of the BIG-Y results page.

    I had not really understood how to use Y DNA to help break a brick wall on my 3rd great grandfather. I will watch this again so I can make sure I will use the tools needed to watch that wall fall. This is an excellent webinair that adds value to my membership to the Legacy Webinairs. Thank you so much for continuing to give outstanding research tools.

    I have done all the tests on family Tree DNA and found this webinar very informative. Now I have even more questions!!

    I have experience with a y chromosome group but learned about many tools and perspectives that were new to me. A lot to digest in one sitting.

    I have two separateness accounts with Family Tree Dna but get frustrated with it not being real user friendly. This was so helpful. I will be rewatching it. Thank you.

    I know a lot about Y-DNA but this clarified many gray areas for me. Excellent!

    I love Roberta’s webinars and blog but this was over my head!

    I need more training on Y-DNA than I thought

    I need to watch it again, and when I do I think I would rate it higher. Alot to consume and understand.

    I need to watch this again. So much to learn.

    I off to a Big Y.

    I receive Roberta’s e-mails and she is an excellent presenter

    I will have to rerun this presentation again…and maybe again…..great stuff

    Incredible presentation and Roberta Estes is a wonderful presenter, one of the best I”ve ever had the privilege of attending. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of information, expertise and experience.

    Interesting, presenter very knowledgeable but way over my head!

    Interesting, with good practices to follow, but well beyond my current DNA knowledge. That’s why I look at these classes, however, to learn MORE!

    It was great to get deep into Y-DNA, but my head is still spinning!

    Learned a great deal. Thanks. Had to leave early for a prior appointment.

    Learned a lot about FTDNA’s Y-DNA tools and how to use them.

    loads of info so will need to watch again…very detailed

    Looking forward to listening to the rest when I get a chance. I have another meeting now.

    Lots of good information well presented. Thanks!

    Lots of info!

    Lots of info! Some was a little beyond my grasp, but overall very good. This is one that I would like to listen too again after reviewing my own files. Thanks!

    lots of information. Will need to watch several times!!!

    Lots to learn when just getting started. Hope to get going on it all.

    Mostly understandable from a YDNA beginner’s point of view. Thank you!

    Need to watch again and again! So much helpful info with great steps to follow.

    One of my favourite presenters.

    Outstanding. I will watch again

    Over my head, but great for those up to that level of experience.

    Packed full of information but very fast.

    Really a lot of stuff I didn’t know, learned a lot.

    Really did a thorough job of explaining DNA and how to use it for genealogy.

    Really informative with lots of new things to look for and try out!

    Really interesting. I’ve taken the Big Y test and I learned a great deal about how to use the information.

    Really intricate Y-DNA explanations. I’ll have to watch it again.

    Roberta Estes is a fabulous presenter! I learned so much about Y DNA testing and very excited to expand our research.

    Roberta Estes is always a favorite. She covered a LOT of information in the time allotted. I’ll be reviewing this webinar multiple times.

    Roberta has a way of speaking to the aduience that everyone can follow.

    Roberta is always an excellent teacher. Part of this was a needed review and the new information is something I can use immediately. Thank you!

    Roberta is definitely very knowledgable on the subject.. Much of this was over my head, but I did gain some basic information to build upon.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Roberta is knowledgeable and makes technical concepts easy to understand- her talk was great as usual!

    Roberta is very knowledgeable. I plan to watch it again. She did answer some of my long term questions!

    Roberta is wonderfully clear and explaining Y-DNA is very difficult. Great job!

    She covered a lot of ground in the short time of the lecture. Hope you have her again! I really liked the color coded ped chart of her ancestors.

    She is always full of info & has great presentation slides.

    She was fantastic. So much information so quickly, but I did understand part/some/most of it!!

    She was super! Great teacher. I re-learned a lot, as I have been away from my YDNA test and needed to remember things I had learned before. Then, the ‘new’ information for me was exceptional! I have a long ways to go. Thanks!

    SIMPLY AWESOME!! She did an excellent job of clearing some of my cobwebs relating to Y-DNA and how to determine how someone may match you. Also learned about sub-groups!!!

    So much information – I need to go back and check my Y DNA account to make sure I am taking advantage of everything she shared.

    So much was presented. This one is a multiple watch webinar.

    thank you – a ton of info. Some is over my head I think but I’m waiting for the results from my first Y-DNA test to be analyzed now, so this should help familiarize me with what I’m getting into. I’m already digging in to your blog.

    Thank you!

    thanks so much, roberta & geoff

    The science is very interesting. Fun to see what we can learn from it.

    This is one to watch again and again as it was chuck full of information.

    This presentation should be mandatory for anyone taking a Y-DNA test. Fabulous!!!

    This was great. My brother did the Y-37 and I’m the one to decipherer so this will be a big help. Going to have to watch another time or two to take it all in.

    This was one of the top webinar’s. Roberta went into great detail of the in’s and outs to using Y DNA from FamilyTree DNA in our research, Thanks Roberta.

    This webinar was so clearly presented and so helpful. There was a lot of information and I am so glad that I can review the information from the webinar library.

    Truly outstanding. While very technical, it shows she knows YDNA “in and out”. Very helpful.

    Very clear explanations. I have a much greater understanding of the usefulness of Y-DNA.

    Very complex subject made understandable!

    very detailed!

    Very detailed!

    Very good, but will need to watch it several more times.

    Very good, want to watch it again

    Very good.

    Very helpful

    Very helpful

    very helpful!!!

    Very helpful.

    Very helpful…have had my husband tested on the Big Y … this gives me more avenues to go down….clear and easy to follow

    Very Informative

    Very informative

    Very Informative

    Very informative though somewhat complicated and need to review again. Appreciate the Great possibilities being shared.

    Very informative, useful information about family tree ydna.

    Very informative. Very detailed.

    Very specific and useable content on Y-DNA. Highly recommend!

    We have been told by a distant relative who is very active on Family Tree DNA that the Big Y was the only way we were likely to break through some brick walls, I needed to gain more understanding of the benefits in order to convince dear hubby to spend the money…LOL. I think that this webinar gave me all the info I need. Thanks!

    Well delivered. Very complex but good visual aids.

    What I heard was great I will be going back to listen to it again.

    Wonderful webinar on YDNA.

    Wow! What a great presentation! Really can dig into my Big-Y and Y matches now!

    Wow, so much great info – jam-packed! Really enjoyed seeing what you can do with Y DNA and looking forward to exploring my brother’s test!

    Yes was just full of very useful information! Great webinar i you have male testers.


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